Betchan Casino (No) Deposit Bonuses


Betchan is widely available around the world. You can enjoy this online casino in some of the most obscure places on the planet, so don’t be discouraged if you live in a country at which online casinos are not usually available – the Betchan casino might be the one that you’ve been looking for.

betchan bonus

If you also want to claim some of the sweetest casino bonuses around, then you’ll want to see what the Betchan casino has managed to compile for us. From deposit bonuses to reloads and weekly tournaments, this online casino seems to be on a mission to provide you with as much bonus cash as physically possible.

Rewards are aplenty at Betchan, and so is the number of games at which you’ll be able to spend them. Deposit bonuses will boost your account balance through the roof whilst the free spins credited with each deposit will allow you to enjoy some of the best online slots on the planet without sacrificing any of your bonus money while doing it.

Keep an eye out for any of the new promotions that you’ll be presented with at the virtual halls of the Betchan Casino. There’s just too much to do here, as long as you know when and where to look for it!


1. Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

The Betchan Casino comes with a staggering welcome bonus where you can claim rewards in your first four deposits in the casino. Up to €400 and 120 free spins await those who are willing to commit to the site from the get-go!

2. Monday Reload – ACTIVE

Every Monday, the Betchan website gives you the chance to claim a fantastic reload bonus of up to 50% match deposit money. Use your cash to play the best casino games on the website and make the best use of it every week.

3. Weekly Tournaments – ACTIVE

The Betchan Casino hosts regular tournaments where players can participate in small slot competitions. Winners can get money, free spins, or other amazing Betchan rewards!

4. Wednesday Cashback - ACTIVE

You will be able to get a cashback every week, depending on how much cash you've lost. It's an 11% cashback for all players of the casino, so make the best of it!


Getting to know the Betchan website is a bit overwhelming at first, but we mean that in a good way. The casino has a ton of things to do and activities at which you can partake, which means that getting the best of your bonus money will be extremely easy if you’re one of those, like us, who enjoy variety and possibilities.

Betchan comes packed with fantastic activities and games to play, but you’ll mostly find yourself spending the bonus cash playing the best slots that the site has to offer. The casino is built around a slot platform that puts even the biggest casinos in the world to shame, as it provides players with an extremely large selection of titles that all will be able to enjoy.

The most important thing about the Betchan Casino is that you can never have enough of the offers. You always need to keep your eyes peeled when betting at this online casino, as you’ll have access to a world of fantastic rewards that constantly change.

As such, even now that we’re telling you that the online casino comes packed with basic offers, you’re going to want to check out the “Promotions” section of the website rather consistently as there will be new ones for you to enjoy. Never miss out on these promos, as they’re as lucrative as they come.

Are Betchan Bonuses Fair?

We can’t tell you that Betchan bonuses have the lowest wagering requirements in the world. In fact, when you compare Betchan bonuses to those offered in other of the world’s best online casinos, you might notice that many other websites provide players with much more lenient wagering requirements.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that Betchan bonuses are indeed very fair, though.

Deposit bonuses at the casino come with a wagering requirement of 40 times the amount of bonus money received, whilst no deposit bonuses and free spin rewards give you a wagering requirement worth 50 times the amount of money that you get from each of them.

Even though our “fair” standard point of view is that a bonus shouldn’t come with wagering requirements higher than 40 to be considered fair, it’s still easy for you to get your hands on the no deposit bonus money of the Betchan Casino with just a little bit of luck.

The site provides you with countless games and activities to enjoy with the bonus money, so be sure to enjoy them as best as you can whilst fulfilling the wagering requirements!


A site with a large selection of bonuses often speaks wonders of its services. In most cases, casinos that provide players with a large selection of games make it easy for their users to enjoy a unique experience that is sure to keep them hooked to the site and wagering money as freely as they want.

At Betchan, it is clear that they share our feelings in this regard. Whenever you play on this online casino, you will be faced with enough promotions to keep your account credited with cash for the foreseeable future, as well as tournaments that will elevate your play to the next level and put you face to face among some of the best gamblers on the internet.

These are the main bonuses and promotional activities that you’ll have access to when visiting the services of the Betchan Casino.

Welcome Bonus Package

Take a look at the Betchan bonus package if you want to get a head-start above the rest of the players on the site. With this magnificent bonus package, your account will be credited with four different deposit bonuses, with each of them having different bonus terms and conditions that make every offer fair and player-friendly.

The Betchan casino has opted to take a different approach to the world of welcome bonuses than what we often see in many of the world’s best websites. You only get a small number of free spins with each deposit as well as a respectable (but not extra-large) sum of bonus cash.

This will allow you to claim most of the bonus money without having to make too much of a large deposit on the casino. A regular deposit will suffice.

However, this online casino keeps a tradition that we’re not too eager to see. The first deposit bonus matches your entire deposit, but the following deposit bonuses are not nearly as lucrative. This, albeit rather inconvenient, is still not detrimental for us to enjoy the best offers that the casino has to offer.


Burning through the funds of your deposit bonus sucks. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t have access to additional bonuses that will keep your account packed with bonus cash during your entre Betchan experience.

Here, you’ll have access to weekly reload bonuses that match a small amount of your deposit in free bonus cash to spend in your favorite games on the casino. Reloads are extremely cool and widely available in some of the best casinos in the world. However, not all of them are as lucrative as we’d like.

Thankfully, with the lenient terms and conditions of the Betchan Casino, you might as well get all the money for free from the get-go. Chances are that you’ll be able to turn all of that bonus cash into real cash to be spent in your favorite casino games or directly withdrawn to your account.


Tournaments at the Betchan Casino work very similarly to the tournaments of the mBit Casino and the 7Bit Casino. They are basically races, where you’ll be able to pass other players while playing certain online casino slots. Every week, a selected slot game will be chosen to be part of the tournament, and it’s up to you to play it if you wish to get a good rank on the race.

Don’t worry, though; you’ll be able to see your position in each race by checking out the leaderboard table. You can decide whether you’d like to commit more cash to the race or if you would rather stop spending money on it to use it elsewhere on the casino. Possibilities are endless and you get to decide every step along the way.

Constant New Promos

Apart from all of these fantastic offers, you also need to be on the lookout for any new bonus that they Betchan Casino might put out there. The website is always presenting players with new bonuses, and not visiting the “Bonus” section of the casino might mean that you will miss out on some of the new timed promos that they often release.

The Betchan Casino has a selection of offers that you’ll always have access to, but they are also always keen to release new things for those who have already enjoyed everything that they have in store for you. From new free spin rewards to some of the best free money bonuses on the internet – the Betchan Casino is always keen to provide you with all of them.

Check out the “Promotions” section of the casino at least once a month if you don’t want to miss out on any of these fantastic features.


The Betchan Casino is home to a loyalty program that resembles the one you find at the Cookie Casino, but one that is much more suited to the theme of the Betchan website. You will advance through the levels of the VIP program depending on how much cash you’re betting on the site, with high rollers being able to progress extremely quickly across the ranks of the Betchan Loyalty Program.

You will be given points depending on where you spend your money within the Betchan website and how much cash you manage to make whilst playing games on the casino. Some of the games that you can play here, which have RTP rates of more than 98%, are often seen as the best options for you to play if you want to progress through the casino ranks extremely quickly.

The Massive “Last Level” Reward of the Betchan Casino

Once you see the last reward that you can get on the Betchan Casino VIP program, you’ll ask yourself why haven’t you spent all of your betting money on this site. Players who manage to reach level 11 of the VIP program, which is not easy at all, will have access to a brand-new car, courtesy of the owners of the Betchan website.

The model of the car is due to change and the Betchan casino is usually keen on keeping its bonus promotion fresh, but it’s important for you to know that you’ll get a fancy sports car if you reach the last level of the casino.

To give you an idea of how difficult that is, though, let’s put it into perspective: to reach level 10, you will need to collect a total of nearly 750,000 points in the casino. That is the total amount needed to go from level one to level 10. However, to go from level 10 to 11, you will need an extra 1.3 million points!