32Red Casino Welcome Bonus: 150% up to £150

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32Red Casino Welcome Bonus

32 Red is one of those casinos that has gained a metric ton of popularity in recent years, with adverts showing in some of the most popular places on the planet – including English Premier League matches. Thus, the 32 Red Casino welcome bonus is made to please every new player that joins the site. They earn millions of euros in profits, so they’re happy to give away some free cash to their new players!

32red casino welcome bonus

It’s always easier to talk the talk rather than walk the walk, though. However, the 32 Red Welcome bonus lives up to the hype it creates.

The fact that the bonus is one of the most flexible welcome bonuses on the internet makes it nothing but a great choice and impossible not to consider when looking for a new welcome bonus to get. The quality of the welcome bonus matches that of their overall services, and it makes for one of the best casino welcome bonuses on the internet. Getting the offer is as simple as you’d wish, as all you must do is visit the 32 Red site and opt in for the promotion when making a new deposit! 

How to Get the 32 Red Welcome Bonus?

The 32 Red welcome bonus can be used in a large variety of games, which means that you have plenty of options to choose where you want to meet its wagering requirements. The bonus itself is very large, and although not excessively, it will grant you the opportunity to make a ton of cash out of the free money. To get the bonus, all you need to do is get started with the services of 32 Red and comply with its terms and conditions.

1. Create an Account on 32 Red

The site has a three-step account creation process that makes it easy for you to register your information. Be sure to enter valid info and double check it before moving on to the next steps. 32 Red has particularly strict personal information requirements given the size of the casino, and small details could cost you the welcome bonus as well as your account.

2. Go Through the Login Process

Once your account is created, all you must do is log in to the site. Once there, have a bit of patience and wait for a notification to show up on the upper part of the screen. This will allow you to opt for a welcome deposit bonus.

3. Enter Your Banking Info

Once the bonus notification is showing in your account, simply select one of the valid payment methods and deposit money into 32 Red using any of them. The 32 Red Welcome Bonus can be obtained using PayPal, which isn’t too much of a common occurrence when it comes to casino bonuses. You can also get it by depositing cash with your debit cards or any valid credit card.

Thankfully, 32 Red has a lot of available deposit options, all of which make it possible for you to receive their welcome bonus. There’s a full list of methods published on the 32 Red official website. 

The 32 Red Welcome Bonus Offer

The 32 Red welcome bonus is one of the most lucrative casino bonuses on the planet, which also manages to offer a lot of leniency thanks to the popularity of 32 Red. The site knows and understands the importance of giving players the chance to earn actual cash out of their reward money, and they know how frustrating it is for players.

The 32 Red welcome bonus offer consists on a match deposit bonus of 150%, with a maximum amount of bonus money set at £150. This means that even if you make a £500 cash deposit as your first deposit on the site, you’ll only be entitled to receive £150 out of it in the shape of bonus cash. You can, however, wager the rest of your money as you see fit.

32 Red Bonus Terms & Conditions

Even though 32 Red is a very lenient casino, there are still some bonus terms and conditions that you should know if you want to take advantage of the 32 Red welcome bonus. We’ve compiled the most important pieces of information about the 32 Red bonus here.

Bonus Qualification

Although it might seem obvious, it’s important to note that the promotion doesn’t include any guests to 32 Red. If you’re playing on the casino as a guest, or if you haven’t still decided whether you want to join or not, you will not be able to get any of the benefits from the promotion.

Bonus Money Deliverance

You will be awarded bonus cash depending on how much money you deposit. Even though this is a cash match bonus, you will get different rewards with each £10 that you deposit on the site. We better explain this with an example so you can get a better idea of how the bonus works.

The first £10 that you deposit will give you a bonus of £15 in free play cash. However, if you deposit £18 on your first deposit, you’ll still only get £15 as your bonus money. It’s only when you deposit £20 that your bonus escalates. In short, with each £10 that you deposit, you’ll be entitled to more rewards on your first deposit, up to a maximum of £150.

Bonus Exclusivity

You can only claim one first deposit bonus on 32 Red. It doesn’t matter if they offer a different welcome bonus down the line, if you choose to cash out on the rewards offered by the 150% match deposit bonus that we’re presenting today, you can’t choose another bonus later on. In the same way, you cannot make multiple accounts on the site.

Attempting to do this will surely mean that your account will be closed down and any bonus winnings removed. You can also get in legal trouble if you try to withdraw bonus cash from the site with an invalid account – avoid it at all costs.

Playthrough and Wagering Requirements

Your bonus money will need to be wagered at least 50 times on the site, which doesn’t really sound too good in the first place. However, 32 Red does give you more leniency when it comes to game selection. For example, most sites will only allow a wagering requirement contribution of 10% when playing poker games, but 32 Red allows a 50% contribution instead.

This makes the bonus an ideal choice for people who love to play video poker, or even other games like roulette, as the bonus can also be used to play various other games. Keep in mind, however, that the 32 Red welcome bonus automatically limits the amount of money that you can wager on every game.

This is done to prevent people from using all the money at once. However, the limits will be removed once the bonus money is fully spent by the player.

Bonus Stake Weights

The 32Red Welcome bonus has some very specific stake weights. We recommend you read through the entire stake weights before playing, but here's a general breakdown of them:

  • Slots, Slingo, Keno, Scratch Cards - 100%
  • Table Poker Games - 50%
  • All Versions of Roulette, Monopoly Big Spins - 20%

Initial Deposit Notification

This welcome bonus may only be obtained by registering on 32 Red Casino and waiting for a notification to pop up on your account. You’ll need to request the bonus by specifically selecting the notification and making your first deposit on the landing page of your click. Do not let other people scam you by trying to get you to enter personal information on external sites!

32 Red operates entirely on their domain. If you somehow manage to get your hands on the welcome bonus cash without it being offered by the casino, if you get found out the casino will instantly remove any bonus winnings from your account. However, you will be allowed to keep your deposit money and continue using your account as if nothing happened.

Withdrawal Limitations

You cannot withdraw any part of your money when the bonus is in place. You may, however, do so if you are willing to forfeit any winnings and the remnants of the bonus itself. If you want to keep the bonus, you’d be better off waiting to fully wager the money 50 times before trying to withdraw it.

32 Red Knows What Users Want

The 32 Red welcome bonus is an ideal reward for people that don’t have much time to spare but still want to get the best out of their welcome offers. The fact that the casino gives you a versatile schedule in which you can freely bet all the money of the reward makes it great for people with little time to spare.

You’ll probably struggle to find a welcome match deposit bonus of over 150% with such a free betting schedule, so taking full advantage of the 32 Red casino welcome bonus is probably a right decision. There’s a ton of potential to make good money out of this bonus offer, so what are you waiting for? Visit 32 Red and make your first deposit now! Read our full 32Red Casino review here. 

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