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WildJackpots First Deposit Bonus

WildJackpots has returned with one of its most lucrative deals in store for you today: the WildJackpots first deposit bonus. This incredible offer grants the chance to every new player to earn 30 free spins by just making a small deposit on the site, as well as a massive match deposit bonus of 200% to compensate for all the cash you want to use to get started in WildJackpots!

This site is one of the most famous and prestigious online casino slots hosts on the planet, having some of the best games available for the players. If you’re a fan of game developers like NetEnt and Microgaming, then the WildJackpots first deposit bonus is exactly what you want to claim. The bonus is sure to compensate every player very heftily, and a 200% match deposit promotion makes it great for low rollers and high rollers alike.

However, such an awesome offer is bound to be linked with terms and conditions that restrict the winnings that can be made with the cash. We’ve made this guide to help you understand everything you need to know about the WildJackpots first deposit bonus – read it before claiming the promotion!

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How to Get the WildJackpots First Deposit Bonus

The WildJackpots first deposit bonus is granted to every new player upon making their first deposit on the WildJackpots casino. You will get the entirety of the offer as soon as the first deposit is credited to your account, including the free spins and the bonus money.

Keep in mind that your account must be new to the WildJackpots casino and you must not have made any deposits prior to claiming this promotion. If you live in Sweden, you’re not eligible to claim the WildJackpots first deposit bonus either. You must be sure that your country is allowed to partake in gambling activities online if you wish to claim this offer.

Furthermore, there have been issues reported with people claiming the first deposit bonus more than once in a household. This offer may only be claimed once per IP address, which means that you cannot claim it if any other member of your household has already reaped the rewards in the past. It doesn’t matter if you have documentation to prove that you’re both different people, the offer can’t be claimed more than once per IP address.

What the WildJackpots First Deposit Bonus is About

The WildJackpots first deposit bonus is an offer made to be claimed by new players to the casino, and it welcomes everyone looking to place a small amount of money on the site with a substantial sum of bonus cash and free spins.

As such, it’s a very lucrative offer that appeals to the masses regardless of their wagering standards. Low rollers and high rollers alike will find comfort in the features available with the WildJackpots first deposit bonus.

The best thing about this offer is that you get everything instantly. The offer is granted to your account as soon as the first deposit is made.

Some first deposit bonuses make you wait to claim the full rewards, but you get all 30 free spins and your bonus cash as soon as the deposit is made. The WildJackpots first deposit bonus is one of the best offers out there and it isn’t part of a welcome package, so you get exactly what you’re offered.

If you’ve never played in an online casino before, then the WildJackpots first deposit bonus might just be one of the best online casino promotions to get you started!

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WildJackpots First Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

So far, the offer sounds very tempting, right? The one most important thing about the WildJackpots first deposit bonus is knowing the rules that hold it in place. You have to be sure that you have a strong grasp of the bonus terms and conditions before claiming the promotion or you might accidentally forfeit your winnings.

We know that the terms and conditions of the site can be quite overwhelming and we want to save you the trouble of going over each condition individually. As such, we’ve made this guide to help you understand the most important terms and conditions that oversee the WildJackpots first deposit bonus.

Wagering Requirements

The WildJackpots first deposit bonus is subjected to a wagering requirement of 35 times. This number includes the amount of your deposit, the amount of bonus money received, and the amount that you make from the free spin playtime. That means that a €50 deposit will net you an additional €100, which would put your account balance at €150. That amount, plus the free spin winnings, must be wagered 35 times before you can withdraw the cash to your account.

Once the cash is able to be withdrawn, it will stop being counted as bonus money and it will become part of your actual account balance. It’s as simple as that.

Withdrawal Rules

The WildJackpots casino clearly states that the offer is made to be used strictly for wagering. That means that any withdrawal requests will result in full removal of your account’s bonus balance. The WildJackpots first deposit bonus may not be withdrawn before the wagering requirements have been met, nor should you attempt to withdraw any of your deposit money prior to the completion of said wagering requirements.

You may only request a withdrawal after your bonus funds are converted to real cash, which means that the money will become part of your account balance alongside your deposit money. This will only happen once the wagering requirements of the offer are fully met.

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Stake Weights

The WildJackpots first deposit bonus cannot be used in every game available on the site. As you would expect given the name of the casino, the first deposit bonus is meant to be spent mainly on slot games. Other games can also be played with the offer, but some offer different percentages of contribution towards the bonus wagering requirements. The full list is as follows:

  • Slot games- 100%
  • Slots in the Fruit Machines category – 50%
  • Table games – 10%
  • Craps, Video Poker, Rummy and Keno, Live Casino games, Progressive games and all slots in the Arcade category – 0%

There are some games, however, that may not be played at all with the WildJackpots first deposit bonus. There’s a detailed list on the WildJackpots website explaining this issue.


Players from countries where online gambling isn’t legal may not participate in the WildJackpots first deposit bonus, nor should they attempt to register in the WildJackpots casino whatsoever. The only country that is explicitly restricted from participating in the WildJackpots first deposit bonus is Sweden – players logging in from Sweden cannot claim the promotion.

The WildJackpots first deposit bonus cannot be claimed if there are other promotions active in your account. It’s not permitted to have more than one offer active in your account simultaneously, so be wary not to activate the bonus if you’re not allowed to.

Keep in mind that this is a one-time only offer. You are not eligible to claim this promotion later if you somehow fail to meet the requirements during the first time, nor will you be eligible to claim the offer again in the future.

Country Limitations

Additionally, people who reside in the following countries may not claim the WildJackpots first deposit bonus under any circumstances: Brazil, China, Croatia, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Hungary, Portugal, Mauritius, Peru, Bangladesh, or Tunisia.

If you live in any of these countries, you are not eligible to claim any promotion available at the WildJackpots casino.

Go Wild or Go Home!

It’s hard to argue that the WildJackpots first deposit bonus is one of those offers that come only once in a while. You can get 200% of your deposit money in free bonus cash, which you can then spend in any of those awesome slots that you love. What’s not to like about this offer? You’ll get to play your favorite games, make bank, and not spend a dime. It doesn’t really get much better than it.

You do need to stick to the rules, so we fully recommend getting a full grasp of all the bonus terms and conditions that this offer is subjected to if you wish to appreciate it to the fullest of its extent. The offer is very fair and you should be able to make a very lucrative profit out of using it once the requirements have been met. Bet smart and you’ll earn your cash in no time!

If you like what you see here today, head to the WildJackpots casino and claim the WildJackpots first deposit bonus before the offer gets removed from the site. These lucrative deals tend to not last long, so embrace it while it’s there!

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