3rd Deposit Bonuses

Third deposit bonuses are the ultimate way of rewarding customer loyalty for an online casino. Earning the privilege of a third deposit bonus means that players must have made at least a couple of deposits before, which also means that they’ve been sticking around the casino for a minimum of one week in most cases. Third deposit bonuses tend to be less lucrative than the first two bonuses offered by the site, but some online casinos offer an equal amount of bonus cash throughout each deposit.

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Every Third Deposit Bonus Explained

As any other deposit bonus, there are many ways in which third deposit bonuses can be offered to the players. Every third deposit bonus is different, as the online casino offering it is sure to have different promotions than its competitors.

Thus, it’s likely that you’ll find many different promotions and even combos when you look for a new third deposit bonus. A lot of casinos like to reward players for making their third deposit by giving away free spins as well as cash match bonuses. It’s up to the casino to decide how much money they give away, so the offers you’ll find vary greatly depending on which site you’re visiting.

It’s always important to find a reliable and trustworthy casino when looking to take advantage of third deposit bonuses, though. If you’ve had a good experience with your first two deposits on the site, then opting for a third deposit bonus on the same online casino might be the way to go for you.

Match Deposit Bonus

A match deposit bonus is a type of third deposit bonus where the casino matches a percentage of your deposit and rewards it to you in the form of free cash. This cash can then be wagered anywhere on the site (in most cases), or in certain games that the casino wants you to play.

You’ll find a large variety of third deposit bonuses, and they can match almost any amount of money imaginable. For example, some third deposit bonuses offer just 50% of your deposit as free cash, while others might go up to 250%.

The amount of money offered by a third deposit bonus is always correlated to how much money the other bonuses offered. Say, for example, that your first deposit bonus was worth 150% of your deposit and your second deposit bonus was worth 100%. It’s likely that your third deposit bonus will be worth around the same amount as the second one, or maybe less.

Be wary of promotions that offer to pay you over 200%, though – the conditions that you’ll have to meet before withdrawing the cash might be incredibly difficult on purpose, so you’ll be stuck with the money in your account.

Free Spins

Free spin bonuses are often given to players as part of deposit bonuses. Free spins allow players to try out any or certain slots in an online casino and keep the money that they make out of the offer. Free spins are usually tied to wagering requirements – you’ll have to wager your slot winnings a certain amount of times before cashing the money out.

However, some casinos like to spice things up a bit when it comes to the third deposit bonus of players. You may find offers of free spins that don’t have any wagering requirement attach to them. Sometimes they will be worth little cash (less than €0.50 per spin), but that also means that you’ll get to keep your winnings without having to wager them at all.

Free spins encourage players to take advantage of the third deposit bonus, but they’re usually also offered as part of first and second deposit bonuses, and you’ll often find them as part of combos or promotions offered by your casino.

Third Deposit Promos

Combos, or special promotions, are a good way that casinos have to offer players the chance to earn a ton of money with their third deposit bonuses. Special bonus promotions usually include a total of four deposits, and they have a set amount of free spins and bonus cash that users can get.

For example, a promotion may offer you the chance to earn 200 free spins and a maximum of €1500 in free cash, but the promotion is spread across three or four different deposits. In such a case, it’s likely that each deposit will grant you a total of 50 free spins, but the amount of money that you get will vary with each time you put money into your account.

You may find a first deposit bonus of 100%, a second deposit bonus of 150% and a third deposit bonus of 50%. It all depends on what the casino wants, as some other sites may offer larger rewards on the later deposits to encourage people to keep playing.

The Explanation of Third Deposit Bonuses

Third deposit bonuses are not always existent. Some online casinos offer only a couple of deposit bonuses, while some others may only give you one deposit bonus when you join the site. In any case, it has become a common trend to offer various deposit bonuses as part of welcome bonus offers, so third deposit bonuses are now more common than they had been in the past.

One of the main reasons as to why online casinos give away so much money on these bonuses is because they know people will get encouraged to keep playing in the site, and they know that some others may not have enough time or luck to fulfill all the required conditions to get a hold of the money in their bank accounts.

Third deposit bonuses will always offer players an incentive to make one more deposit into a casino, and even though the rewards might not be as good as they are in the first two bonuses, they will still love to take advantage of the offer if a player is hooked to the service.

The Loyalty of a Third Deposit

If you’re loyal enough to make a third deposit on a website, it’s highly likely that you’re going to be playing in the casino for quite some time. That’s why receiving a third deposit bonus is so important – it lets people now that the casino still cares for them, and it’s likely that they will be able to receive additional benefits in the future.

For an online casino, loyalty matters more than anything else. Keeping players happy the company them to have a solid profit from one source for a long time. Players are always seeking these bonuses because of their profitability, but it’s always important to read the terms and conditions of each offer to make sure that the casino gives you conditions in which you’ll be able to make a profit.

Packages and Third Deposit Bonuses

It’s common for online casinos to offer third deposit bonuses as part of packages or other bonus offers. These offers are most often found as welcome bonuses, like the example we discussed before. However, online casinos are also keen to offer seasonal promotions to players, or monthly deposit bonus packages to encourage people to bet more money.

All of these packages have different requirements, and some casinos make people work harder for their rewards than other sites. It’s important that you fully understand the conditions of each bonus to make sure that you’ll be able to get the rewards on its entirety.

Playthrough Requirements

The conditions of each bonus are often called playthrough requirements, mainly because all of them are related to how much time or money you’ll need to spend on wagers to cash out the rewards. Every casino sets different rules and you’ll notice how some third deposit bonuses have different conditions that the first and second bonuses, in an attempt to freshen up the scene for the players.

It’s important to notice how each casino is perceived by the gaming community. Better rated casinos tend to have more lenient wagering requirements, which increases your chances to make money out of a bonus. However, less prestigious casinos (and newer sites) may offer very lucrative deals, which in reality you won’t be able to take advantage of.

Always try to avoid opting for a third deposit bonus if the conditions of the casino don’t lay down the grounds for a fair payout.

Wagering Conditions

Wagering conditions will always be the most controversial topic in deposit bonuses. Some casinos offer more lenient wagering conditions in their third deposit bonus as a way to thank players for their continuous support. However, there are some instances in which the wagering requirements may be harder to meet – even if they’re lower than in other places. This usually happens when the timeframe that casinos give you to bet the money is short.

Wagering conditions are usually dependent on how much money the bonus is giving you. For example, if you receive a third deposit bonus of €60 with a wagering requirement of x40, that means you’ll have to bet a total of €2400 before you’re able to withdraw the cash.

Anything below 40 times as a wagering requirement is deemed as acceptable, anything below 30 is seen as very good. However, if you find a casino that has anything above 60 times the bonus amount as a wagering requirement, then you might be better off avoiding taking the third deposit bonus.


The timeframe is the amount of time that you the casino gives you to bet the money of the bonus before it becomes invalid. If you fail to comply with the wagering requirements of the casino within the timeframe of the bonus, the profits will be stripped from your account and you’ll be left with no bonus cash to use on their games.

The same principle applies with third deposit bonus free spins – you’ll have to use them all and then wager the winnings within the casino’s given timeframe before you can withdraw a cent of the bonus cash.

Usually, when a third deposit bonus is very lucrative and has low wagering requirements, it’s likely that you’ll be given a short timeframe to comply with all of the conditions. However, if you can afford the time, you may be able to make bank with the free money that you’re given.

Withdrawal Limits

Apart from wagering requirements, every casino tends to use withdrawal limits as a way to avoid players from making too much money with their third deposit bonus cash. Some casinos may limit the winnings to just €20, while others may limit them to €100.

Withdrawal limits may seem unfair at times, but keep in mind that casinos can’t afford to give away a ton of free money without having their backs covered. They want you to win some cash with your first deposit bonus money, but they are not going to let you walk away with a million-euro jackpot.

Available Games

Always consider which games you want to play with a third deposit bonus before taking advantage of one. These games are usually the same in every deposit bonus offered on the site – if you’ve enjoyed the first two deposit bonuses, then you’re almost certain to enjoy the third. It’s not always a given, but it’s a highly likely scenario.

Free spins are usually limited to certain slots and each game counts differently towards wagering requirements when it comes to cash rewards. Your third deposit bonuses may be specifically designed to be wagered on slots, as blackjack and poker may offer a payout of less than 10% towards your wagering requirements.

The Importance of Third Deposit Bonuses

Third deposit bonuses are a way to reward loyal players for their continuous support. The rewards may or may not be as lucrative as those offered in other bonuses, but they will surely please you if you enjoyed the first bonuses of the site. Be sure to read all the rules on display before wagering your cash on third deposit bonuses, though, as the rules may be different from the other promotions.