• The world of online gambling is enriched by platforms that care for the safety and entertainment of their users, and that’s exactly what Slots Magic brings to the table. This popular online gambling site is known for the high quality of its awesome slot games. In fact, the Slots Magic casino is one of the best places on the internet for you if you’re looking to play instant win games.

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    The site has been around for quite a while already, and their repertoire of slots and progressive jackpot games keeps growing by the day. Being provided by developers such as NetEnt, the quality of what the site has to offer is nothing short is unquestionable. However, it’s still only natural to wonder what’s so good about the Slots Magic casino if you haven’t’ visited it before.

    The answer is rather simple – their bonus promotions. They offer some of the best casino bonus codes that you’ll find, with highly lucrative rewards in return for your commitment and investment.

    Slots Magic Welcome Bonus 100% up to €100 Plus 50 Free Spins

    This promotion is arguably the most claimed bonus of the site. It encourages every new player to commit a small sum of cash to the casino and get very lucratively rewarded as a consequence of their investment. In fact, the Slots Magic match deposit bonus is one of those welcome bonuses that will get you going rather quickly with a significant sum of bonus cash to invest on the site.

    Your deposit will not only be matched by 100% for up to €100, but your account will also receive 50 free spins that can be spent in the best online casino slots that the site has to offer. You may also use the bonus cash that you’re given to play all slots available on the Slots Magic website, bar a couple of exceptions that we’ll be listing further down this article.

    The Slots Magic casino shows that every player who wants to earn some free cash can do so by visiting their site and creating an account for the first time. All you need to do is make a small deposit and receive a bonus amount that equals it. Your deposit doesn’t even need to exceed Є20 if you don’t want to – you get to choose how much of this bonus you wish to claim.

    You’ll need to enter the bonus code MAGIC order to receive this promotion. Keep in mind that you must enter it in all caps, and when prompted to do so in the bonus code section of the website. You should receive all of your bonus free spins almost instantly, and your match deposit bonus will be rewarded as soon as the money is accepted by the bank and casino.

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    Using the Free Spins

    The free spins that come with the Slots Magic bonus offer can be used in the awesome Book of Dead game, which is one of those slot games that players from all around the world love. This game is offered by many casinos as part of welcome promotions, but you’ll hardly find a website that willingly lets you spend over 20 free spins on this game considering how lucrative it is.

    Book of Dead Slot Game

    Having great money-making potential is just one of the many perks of the Book of Dead game, though. The slot is often rewarded as stunning in terms of graphics and gameplay, delivering a level of immersion and fun that not many other slots tend to bring. The developer of the game knows this, and that’s why it offers Book of Dead in so many online casinos around the world.

    Keep in mind, however, that the bonus free spins are restricted to a set of rules and guidelines that you need to meet in order to claim the cash generated by using them.

    Bonus Rules

    This Slots Magic bonus is subjected to a wagering requirement of 60 times the amount of bonus cash received. As such, if you happen to make a deposit of €100 and receive an extra €100 as a reward, your account balance total would be sitting at €200. However, you’d only need to wager the €100 bonus a total of 60 times before claiming the rewards.

    The free spins obtained with this promotion are subjected to a similar requirement, as you’ll need to wager 60 times the bonus money generated by using the free spins. Each free spin is worth €0.10, and after you finish playing with all of them, the bonus cash won’t be able to be withdrawn from your account until you fulfill the wagering requirements.

    You may only play with the free spins on the Book of Dead game, but the free money can be more easily spent in other games available on the site. However, keep in mind that some of the games available on the Slots Magic casino have different stake weights than others, which could make it more difficult for you to comply with the wagering requirements of the bonus.


    The Slots Magic casino offers this bonus code promotion as a one-time offer. You may not create various accounts to claim the offer more than once, as this would be deemed as bonus abuse. You can, however, claim other casino promotions once this bonus is fully spent. It’s not okay to use VPNs to register multiple times on the site and you can get banned for doing so.

    Furthermore, you may not claim other deposit promotions until after the bonus money has been fully spent from your account. The free spins act as a separate reward, but the money itself must be spent before claiming any other of the Slots Magic promotions.

    Free Spins for a Year Plus 100% Match Deposit Bonus (up to €100)

    This particularly unique promotion lets you claim a year of free spins by entering the code Y520 to your account. It’s one of those promotions that you rarely see online, and when you do see it, it’s entirely necessary to go and claim it. You’ll get a 100% match deposit bonus, which on its own is already good, but you’ll also get 50 instant free spins plus 520 free spins over the course of a year.

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    The caveat of this promotion is that the Slots Magic Casino requires you to make a deposit of at least €50 in order to claim it, but you’ll be ensuring that you’ll play the best slot games for over a year. This promotion is far less restrictive in terms of free spin usage than any other bonus code promotion that you can find on the Slots Magic website – you’ll be able to enjoy any slot game available on the site.

    slots magic casino games

    This promotion, however, is not meant to be used on other casino games. The main objective of the slots Magic casino is to get you to play the slot games available on the site, so any other type of game should be avoided to be played with the bonus cash, the bonus free spins, or the bonus money generated by using the spins themselves.

    Your account will be credited with 10 free spins each week for 52 weeks, putting your total free spin rewards on 520 after a year. You’ll need to spend these free spins soon, however, so you cannot hoard them and spend the 520 after the year of rewards goes by.

    Bonus Rules

    Considering how unique this promotion is, it’s only natural that it has a particular set of rules that even set it apart from other Slots Magic bonuses. For example, there are limitations as to how you get to spend those free spins. As soon as you make your deposit, your account will be granted 50 free spins plus up to €100 in match deposit bonus balance.

    However, the free spins that you receive as part of the yearly offer must only be spent after the original 50 free spins are done. As such, you must spend those spins as quickly as possible – each time you receive 10 free spins, you only have one week to use them before they expire.

    Always keep in mind that the yearly free spins must be spent during the following week after you receive them. You may not stack them to spend them together. Furthermore, the wagering requirements of this offer are x60 the amount of money that you earn from each batch of spins.

    Each free spin is worth €0.10, and you may only earn up to €100 per batch of free spins given to you during each week. If you’re very lucky, you may earn up to €5200 in free spin rewards by just making an initial deposit of €50 – that’s one of the best and most lucrative return rates that any online casino promotion offers, so be sure to claim it you’re a fan of slots!

    Get Your Slots Magic Bonuses Now

    This promotion honors the name of the casino and all bonus free spins should be spent in the site’s most popular online slots.


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    Free spins are the best friend of any lover of slot games. With free spins, you’re not only going to win money for free, but you’ll also get to try some of the best games that casino websites have to offer without having to pay any actual money to play them. As such, these bonuses are often tied to certain restrictions, but they almost always end up being worth the hassle.

    Play at Slots Magic Casino

    You need to know how and when to use free spin bonuses correctly, especially if you’re going to take advantage of the Slots Magic Casino bonus of free spins for a year. Not many casinos offer such a generous bonus, so it’s only natural that you may feel some distrust towards it at first.

    In this article, we’ll be helping you determine whether this bonus is worth it or not, so you can make an informed decision to use it or not.

    That Sounds Good, But What Are Free Spins?

    Free spins are a type of bonus that casinos give to get new players into their site or to reward loyal players for the time they’ve spent on the online casino. As such, these free spins tend to be easy to get when you first sign up to a new online casino, but then they become much harder to get a hold of as time goes by.

    Free spins can be awarded through a wide array of ways, but they’re often used as sign up bonuses for any online casino. Slot casinos, such as the Slots Magic Casino, offer free spin bonuses to let new players try their games and see how the site manages their transactions and earnings without having to spend a dime on the site.

    In some cases, however, you might need to make a first deposit before being entitled to the bonus. After the first deposit, the casino will happily grant you free spins in some of their games and, in most cases, they will also grant you bonus money depending on how much cash you deposited at first.

    The Best Way to Get Free Spins

    As you might imagine, many players from all over the world look for free spin bonuses to kickstart their online casino careers. The best thing you can do to start earning money in an online casino is getting one of these bonuses at first, try how certain games work, and then deposit your own money into the site if you think that the games are worth it.

    To get free spins, such as those offered in Slots Magic Casino, you’ll have to register on any given casino site. We’ll be using Slots Magic as our example, as this is what the article is about. Once you register into the site, you will get 50 bonus free spins after the first major deposit that you make (a deposit of over €50, that is).

    However, and although this is what Slots Magic is offering, other casinos also give you the chance to try some games for free without even having to deposit money. What makes this offer so attractive is the fact that you get over 500 spins that will surely last you more than a year, without having to spend a dime of the deposited currency of your choosing.

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    What To Look Out For in Any Casino Bonus

    Sure, getting free spins from any casino sounds like an amazing offer. Truth to be told, most of the time they are. The problem is that they come attached with certain restrictions that are often difficult to meet without a bit of luck. Slots Magic has some conditions in place for their free bonus spins, and we’ll go through them later in the article.

    Even if you choose not to select the bonus that Slots Magic offers, you’ll still want to look out for these conditions in any casino site that you visit. Most of the time, when it comes to free spins, you’ll be told that you must wager the amount of money that you earn with your free spins at least 40 to 70 times.

    To put things in a more comprehensive and graphic manner, imagine that you make $2000 with a given free spin bonus. You might have to wager that amount 60 times before being entitled to withdraw your earnings. This means that you might end up with a ton of money, but you could easily lose out on your earnings if you’re unlucky.

    The Slots Magic Offer – Free Spins For a Year

    Slots Magic is giving away a whole year of free spins in certain slot games to users that register on their site and use a bonus code after your first deposit of €50 or more. The bonus is restricted to certain terms and conditions that we’ll discuss below, as well as it’s accompanied by a series of different bonus perks that you’ll get as soon as you put in the code.

    How Does the Slots Magic Free Spin Bonus Work?

    As soon as you enter the aforementioned code, you will receive 50 free spins that you can use as soon as you enter it. You don’t have to wait at all – you can get straight into the action as soon as you make your first deposit. However, the rest of the free spins will be distributed throughout the entire year, counting from the moment you register and onwards.

    There’s also a special bonus in place along the free spins that you’ll earn: the casino is willing to match up to €100 worth of the money you deposit as a bonus – this means that, if you deposit €40, the casino will reward you with an additional €40 to take your wallet’s tally up to €80.

    You will then start receiving special free spin bonuses each Thursday or Friday, which you will be able to use just once, and they must be consumed 24 hours after receiving them. You will lose the weekly spins unless you use them as soon as you get them. However, every week you’ll be given 10 free spins as part of the bonus, which ends up amounting to 520 free spins at the end of the year.

    Play at Slots Magic Casino

    Slots Magic Casino Free Spin Bonus Wagering Requirements

    The bonus sounds incredibly good, but surely you must be wondering how many times you’ll have to wager the earnings of your bonus after winning big on your free spins, right? That’s actually one of the best benefits of the Slots Magic Bonus – you won’t have to wager a single dime of your earnings before being able to withdraw them.

    However, there is a €100 limit in place. You’ll only be able to withdraw €100 even if you win €400 with your free spin bonus. Considering you started the bonus by just depositing €50, you can potentially win double the amount of money every week for over a year if you’re lucky enough!

    Not many casinos offer such an appealing reward without having a ton of strings attached, so this Slots Magic free spin bonus offer is one of the best that we’ve come across, as well as one of the best free spin offers in the online casino community.

    General Slots Magic Casino Requirements – Some Terms & Conditions to Keep in Mind

    Even though the free spins themselves have no waging requirement, there are still other terms and conditions that apply for every Slots Magic bonus which should be understood before committing to the site. Failure to comply with one or more of these terms might mean you will forfeit any bonus earnings automatically, with no exceptions or ability to complain.

    We’ve made a list comprising all the most important things you should consider before applying for the Slots Magic year-round free spin bonus. Take all of these points into consideration and closely read their terms of service before moving on to your registration.

    Forfeiting a Bonus

    If you’re not content with some of the terms and conditions attached to your free spin bonus (or any other Slots Magic bonus, for that matter), you are free to contact their customer support department. Then, you can ask them to remove certain bonuses from your account or simply keep you away from receiving other promotions.

    The same goes for users that can’t see the bonus after the site supposedly awarded it to them. Contact their customer support department before placing any bets and they will reward you appropriately. Placing a bet before doing so could mean that your bonus won’t be rewarded whatsoever.

    Slots Magic Deposit Bonus

    Keep in mind that the free spin one-year bonus is only able to be claimed by users that have previously made a deposit on the site. If you’ve never deposited money into the website, you won’t be entitled to claim any bonuses whatsoever. Do not attempt to contact the casino to make an exception on this rule.

    Multiple Accounts Penalty

    Slots Magic will heavily penalize users that attempt to open more than one account to claim any given bonus more than once. If you create a new profile with a different name, or if you use a VPN to bypass their security, Slots Magic will almost assuredly remove the rewards and close your account automatically.

    Slots Magic Promotions & Bonuses

    The Slots Magic Casino usually send emails notifying users of new promotions, offers, and other sorts of relevant information. However, users may opt out of receiving these emails at any given time by contacting the website’s customer support directly You can even cancel your free spin bonus after you’ve received it if, by any reason, you don’t feel comfortable with it.

    The site could also cancel the bonus at any given time, although this has rarely happened and it’s not likely that it will happen to you – unless the casino goes bankrupt, of course.

    Play at Slots Magic Casino

    Slots Magic Free Spin Bonus – Should You Take It?

    Even though the bonus sounds very promising, you might still be wondering if it’s worth taking it. Sometimes casinos hide other bonus terms and conditions that make users keep the money deposited on the website until the bonus ends. This could be highly inconvenient because of the length of the Slots Magic free spin bonus, for example.

    We do encourage our readers to take advantage of this bonus, solely because you won’t have to wager our free spin earnings anywhere. The limitation and downside are that you won’t be able to withdraw over €100 of free spin earnings per week, but we recommend seeing it as an opportunity to make a potential free €100 by simply playing with money you don’t even own.

    We only recommend not taking this offer if you reside in one of their countries listed as not eligible for the offer (like Israel, Poland, or Ukraine).

    Information About Slots Magic – One of the Best Slot Sites on the Internet

    Slots Magic is an online slots casino founded back in 2014. They have games developed by some of the most popular casino game makers in the world, including NetEnt and NextGen. The main goal of this casino is to support online gamblers from all around the world, and this is reflected in the fact that they have over 10 currencies available for users to deposit and withdraw funds.

    The Slots Magic casino is registered in Malta, and it complies with every rule imposed by the local gambling authorities of the country.

    However, the casino doesn’t limit access from any country. You can play slot games in SlotsMagic.com almost anywhere in the world. Their bonuses are limited and have some territorial restrictions, mainly due to local laws of certain countries. As an even greater sign of globalization, the site is also available in more than 20 languages. It’s friendly for adults from anywhere in the globe.

    What Type of Games Do They Offer?

    Every game available in Slots Magic is related to the world of slots. Fans of slot games usually already know the site given the vast majority of options available. If you’re new to the slot world, SlotsMagic.com is a good place to start your wagering life.

    Most of the games are also offered in a mobile version, increasing accessibility to users even when they aren’t in the comfort of their homes. We’ve made a list of every type of game offered in the casino – all of the types of games that we mention here are represented in over 1000 different games to choose from, so select your favorite type to browse once you log in to the site.

    Classic Slots

    These types of games are the oldest and most commonly known type of slots. Free spin bonuses started when this type of game gained popularity. Classic slots work with a mechanism called RNG (otherwise known as ‘random number generator’), which creates a certain pattern of numbers whenever you click. These numbers determine the icons that will show on your screen.

    Some of the games offered on Slots Magic resemble the oldest of casino games, which many users like to reminisce on. Fans of older casino classics will surely enjoy the classic section of this slot casino.

    High Roller Slots

    High Roller slots are a special type of slot game that requires a higher amount of money to play, in contrary to the wallet-friendly penny slot games that made slot games so popular in the past. However high roller games have a higher threshold of payment, and they also offer more constant rewards than their cheap counterparts (mainly because you’re betting more money when playing them).

    Jackpot Slots

    Jackpot slots, also known as progressive jackpot slots, are games where the jackpot increases the longer you play. This means that the longer you stay in the same game, the higher your chances of a better reward become. Progressive jackpot games always increase their value by following a similar pattern, but once the jackpot is won, all the money is given to the winner and the count resets.

    Other Features of the Slots Magic Casino

    The Slots Magic casino, although registered in Malta, has a United Kingdom Gambling license. The whole site is designed to support users from all over Europe and the world, and the design is friendly to every type of mobile phone (you don’t need an expensive iPhone or Android device to play them).

    The casino is also supported by one of the biggest gambling communities on the planet, and their games are developed by the best game makers in the casino industry.

    Our Final Verdict on the Slots Casino Magic One Year Free Spin Bonus

    Lovers of slot games that haven’t registered yet on the Slots Magic casino should have their eyes all over this offer. Not many casinos are willing to take such a huge hit to compensate new users, and your chances to win big with this bonus are just too many to ignore them. Be sure to comply with all of the website’s policies and apply for this bonus as soon as you can before it gets removed.

    Read our full Slots Magic Casino Review here.

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    On what platform can I play SlotsMagic Casino?

    With a highly secured and protected website, players can count on a stress-free experience when exploring the games. Right now, the games are available in multiple platforms and these can be enjoyed anytime. Once you sign up for membership on this website, players can count on games playable on desktop, smartphones and tablets.

    Play at Slots Magic Casino

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    What kinds of games can I play and explore at SlotsMagic Casino?

    The name may be inspired by slot games, but there are many things to like and love at SlotsMagic. This is the casino that you need to check out if you are looking for table games, jackpot games and even a live casino platform. There are at least 16 table game titles that can be chosen and played on this casino platform. Popular games which can be explored on this site are Progressive Blackjack, Craps, European Roulette, European Roulette Pro and Let Them Ride. There are jackpot games that are available too, like Mega Fortune, Cosmic Fortune, Mega Moolah, Top Cat and Major Millions. There is a live casino platform too, and the games are hosted by Evolution Gaming.

    Play at Slots Magic Casino

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    Aside from the bonuses, does SlotsMagic Casino offer a VIP Club or other special perks and promotions?

    Frequent players and high rollers of this website can count on a VIP Club, packed with different perks that can easily transform a casino experience. Players who become members of the program can count on free bonuses when they move from one level to the next, free access to a professional and dedicated personal VIP Account Manager, invitations to exclusive events and promotions and other special offers. The VIP section features 6 tiers, from Bronze and Red Diamond. Players can count on specialized perks and offers, depending on the tier. To help members of the VIP Club, this site maintains a separate resource page where players and members can read about certain rules and guidelines regarding the promotion.

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    What kinds of offers and promotions are regularly given at SlotsMagic?

    There is a generous welcome package that is given to new players who will sign up for an account. New members will be treated to 100-percent welcome offer, up to EUR 100 which includes free spins. Aside from this exciting offer, players and new account holders of this casino can count on reload bonuses, free spins, exclusive promotions and even tournaments. SlotsMagic regularly host tournaments, and it is advised that players should check out the page for announcements on the next schedules of the competitions

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    Can I count on faster processing of withdrawals at SlotsMagic Casino?

    Compared to other online casinos that are popular right now, SlotsMagic is definitely ahead of the pack thanks to faster withdrawals. The online casino operator is proud to announce that it is currently offering ‘Lightning Withdrawals’, which means that you can get your money within 24 hours. Keep in mind that withdrawals may be subject to certain verification procedures, and a member will have to submit certain documents including a utility bill, a photocopy of credit card, proof of ID and account number and e-mail associated with an e-wallet.

    Play at Slots Magic Casino

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