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If you're eager to claim casino bonuses in the UK, then you've stumbled upon the right page. Casino bonuses in the United Kingdom provide users with the chance to earn GBP playing with free cash, free spins, or with other rewards that allow them to earn real cash for free. Here, you will find the best UK casino bonuses to play in the best online casinos that are available for the country’s residents!

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21 Casino
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €0 Wagering requirements: 35xb
VegasPlus Casino
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 120xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: $20 Wagering requirements: 120xb
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35xb
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35x(d+b) T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35x(d+b)
Coins Game Casino
Welcome bonus
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 20xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Show bonus code
Wagering requirements: 20xb
Mr Green Casino
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 35xb
Wizard Slots
Minimum deposit: £10 Wagering requirements: 65xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: £10 Wagering requirements: 65xb
Videoslots Casino
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35xb
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Popular Bonus Types

What are Casino Bonuses in the UK?

Casino bonuses are online casino rewards that allow players to earn more money in online casinos based on certain actions that they partake. For example, you could be rewarded with extra money on every deposit, or you could be rewarded with cash just for creating a new casino account in a casino with no deposit bonuses.

As such, no deposit bonuses in the UK are ways for gamers to earn real money on top of the money that they would already get when playing with their own cash in an online casino.

There are various types of bonuses to be claimed in the best UK casinos, and they are given to players for different reasons. Making deposits, registering on a website, and becoming a loyal member of a casino are the most common reasons why online casinos give free money to their players.

The Types of Casino Bonuses in the United Kingdom

Seeing as how the UK is home to one of the largest online gambling markets in the world, you won’t have to worry about some casino bonuses being prohibited in the country. In fact, it’s quite the contrary: almost all of the world’s most popular casino bonuses are available to be claimed in Britain.

These are the most common types of bonuses that you’ll find in UK casinos, as well as how they all work:

  • Free Spin Bonuses – Free spins are bonuses that can only be spent in online slots. They allow you to play certain slot games for free, but the free spins often have a predetermined value that tends to be £0.10 for most bonuses. It depends on the type of UK casino bonus, though.
  • No Deposit Bonuses – No deposit bonuses are rewards that you can claim without having to make a deposit, although they may require you to register or enter your details (credit card info may be required) before claiming one of these rewards. You can get free spins or free money as part of a no deposit bonus.
  • Deposit Bonuses – Deposit bonuses are the most common types of online casino bonuses in the United Kingdom. You can find them as reload bonuses, welcome bonuses, or general casino bonuses, and they often provide you with a percentage of your deposit in bonus money as well as free spins to go alongside it.
  • Cashback Bonuses – Cashback bonuses are some of the best bonuses that you can claim in the UK. They allow you to get back some of the money that you have lost in an online casino, often free of any wagering requirements.

Best Casino Bonuses in the UK

Even though this page has all of the best casino bonuses in the UK listed for your convenience, we want you to take a closer look at our top picks for each individual bonus type. That way, you will be able to dive straight into the action depending on which types of rewards you would rather claim in an online casino.

Videoslots Casino Welcome Bonus - Best Welcome Bonus in Britain

Bonus: 100% Match Deposit Up to £200

Arguably one of the best online casino welcome bonuses in the UK, the Videoslots sign up bonus allows every player to claim a fantastic offer worth up to £200 worth of free cash on their first deposit.

The Videoslots Casino is one of the best casinos in the UK, so it comes as no surprise that the site offers one of the best casino bonuses in Britain as well. This bonus will allow you to claim all of that cash and use it on one of the best online slots that the website has to offer, so make sure to take full advantage of it as soon as you register at Videoslots.

Videoslots Casino No Deposit Bonus - Best British Free Spins Bonus

Bonus: 11 Wager-Free Spins

If you’re a fan of free spin bonuses but you’re not looking forward to spending any money to claim them, then you’re in luck. The Videoslots casino also brings you a world-class promotion to claim 11 free spins free of any wagering requirements, and all you need to do to claim them is create an account on the site.

You will be able to spend them in one online slot only, but they are completely free and you get to make a withdrawal as soon as you’re finished using them. There’s nothing to despise about this offer!

Betsson Casino Welcome Bonus - Best Deposit Bonus in the UK

Bonus: £100 Match Deposit + 101 Free Spins

The Betsson Casino doesn’t fall behind when it comes to providing users with world-class rewards and prizes on registration. The Betsson Casino welcome bonus is a complete offer that provides you with up to £100 on your first deposit, plus 101 free spins to be spent in the site’s best online casino slots.

All you need to do is create a new account at the Betsson Casino and make your first deposit, and rewards will be instantly credited to your account. There’s not much else you could ask for in one of the world’s best online casinos!

One Casino No Deposit Bonus - Best UK No Deposit Bonus

Bonus: £10 Free No Deposit Bonus

The One Casino has a no deposit bonus that is another one of those promotions that you can claim instantly after creating a new account at this fantastic casino. However, this one requires you to do nothing other than creating an account at the site. The casino will then provide you with a notification that you can click and claim £10 before you even make your first deposit on the site.

This offer may not be as good as the One Casino welcome bonus, but it’s an offer that you will get to enjoy without spending a single dime of your own money. Every One Casino verified account is eligible to claim this promotion, and players in Britain will be able to enjoy this fantastic free money no deposit bonus as well!

Check out these games to play at One Casino to make the best of your bonus cash!

British Casino Bonus Codes

If you’ve browsed online casino bonuses before, then you probably know that some bonuses can only be activated by entering a bonus code. Even though bonus codes can be found within an online casino, chances are that you’ll receive them by performing different activities or visiting different sites.

These are the main ways in which you can obtain casino bonus codes to play with bonus money in UK casinos:

  • Visiting pages where the best casino bonus codes are listed
  • Go to a casino and become a loyal member of the site. You may eventually get bonus codes emailed or via the site’s notifications!
  • Hunt for bonus codes when special promotions and tournaments occur

How to Claim a Casino Bonus

The magic of a casino bonus is not only about players being able to spend their money in many different ways, but casino bonuses in the UK are also as varied as they come. As such, you’ll find many online casinos with different ways for you to claim your bonuses, as well as casinos with different rules as to how you can spend them.

There are some basic steps that you can follow if you’re looking to activate a casino bonus, though. Here’s a couple of pieces of advice that will help you determine how to claim a casino bonus:

  • See if your account needs to be verified before claiming a bonus. Most online casinos need you to activate your account via email before bonuses can be claimed.
  • Determine whether the casino bonus has a minimum deposit rule imposed on it. There are some online casinos that need you to make deposits of at least £10 before you can withdraw the money.
  • See if the bonus needs you to enter a bonus code. These are entered in the casino cashier, in most cases.
  • Read the rules of a bonus to make sure that it’s legit – especially if you intend to claim casino bonuses that we haven’t recommended on this site.

The Best Way to Use Your Casino Bonus in Britain

Seeing as how the British gambling market is one of the biggest ones in the world, we are happy to tell you that casinos in the UK allow players to spend their bonus money on some of the best casino games in the world.

With that said, that doesn’t mean that you can just play any casino game and expect to make a quick pound with your bonus cash. In fact, there are some casino games that we recommend you avoid – even with the best bonuses for UK casinos.

  • Avoid casino games with stake weights lower than 10%, as these usually take too long for the wagering requirements to be fulfilled and you’re likely to end up with no cash by the end of it.
  • Play casino games with the highest RTP rates on your favorite UK casinos to claim casino bonuses in Britain. The higher the RTP, the less time it’ll take for you to fulfill the wagering requirements – at least in theory.
  • Use the bonus cash in games that you know that you’ll enjoy. That’s the best way to ensure a satisfying experience – even if you end up unable to withdraw any money from the bonus

Most Important Bonus Terms and Conditions Explained

Even though we have told you all about the best bonuses in the UK, there are still three fundamental rules that accompany all of these bonuses, and these are rules that you need to know if you want to make the best of your time with each of these rewards as well as eventually withdraw the funds that you earn from them.

Let’s take a closer look at the three main rules that rule over the best casino bonuses in the UK:

Wagering Requirements

Think of wagering requirements as inevitable. They come attached to most bonuses, except wager-free money or free spins. Basically, this condition means that you will need to spend the money that you’re given a certain number of times before you can withdraw it to your account.

It sounds difficult, but it isn’t. Most casino bonuses come with this rule – even the best casino bonuses Britain has to offer.

Bonus Stake Weights

The stake weights of a bonus determine how much of each wager that you place on a casino game goes towards the fulfillment of a wagering requirement.

For example, if you happen to place a bet of £1 in a game with a 100% contribution rate, then that entire £1 will go towards the wagering requirement. If you happen to place a £5 bet on a game with a stake weight of 10%, then only £0.5 would go towards the wagering requirement.

The stake weights of casino bonuses in the United Kingdom tend to vary, but most casinos offer similar ranges on most of their games – particularly online casinos with bonus wagering requirements.

Most online casino bonus stake weights that you’ll find only contribute 100% towards the fulfillment of your requirements if you place your bets in slots. Most other games will only count a maximum of 50%, but some casinos make exceptions to this rule.

Money Usage Rules

Another important aspect of online casino bonuses in the United Kingdom is that, in most cases, there are rules in place to prevent you from using the bonus money before you fulfill the wagering requirements. In most cases, you will only be allowed to use your bonus money if:

  • You fulfill the wagering requirements of a bonus, in which case the money becomes available for you to withdraw and do as you please with it
  • You run out of your own money whilst fulfilling the requirements, in which case you will be allowed to fulfill the wagering requirements with the bonus cash that you’ve earned with the offer

There aren’t too many online casinos that allow you to fulfill the wagering requirements of a bonus with the bonus per se, so keep that in mind if you’re looking for a quick payout. This is a way to prevent gamblers from making a deposit and then simply walking away with the bonus money after wagering it in crazy, high-stakes bets.

You are also limited to spend up to £5 per stake when wagering towards the fulfillment of wagering requirements. Some casinos may allow higher stakes to be placed, but that’s not always the case.

Withdrawing Bonus Money in UK Casinos

The vast majority of reliable payment and withdrawal methods are available for players in the United Kingdom, mainly because the UK allows its citizens to play online casino games and visit online casinos without too many restrictions.

As such, you can choose different e-wallet services, bank transfers, or credit card payments to get your bonus money out of an online casino and into your personal accounts.

There’s only one thing that stands in the way between you and the bonus cash generated with any bonus found on this page: the wagering requirements of a bonus.

Be sure to fulfill the wagering requirements of a casino bonus in the UK, as this is the one way to unlock those rewards and withdraw them to your bank account.

The Best Bonuses in British Await – Get Yours Now!

The best casino bonuses Britain has to offer are aplenty, and you have most of them within reach. All you need to do is choose the best casino bonus to suit your own needs, and head straight to the casino that offers it to claim it.

Remember that all of the online casinos that we have mentioned here are among the best casinos in the UK in terms of reliability and safety, so you can rest assured that your personal info will remain safe as long as you stick to playing in these sites.

Are you a fan of online casino free spins or would you rather claim free bonus cash? The best bonuses in Britain are there for the taking, so visit the best UK casinos and claim them now!

Last updated  August 25, 2023

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Most online casino bonuses in the UK come with some sort of wagering requirement that must be fulfilled to comply with the bonus rules before withdrawing it.

UK players are entitled to claim all sorts of casino bonuses, ranging from free spins to free bonus cash, as well as UK-exclusive bonuses like the ones found at LeoVegas casino.

Most online casinos that are approved by the UKGC will allow players to claim bonuses if they live in the UK. You can get them by registering in these casinos and claiming their sign-up rewards.