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Boo Casino Review

The Boo Casino has been one of the most feature-packed casinos that we’ve encountered. From fantastic games to promotions that will pack your account with prizes every single day, this online casino offers much more than we would’ve expected to see when we first heard of its name.

Now, the Boo Casino is one of our favorite online casinos, packing dozens of features and thousands of euros worth of rewards.


We want you to take a closer look at what made us fall in love with this casino, and why we think that this site is one of the best that you can visit.

Check out our Boo Casino review and discover why this site is truly one of the best online casinos on the internet when it comes to exclusive features, unique games, and having an overall amazing platform.

What We Loved About the Boo Casino

To be honest, there are many features that we loved to see at the Boo Casino. Let us take a closer look at the things that truly made our experience a one-of-a-kind journey so you can get a strong grasp of the casino before you pay it a visit for the first time, in case you haven’t.

Generally speaking, the site has a ton of incredible features that we’re sure that you’ll love, so we’ll start off this Boo Casino review with two of the biggest features that made us love the casino from day one:

Find Whatever You Want

This may sound a tad generic, but the Boo Casino probably has what you’re looking for. And we’re not only talking about casino games, either; this casino is home to dozens of incredible promotions and a selection of world-class games in which you spend your bonus money. There’s just too much to do at Boo, and you’ll get to do it with free bonus cash if you play your cards right.


Find your favorite games on the site’s game browser or take your time scrolling through the site’s bonus page to find a bonus that suits your needs; the Boo Casino is truly home to what you’re looking for – even if you don’t know what that is yet!

Free Spins and Cash on Every Deposit!

Keeping up with what we’ve been saying about bonuses on this casino, the Boo Casino allows you to obtain bonuses on literally every deposit – and bonuses that suit your specific needs.

Should you be on the lookout for world-class free spin bonuses, then you can go for the site’s free spins on every deposit. On the other hand, if you’d rather go for a free money bonus to do as you wish with the site’s features, you can claim extra cash on every deposit.

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, the casino also offers an incentive of 5% bonus money, all wager-free, on every deposit that you make.

The number of bonuses found at the Boo Casino is borderline insane – and we’re loving every second of it.

Boo Casino Games – A Jaw-Dropping Selection of Games

Now, we know that we’ve hyped the Boo Casino bonuses, but wait until you see how many fantastic games this site has to offer and you’ll get even more hyped about the site’s iGaming titles.

Packed with different sections and ready to suit the needs of all sorts of gamblers, the Boo Casino Game section is divided into dozens of different categories that you can find by either scrolling on the site’s homepage or by checking out the site’s game gallery.


Regardless of what you choose to do or how you choose to approach your Boo Casino adventure, there’s one thing that we can assure you: there probably is a game to suit your specific needs!

Slots - Over 1,000 Reel-Spinning Games to Enjoy

Granted, the Boo Casino doesn’t house as many slot games as some of the industry’s slot giants such as Videoslots, but with over 1,000 slot games to choose from, you won’t ever feel like there aren’t slots to play at the world-class Boo Casino.

Quality and quantity go hand-in-hand at this site as well.


Not only will you find more than one thousand casino slots to enjoy, but they’re also among the most reputable and fun games in the iGaming industry. High RTP slots and games with extremely good graphics meet at this site’s slot gallery, assuring you of having one of the best slot experiences on the internet.

Table Games

Looking for classy table games in which to spend your money? Are you perhaps in the mood for some high-roller casino card gameplay, or will you rather spend your time playing digital card games at your own pace?

It doesn’t really matter which specific table game needs you need to have covered, as the Boo Casino is home to some of the best casino table games that we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying out.


Take a stroll across this site’s table game section and enjoy games such as:

  • Virtual blackjack with high-roller and low-roller options and variations
  • Baccarat tables in which to bet your cash
  • All sorts of roulette variants that you can think of

Video Poker

Fans of video poker, rejoice. We know how popular this fantastic game is, but we also know that not many casinos have dedicated video poker sections for their players to enjoy. That’s not the case at Boo, as our Boo Casino review shows, this site has an exclusive video poker section for fans of the fast-paced version of this famous card game.


This fantastic casino houses over 20 different video poker and video poker variants for you to enjoy, giving you true access to the internet’s favorite digital card game.

If you’re a fan of video poker or even if you love poker and you’ve never given video poker a try, there’s no better place to do it other than the amazing Boo Casino!

Jackpots and Huge Jackpots

We’ve reviewed some great casinos that host quality jackpot games in the past, but as far as game presentation goes, the Boo Casino takes the cake with its fantastic selection of jackpot games, as well as huge jackpots, that are listed on the casino for your browsing comfort.


You can browse the standard jackpot games on the site’s main page to you can instead visit the fantastic selection of multi-million jackpot slots with life-changing fortunes as their prizes by scrolling a bit further down.

The games are really well presented and all you need to do to enjoy them is look on the site’s main page.

New Games and Trending Games Galore at Boo Casino

The Boo Casino game gallery is not all about standard slots and classic games, either. You will be able to browse some of the casino’s finest titles by visiting the Boo Casino website, including some of the finest new games that the industry developers are constantly pumping out to freshen up online casinos.


If you’re a fan of these sorts of games and you get easily tired of playing old slots, you’re going to love the Boo Casino game selection. On top of that, the casino also adds a ton of new games a month – including any new additions that serve to mention on the live casino world, or even for the digital table game department!

Popular Feature Browsing – Slots Divided By Categories!

Sites such as the Boo Casino tend to come with an overwhelming number of slots to choose from, which can make the task of playing one game a little bit daunting for newcomers, or for people who aren’t sure what to play.

One of our favorite parts of writing this Boo Casino review was checking out just how awesome it was to browse games on the site. There’s quite literally a category for every type of game:

  • You can find and browse games by theme
  • You can opt to browse by gameplay features
  • You can even browse jackpots and Megaways games separately, if you want!

Boo’s Picks

Have you heard that famous piece of advice that says never to trust the Chef’s “dish of the day” when you visit a restaurant? Well, scrap that knowledge when you pay a visit to the Boo Casino. Here, Boo’s Picks allow you to choose one of the many games that are currently trending on the casino.

The Boo Live Casino – Live Games for Days!

It’s hard to come by a live casino that truly offers variety as one of its main features, but the Boo Casino staff have well and truly managed to put together a fantastic live casino that has everything that we look for in top quality sites.


For starters, the Boo Casino live dealer casino comes with over 100 games to play and enjoy, essentially 40-50 more than what we’re used to seeing in most online casinos. That, on its own, speaks volumes about the Boo Casino game variety.

Contests and Table Games Galore

The Boo Casino Live Dealer section is not only packed with traditional table games, but also includes some of the best casino titles that we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying out: contest games.

Dream Catcher and Mega Wheel are two of the main titles that we played the most when writing this Boo Casino review, and we have to tell you: we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Naturally, it’s impossible to win all the time, but the Boo Casino Live Dealer section comes with all the games you need to have quite a successful experience with a little bit of luck.

Boo Casino Virtual Sports – The Thrill of Sports Like You’ve Never Seen It

Let’s imagine that you’re a huge sports fan, but you don’t really have the option to bet on sports  and watch live games that you like because of time zones, or simply because you’ve grown tired of the same repetitive bets and you’re looking for something different.


If that’s the case, we encourage you to take a look at the Boo Casino’s virtual sports section, where you’ll be able to place bets on digital matches that start at different times and ALWAYS have different outcomes.

It makes it really fun for you to place sports bets without the need for a sportsbook and freshens up your sports betting experience, taking it to new, previously unimaginable heights!

Any Sport, Any Time, Anywhere

There are plenty of sports to choose from when looking for your ideal game to bet on at the Boo Casino. While writing this Boo Casino review, we managed to try most of them out. These were the ones that we found at the Boo Casino virtual sports section:

  • Horse Racing
  • Soccer/Football
  • Bike Racing
  • Tennis
  • Cycling

The best part about this is that every game has its own set of variations. For football, for example, you can bet on the Europa League, World Cup, and even the Euros!

Boo Casino Promotions – An Insane Selection Within Your Reach

Now we’re getting to the good part of this Boo Casino review: the bonuses. This casino offers one of the best bonus selections that we’ve ever come across, if not the best outright. There are just far too many bonuses here and you’ll be scrolling more than once to get to the bottom of the Boo Casino bonus page.


Let’s talk about this casino’s standout bonuses and how they all generally work, so you can have a good idea of what to expect:

A Fantastic 3-Part Welcome Bonus

Three deposits, 150 free spins, and up to €1,000 in free money await those who dare make their deposits at the fantastic Boo Casino, a site that hosts a three-part welcome bonus capable of packing your newly-created account with a ton of cash and an insane number of rewards that’ll have you rolling in money and playing insane casino games.

This is the casino’s flagship offer, but far from the only promo that you’ll find at Boo.

Wager-Free Spins!

The free spin bonuses found at the Boo Casino don’t really come with a lot of wagering requirements. In fact, they’re almost half of what you’d need to fulfill if you were to claim one of the site’s free money bonuses.

There’s something better than low wagering requirements, though: free spins with no wagering requirements at all!

If you’re keen to claim such spins, then you’ll be happy to hear that the Boo Casino has a few of them for you. Oh, and you get to claim these types of bonuses more than once. That’s just one of the many bonus perks of the world-class Boo Casino!

Bonus Cash and Spins on EVERY Deposit!

If you’re a fan of getting rewarded with consistency, then you’re going to love these two promotions. You need to choose which one to claim before making the deposit, but both provide your account with cash or spins to play the best casino games for free.

  • Claim up to 125 free spins on every deposit, as many times as you want, or…
  • Claim up to €250 free spins on every deposit as well, as many times as you want, with a 25% match deposit bonus

If you want our advice, we recommend you check out the free spin promo. Free spins have a lower wagering requirement at Boo!

Weekly Promotions Galore

We’ve already told you enough, but there’s still much more to talk about. We don’t want you to waste more time on bonuses reading our Boo Casino review, so we’re instead going to tell you that the Boo Casino hosts a different bonus for EVERY day of the week.

That’s right; a different promotion to claim every day that you open up the Boo Casino and log into your account. It sounds good, it is good, and it is within your reach. All you need to do is play at Boo!

Payment Method Promotions

There are plenty of available payment methods at the Boo Casino. Normally, that would be the end of it and we would just give kudos to the casino for having so many, but the Boo Casino doesn’t stop there.

Some forms of payment that you can use on the casino entitle you to receive extra rewards by providing you with free spins or more bonus money when you make a deposit. This will not only encourage you to try out new payment methods like Flexepin and MuchBetter, but you’ll also have the chance to earn extra rewards while you do so.

A win/win situation that we haven't encounter anywhere before Boo!

Boo Casino Tournaments & Competitive Play

Do you hate mediocre tournaments? Good, we do too. That’s why the Boo Casino has opted to take a different approach than other casinos when it comes to presenting players with a competitive environment. Here, you won’t find many leaderboard-based promotions, but instead, you’ll find daily races and developer tournaments in which you can win quite a significant amount of money.


Developers Promos

We didn’t have the time to spend on a single game, so we didn’t get the most out of the Boo Casino developer tournaments while writing this Boo Casino review. However, it has to be said that the casino houses a couple of fantastic promotions that are truly enjoyable.

  • Drops & Wins: You don’t need to be a casino expert to know about Pragmatic Play’s Drops & Wins promo, a special “tournament” of sorts that relies more on random luck than on actual skill or commitment. You will get the chance to obtain special rewards on the Boo Casino by playing certain games, but cross your fingers as you’ll be competing with players from all over the world to get them!
  • Daily Race: Pragmatic Play also brings you another tournament where you’ll get  to earn up to $200 per day based on how well you do on the daily selected slot!

Boo Casino Loyalty Program - The VIP Club

Looking for a loyalty program to suit the needs of every gambler and not just high-rollers? If so, you’re not going to love the Boo Casino loyalty program. There may not be as many rewards as there are in other casinos, but it’s quite easy to obtain insane at Boo if you’re intending to play as a high roller on the casino.

In fact, one of the things that we loved the most about this website was its loyalty program.


The site has an invitation-only loyalty program that aims to provide members with a sense of exclusivity that not many other casinos are able to provide.

We don’t see this as harmful to those who play as low rollers, either. Seeing as how the site is home to many fantastic casino bonuses that every player can enjoy, a closed loyalty program is something to be expected. It’s a great way to give high-rollers even better rewards!

The Classic Setup, Enhanced

We know that many people love to claim loyalty bonuses when they spend their time and money in an online casino – and rightfully so.

However, even though this casino follows a similar Loyalty Program format as other casinos but locks it so only high rollers can access it, we still feel that it’s worth checking out. There are plenty of bonuses that you can enjoy at the casino anyway, so even if you don’t intend to play as a high roller, rewards worthy of high-spending players will be made available for you.

Boo Casino for Mobile Devices – How Does it Fare?

We are really happy to tell you that the Boo Casino works really well on mobile devices, but let’s be honest and ask ourselves: is it really a surprise?

The Boo Casino doesn’t have pages overloaded with features that would make it impossible to load well on mobile devices, so this already gave us a good idea of what we could expect when browsing the Boo Casino on a mobile device.

Seeing as how the casino’s interface is built to look like something that you’d expect to see in a mobile platform, it’s easy to see why the casino is actively promoted as a mobile casino.

Every Platform Available to Be Enjoyed

A quick look at the Boo Casino homepage will have you see how the site is actively promoting to be enjoyed on any device capable of operating a mobile browser. We were curious to test this out, so we decided to dust off our tablet and check out how the game worked on an older device with a slower CPU.

Safe to say, we were pleasantly surprised.

The site operates extremely well on older devices, which got our hopes up for how the site would operate in our mobile phones. Again, the site did much better than we expected.

If you’re looking for the best mobile casinos on the planet, the Boo Casino is surely one of them; even more so if you’re a fan of mobile bonuses and insanely high rewards on mobile casino games!

Boo Casino Payments and Withdrawals

One of the strongest features of the Boo Casino is that the site has an insane availability of payment and withdrawal methods.

There are so many payment methods that the site has special bonuses dedicated to some of them in order to encourage the player to break free from traditional payments and evolve into modern options like MuchBetter and Flexepin.

As if that wasn’t enough, the fantastic Boo Casino also hosts a large selection of different withdrawal options. From standard bank transfers to instant withdrawals with e-wallet services, the Boo Casino has it all.

Boo Casino Customer Support

The Boo Casino customer support is fantastic. The site’s exceptionally quick chat option allows you to get in touch with a member of the Boo Casino staff as promptly as you could wish for, and the staff is competent enough to help you with any issues that you may have and have them fixed as quickly as possible.

You need to be registered in order for the Boo Casino live chat function to work, though. If you aren’t, you will be asked for your name so you can proceed.

If you’re not happy with directly speaking to the site’s chat staff, then don’t worry: they also offer a mobile number that you can contact if you wish, as well as an email address that is constantly being checked by the staff customer support to help you with more complex issues that may arise on the site.

Invasive Pop-Ups, the Only Downside

The only gripe that we have with the site’s customer support is that sometimes the chat pops up to encourage you to speak to the staff, which we feel to be a bit invasive.

For example, when we were browsing the site’s bonus section, the chat kept opening every time that we wanted to read the rules of one of the bonuses. That’s really annoying on its own, and arguably the one thing that we’d ask the casino to change.

This often happens to new players at the Boo Casino, but it’s the only real downside of browsing the site. Everything else seems to be working quite well.

Get Your Spook-tacular Bonuses at Boo Casino!

The Boo Casino is, as you can now see, one of the most bonus-rich casinos on the internet. Not only will you find your favorite games here, but the Boo Casino review that we’ve just written shows you how the site offers bonuses for you to try out almost any game that the site has to offer.

As such, if you’re a fan of daily rewards and love to claim prizes every day of the week, the Boo Casino is going to be one of the best online casinos that you can visit. Packed with a live section and only lacking a sportsbook when it comes to general gaming features, this complete online casino is home to many of the best games that the iGaming industry has ever seen.

Pay a visit to this spookily great website and discover the magic of online casino games to a level that you probably haven't seen before. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the site’s loyalty program – it’s totally worth it.

Go on and start your Boo Casino journey now!

Boo Casino Pros

  • An insane number of bonuses
  • Large selection of games
  • Wager-free bonuses
  • Plenty of games with high RTP


Boo Casino Cons

  • High-roller-exclusive loyalty program


Casino Review by Klaas


Klaas is one of the founders of the Casino Wizard and has been part of the TCW team since the start. Klaas is, together with Matt, the main man in command at TCW. He loves to play at casinos and has visited Las Vegas many times. On every trip he tries to find a casino where he can play roulette, blackjack or slot games. At he's responsible for the long-term strategy, and dealing with the casinos. He is extremely resourceful for knowing how things operate on all sides of the gaming industry. He's also a skilled writer, and is also an expert author on (online) marketing blogs like and


The Boo Casino offers players plenty of ways in which they can get free spins. You can obtain free spins at Boo by making deposits any day of the week thanks to their daily free spin offers, or you can obtain a fair number of spins upon making your first deposit if you want to bolster your account from the minute you start your journey at the casino. Wager-free spins and standard free spins are aplenty at Boo Casino. You just need to be ready to make a deposit when the bonus opportunity arises!

The Boo Casino offers more than ten bonuses that can be activated upon making deposits on the site. All you need to do is make a deposit during a qualifying day of the week and the bonus will be credited instantly to your account. The Boo Casino doesn’t require you to enter bonus codes in order to activate your promotions unless the bonus specifically states it. Deposit your cash and get the money credited. It’s as simple as that.

Operated by Green Feather Limited and licensed by the Malta Gambling Authority, the Boo Casino is a legit online casino where you’ll be able to freely wager your cash free of any issues that occur when gambling on non-licensed websites.

Standard payment methods like Visa and Mastercard payments are widely accepted at the Boo Casino, but there are plenty of others that you’ll also be able to access if you’re looking for other options. In fact, the Boo Casino even provides users with bonuses tied to payment methods to encourage users to try out other options like Flexepin and AstroPay!

Yes, the Boo Casino has a pretty standard VIP program where you’ll be able to collect points as you play at the casino and then trade those points for bonus rewards and prizes of your choice. The point collection system of the Boo Casino is far quicker than in other sites, so you can rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy this VIP program – even if you play as a low roller yourself.

The Boo Casino could work a bit faster on older mobile phones, but the site has an overall fantastic performance if you’re using a device with a decent CPU. We tried it out in a couple of different phones (both post-2019 Android devices) and the site operated quite smoothly, although our older phone had some issues with loading times that we honestly expected – especially when opening games that demand more processing power from your device.

The Boo Casino has a fantastic live casino with more than 100 games that you’ll be able to play from mobile devices or computers. The site is mainly populated by the best Evolution Gaming titles that we’ve ever tried, but other companies add to the site’s live casino game selection with variations of popular card games. It’s one of the most complete live casinos that we’ve visited. Game variety is guaranteed, and even if there aren’t any live casino bonuses, the site is still worth visiting.

The Boo Casino offers users the chance to choose one of many different game categories where games are truly divided and categorized depending on their own specific features. You will be able to choose Megaways games, for example, or opt for something more traditional by browsing classic video slots. You can even browse games by theme at the Boo Casino, and the rewards that may come from it are aplenty.

The Boo Casino differs from traditional online casinos and aims to offer you as many bonuses as possible so you can truly choose the rewards that you want. There are a lot of bonuses to make it easy for users to choose their favorite promotion and to allow gamblers to claim either free spins or free cash. You can choose your favorite Boo Casino bonuses and play in the casino with wager-free money!

Wager-free spins can be obtained at the Boo Casino every week. The casino ruins a promotion called “Wager-Free Mondays”, which allows you to make deposits on Mondays and claim your bonus spins specifically during the beginning of the week. Make the best of your time at the casino and claim those free spins on Mondays if you want to have the cash credited to your account with no wagering requirements!

You can get your bonuses with no wagering requirements by visiting the Boo Casino “Promotions” section and checking out which bonuses are fully wager-free at the casino. Some of the offers that the site provides specifically state that they are wager-free, such as the Wager-Free Mondays, but there are even special bonuses that credit your account with extra cash free of any wagering requirements.

Yes, the owners of the Boo Casino have made sure to populate their entire website with enough promotions to make it possible for players to choose how many of them they can claim. As such, you can get a bonus every single day of the week, but every day, you will need to claim a different offer. From free spins to wager-free bonus cash, the Boo Casino has plenty of bonuses that you’ll love. Choose the one that you like the most and make sure to claim it as many times as you like by visiting the casino week-in, week-out!


Try Out These Exclusive Wager-Free Spins at Boo Casino

Try Out These Exclusive Wager-Free Spins at Boo Casino

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Get Daily Free Spins AND Free Money at the Boo Casino

Get Daily Free Spins AND Free Money at the Boo Casino

Free spins and free money are there to be claimed every day at the Boo Casino. Learn how and the best way to spend both rewards with this article!