Madame Chance Casino Welcome Bonus: 400% up to €2400

Madame Chance Casino Welcome Bonus: 400% up to €2400 Image
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Madame Chance Casino Welcome Bonus: 400% up to €2400 Image

Madame Chance Welcome Bonus

Willing to take a chance? The Madame Chance welcome bonus is a one-of-a-kind opportunity that will help you get up to €2400 in match deposit bonuses. But not only that, you’ll be getting all of it in one of the friendliest online casinos on the planet. Sounds good, right? It is, but you need to be aware of all the terms and conditions of the offer before fully taking advantage of it. madame chance casino welcome bonus The Madame Chance casino is specifically directed at European players, and the casino itself only manages payments in euros or cryptocurrencies.

The only issue with this site is that it doesn’t hold too many reputable licenses, but it does have the Curacao gaming license to its name, which proves that the site is respectable and should be taken seriously.

You may find other sites with better reputation, but you’ll struggle to find a site willing to offer as good a bonus as the Madame Chance welcome bonus. The offer is very lucrative, but it won’t last forever. We encourage you to jump right into the Madame Chance casino after reading our guide to its awesome welcome bonus. 

How to Get the Madame Chance Welcome Bonus

The Madame Chance welcome bonus is obtained by entering a series of codes when making your first three deposits on the site. The amount that you get from this bonus depends entirely on how much cash you wish to deposit, so the bonus accommodates to your needs. If you want to earn the entirety of the welcome bonus, you’ll need to deposit €900 in total.

However, you may deposit as little as €20 per deposit and still get a large amount of free cash in return. The first thing you’ll need to do in order to claim this offer is to open a new account on the Madame Chance casino.

The site doesn’t state anything about the deposit methods that you can or can’t use to claim the bonus, so you may choose whichever payment method you prefer and you shouldn’t have any issues claiming the welcome bonus of the casino. 

Getting the Deposits Right

The key to enjoying the full extent of this welcome bonus is to know how and where to distribute your cash. As such, you must make deposits of various amounts in order to obtain the full free €2400. You can’t deposit €900 on your first match deposit bonus and earn all the free cash.

We’ve made a quick guide to let you know how much cash must be used per deposit to help you out. We’ve also included each code that you must input on each deposit in order to claim that particular bonus. Don’t forget to enter the code or the bonus won’t be granted to your account.

  • First Match Deposit Bonus – This deposit gives you a 400% match deposit bonus of up to €800. You need to deposit €200 in order to obtain the full €800. Bonus Code: MADAME1
  • Second Match Deposit Bonus – This deposit gives you a 150% match deposit bonus of up to €800. You need to deposit around €300 in order to obtain the full €800.Bonus Code: MADAME2
  • Third Match Deposit Bonus – This deposit gives you a 200% match deposit bonus of up to €800. You need to deposit €400 in order to obtain the full €800. Bonus Code: MADAME3

What Madame Chance Welcome Bonus is About

The Madame Chance welcome bonus, as stated by the Madame Chance casino itself, is a bonus offer made with the purpose of showing you around the features of the online casino. Even though the offer is very lucrative, and you could get over €2000 in free cash if you deposit enough money, you can’t use the cash as freely as you can with other welcome bonuses found online. The best way to look at this offer is as a large number of free spins turned into usable cash.

You must use the money only in slots, and you may not try any of the other games offered on the site before fulfilling the wagering requirements of this offer. You can make a lot of money using the bonus, though – the only limitation in place is that you can’t earn more than 10 times the amount of your initial deposit.

You can earn up to €9000 using the free cash that the Madame Chance casino provides to every player willing to make hefty deposits on the site, so if you’re a high roller, this offer will be one of the most lucrative options that you can find!

The Madame Chance Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

As you can probably imagine, the Madame Chance welcome bonus has some terms and conditions that accompany this offer and make it fair both for you and the casino. Naturally, these conditions are stricter than what you usually find in other online casinos, but this is mainly due to the large amount of money that the Madame Chance casino is giving away to you, almost for free.

We know that this list of conditions can be overwhelming at first and you may not know which of the terms are more relevant than the rest. To save you the trouble of going over each point individually, we’ve made a list of the most important welcome bonus terms that you should know.

Wagering Requirements & Restrictions

Seeing as this offer doesn’t include any free spins, you’ll only need to worry about a single wagering requirement to comply with. The number itself is very low, as you’ll only need to wager your bonus and your deposit a total of 20 times before withdrawing the bonus from the site. That means that if you get the full €2400 by making deposits of €200, €300, and €400, you’ll need to wager €3300 a total of 20 times in order to comply with the bonus conditions.

Stake Weights and Game Limitations

The Madame Chance welcome bonus isn’t given away with the intention of being used freely. In fact, the welcome bonus could as well be seen as money to be spent on slot games. You can only use the welcome bonus to play slots, and you are not allowed to play with the Double Feature in any of the casino’s games.

Please refrain yourself from playing in any games other than slots, as using your free cash in table games, live dealer games, videopoker, and any other type of casino game excluding traditional and virtual slots will be considered as a violation of the casino’s terms and conditions.

Opting Out Rules& Withdrawals

We usually don’t need to explain how voiding a bonus works, as the conditions are very straightforward. However, in order to opt out of the Madame Chance welcome bonus, you must send an email to the casino before making your first deposit. Once the deposit is made, the bonus will be instantly given to your account.

You may request a withdrawal in order to cancel it. You may not withdraw more than 10 times the amount of your initial deposit when using the Madame Chance welcome bonus.

Take Your Chance

It would be foolish not to consider taking the awesome Madame Chance welcome bonus. The offer seems far more lucrative at first than it does when you read the terms and conditions, but it’s still good to know that you can earn €9000 using free money. The best part of this offer is that each match deposit bonus is higher than 100%, so you’ll end up spending way less than what you can win with this bonus.

Madame Chance is waiting for you, so don’t let her hanging! Visit the Madame Chance casino and take the chance to earn a lot of money with the welcome bonus before the offer runs out!

Read our full Madame Casino review here. 

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