FortuneJack Casino 15% Monthly Cashback Bonus

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15% Monthly Cashback

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Get your Monthly Cashback at FortuneJack

The worst part about playing in an online casino is losing money, but casinos like FortuneJack make it really easy for you to let go of those woes. A promotion like the FortuneJack Casino monthly cashback is sure to provide users with a return of 15% on all of their losses, and you will be able to take advantage of it regardless of how long you’ve been playing on the site.

fortunejack monthly cashback bonus

We’re going to tell you all you need to know about the FortuneJack Casino monthly cashback of 15%, where to claim it, how to spend it, and whether the offer is worth it after taking a closer look at the bonus rules.

If you’re looking to earn extra bonus cash, then the FortuneJack Casino is the site to spend your time (and money) on!

How to Claim the Monthly Cashback Bonus at FortuneJack Casino?

The bonus cashback at the FortuneJack Casino is meant to be claimed once every month. In order to teach you how to get your hands on the cash, we’re going to assume that you already have an account at FortuneJack and that you’ve already claimed the site’s welcome bonus. These are the steps to follow in order to get your monthly cashback at the site:

  1. Make a deposit of at least 0.1 BTC, bonus-free, over the course of one month at the casino
  2. You will need to lose at least 80% of the money in order to qualify for the promotion
  3. At the end of the month, you will receive the cashback rewards
  4. Go to your casino’s account, select the “BONUSES” option, and click on CLAIM for the Cashback bonus

Keep in mind that the bonus money is credited directly to your own casino wallet. You will not have to comply with any other wagering rules when you receive the money.

What is the Monthly Cashback Bonus?

The FortuneJack Casino Monthly Cashback bonus is a promotion that allows you to get back 15% of all of your losses over the course of an entire month. It’s a very lucrative reward that is easy to claim and one that every player can qualify for, as all it takes is for you to create an account at the site.

The amount of money that you will receive is tied to your current rank on the site’s loyalty program, though. Depending on your VIP standing within the casino, your cashback bonus could be as much as 15% or as little as 5%. It’s still one of the best cashback bonuses out there.

Where to Spend the FortuneJack Casino 15% Cashback Bonus – Withdraw Your Cashback

The FortuneJack Casino 15% Cashback bonus can be spent literally anywhere you wish in the casino. Unlike other casino promotions, this one isn’t tied to any sort of wagering requirement, meaning that you can withdraw the cash as soon as you’re done claiming it.

  • Withdraw the cashback money directly to your wallet upon receiving the bonus cash
  • Play any casino game that you wish, or place bets on sports, with the cashback bonus money

FortuneJack Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions

The FortuneJack Casino cashback bonus comes attached to a couple of bonus terms and conditions that are critical to your own success while using the bonus. We’re going to explain to you the most important bonus rules of the offer, so you can quickly get your cashback and do as you wish with the money that you’ll receive from it.

This is one of the most lenient offers of the FortuneJack Casino, so it isn’t ruled by the same conditions that other FortuneJack bonuses on the site are subjected to.

Cashback Rules

This fantastic offer is subjected to a couple of rules that you should be aware of how they work if you want to make the best of the money. These rules are as follows:

  • This cashback bonus is only meant to be claimed for bitcoin deposits. You need to have made a deposit of 0.1 BTC over the course of a month in order to qualify for the promotion
  • You cannot claim this bonus more than once per month. If you’re found doing so with another account, the casino will remove both of your account’s cashback bonus money

Wagering Requirements

The FortuneJack Casino cashback bonus provides users with the chance to get the bonus money directly. You will not have to wager the cash that you receive as part of the bonus and, instead, you will be able to directly withdraw it to your crypto wallet.

Bonus Timeframe

The bonus will be given to the player as soon as the promotional period ends. However, the bonus cash per se is valid for a period of 10 days. Failure to do anything with the bonus funds will result in the full removal of all cash from your profile.

Stake Weights

This fantastic bonus isn’t tied to any stake weights. You just need to be aware that the live casino games of FortuneJack do not qualify for the claiming process of cashback, which means that you would lose the money and not be able to get it back if you played them after making your deposit at the casino.

Never Fear Losing Again with the FortuneJack Monthly Cashback of 15%

There’s no need to be afraid of losing when you have FortuneJack ready to catch your back. You will be able to get up to 15% cashback on all of your losses every single month, which means that there’s always some glory in the fall when gambling at the amazing FortuneJack Casino.

Be sure to take full advantage of this amazing bonus and register at FortuneJack, but don’t miss out on the site’s first deposit: the 15% monthly cashback is there to help you get back the money that you’ve lost, but who needs to activate a cashback bonus when you can win up to 5 BTC for free using the amazing monthly cashback offer?

Visit the FortuneJack Casino now and collect your rewards!

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