32Red (No) Deposit Bonuses


Arguably one of the best casinos in Britain, the 32Red website has gained a lot of popularity and plaudits in recent years. This massive casino has proven to have some of the absolute best casino bonuses on the planet, all of which can be sued in some of the site’s finest games.


With an amazing sportsbook and some of the newest games on the industry always being released to the site, 32Red is an online casino to behold if you’re after innovation and entertainment.

As if that wasn’t enough, the site is also home to exclusive online slots, courtesy of some of the best developers on the planet. With as many games and features as some of the world’s best online casinos, you can rest assured that your time -and money- will be well spent at the virtual halls of 32Red.

If you’ve never heard of this casino before, then you’re in for a treat; if you have, get ready to refresh your memory with our complete guide to 32Red and the fantastic bonuses that it has managed to compile for us and yourself.


1. Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

Start your journey at the 32Red Casino with a welcome bonus worth up to €150 by simply making a deposit of €100. This fantastic 150% match deposit bonus is just the first of many promotions that 32Red made available for you!

2. No Deposit Bonus – ACTIVE

Enjoy a wide selection of online slots without spending any of your money with the €10 no deposit bonus that you’ll get as soon as you create your new 32Red account!

3. Ruby Tuesday – ACTIVE

Every Tuesday, the 32Red Casino gives you the chance to claim extra rubies (also known as the loyalty points of the casino) if you play one of a handful of selected games. Choose whichever one you like the most and start claiming those rewards now!

4. Special Custom Rewards – ACTIVE

Depending on the games that you prefer, as well as the number of rewards that you’ve already claimed and enjoyed, the 32Red Casino has some custom-made promotions that will suit your past activity in the casino. You’ll be able to claim them every week, too!


The 32Red Casino comes packed with a ton of fantastic bonuses,  but the overall experience in this casino is extremely enriching (and we say that in a figurative way, but we’re sure that you can take it literally as well). From the welcome bonus that you get on this site to the games you can play with it, 32Red is a website that pleases both newcomers and veterans alike.

This is one of those online casinos that we can happily recommend to all of our readers. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time playing online casino games, the 32Red experience is going to serve as the perfect introduction.

Even if you’ve played at online casinos for the better part of your adult life, the bonuses and promotions of this website are going to make you feel like a new person. There are just too many things to do at this online casino and many bonuses that even the most veteran of players will be eager to claim. Don’t miss out on them.

Are 32Red Bonuses Fair?

The bonuses at the 32Red Casino are fair and provide players with the chance to walk away with a good chunk of money after fulfilling their requirements, but we would’ve liked to see more lenient terms coming from such a popular online casino. You need to wager your money 50 times before you can withdraw it from the site, which can be difficult to do without losing it all.

However, with the first deposit bonus matching a ton of your cash and giving you a very good sum of money in return, chances are that you can actually make a killing in rewards and even walk away with much more money than what you can originally get with this promotion. It’s all down to some luck, but the chances are there for you to claim the money and win a lot of rewards with it.

Keep in mind that the 32Red Casino is also very strict when it comes to providing players with bonuses. Using multiple accounts to claim the bonus more than once is strictly prohibited here and you can get in trouble if you manage to withdraw cash from a welcome bonus more than once.


This online casino is home to some of our favorite casino bonuses in the world. With that said, however, we have to tell you that 32Red mainly revolves around the concept of rewarding high rollers (also known as VIP members) with a ton of cash and exclusive offers.

The 32Red promotions are amazing and varied, but the offers that you can get from this casino, should you be invited to the Club Rouge, are the best that we have ever reviewed. From invitations to special events in Britain to exclusive dinners in some of the world’s best restaurants, the 32Red Casino is home to them all.

However, we don’t want you to get carried away or disappointed at the rest of the promotions. That’s why we’re going to tell you just why we think that the 32Red Casino bonuses are extremely good – even though they don’t promise the same level of rewards that you can get if you become a VIP member of this website.

Welcome Bonus and Deposits

The site has a large welcome bonus which comes in the form of a match deposit reward. The bonus cash that you get from this offer, as well as all of the bonus money that you generate using it, must be spent within 7 days of receiving it unless otherwise stated by the casino.

That means that you don’t have too much time to enjoy the promotion, but be quick to play with it and you can walk away with the cash – it’s fully withdrawable!

This welcome bonus has been active ever since we joined this online casino a few years ago, and we don’t expect the promotion to run out any time soon. However, the terms and conditions of the offer have changed in the past. Be sure to read them and verify them to completely understand that you will be able to withdraw the money after fulfilling its conditions.

Special Red Rewards

The Special Red Rewards are special offers that can be claimed by any player that has been active on this online casino for a while. They are basically custom-made offers that allow you to cash out special rewards and claim unique bonuses as your time on the casino goes by.

One of the main reasons why we love this offer so much is because you don’t really need to spend the bonuses within a given timeframe. In fact, part of the magic of the Red Rewards is that you can use the money and the bonuses whenever you want. If you’ve been busy and you don’t have the time to claim the offer and spend it, then just spend the bonus cash whenever you feel comfortable.

Red Rewards are unique bonuses only awarded in the 32Red Casino, and it’s a promotion that not many casinos run (or anything like it, really). Be sure to take full advantage of it if you’re planning on spending your time at the virtual halls of 32Red.

Exclusive Casino Rewards (Red Rubies)

The Red Rubies are loyalty points, which means that they technically form part of the Loyalty Program of the casino. However, the 32Red website also does something different that makes us love the points even more. On this site, you will be able to claim even more points on selected days of the week, depending on which day the promotion is running.

For example, upon writing this article, the 32Red rubies were being given away every Tuesday. The only condition for you is to play the designed online slot (which changes every week) and you’ll be able to collect a ton of points to spend them wherever you want.

The offer allows you to get double loyalty points on certain games every week. With this promotion being constant, players are able to collect many more loyalty points and trade them to get some of the finest rewards being offered by the 32Red Casino staff.

Bonuses are aplenty, and they’re always better to claim when you have access to special points that allow you to get them for free!

Leaderboard Promotions

To top off the massive selection of promotions available at the 32Red Casino, you need to check out the tournaments that are always ongoing on this website. You will be able to compete against countless other players as you aim to obtain the ultimate prize that all of these fantastic bonuses promise.

Will you be able to claim rewards worth thousands of euros in your first try, or will you need to become an active participant of the 32Red Casino bonuses in order to claim the best rewards available? Find out and try your luck as you aim to get the best out of all of the other players that participate in this fantastic online casino!


There’s just something about the French language that makes things sound much fancier, and the 32Red VIP Club is a clear statement to it. The Club Rouge is a fantastic promotion made for players who are looking to get duly rewarded for the time they spend at the 32Red Casino.

How do you join the Club Rouge, you ask? Let us tell you, it isn’t easy. This massive online casino has thousands upon thousands of members, which means that the window of exclusivity of such a community is very thin. Getting in is definitely difficult, but extremely rewarding if you manage to do it (both figuratively and literally).

The Club Rouge will give you access to special rewards that don’t only stay inside the digital walls of the casino. As a member of this Club, you will be able to claim rewards in real life as well as within the site itself. You will be able collect VIP points much more quickly, whilst also having access to real-life events that could change your perception of the world.

Some of the events at which you can be invited, should you become a member of the Club Rouge, are:

  • Premier League Games
  • World Title matches for sports like boxing
  • VIP trips with all paid expenses to sporting events
  • Paid dinners at some of the world’s most expensive restaurants
  • And much more!

Seeing the number of things that you can get to enjoy while being a member of this casino is probably making your mouth water, but don’t despair – it is possible for you to join this online casino now and start claiming the amazing set of rewards that await at the Club Rouge.

Start spending big at 32Red and show the staff of the casino why you’re not like most gamblers. High rollers at 32Red will have access to some of the world’s best rewards – and you can only get in this club with a special invitation given to you by the casino staff. Show them what you’ve got!