• Gamblers from all around the world simply love no deposit bonuses. That feeling that a player gets one they register into a new site and it welcomes them with awesome rewards is just too good to not enjoy. However, the whole process of finding a good no deposit bonus can prove to be quite difficult for a newcomer gambler, or even for those who have already claimed other no deposit bonuses online.

    This guide will help you through the 3 of the best no deposit bonuses that you can find on the internet, as well as walk you through the most important bits of information that you need to know about each bonus in order to reap its rewards. The bonuses shown in this article are all presented to you by the best internet casinos in the world – The Casino Wizard doesn’t promote below-par sites to its readers.

    Keep in mind that all of these no deposit bonus codes have the main goal of ultimately getting you to make deposits on the casinos. That’s why they exist, after all. However, these bonuses are still very lucrative and can net you a decent sum of cash to kickstart your life in any of these awesome online casinos.

    The 888 Casino No Deposit Bonus

    The 888 Casino is one of the largest online casinos in the world, and it’s also owned by one of the largest gambling conglomerates on the planet. Their no deposit bonus is given upon registering on the site, and it’s considered as one of the best no deposit welcome bonuses that you can find in any site. Thankfully, you don’t even need to enter a bonus code to claim this incredible promotion!

    Get 888 Bonus

    The reward itself stays true to the name of the casino by offering players a grand total of 88 free spins to be used in the site’s most popular slots. However, the free spins aren’t worth more than €0.20, so this bonus should be seen as a great way to learn the ups and downs of the 888 Casino slots and to make a couple of extra euros while doing so!

    How to Get the 888 Casino No Deposit Bonus

    This incredible promotion can be obtained upon registering in the 888 Casino. There isn’t a complicated process that needs to be followed in order to obtain the spins – your account will be prompted with a notification asking you if you’d like to obtain them as soon as your account is registered on the site.

    Sometimes, you might receive an email notifying you that the offer is available. You may click the link in the email to visit the part of the 888 Casino where the bonus is, and you’ll be able to claim it from there.

    However, it’s important to note that the 888 Casino is rather strict when it comes to multiple account users. They do not tolerate people who open multiple accounts in order to claim the no deposit bonus more than once, and you can get in trouble if you do so. Their offers are limited to be claimed online once per person, and there are no ways in which you can avoid this rule.

    You may also claim this promotion only if no one in your household has already claimed it before. The offer is limited to be claimed once per address. The 888 Casino no deposit bonus cannot be claimed more than once per household even if you prove that you and whoever else claims it are different people, nor is it allowed to use VPNs to bypass this rule.

    The 888 Casino No Deposit Bonus – What Makes it So Good?

    There’s a huge difference between the 888 Casino no deposit bonus and other no deposit bonuses in the online world. You’ll be able to play progressive slots with the free spins that you obtain, which means that you can hit a million-euro jackpot if you’re lucky enough to get some of those reward lines in the slots.

    As a consequence of this, players are only able to claim up to €15 in winnings if they don’t manage to hit a jackpot reward in any progressive slot. Other bonuses might allow up to €100 in winnings using free spins, but those casinos often limit players to a certain type of game that won’t allow you to win a large jackpot reward.

    The versatility of this promotion makes it ideal both for low rollers as well as high rollers. Considering that everyone who plays in an online casino has the ultimate goal of earning a lot of money, the 888 Casino no deposit free spins are surely a great way to get started.

    Furthermore, the 888 Casino no deposit bonus free spins could see you win a staggering €3 million if you’re lucky enough, and considering that this promotion is entirely free, it’s a no-brainer to try your luck with it!

    32 Red Casino No Deposit Bonus

    The 32 Red Casino is another giant in the online gambling world. The site is advertised in countless media outlets as well as sports broadcasts, and the number of people who spend considerable amounts of money on their site keeps growing by the day. All of this is mainly thanks to the way 32 Red treats their customers, which is as positive a way as you can imagine.

    Get 32Red Bonus

    This is mainly reflected in the fact that the company offers an incredible no deposit bonus to every new player that visits the site. Their new player bonus offers every new account the chance to claim €10 in free cash and only have it subjected to a wagering requirement of x50, which is one of the most lenient conditions that you’ll find in a no deposit bonus.

    The 32 Red promotion is one of those rare no deposit bonuses that allow players to make a decent sum of cash to kickstart their life in an online casino, having the previously spoken limitation of €100 in winnings (which is fairly high for a free promotion). You may also use the €10 very freely in terms of online casino standards, so this is also one huge positive if you intend to claim this offer.

    How to Get the 32 Red No Deposit Bonus

    The 32 Red Casino advertises its no deposit bonus as a very easily obtainable reward that can be claimed as soon as you register on the site. We can assure you that that’s indeed the case, and the 32 Red no deposit bonus takes a spot in this list particularly because of how easy it is to claim, apart from the awesome reward that you can get from it.

    Keep in mind that veterans are not entitled to claim this promotion. There are many other promotions and bonuses in the 32 Red website that can be claimed by loyal players or owners of accounts that have been registered for a while, but this promotion is only meant to be enjoyed by newcomers to the site who haven’t’ yet made a deposit in the 32 Red casino.

    Once you’ve completed the registration process that the site needs you to follow, all you must do is verify your account using the email address that you’ve provided upon registration. Once your account is verified, you should be prompted with a message in the 32 Red site asking you if you’d like to receive the bonus money. Simply click “yes” and watch your account balance skyrocket!

    The 32 Red Casino No Deposit Bonus – What Makes it so Good?

    This incredible promotion allows you to use the money as freely as you’d like. The site even encourages you to enjoy their most popular games with the free €10 money offer, and all you need to do is stick to the wagering requirements before making any withdrawals. You can enjoy the large variety of games available at the 32 Red casino and play them to your heart’s contempt.

    This offer, however lucrative as it is, should be seen as a promotion to try out the best games available on the site. This isn’t one of those no deposit bonuses that promises to net you a large sum of cash, but rather one that promises countless hours of entertainment. Just be smart with where you invest the cash and you’ll be able to play a lot of the games that the site has to offer.

    One of the best things about the 32 Red no deposit bonus is that you only need to wager the money 50 times before you can withdraw it to your bank account. That’s right – you just need to play with €500 on the site and you can call the money yours for the taking! It’s difficult to find such leniency in one of these promotions, so be sure to take as much advantage of it as you can.

    However, and even though you can play most games on the site with the free cash, some games have different contribution percentages to the wagering requirements of the promotion. Be sure to follow the rules found on the 32 Red site.

    LuckyDino No Deposit Bonus

    The LuckyDino no deposit bonus is an awesome reward that you can get as an introduction to the LuckyDino site. This promotion aims to give you some free cash to begin your life in this casino, but its main goal is to get you to experience the awesome games and promotions that the LuckyDino casino has available to every player. You can simply visit the site and enjoy the offer as you see fit – there aren’t many free spins to use, but any other rewards await you!

    Get LuckyDino Bonus

    LuckyDino is a new online casino that has only been around since 2014, but half a decade has been more than enough experience for the site owners to understand what makes players enjoy themselves in an online casino. As such, they introduced this promotion of 7 free spins where players can fully enjoy their rewards and spend the profits from the spins wherever they see fit on the site.

    How to Get the LuckyDino No Deposit Bonus

    The LuckyDino casino will award every new account with 7 free spins as soon as the account is created. You’ll only need to verify it using your email address or phone, and once that process is done, you can go on and enjoy the finest slots that you’ll find on the internet. Keep in mind that the slots are limited to be used in certain games that the LuckyDino casino has listed on their website, but they are rather lucrative and very fun to play.

    As the other two promotions that we’ve presented in this guide, the LuckyDino no deposit bonus is meant to be claimed once per person and per household. That means that you cannot create multiple accounts to claim it more than once, nor can you claim this offer if any other member of your home has already claimed it before.

    LuckyDino is almost as strict as the 888 Casino when it comes to VPN usage, so try to avoid it by all means when you’re playing on this site.

    The LuckyDino No Deposit Bonus – What Makes it so Good?

    You might be wondering why we’ve included an offer of 7 free spins in a list of no deposit bonuses that will make you smile. The reason is rather simple – the conditions needed to obtain the free spins are rather easy, and the promotion also serves as a great way to introduce you to the many other rewards that the site has to offer.

    You may use the bonus money made from the LuckyDino no deposit bonus free spins in other games on the site, and you can rest assured that there are many options for you to choose from. Just be sure to fully appreciate what the site has to offer and claim as many rewards as possible with the money that you’re given!

    Get LuckyDino Bonus


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    Lucky Dino is a slot game website that has grown exponentially in the last couple of years. They started to operate half a decade ago in 2014, and they have been entertaining people all around the world ever since they started. Lucky Dino offers many payment options and bonus spins in certain selected games which every user will be able to claim and use as they please.

    Play at Lucky Dino Casino

    Apart from their great customer service, Lucky Dino offers some of the best no deposit spin bonuses in the online casino industry. You have a selection of 5 different games to choose where you want to spend your bonus spins. As if that wasn’t enough, you’re entitled to at least 7 bonus spins as soon as you register in the website – no deposit needed!

    LuckyDino slots

    What are Free Spins?

    Whenever you log into an online casino, you’ll find that there are different types of games. Some of these games are what you call spin games or slot games, where you flip a lever and wait for the results to tell you if you won.

    You’ll be spending money to spin the lever – some games on Lucky Dino come with cheap spin fees, while others have higher fees. In most cases, you’ll be able to choose whichever amount of money you’d like to wager.

    Lucky Dino is one of the few websites that offers 100% free spins with no deposit needed. The amount of free spins that they offer varies with time, and Lucky Dino reserves the right to change their bonuses as they see fit, but the general consensus is that you should get at least 7 free spins at any given time.

    How to Earn 7 Free Spins in Lucky Dino

    Now that you know what is it that the website is offering, you’ll want to know the requirements you’ll need to fulfill before obtaining their free spins. We’ve compiled a list of simple steps that you need to follow in order to comply with their rules – stick to our instructions and you’ll soon play free slots and earn real money.

    • Register on the Lucky Dino Website. Simply visit luckydino.com and fill all the required information. You don’t need to register a credit card in order to create an account, so don’t worry about that during the registration process.
    • Your brand-new account is automatically entitled to various free spins in different games! Your profile on the website tells you which games you’ll be able to play. There’s a tab called “My Account” in which you can check out every bonus that your profile has available.
    • Access any of the games covered by the promotion. It should show how many free spins you’ve got left – simply use them as you see fit and let the cash roll in.
    Play at Lucky Dino Casino

    Lucky Dino Free Spin Bonus Terms & Conditions

    Regardless of how good Lucky Dino’s promotion is, the website still subjects its free spins to certain terms and conditions. They’re very lenient with what they request (far more lenient than other online casinos), but you should still know what you’ll be dealing with whenever you access Lucky Dino for the first time. Here are the main free spin conditions.

    • Each free spin casino bonus offered by Lucky Dinos is subjected to a certain amount of wagering. For example, some of their bonuses require you to wager at least 50 times the amount of the granted bonus before you’re able to cash it out.Until then, the money will be fully tied to any amount that you may have deposited into your account. If you withdraw funds from your account before the conditions are met, you’ll lose all bonuses with no previous warnings.
    • Your free spin bonus is also subjected to a maximum earned amount. If you manage to obtain more than €500 with your free spin bonuses, you won’t be able to cash out more than said amount.
    • You cannot use different proxy servers to get the same free spin bonuses repeatedly – doing so is a violation of the terms & conditions, you could get in legal trouble for doing so.
    • The bonuses are valid for up to one week after receiving them. The free spin bonuses may be completely removed from your account if you fail to use them within 7 days after your account is accredited with them.

    Additional Lucky Dino Bonuses

    Every user is entitled to receive free bonus spins according to Lucky Dino’s policies. Regardless, there are other additional bonuses that the site offers which you could benefit from without spending a single euro.

    • Lucky Dino offers users a first deposit (and one time only) bonus of 100% additional credits of whichever amount they deposit on the website.This bonus is usually limited to €200 (which means that you can end up with no more than €400 with your first deposit) and thus it would make sense to deposit an amount equal or lesser than €200 to start off your online casino life. You’ll also get an additional 50 free spins with your purchase. Keep in mind that these amounts may vary with time.
    • Lucky Dino also offers a second deposit bonus worth 50% of whichever amount you choose to put into the side, as well as another 50 free spins to go with it.

    Read our full Lucky Dino Casino Review here.

    Play at Lucky Dino Casino


    You’d be able to discover the newest casinos available online. They are top ranked because of their abundant game selection, bonuses, promotions, security, and others of the kind. Our team is updating the new casinos constantly so that we can… read more

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    What are the common details and information required so I can sign up and create an account with Lucky Dino Casino?

    Lucky Dino Casino is open to all players who are at least 18 years of age, and is not a resident of one of the few restricted countries. To create an account with this website, the interested player should submit the name, e-mail address, user name and password and date of birth. Once all the details have been provided, a confirmation will be sent using the phone number provided.

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    What are the common payment options that are hosted at Lucky Dino Casino, and what is the typical processing time and fees for a withdrawal request?

    Compared to deposit options, the number of payment options is limited, but all options included are considered PCI-compliant and protects all the transactions and the financial details of the customers. Here, players can facilitate withdrawals through VISA, Skrill, Neteller, instant banking and Moneta. For VISA, customers can count on a processing time from 1 to 5 days, with a 3-percent charge, free on the first withdrawal. The same processing times and fees can be expected if instant banking is used. Players are advised to check out the section on Payments to learn more about the terms for each payment option.

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    What kind of welcome bonus offers are available at the Lucky Dino Casino for new members?

    If you are a new member of this site, you will be rewarded with great offers and perks, including an automatic 7 free spins. Also, players can count on a 100-percent deposit bonus, up to €200. This offer can definitely increase the new player’s bankroll, allowing him to explore more games, with less worries.

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    What kinds of games are available at Lucky Dino Casino?

    Lucky Dino Casino is primarily known for its long list of casino slots, as offered by top suppliers in the industry like Williams, Netent and Microgaming. On top of the usual slot offerings, customers of this casino can also explore the table games, video poker games and even special games. There are 4 video poker titles to choose from, and customers can also try out exciting table games like Blackjack, Baccarat Pro, Casino Hold’em, Oasis Poker Pro and Pontoon.

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    How can I contact the Support Team of Lucky Dino Casino in case of technical issues or concerns with the games and payouts?

    Customers can count on a variety of ways to contact the team and its management. Its primary contact detail is through the use of a Chat Room, where players can leave their comments and questions, and a representative can provide the answers.

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