• Wagering requirements


  • Maximum bonus amount


  • Bonus value

    € 150

  • Exclusive


  • Country Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA
  • Cashable


BETAT Casino Welcome Bonus

The BETAT casino is helping out new players with a very lucrative welcome bonus that amounts up to €150 in free cash. The casino is willing to double up any money that you put on your first deposit as long as the amount stands at or below €150. BETAT is one of the nicest online casinos out there, partly because of their amazing customer friendly policies and partly because of their great support.

The site operates with non-lockable money rewards, which means that you’ll be able to separate your actual cash from your bonus account balance without having to fulfill the wagering requirements of the site. As such, you can freely select which bonuses to pick without having to worry about your money being chained to your account in the meantime.

BETAT is also one of the fastest-paying casinos on the planet! Online casinos are known to be slow payers by nature, but BETAT promises what other casinos have thanks to their customer friendly policies. You’re likely going to get better speeds when visiting a local casino, though, but BETAT beats what other online sites have to offer.

The BETAT welcome bonus is here for you to make some easy money out of one of the most generous welcome offers on the internet. Sounds too easy? That’s because it is! The BETAT welcome bonus is a free money giveaway in one of the most popular online casinos on the planet!

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How to get the BETAT Welcome Bonus

The BETAT welcome bonus is given to players as soon as they start gambling money in the online casino. The offer is presented to the player as soon as the new account is made, in hopes that they are willing to take it by making an initial deposit into the site. In any case, we’ve broken down the basic steps that you need to follow in order to obtain the bonus.

Visit BETAT and Make an Account

The first step is as simple as it sounds. All you must do is register into the website and fill all of your personal information. Then, make sure that you verify your account. BETAT will send you an email to the address provided during the registration process, which you might need to access in order to confirm your identity.

If the BETAT staff asks you to deliver any additional documents to confirm your identity, make sure that you deliver them in a clear way. They might do this to make sure that you’re an actual person and not someone who has filled some fake info to get advantage of the bonuses.

Make Your First Deposit

Choose any payment method supported by the site and make the first deposit into your account. If you want to get the maximum advantage of the bonus, make sure that you deposit at least €150. This will guarantee you the maximum bonus of €150 free cash (which will be complemented with 50 free spins as well!).

You can also opt to make a larger first deposit, but keep in mind that the amount of bonus cash won’t be anything above €150 because of site policies.

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How Does the BETAT Welcome Bonus Work?

The BETAT welcome bonus consists of a cash match deposit bonus of 100%. However, the amount that you’ll receive is limited to €150, so depositing anything above that will still match up to €150. You will also receive 50 free spins that are also subjected to wagering requirements, but you’ll get those regardless of how much money you deposit.

If you’ve taken advantage of other deposit welcome bonuses before, you’ve probably been a victim of the strict withdrawal requirements that casinos impose. With these, you’re unable to withdraw a cent of cash until the bonus wagering requirements are met. Doing so would forfeit any of the winnings made with the bonus cash, which is unfortunate if you want to withdraw a few euros of your own.

However, BETAT allows you to withdraw your own cash whenever you want – even if the bonus requirements haven’t been met yet. However, it’s important that you do not try to move your bonus cash before fulfilling the requirements, as doing so will definitely cancel the rewards.

Free Spins

The free spins offered by the site can only be used in Starburst. That’s not a problem, though, as that’s one of the most popular slot games on the planet. Keep in mind that the wagering requirements of the match deposit bonus also apply to the money you make out of the free spins on Starburst.

We’ll discuss wagering requirements later, but it’s always important that you fully agree with the wagering requirements as well with the timeframe that each casino gives you to fulfill said requirements.

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BETAT Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

In fairness, BETAT does have some lenient terms and conditions for their bonuses and a very low wagering requirement in place. There are some things that you’ll probably not like about their rules, though – we’ve made a list of everything you need to know when opting to cash in on the BETAT welcome bonus.

Unavailable Territories

Citizens from certain countries are not eligible to receive the offer. If you reside in any of the following list of countries, you might be better off finding a different casino to get your welcome bonus. We have a large list of high-quality websites here at The Casino Wizard! Excluded countries: Estonia, Canada, Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Naturally, the bonus only works for players making their first deposit on the site. There can only be one player registered per household taking advantage of the bonus – there are no exceptions to this rule.

Wagering Exceptions

Using your real money whilst the bonus is active doesn’t contribute towards the wagering requirements of the site. As such, you’ll have to bet the bonus money 35 times before you’re able to cash out on any winnings. Do not attempt to withdraw the bonus before the conditions have been fulfilled or you could face a permanent removal of your bonus money.

You cannot wager more than €5 per play either, as long as the bonus is in place. Even though you can withdraw money while playing the BETAT welcome bonus, your wagers will be limited until the wagering requirements are met.

Bonus Timeframe

The low wagering conditions of this bonus make it acceptable for BETAT to apply a timeframe to it, given how easy it would be to comply with the rules if they gave you an unlimited amount of time to play. There is a 7-day period in which you must wager all of your welcome bonus cash (including any money that you might’ve obtained with the free spins) before the bonus loses validity.

However, it’s also important to note that the limitation of €5 bets might make you want to rethink about how much cash you put into each wager on a casino. We do recommend sticking to the maximum amount of €5 if you’re short of time and the BETAT welcome bonus gave you over €100 of bonus funds, otherwise you may not be able to fully comply with the requirements in time.

Game Validity

Another important aspect of the BETAT welcome bonus is that not every game counts towards the site’s wagering requirements. Most casinos give you a small percentage of progression when playing poker or any board game, but the BETAT casino welcome bonus requires you to wager all your cash in their slot games. You cannot play with the money in any other game – even after having earned some cash with your free spins.

There’s a list indicating which slots aren’t available to be used with bonus cash either, as some slot games are not allowed to be played with the money. Most of the BETAT welcome bonus games have an acceptable house edge, though – don’t worry about not being able to make a profit out of them! You should still be able to comply with the requirements very easily.

Free Spins Rules

The free spins obtained with the bonus must also be used within 7 days, or they will be removed from your account entirely. In the same way, people from the countries we listed above are not allowed to receive free spins – the welcome bonus comes as a package, and you must live or reside on a valid country in order to qualify.

The wagering requirements of the BETAT welcome bonus free spins are lower than the regular cash demands, though – all you must do with your free spin cash is wager it 30 times, which is one of the most acceptable wagering requirements in the online casino community.

In the same way, bets won’t count towards the wagering requirements of free spins if you use real money while your bonus cash is available.

As an important note, you must wager through your original deposit at least three times before claiming any free spin bonus cash. This means that if you obtained the free spin bonus after depositing €30 on the site, then you must wager €90 before you’re allowed to claim your free spin bonus rewards. This might seem far from convenient, but you may actually end up making a ton of extra cash thanks to the low wagering requirement!

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