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Best Online Casinos

Are you searching for the best online casinos on the world wide web? The following list will help you find the best and most trustworthty casino sites of 2023 to suit your needs. Read our expert reviews, select your favorite casino, and claim your (exclusive) welcome bonus.

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81 21 Casino Logo
121% up to €300 + 21 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
121% up to €300 + 21 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35xb
82 7Bit Casino Logo
Up to $/€500 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.0005 BTC Wagering requirements: 40x T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to $/€500 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.0005 BTC Wagering requirements: 40x
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Find the Best Online Casinos to Play with Real Money

Every single site that you’ll find on this list is an online casino that we have ranked on our list of the best sites in the world. That means that every single one of these sites has a set of features that makes it a fantastic iGaming establishment in which you’ll find yourself enjoying the better part of your stay. Among these ever-present features, you’ll find:

  • The best online casino games in the industry
  • Titles created by the top providers of the iGaming world
  • Incredible bonuses are given in both regular money and bitcoins
  • VIP programs to reward those who become loyal to these casinos
  • Promotions that can be claimed at different times of the year depending on the season
  • Many more incredible features set these online casinos apart from the rest

Play Nothing But Incredible Casino Games at the Best Online Casinos

Land-based casinos are limited in what games they can offer: they need the actual game (slot machine, table, for example) space to put it, and staff to run it. They can’t offer a huge selection and can’t afford to keep unpopular titles.

The most popular games in online casinos are slot machines. Each one has some sort of theme, from the basic to the obscure, and the main types are:

The Best Online Slots

  • 3- or 5-Reel Slots – These are based on the first slot machines released, which had 3 or five reels that would spin when a handle was pulled.
  • Video Slots – These are digital machines that exist in more real-world casinos, consisting of a screen with graphics (instead of the physical reels). Online, these slots can be much more detailed, with some telling a story or requiring interaction from the player.
  • Feature Slots – These slots work the same as the previous one, but offer an additional chance to win. When a specific symbol or pattern appears on the screen a bonus will launch. This could be free bonus spins, or extra free symbols, or a game of chance with player interaction (i.e.: choose 1 of 3 doors, and receive whatever amount is behind it).
  • Progressive Jackpots – Like feature slots, there are regular games with an added bonus. In this case, every time a player spins, they increase the size of a large jackpot. This jackpot can be won at random, and at any time, although there’s usually a set amount that it’s guaranteed to pay out before reaching.

Highly Profitable Table Games

In addition to slots, most online casinos also offer various table games, such as:

  • Blackjack
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Roulette
  • Craps

Every table game offers RTP rates higher than 95%, with some of these games coming with incredible return rates of up to 99.5%, such as blackjack. All you need is to master the basic rules of these titles and you’ll be well on your way to obtain the best rewards and the top return rates on each of these popular casino games.

NetEnt & Evolution Gaming Live Casino Games

Live dealer casinos run real-world games, which players can watch while online. For example, roulette players can place their bets online and then watch the spin take place in real-time on an actual roulette table. These can be a lot of fun but aren’t as readily available due to the extra cost to the casino.

Exclusive Casino Games

Games like Bingo Jockey are exclusive titles that can only be played in one online casino. The One Casino, for example, is home to Bingo Jockey, but there are many other sites with exclusive games that make it easy for players to enjoy a unique experience and earn the best of rewards wherever they go.

The Truth About Online Casinos

Online casinos have a series of coded commands and rules in place that make them fair for all to play and even make them better than other land-based casinos in terms of fairness and security. All in all, the best online casinos work similarly to what you would expect a videogame to work (a game that works with random outcomes, that is).

There are two main things that put an online casino at the top of the videogame gambling food chain, which are:

Fair RNG

The RNG, also known as the Random Number Generator, is what makes online casinos fair. Basically, it’s software that ensures that every result is randomized, free, fair, and truly legit for all players to enjoy. Every single regulated online casino uses RNG software to keep their games fair and their users happy – even when every single casino also has a house edge that favors the site.

In any case, RNG is an important part of every online casino. It works together with the house edge and the software that runs the casino to ensure the same level of security as any other casino would in real life.

Top-Quality Casino Software

Every casino is also run by top-quality software, which ensures every player the chance to quickly load the site, its games, enter its bonus offers, make deposits, and participate in competitions regardless of the device that they choose to browse the site from.

As such, the best online casinos in the world tend to have casino software developed by top gambling companies that have made a name for themselves in the iGaming world. Sites like iSoftBet and NetEnt have become two of the most prominent software providers in the iGaming world because of the quality that they ensure to casino users.

Understanding Payments and Withdrawals at the Best Online Casinos

There are three general features that rule online casinos and set the best casinos apart when it comes to the rest of the casinos in the industry. Payments and withdrawals are the most important aspects of a casino in the eyes of a player, which means that all of the best online casinos must comply with the following aspects if they are to be considered at the top of the industry:

Quick and Efficient

Payments and withdrawals need to be quick and efficient. Worst case scenario, payments should take up to a maximum of 5 business days. Anything over that should be completely intolerable by the player and we will not accept such treatment.

The best online casinos in the world process payments and withdrawals much quicker, though. Some sites give you your money as quickly as they are keen to take it. Those are the sites that you’ll be aiming to visit the most.

Multiple Options

Having a single payment option can be quite an issue – especially if you don’t have a particularly popular payment method at your disposal. You will notice that the best online casinos in the world allow users to pay using various methods that range from traditional credit card payments to bank transfers and even bitcoins and other cryptos!

Safety is Always a Priority

In every online casino with a reputation to hold on to, the safety of the player is always a priority in every aspect. From the most basic of personal information protection via SSL encryption to the quality of bonuses and ensuring that everything regarding the player is as safe as it gets – the best online casinos in the world make sure that players are as safe as they come when they enter their domain.

The Defining Features of the Best Online Casinos

There are three general features that make an online casino a fantastic site. If you take these into consideration whenever you look for a new casino, you’ll be able to tell the best from the rest easier than you think. Check them out on the casinos listed on this page and see why we’ve rated them as the best in the industry!

The Most Lenient Terms and Conditions

The best online casinos ensure players the chance to play under fair terms and conditions that keep things safe for everyone to enjoy. The best terms and conditions that players can enjoy are those that keep bonuses in the fairest of states. With that, we mean that top terms and conditions should be:

  • Free of any unfair wagering requirements
  • Possible to fulfill and not just in place to prevent players from winning
  • Realistic in terms of the number of times that you should bet your money
  • With a fair enough timeframe to allow players to take as much as they like with bonuses

A Game Selection that Prioritizes Quality

There really isn’t much of a point in a casino having thousands of games if the games are from unreliable providers or if the games have poor features. As such, the game selection that you will find in the best online casinos is one that other sites would only dream of having. Casinos like Videoslots have over 5,000 games, all of which make the site a fantastic casino to visit!

Incredible Bonuses with Profitable Wins

The best online casino bonuses in the world allow you to play with a ton of cash and give you access to extremely profitable wins that will enable you to earn a ton of money in the best casinos that the world has in store for you. Thousands of euros and free spins await to be claimed in the top casinos of the industry.

The Truths and Myths of Rigged Online Casinos

Gambling always comes with a certain amount of risk but depositing and withdrawing money at an online casino should not. Registering on a new site and depositing money shouldn’t be a bonus ‘game of chance’.

We’ll be totally honest here: there are some sites that are downright bad. Some are poorly organized and programmed which results in frequent glitches. Others, sadly, are just plain crooked and may not play by the rules. By staying informed and doing your research, though, players can ensure these websites will never get their money.

If you stick to playing in these online casinos that we’ve listed, though, you won’t be having any issues with rigged sites or rigged online slots. These are all regulated online casinos that stand among the safest in the world.

Check Out Some of the Best Online Casinos Ever Made

A page about the best online casinos in the world wouldn't be complete without incorporating a list with a few options that you can quickly jump into without taking much of your time registering. Check out these gaming options that you can visit if you're looking to play in the world's best casinos:

Discover and Play on The Best Online Casinos by Country

Let’s say that you’re looking for an experience that adapts to your needs and to your own liking and country requirements. In such case, you’ll be thankful to know that we’ve listed the best casinos by country for your convenience!

Best UK Casinos

Check out the best casinos in the United Kingdom if you want to play with your pounds and spend as much money as you like in the world’s best casino games. Discover the magic of iGaming in the UK, one of the largest and most prominent markets in the world, in these casinos that are fully regulated by the UKGC.

Best Online Casinos in Germany

The German gambling market may have undergone a couple of changes that modified its structure for better or for worse, but that hasn’t stopped the country’s citizens from visiting the best casinos in the world. The best online casinos in Germany stand among the best in the world, and you won’t want to miss out on visiting them.

Best Online Casinos in the Rest of the World

Every online casino that you’ll find on this page is available to be played in dozens of countries from all over the world.

Every site has its own rules and its own country availability, though. You need to be sure that the site that you choose is available in your country. You can check that out on our own The Casino Wizard casino overview page or by visiting the casino and reading its rules yourself!

Last updated  January 27, 2023

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