What is a second deposit bonus?

A second deposit bonus is a promotion claimed on your second deposit after creating an account in an online casino. They are part of welcome bonuses. However, they are not given away by all online casinos. They tend to be less lucrative than the first deposit bonus of a website, but equally attractive in terms of reward quality (money available or free spin quantity).

Types of Second Deposit Bonuses

As is the case with every other casino bonus, second deposit bonuses can be found in different forms. Some deposit bonuses are made of cash matches, while others include free spins or other benefits inside the online casino.

In most cases, you will find second deposit bonuses as part of promotional offers, including lucrative welcome bonus packages and other deals made to catch the attention of loyal and new players alike.

Match Deposit Bonus

Second deposit bonuses are commonly offered as match deposits, which means that the casino is willingly going to match whichever amount of money you enter in your second deposit in the form of bonus cash for your account. This allows every player to deposit as much as they want and still get the chance to take advantage of the bonus, regardless of them being high rollers or low rollers.

Every match deposit bonus has a ceiling – a maximum amount of free money that casinos are willing to give away. In most cases, a match deposit bonus will have a lower ceiling on the second deposit than it does on the first.

For example, if a first deposit gives you 150% of your cash with a maximum amount of €300, it’s likely that your second deposit bonus will not go higher than €200-€250. However, this depends on the promotions offered by each casino, and the sums may vary greatly.

Free Spins

When a second deposit bonus is part of a welcome package (or part of a promotional package), there’s a high chance that casinos offer free spins to go along with your free cash. When you make a second deposit, you’re proving to a casino that you’re a loyal player and want to stay there, which means that you should be rewarded for your time and money.

Free spins are the best way to do this, which is why most online casinos give them away when players make second and third deposits.

You may also find free spins in every deposit that you make in a welcome package. Sometimes the first deposit may grant you more free spins than the second, but some casinos like to split the offer evenly. As such, you may find welcome packages with a first deposit bonus of up to €150 and 40 free spins, and a second deposit bonus of €100 and 40 free spins as well.

Second Deposit Specials

Second deposit bonuses may also come as conveniently-made special packages. It’s likely for online casinos to create special promotions during various times of the year, in which you may be entitled to earn extra money and free spins when making two or three deposits on the site.

These specials are almost always comprised of both free spins and free money, and you’ll be able to obtain them as soon as the casino makes the offer public. Be aware that sometimes these offers can only be used by loyal members of a casino, and new players may not receive the chance to use them.

Second Deposit Bonuses Explained

Second deposit bonuses are as important to online casinos as the yare to their players. People who get hooked to a casino are almost certainly going to make additional deposits, which means that they’ll expect at least some level of bonus just like they got when they made the first deposit to the site.

Casinos know how much players love bonuses, so they often reward layers for their first three or four deposits in a site. Not every casino does this, of course, but the industry’s leading gambling providers are aware of the importance of these bonuses.

Second deposit bonuses can even be better than the first deposit bonus at times, in order to encourage players into making additional deposits into the site. However, since the players that make a second deposit are usually already in love with what the casino has in store, the second deposit bonus is usually not as good as the first one.

Second deposit bonuses, regardless of how they’re presented, always require you to have a preexistent account in the casino, with at least one deposit having been made before.

The “Loyalty” Factor

Second deposit bonuses are one of the best methods that casinos have to reward players for their loyalty. Considering that you need to have made a deposit before in order to obtain them, a second deposit bonus is rewarding you, as a player, for your patronage to the casino.

These bonuses can be offered to low rollers as well as to high rollers. The only thing that usually varies is how much cash is awarded to each, depending on how much money the players gamble. High rollers may get second deposit bonuses worth thousands of euros, while low rollers could get second deposit bonuses worth hundreds – it depends on each casino’s policies.

What’s always true is that casinos value loyalty and they’re quick to reward it. It’s always good for players to have a large selection of casinos to choose from and playing in various casinos is also good because of the welcome offers, but second deposit bonuses are crucial to making people stay attached to one casino for a long time.

Even no deposit casinos in the UK and no deposit USA casinos offer fine second deposit bonuses after you've claimed all your free cash and your first deposit offer.

Second Deposits as Part of Packages

Second deposit bonuses are always part of some sort of package. It’s not possible to have a second deposit without having made the first one before, after all. This means that you may find some second deposit bonuses to be more lucrative than others, but this depends on what the casino is willing to offer to its players.

In any case, second deposit bonuses will always represent a good way to make extra income using free cash or free spins after making a second deposit on any given online casino.

You should always be aware that these packages may come with different wagering requirements imposed on each deposit bonus. For example, you may see a first deposit bonus with a wagering requirement of 40, but the second deposit bonus could offer less cash and have a lower wagering requirement of 30.

Reading through the terms and conditions section of each online casino goes a long way into determining whether you’ll love the deposit packages or hate them.

Playthrough Requirements

Playthrough requirements are probably one of the most controversial things that you’ll find in the casino bonus scene. Second deposit bonuses are subjected to these requirements like any other bonus is, but they greatly vary depending on which online casino is offering the bonuses. As such, it’s important for you to understand all of the conditions that casinos put in place.

Second deposit bonuses may be more deceiving than first deposit bonuses or one-deposit welcome offers in general, so it’s also important for you to find prestigious or at least well-respected casinos when looking for these offers.

The main aim of second deposit bonuses is to keep you interested in playing on the casinos, but the most respected sites on the online gambling scene also care about the experience of their players. If the conditions aren’t set for you to enjoy the bonus, it’s better to avoid making a second deposit even if you had a good experience with the first one.

Wagering Conditions

One of the main aspects that will help you decide if a bonus is worth it or not is the wagering conditions to which the bonus cash is subjected. Second deposit bonuses are usually subjected to the same wagering requirements as the first deposit bonus of the site, but you can find all of the important information you need in the terms and conditions sections.

As a general rule, a wagering requirement of 60 times the bonus money or more is deemed as excessive, and the chances of you making a profit with the bonus are slim to none – particularly as these bonuses are set to have a limited time in which they can be used, and a high wagering requirement could mean that you won’t be able to wager all the cash in the required amount of time.

Your best bet will be to find a second deposit bonus with low wagering requirements (lower than 40 times is usually deemed as a good bonus). This will maximize the chances that you have to keep some winnings out of the bonus money. Furthermore, low wagering requirements will also allow you to comply more easily with the established timeframes of the second deposit bonus.

Available Games

Second deposit bonuses may also be limiting the games that can be played with the money at hand. If you want to enjoy the best games on a website, be sure that the second deposit bonus money can be used in any game of your preferences. Otherwise, you might be better off looking for more lucrative deals.

When the second deposit bonus is part of a welcome package, you can find which games are available to be played with the money by checking the welcome package’s terms and conditions. These are usually listed somewhere on the site, and every online casino has a section mainly dedicated to explaining these rules.

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The timeframe in which a casino bonus must be played is equally as important as its wagering requirements. If you have already been able to comply with the first deposit bonus timeframe, then you shouldn’t have many issues complying with whatever the second deposit bonus throws at you.

If you deposit more money on your second deposit than what you did on your first, keep in mind that you’ll have to scale up your wagers according to it. The time it took you to comply with the first deposit might be different than it will be on the second deposit bonus if you don’t alter the sum of your wagers.

However, you’d do good by checking the rules of the casino to make sure that the timeframe of the second deposit bonus is the same as it is on the first deposit bonus. Some casinos may change those up from time to time, and diving in blindly into a new deposit bonus might not be a smart choice most of the time.

Withdrawal Limits

As lucrative as a bonus might be, you may be very disappointed with the offer if the withdrawal limits are low. You may be rewarded with €100 free cash, but the casino may have a pre-established maximum withdrawal limit of €50.

This means that even if you manage to fulfill the wagering requirements and keep the €100, or even if you manage to earn an additional €100 to make it €200, you will only be allowed to withdraw €50 from your bonus cash, and the rest will be removed from your account.

It’s important that you read and agree with the casino’s withdrawal limitations if you’re looking to make bank with these bonuses. It’s always going to be better if you manage to find a casino with no withdrawal limit at all, as you can use the second deposit bonus cash to play jackpot games in hopes of winning big!

Second Deposit Bonuses and Their Worth

Second deposit bonuses areas valuable to new players as they are to loyal, older players of a casino. You may receive second deposit bonuses as part of welcome packages (which are also known as reload bonuses), or you could receive them as part of promotions given to loyal players.

Regardless of where you get them, you will most likely enjoy the offer as long as the terms and conditions of the casino suit your needs as a gambler. Second deposit bonuses need to be taken advantage of if you aim to become a regular member of an online casino.