• Wagering requirements


  • Maximum bonus amount


  • Bonus value

    € 100

  • Exclusive


  • Country Brazil, Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, Sweden, UK, USA
  • Cashable


Guts Casino Welcome Bonus

  • Update May 2019: From the 23rd of May Guts has changed its welcome offer game from Vikings to Narcos, the new hit game from Netent.

The Guts Casino welcome bonus is here to offer you entertainment that certainly requires a lot of guts to process. Their new welcome bonus offers players the chance to enjoy the Narcos slots as well as the opportunity to receive a large match deposit bonus that will bolster your account’s balance after your first deposit has been made.

Before, the free spins were in the Vikings game. Thepopular Vikings series has made its way into the online casino community with their latest slot game. The game has gained a ton of popularity thanks to the theme, which resembles the series to the utmost extent. Every slot is a reference to either a Vikings character or a part of the series itself. Fans of the popular series can rejoice and make some cash while taking a look at art from their favorite show.

The new game is the Narcos Video Slot game from Netent. This game is filled with characters who live in a world of danger, fast money and all manner of vices. Keep your head down, because these guys don’t mess around. It is based on the popular Netflisx series Netflix. Try it and win like Pablo Escobar.

The Guts casino welcome bonus also comes with the option to receive a large match deposit amount, which will help you bolster your account balance when you first register into the site. Even though the bonus has a cash limitation, you’ll still receive 200% of your deposit in the form of free cash!

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How to Get the Guts Casino Welcome Bonus

There are only three simple steps that you need to follow in order to receive the Guts Casino welcome bonus. The site has them all listed for you, but we’ve expanded a bit more on each point to help you better understand what to do in order to obtain the offer.

Create an Account in Guts

Opening an account in the Guts casino is a straightforward process. Just provide the site with all the necessary information that you’re asked. As always, make sure to provide realistic information which the casino can verify if they choose to do it.

Guts is known to have a very strict regulatory system when it comes to the registration process. This adds more safety to the casino’s community, but it can also be a bit tedious for whoever chooses to register on the site.

Deposit Any Amount of Cash Starting at €10

The match deposit bonus that the site offers gives you the chance to obtain up to €100 in free cash. As a huge plus, the match deposit bonus is set at 200%. This means that you’ll get the full amount of the bonus by simply depositing €50 during when you first create your account.

Any amount that you deposit will grant you the free spins at the Narcos slots, but you’ll need to deposit the full €50 in order to obtain as much money as possible with the match deposit bonus.

You do need to avoid depositing money with Neteller, Paysafecard or Skrill, as these payment options aren’t supported by the bonus providers of the casino. Anything else goes, though! Be sure to ask the staff of the casino before making a deposit to make sure that your payment company complies with the requirements.

Claim the Free Spins

Your free spins will not be instantly credited to your account as soon as you make your first deposit. In order to obtain them, you’ll have to access the Rewards section of the site. There, you’ll find an option to claim your free spins. Once you select them, you’ll be able to access the Narcos game and wager as much as you want with them.

The rewards of the free spins will be subjected to restrictions and other wagering requirements, which we’ll talk about later.

Keep in mind that the free spins are exclusively made to be used in the Narcos game. Guts casino has a ton of fun slots and awesome games, but you’ll need to wager the actual match deposit bonus on them if you wish to play them for free.

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The Guts Casino Welcome Bonus – What It’s All About

Registering into the Guts casino means that a world of fun is about to unfold in front of your eyes. The best way to kickstart your gambling life in the casino is by taking advantage of the Guts casino welcome bonus, one of the best welcome offers on the planet. Match deposit bonuses of over 150% are one of the most sought-after types of bonuses on the internet – and the people in Guts know exactly that.

With the Guts casino welcome bonus, you’ll be receiving 100 free spins to be used in the Narcos slot game as well as a match deposit bonus of 200%. The match deposit bonus is able to match up to €100, which doesn’t seem like a lot in the first place, but it does mean that all you need to do is deposit €50 on the site and you’ll take full advantage of the bonus.

There are other Guts casino bonuses that you can use while playing on Guts, but their highly profitable match deposit bonus is one of the best offers that you’ll find on the site. The wagering conditions of the bonus aren’t too crazy by any means, which will result in a highly enjoyable experience for every player that choose to take the bonus.

Another awesome aspect of the Guts casino welcome bonus is the huge timeframe that the casino gives you to fully complete the wagering requirements. You have over two months to comply with all the requirements. However, if you fail to do so, the casino will remove the bonus funds from your account.

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Guts Casino Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

The Guts casino welcome bonus has some of the most lenient terms and conditions that we’ve ever seen in a casino welcome bonus. This is mainly reflected in the large timeframe in which you can fulfill the wagering requirements of the offer, but there are also other factors that come into play when studying how well-made this welcome bonus is.

Wagering Requirements Explained

The most important thing to understand about the Guts casino welcome bonus is the information regarding wagering requirements. When the bonus is active, you might be tempted to place large bets in hopes of quickly fulfilling the wagering requirements. However, it is important that you take your time with the bonus – there’s a limit as to how much money you can bet on a wager, and if you pass it, the bonus may become invalidated by the casino.

Even though the casino itself will allow you to place bets higher than €5 on each spin, you must avoid doing it or the Guts casino will most likely confiscate your bonus and the winnings.

The wearing requirements themselves are nothing short of astounding. This bonus is, with no shade of a doubt, one of the most convenient for every type of player. Even with its 60-day timeframe, you only need to wager the bonus cash 30 times before you’re able to withdraw it.

Not every game has the same contribution rate to the wagering requirements – the slots of the website will contribute almost 100% towards the, whilst the classic slots have a lower contribution that goes down to 75%. Live dealer games range between a 5% and 10% contribution rate, while video poker and other casino poker games have a 0% contribution rate.

We recommend always using the Guts casino welcome bonus in their top-quality slots, as they have a low house edge and offer the chance to make a ton of money while having a lot of fun in the process.

Free Spin Limits

The free spins are limited to a three-day period in which you must use them before they’re removed from your account. Also, don’t forget to claim them after your first deposit! Even if you intend to play with your match deposit money during the first day of the bonus, you only have 24 hours after making your first deposit to claim the free spins or they’ll be removed.

Do keep in mind, however, that the money made from the free spins can then be freely wagered as it will become one with your match deposit bonus cash. It will also be subjected to the same wagering requirements as your regular match deposit bonus money.

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Do You Have the Guts to Take the Welcome Bonus?

Whenever you choose to take the Guts welcome bonus, the pressure is on. The free spins will get you through a hectic set of Narcos slots that will probably keep you on the edge of your seat while making as much money as you can, thanks to the lenient wagering requirements of an overall awesome online casino provider. The people at Guts have shown their generosity with a 200% match deposit bonus – and it’s there for the taking.

Be sure to fully comply with all the wagering requirements – but take as much time as you want. The people at Guts casino want you to fully enjoy the bonus at your own pace, which is reflected in their enormous bonus timeframe. The bonus is sure to help you fatten your wallet – take full advantage of it! All you have to do is log in to the Guts casino and make your first deposit now!

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