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Royal Panda Casino Welcome Bonus

If you’re tired of regular welcome bonuses, royalty with the latest Royal Panda promotion and start wagering on one of the most popular casino sites on the planet. The site knows that players like to feel welcomed when they first join a new casino community, and so they’ve come up with the Royal Panda welcome bonus – a promotion that aims to match your first deposit on the site.

Sounds good, right? The only downside of this bet is that it doesn’t give you any free spins to play with, but hey, you can still use the cash that they give you in any game that you want! It seems like a simple offer, but the site truly lays all the necessary grounds for your enjoyment. Just make an initial deposit and watch your cash balance double up!

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Sure, the bonus is amazing… But there are still some conditions that the Royal Panda welcome bonus has, and you must comply with all of them in order to receive the offer and fully take advantage of it. Read on to find out what to keep an eye out for!

How to Get the Royal Panda Welcome Bonus

The Royal Panda welcome bonus shares simplicity in all of its aspects. Getting the bonus is as simple as you can imagine – all you must do is create an account on the site and make your first deposit. You’ll be granted a 100% match deposit bonus to get yourself started in the royal family of the casino. Let’s summarize the whole process:

Create an Account on the Site

Simply register in the Royal Panda casino and fill out all of your personal information, as per the site requests. Be as accurate as you can with your personal info – we always advise this to our users as some casinos can get very picky when confirming your info if you make a large profit on the site. Always be sure to provide up-to-date data and personal files.

Deposit Cash With Any Available Payment Method

You can select any payment method available from the site and deposit at least €10. It’s important that you deposit at least €10 if you are to qualify for the offer, as any amount lower than that will not be transformed into bonus cash. We do recommend our readers to make the full deposit amount of €100, as this will grant you a total of €200, which you’ll be able to use anywhere on the site!

Select the Welcome Bonus Option

When making your first deposit, you’ll be presented with the option to select the welcome bonus. Be sure to click on the option before depositing the cash, or else you won’t be credited with any bonus money even if you’ve made a deposit of €10 or more.

Get Royal Panda Bonus

Everything You Must Know About the Royal Panda Welcome Bonus

When looking for a new welcome bonus to try out, you’ll notice how most sites offer very lucrative deals with large sums of money to lure new players in. However, some of these deals are only lucrative on paper – the conditions that the sites put in place make it almost impossible for you to actually make any profit from the bonus.

The Royal Panda welcome bonus ignores this issue by simply offering a realistic amount of money to begin with. All you must do is make the first deposit and wager your cash a total of 35 times. Once you’re done, you’ll be able to withdraw all of your bonus money. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is! There are no hidden rules that will come back to haunt you – Royal Panda has made sure of that.

As an additional bonus, you can also make Royal Panda points while betting your bonus cash – oh, and you can also fulfill the wagering requirements with your own money! Royal Panda may not offer you the largest sum of cash out of all the casinos that we’ve covered here at The Casino Wizard, but they’re certainly one of the most straightforward in terms of fair promotion rules.

Royal Panda Points

The Royal Panda points are a special form of currency that can only be used and traded within the Royal Panda casino site. You can collect these points while wagering your Royal Panda welcome bonus, and you can then use them to purchase awesome rewards from the Royal Panda shop. It’s all a win/win scenario for you – you’ll have fun, earn cash, and obtain extra points!

Get Royal Panda Bonus

The store is called Loyal Panda, paying homage to the players that have diligently spent their time and money on the site, showing loyalty to one of the friendliest online casinos on the planet. Amongst the rewards, you’ll find free spins, free play cash, and even charity donations that are made in your name, should you choose to spend your points on it!

The Royal Panda Welcome Bonus Terms and Conditions

The Royal Panda welcome bonus has a set of terms and conditions that are fairly easy to meet and comply with. However, it’s still important that you have a full understanding of the site’s rules before you go ahead and spend money on the casino. In order to save you some time, we’ve compiled the most important terms and conditions and listed them here.

You’ll notice how there aren’t too many rules that we’ve deemed important, and that’s because there aren’t any hidden conditions that you have to keep an eye out for. You’ll get what you expect from the bonus – no small text to go along with it.

Wagering Requirements

Usually, when we talk about wagering requirements, we try to warn our users that some conditions are more difficult to meet that they might seem. However, the Royal Panda welcome bonus presents you with a very clear proposal – all you must do is wager an equivalent of money equal to the match deposit reward a total of 35 times. Once that’s done, you can freely withdraw the money to your bank account.

What makes this welcome bonus even better is the fact that you can use your own cash in order to comply with the wagering requirements. Say, for example, that you’re running low on bonus money and you want to inject more cash into your account without giving up the bonus. Well, you can! Not many casinos offer this option, but it does go a long way into making the offer much more pleasant.

The money used towards the fulfillment of your wagering requirements still counts as general bets made in the casino. This also means that you can freely collect loyalty points while using the bonus. You might end up with enough Panda Points to claim even more free cash at the end of your Royal Panda welcome bonus!

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Restrictions and Limitations

Even though the offer is very lenient in general, Royal Panda still opposes players that register and make new accounts with VPNs or IP masks. Only one user per household is eligible to claim the welcome bonus (and any other casino offer, for that matter). This rule cannot be bypassed even if you contact the casino staff to prove that there are various gamblers in your household.

The welcome offer is only eligible to be claimed once. You cannot create multiple accounts, nor can you cancel the bonus in order to claim it again with your account. It’s important that you make the best of the bonus when you claim it!

Every game does count towards the fulfillment of wagering requirements in the Royal Panda casino! Classic and video slots have a stake weight of 100%, while other games are a bit more limited but still count, which makes it better than what other casinos offer.

Table games, poker, and live dealer games have a contribution rate of just 10%, but scratchcards and softgames have a 100% stake weight. You can play whatever you want with the Royal Panda welcome bonus.

Become Royalty Today

The Royal Panda welcome bonus has all the necessary conditions for you to have a very solid start in this awesome online casino. Just be sure to make an initial deposit of at least €10 and you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of the casino. We do recommend our readers to deposit the full bonus amount, as it will massively boost your chances of winning big.

The bonus is very much non-restrictive, and even though you’ll find other bonuses offering more rewards, there aren’t many promotions out there that will help you get as much cash as the Royal Panda welcome bonus.

The added benefit of the Royal Panda Points makes the bonus even more lucrative, as you’ll start earning these points as soon as you join and play on the site. What are you waiting for? Join one of the most awesome gambling communities on the planet and start making huge profits from your bets by registering on the Royal Panda casino and making your first deposit today!

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