Boo Casino Bonuses

The Boo Casino is one of the best online casinos to visit if you’re a fan of online casino rewards. The site is home to dozens of different promotions and daily rewards that you can claim week after week, meaning that your casino account will remain topped with bonus cash for as long as you wish.


On this page, we’ll be telling you all about the best Boo Casino bonuses and why we think that some of these promotions stand out as the best in the online casino industry.

Choose where you want to spend your money, and do it as wisely as you can: this online casino is the home to all sorts of rewards that you can enjoy from the minute you register and onwards. Don’t worry, we’ll be telling you all you need to know on how to make the best of these bonuses on this very page!

Boo Casino Bonus – Quick Overview

1. Boo Casino Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

As you can imagine, the Boo Casino welcome bonus is the flagship bonus of the Boo Casino. It is the bonus responsible for providing every user with up to €1,000 and 150 bonus free spins from the moment in which they create their accounts and make their first three deposits in the casino.

2. 70% Weekend Bonus + 10 Free Spins – ACTIVE

Every weekend, you can make one deposit and get one of the best reload bonuses on the internet: a 70% reload bonus plus 10 free spins to be spent in the best games that the site has to offer. You will be able to use the bonus cash in any game that you like the most, and get 10 free spins that will also turn into fully usable cash after being spent!

3. 25% Bonus up to $250 on each Deposit – ACTIVE

This offer works very similarly to the Boo Casino welcome bonus, but instead of providing you with 100% match deposit money during a handful of deposits, you will be able to obtain up to $250 per deposit with a simple 25% cashback.

It’s up to you to decide how you spend the bonus cash, but the Boo Casino sure gives you plenty of options!

4. Up to 125 Free Spins on each Deposit – ACTIVE

Similar to the third bonus on this list, this promotion allows you to get up to 125 free spins on every deposit instead of bonus cash. You can use the free spins in many of the site’s best casino bonuses, including some slots with very high RTP rates. Choose the ones that you like the most and claim your cash

5. Payment Method-Related Bonuses – ACTIVE

Some bonuses on the Boo Casino are related to the payment method that you choose. You can claim lucrative rewards, including free spins and free bonus cash, if you choose some of the site’s special payment methods like Flexepin and AstroPayz.

6. Wager-Free Free Cash on Every Deposit – ACTIVE

If you’re more eager to obtain wager-free money but you don’t know how or where to spend it, you can opt to receive up to 5% cash on every deposit. All of the cash is wager-free and you’ll be able to withdraw it whenever you want, although you do need to spend it on the casino.

7. Boo’s Big Boo-st – ACTIVE

Looking to get even more bonus cash with low wagering requirements? Then check out the Boo’s Big Boo-st, a special promo that allows you to claim up to 50% on any deposit made during any day of the week.

8. Wager-Free Mondays – ACTIVE

Every Monday, the Boo Casino gives you the chance to claim a special wager-free bonus. Depending on how much cash you’re willing to deposit, you will be allowed to claim up to 75 free spins to be spent on the best slot games on the site.

9. Tasty Tuesdays – ACTIVE

Does a 100% deposit bonus EVERY WEEK sound good? It does, right? Well, check out the Tasty Tuesdays promotion and find out why this is one of the most claimed promotions that the Boo Casino has in its expansive promotional section.

10. Lucky Wednesdays – ACTIVE

You can claim 5 70% match deposits every Wednesday thanks to this incredible promo – and it comes with much lower wagering requirements than the average Boo Casino bonus!

11. Thursday InstaBonus – ACTIVE

Every Thursday, you’ll be able to claim one bonus with a minimum of €20, and use it to withdraw your winnings almost instantly. Did we forget to mention it? There are no wagering requirements to be complied with!

Boo Casino Bonuses Explained

The Boo Casino is, by far, one of the best online casinos for bonus fans. The site comes packed with such a massive selection of bonuses that you will legitimately struggle to pick one bonus to claim. There are dozens of rewards ready to be claimed every day of the week, with some of them being available up to 5 times per day.

That’s an insane number of rewards, but are they really worth it? How is it possible for an online casino to offer so many promotions as the Boo Casino bonuses seem to suggest?

Why are there So Many Bonuses at the Boo Casino?

The Boo Casino has opted to provide players with plenty of incredible bonuses to be enjoyed. As such, there are many bonuses in the casino to attract those who love casino bonuses, but they come with decently strict wagering requirements to prevent every player from getting rich with every single promotion that they claim.

Are All Bonuses Worth It? Our Experience

For starters, these bonuses come with good wagering requirements, which make them fair to the casino and possible to fulfill by you as a player. There really are a lot of bonuses with wagering requirements that are as low as 30 times the bonus prize but do keep in mind that some come with stricter wagering requirements than others.

These bonuses are worth it, but please read each of their wagering requirements before you go and claim them. Some require you to wager a lot of cash before you can withdraw your winnings.

How to Spend Your Boo Casino Bonuses?

We often give you a detailed overview of how you can spend your bonus money on the Boo Casino and which are the best games to do it, but seeing as how the casino hosts such a massive array of bonuses, we’re going to make a short overview on this topic and avoid wagering rules altogether, seeing as how each offer is rather unique on its own:

  • Make sure to play high RTP slots. Bonuses at the Boo Casino come with good wagering requirements but these slots will give you a chance to walk away with good money.
  • Claim promotions that fit your needs; don’t just claim bonuses for the sake of it, as there are plenty of them to choose from
  • Avoid claiming bonuses with wagering requirements that you don’t think you’ll be able to comply with

Visit the Boo Casino and Enjoy These Spooking-ly Awesome Rewards!

This fantastic casino is home to some of our favorite bonuses, and it definitely houses the largest variety of high-quality bonuses that we’ve ever seen. As such, we truly recommend you to check out the Boo Casino’s spooking-ly great rewards and get yourself on the way to claim its welcome bonus before the rest.

We know that this casino is not as lenient as others when it comes to wagering requirements, but the massive number of bonuses means that you’ll find one that you’ll love. Start your adventure at the Boo Casino now and make sure that you claim the welcome bonus first to start off your adventure with a bang!