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Discover the best Belgium casinos in 2023 with our full list of Belgium casinos. All of these sites come with the best bonuses, rewards, and prizes that you can claim in Belgium, alongside a plethora of world-class games that stand out as the best you can enjoy this year. Don’t wait any longer and claim your welcome bonus in the best Belgium casinos!

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Online Casinos Belgium – How Online Gambling Works

Belgium is a country with one of the world’s oldest gambling traditions. The country has been known to be the home of gambling and chance games since the early Middle Ages, which means that the practice of spending cash without knowing the outcome has been ingrained into the society of the country for the better part of the last millennia.

As such, gambling is a very popular practice amongst the Belgium population, and limiting it has never been one of the country’s priorities.

In fact, given how much cultural heritage Belgium has, the country thrives under gambling laws that allow many online as well as local casinos to work well within the country’s borders.

You will come across a large variety of real money casinos in Belgium, as well as plenty of bitcoin Belgian casinos, as the options are just too many for you to try them all out.

We know that it’s a struggle to find the best online casino for you, but before we help you decide which is the best online casino Belgium has to offer, you might want to learn a bit more about Belgium’s cultural gambling heritage.

Gambling the EU and Belgium’s Role

The European Union is a world hub to some of the most powerful countries on Earth, as well as an economic model of free trade and a marketplace where competition is often fierce and high sums of cash are made by countries and enterprises alike. The HQ of the European Union is in Belgium, and as a host, the country needs to respect and represent the Union even better than the rest of its participants.

This can be troublesome at times, because there are certain economic activities that have always been regulated in Belgium and free trade as well as an open marketplace can be quite difficult to achieve.

One of these activities is gambling. Belgium has always been known as a country where laws are in place to protect those who are in need or vulnerable, and even though gambling is rather free in the country, there are still rules that need to be put in place to protect people from getting scammed or in danger.

These rules have always been historically fair, but being the host of the EU also means that the rules must please every country that is a member of the union.

This has made Belgium even more lenient when it comes to gambling laws, and especially online gambling laws. The country is one of the best places on Earth where you can wager online thanks to the lenient rules that regulate online casinos.

With that said, it’s still not common to see online casinos being hosted within Belgium or having servers in the country. It’s far more common for Belgian players to visit the online casinos that are hosted abroad and play them freely on the country. As such, the best online casinos in Belgium are also the best online casinos in the world.

The 2011 Belgium Gambling Act

In 2011, Belgium passed a resolution which made all forms of online gambling completely legal. One of the main laws that have been enacted to protect consumers is that every single online casino that operates in the country must have a physical address, and not only a website.

That means that online casinos that don’t have a physical or land-based location are blacklisted from giving their services to Belgians.

However, there have been cases in which online casinos without a physical location have partnered with other land-based casinos that already operate within Belgium to form one giant entity, and that has allowed new sites to thrive and enter the Belgium market.

This law, even though it can be circumvented, also creates an environment in which an online casino will always need to be given a license by the government if they wish to operate legally in the country. In any case, the best online casinos in Belgium are not often subjected to these laws because they aren’t directly hosted in the country.

Online casinos that are hosted abroad are free to offer their services to Belgians even if they don’t hold a physical address, as these rules are only applicable to local online casinos. If you happen to come across an online site that is licensed by the Belgian government, then you can rest assured that that online casino has a physical location that you can visit.

However, you should be aware that some online casinos that are blacklisted from participating in Belgium can get you in trouble if you play on them. You could be subjected to fines that go up to €25,000, so be careful with where you play! Let’s take a closer look at Belgium’s casino blacklist.

The Infamous Belgian Blacklist

Even though online gambling is legal in Belgium, there have been many issues that have gone on with international bookmakers that still form part of the EU and that feels that Belgium is not treating them fairly. The Belgian Gambling Commission has a blacklist of online casinos that don’t hold operative rights within Belgium, and any of these casinos that offer their services in the country can get in a lot of legal trouble.

The blacklist has been around since 2012, one year after Belgium enacted its gambling act to permit online casino operators to operate in the country legally.

However, the list has been a source of controversy like no other, with some of the world’s biggest online casinos and some of the best online casinos in Belgium having been blacklisted due to not complying with one or two rules.

There have been cases where some online gamblers from Belgium have gotten in a lot of trouble because of their participation in some of these online casinos as well.

The EU has intervened to resolve some of these issues, and even though they aren’t as big as they were a couple of years ago, the Belgium casino blacklist still exists to this day.

Keep in mind that this blacklist is solely made to protecting the players from getting scammed, and in general terms, it’s seen as a successful business model that allows players from all over the country to participate in the world’s best online casinos without having to fear for the safety of their money.

Online Casinos in Belgium and Their Features

Given how awesome online casinos in Belgium are, you care right to expect them to have the best online casino features on the planet. Gambling is pretty free in Belgium, after all, so online casinos are free to operate to the fullest of their extent as long as they respect the local laws of the country and their government.

We would like to remind you, once again, that some players from Belgium have gotten in trouble for checking out online casinos that are blacklisted by the Belgian GC.

We recommend you check out the blacklist if you don’t want to get in trouble, or simply stick to playing in any of the online casinos that your friends at The Casino Wizard have ranked for your convenience.

Keep in mind that most of the online casinos that we’ve listed here are all offering payments in euros, which means that it’s as convenient as it gets. All you must do is visit any of these casinos and claim your favorite promotions, fulfill their wagering requirements, and pile up the cash in your account!

Casino Bonuses Belgium

The best online casino bonuses in Belgium are given away in a large variety of ways. The country doesn’t limit which online casino bonuses can be claimed, which means that casinos are free to offer whatever type of bonus they want without having to comply with any local rules.

However, online casinos that offer unfair wagering requirements as part of any of their bonuses and promotions are prone to get blacklisted by the Belgian GC. In fact, unfair bonuses and offers tend to be a detrimental point whenever an online casino is being judged by its fairness, and many of the world’s best online casinos that offer ridiculous bonuses are not allowed to operate in Belgium.

In any case, you can rest assured that the best free spin bonuses in Belgium are given away by the best online casinos in Belgium.

The country is privileged to have some amazing offers at their disposal, with some welcome bonuses giving away up to 200 free spins on a single deposit. You just need to be sure that you’re ready to comply with the sites’ terms – you’ll be in for a world of rewards if you are!

If you’re a fan of free cash, then you can also rejoice on the fact that the best online casinos Belgium has to offer give away some of the best match deposit bonuses that we’ve seen so far. Anything ranging from the finest 100% match deposit bonuses to some amazing and lucrative 300% match deposit bonuses with some free spins to go alongside it!

That's not all, though. There are some fantastic free spin bonuses as well as world-class free spin no deposit bonuses in Belgium.

What’s even better is that these promotions are given away in the best online casino games that we’ve encountered on the internet!

Casino Games Belgium

The best casino games at your disposal can all be found at the best online casinos in Belgium - including the country's best high-roller games in the best high-roller Belgian casinos! We’ve absolutely loved seeing the popular Starburst slot game on almost every single Belgian online casino that we have visited so far.

Other popular titles such as Book of Dead can also be found there, and the best online casino game developers are giving access to Belgian players to play their finest titles.

If you’re a fan of table games, then you can also count on Belgium casinos to give you everything you need to have an awesome time. Not every online casino in Belgium offers head-to-head competitions, but more often than not, you’ll find the best online casinos Belgium has offering blackjack tables, roulette tables, and much more.

We think that Belgium is one of those countries where variety is received with the most open-mindedness nature possible, as the country has evolved to become a major gambling power with hundreds upon hundreds of players participating on a daily basis and thousands of gamblers looking to play all sorts of games.

The fact that the best online casinos in Belgium have these games also makes them great for their promotions, as that means that you’ll be able to use free spin bonuses as well as bonus money generated as bonus revenue in the world’s best online casino games.

Mobile Casinos Belgium

If you’re a fan of online mobile games, then Belgium is the best place for you to play on the go. With some of the world’s best cellular networks at their disposal, you can rest assured that any online casino that has mobile compatibility will work wonders on any cellphone that you may have in Belgium, as long as it has enough processing power to play the best online casino games that there are.

Many of the sites that we’ve introduced to the Belgium players on The Casino Wizard allow you to play even their live dealer sections on mobile casinos. Be sure to find the right casino for you and enjoy rewards that no other players in the world have access to!

The Best Online Casinos in Belgium

To finish this article off, we’re going to give you a small list of online casinos that are thought to be the elite and bets gambling sites in Belgium. Play in any of these sites or visit The Casino Wizard section on the top to find out where you can make a huge profit in Belgium!

Last updated  September 13, 2022

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