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Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35xb+d T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 35xb+d

Captain Spins Casino Review

The Captain Spins adventure is one that we really, really enjoyed. This site comes packed with all the features that you need to have the most complete of gambling experiences on the internet, with the only exception of a sportsbook. Everything else is as close to perfect as it gets at Captain Spins!

9 / 10
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Game selection
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Pros & Cons

  • Great casino to play slots
  • Varied promotions & bonuses
  • Good loyalty program
  • Low deposit minimums
  • No available sportsbook
  • Limited winnings from free spins

This Captain Spins Casino review will take you through every corner of this futuristic-themed online casino and tell you all you need to know about whether this is the site that you want to visit to claim free spins, free cash, and play the best casino games.


With a massive welcome bonus ready to be claimed and new casino slots being introduced almost every week, it comes as no surprise to see the Captain Spins Casino as one of the best online casinos that you can visit this year.

Stay with us and learn what we loved about this website and how to claim Captain Spins free spins now!

Our Experience at Captain Spins Casino – What We Loved

With a large number of games ready to be enjoyed and a welcome bonus worth up to €1,200, it’s safe to say that the Captain Spins Casino makes it hard for us to single out one of its features for us to tell you what we liked the most about it.

However, we did notice two standout features that made the site quite more enjoyable than even some of the best casinos that we have ever visited. Player treatment is one of a kind, and the way you can claim loyalty rewards at this casino is just too good to not try it out. This is what makes the Captain Spins Casino one of the greats, in our book:

Loyal Members and VIPs, Two Aspects of Captain Spins

We’ve come across plenty of online casinos that focus their entire loyalty programs on rewarding high-rollers, forgetting about those who simply aren’t willing to spend thousands of euros in the casino.

Things are quite different here, though. Safe to say, we’re enjoying every second of it.

For starters, this casino keeps its loyalty program and its VIP program as two different sections, which allows everyone to participate in the loyalty program but also high-rollers to get better rewards at the site’s VIP program.

It may seem like a simple change, but this player-friendly feature is arguably what we loved the most about this site.

Daily Promotions Galore!

On top of having various ways in which to obtain rewards, this online casino also offers a world-class daily promotions program, where players can obtain different bonuses on a daily basis at the Captain Spins Casino.

The owners of the site make sure to offer different weekly calendars every week, which keeps your experience fresh and allows you to truly make the best of your time at the casino without it ever feeling stale. New experiences are fundamental parts of Captain Cooks, so make the best of them!

Fast Payments Guaranteed

This online casino is much faster at processing payments than the average site. From credit cards to e-wallet services, you will have your money credited to your account much quicker than you would have it on any other online casino. It’s up to you to take advantage of it after making a profit on the site – even if you’re using the Captain Spin bonuses to do it. We certainly did!

Captain Spins Casino Games – Your Favorite Games at Hand

Being disappointed at the Captain Spins game selection is the one thing that you won’t feel when playing games on this fantastic website. Packing mostly online slots but dividing them into various categories, this online casino provides you with everything you need if you’re on a search to find the best games on the planet.

With plenty of other games in store as well, variety is almost a given when browsing the world-class Captain Spins game gallery.


Let us take a closer look at the games that await within this casino’s gallery and see how and where you get to spend your free bonus cash at Captain Spins Casino!

The Captain’s Top Picks

Usually, “Top Picks” in an online casino simply takes you to a section where you’ll find the best slots that the site has to offer, with nothing else to see. However, the Captain Spins Casino takes a whole different approach and makes it much easier for you to select the best games for each section, as the “Captain’s Picks” simply take you to check the most played games of each game category on the site.

Online Slots

If you’re a fan of online slots, the Captain Spins Casino is not a site in which you’ll get bored. This website is home to some of the best online slots of all time, as well as games created by some of the internet’s top game developers.

We spent a lot of our time at Captain Spins playing incredible slot games here and there, but we have to admit: the selection of new titles made it far too difficult for us to go somewhere else.


Almost every new slot that we found at this casino was one that we loved, which truly speaks volumes as to how much emphasis the owners put into adding the cream of the crop to this casino’s game gallery.

Among some of the best online slots that you can find at this fantastic casino, you’ll see:

  • Starburst XXX, the newest iteration of one of the best casino games of all time
  • 9 Pots of Gold
  • Book of Dead
  • Legacy of Dead

Jackpot Games

As far as Jackpot Games go, the Captain Spins Casino is sure not to disappoint whatsoever. The world’s most popular jackpot games are here to be found, whilst newer titles are also playable at the casino. You can choose whether to try your luck on high-paying games like Mega Moolah or opt for a calmer approach with lower-paying jackpots that hit more often.


Regardless of what you choose to do at the Captain Spins Casino, jackpot games are sure to be found. Enjoy the ones that you like the most at Captain Spins and win!

Table Games

Do you fancy playing some classic table games? Perhaps you’d like to spend your time at one of the world’s largest live dealer casinos? Are you more of a fan of contest games?

If the answer to any of the previous questions is yes, then it might be time for you to dive deep into the world of the Captain Spins Casino table games section and discover why this online casino competes with the best sites in the world to become one of the best of the bunch.


With the best card and roulette games available to be enjoyed both in digital and live dealer versions, the Captain Spins Table Game’s section is sure going to provide you with what you’re looking for in terms of casino games.

Scratch Games

It’s not as common as it was a few years ago to see online casinos with Scratch Card sections, particularly because they’re not as popular as before and casinos tend to categorize these games in Miscellaneous sections instead.


The Captain Spins Casino takes a tour back down memory lane and provides users with a special Scratch Card section, where you’ll be able to play over 10 different Scratch games and feel the magic of this virtual lottery without having to leave the comfort of your home.

New Weekly Games

One of the best Captain Spins features is that this world-class casino is constantly adding new games for your enjoyment at the casino. This assures a freshened casino experience more often than not, and eliminates the issue of having to play the same games over and over again to avoid getting bored.

We know you don’t want that, and the Captain Spins staff surely won’t let that happen. New games are added on a weekly basis to the casino, but do keep this in mind: some weeks come with fewer games than others. The Captain Spins Casino staff makes sure that new games are thoroughly evaluated and only the best games of the bunch are added to the casino.

If you’re a fan of free spins and spending free spins in new games every week, then the Captain Spins Casino New Weekly Games section and the site’s promotions calendar are the go-to combos to suit your own needs. Make the best of both of them!

Captain Spins Live Casino

The Captain Spins Live Dealer Casino has to be one of our favorite sections of the site. It’s packed with all sorts of games, many of which you’re able to see at the site’s Table Game section, but with many fantastic Evo Gaming contest games to complement it.


Captain Spins is one of the best online casinos that we’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting, and the Live Casino section truly speaks volumes about its quality. A fantastic website packed with all you need to have a complete casino experience.

Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, and eZugi in One Place

We all know how good Evo Gaming titles are when it comes to Live Dealer slot games, but this online casino hasn’t settled for offering players the chance to play their games alone. Instead, you also get to try out Pragmatic Play games and a couple of eZugi titles to spice things up for those of you who have already tried their luck in other online casinos and know everything about your favorite Evolution Games.

Check out the site’s eZugi titles and experience the intense thrill of Pragmatic Play tables at this fantastic live dealer casino!

Captain Spins Casino Bonuses – BTC Promos Galore

We’ve finally arrived at the section that we consider to be the best part of our Captain Spins Casino review: the site’s bonuses!


This fantastic Casino comes packed with ways in which players can be rewarded, including special days in which you’ll collect more points than usual for the site’s VIP program and earn better rewards than the rest of the casino’s visitors. What you choose to do at Captain Spins varies, but the outcome will be the same should you choose to claim one of its bonuses: an ocean of countless rewards!

Captain Spins Welcome Bonus

The only thing that we like the most than a fantastic welcome bonus that offers thousands of euros worth of free cash is a welcome bonus that does the same in three different deposits.


With the Captain Spins welcome bonus, you will be able to collect rewards not once, not twice, not even three times, but FOUR different times! Get multiple shots at walking away with a profit from one of the internet’s finest online casinos.

Come and check out the Captain Spins welcome bonus and make your deposits to earn the best rewards that the site has to offer – all from the start; no waiting times needed:

  • 1st deposit: 100% up to €300 and 50 bonus spins
  • 2nd Deposit: 100% up to €300 and 60 bonus spins
  • 3rd deposit: 100% up to €300 and 70 bonus spins
  • 4th deposit: 100% up to €300 and 80 bonus spins

The Captain Spins Promotions Calendar

Earning free cash is always great and one of the best ways to get your account loaded with world-class prizes, but there’s something that we like even more than that: a promotional calendar with daily rewards that vary every week.

At the Captain Spins Casino, players get the chance to obtain different rewards every 7 days, and it’s all up to you which one to claim. Since you’ll get to see the calendar every week, you can choose which offer you prefer as soon as it’s out and plan your deposits accordingly.

These are all of the possible offers found at the Captain Spins Promotion Calendar:

  • A “Pick Your Bonus” offer with the chance to earn free spins or free cash
  • Two bonuses in one day (the bonus offered always differ)
  • Free Spins
  • Reload Bonuses
  • Free Money Bonuses

Daily Rewards – The Way to Go at Captain Spins

Naturally, an online casino capable of providing players with such a massive number of rewards must be loaded in prizes, no matter how you look at it. The Captain Spins Daily Rewards are sure to be the main way in which you’ll obtain rewards at the casino, so we encourage you not to expect too much from other bonuses if you’re keen on visiting this site.

However, there are other ways in which you can obtain promotional bonuses at the Captain Spins website, as we discovered while writing this Captain Spins review:

  • Game-related promotions (like the Rick & Morty slot Galactic Gamble)
  • Changing Loyalty Points for extra bonus prizes, such as reloads, free spins, and cashbacks

Captain Spins Casino Loyalty Program

The Captain Spins Casino Loyalty Program is just a small part of why we think that this casino is so great, as it’s one of the best loyalty programs on the internet.

We’ll go even further and tell you that it’s one of the few loyalty programs that’s actually a loyalty program more so than a way to reward those who are only willing to spend thousands upon thousands of euros in the casino.


Everyone deserves to be rewarded for their time and money spent – not just those who can afford the most!

As such, the Captain Spins Loyalty Program is made for all players, and suits the needs of all. If you’re a high roller and you don’t feel like that’s fair, don’t worry: check out the Captain Spins VIP program and get rewards worthy of those who are willing to spend thousands on the casino instead!

Keep in mind that Captain Spins hosts a Loyalty Program AND a VIP Program. They’re both connected, but they’re not the same.

New Games, More Points!

Are you one of those players who loves to try something new? If so, you’ll slot right into the Captain Spins casino – no pun intended!

Every time that you play one of the site’s new casino games, you will be entitled to receive x3 times more points than you otherwise would, which will allow you to built up your CP tally MUCH faster than you would if you played games that are already published on the site.

This makes it possible for every Captain Spins player to earn better prizes and earn as many CP as high-rollers by betting a third of what they otherwise would.

All you need to do is check the site’s new games and see whether this week’s games are worth spending more time and money on them or not. If you’re not happy with the game’s theme, gameplay, or their RTP, you can simply wait until next week and make full use of this promotion by then. It’s THAT easy!

Points on Every Action at Captain Spins

Virtually every action that you take at the Captain Spins Casino rewards you with Loyalty Points, which makes it even easier to move up the ranks and collect loyalty rewards than it is in other online casinos.

For example, the 1st deposit that you make on the site will allow you to collect more points than usual based on how much cash you’re willing to spend to get your account loaded with money for the first time.

That’s not all, though: playing ANY game on the casino will also allow you to collect extra points, and even if you don’t willingly play the new games that the site has to offer, you’ll have the chance to collect more cash and more points as time goes by.

Just like it works in other loyalty programs, though, the higher you rank your account, the more points you’ll be able to collect. Simple, efficient, and player-friendly!

The Captain Spins VIP Program

Now, if you’re a VIP member of the casino and you feel like you should be getting better rewards than low rollers, then we also agree. The Captain agrees as well, and even though we didn’t get to try out the site’s VIP program while writing our Captain Spins review, we can tell you that these rewards sound even tastier than what we’ve mentioned so far.


This is an evolved, much better part of the loyalty program where you’ll only get access after being invited to it. In order to qualify, you will need to spend at least 3 times as a Loyalty Program VIP member.

Should you do it, you’ll qualify to obtain some of the best rewards that the site has to offer, such as:

  • Dedicated after-hours VIP support line
  • Your own VIP host
  • Higher value bonuses from time to time
  • Cashback deals
  • VIP only promotions, including sporting events, cruises, holidays, and more
  • Invitations to our global roadshows
  • Cash drops
  • Faster withdrawal times and higher limits
  • Earn at a faster rate on the Captain Spins loyalty program
  • Gifts

Special VIP Levels for Better Prizes

This fantastic casino is themed so well that even the VIP ranks make our mouths water by just looking at the site’s prizes. Every rank gives you “clearance” to better rewards, which makes it really easy for you to earn extra cash and money at the Captain Spins website.

All VIP ranks work rather similarly in principle, except the site’s last rank, which you don’t hear much about: “The Captain” rank.

If you play long enough to reach this rank, and you earn enough money to do so, then you’ll have the option to earn some of the most lucrative prizes that the casino has to offer. You’ll have to play to find out what are they, though!

Captain Spins Casino for Mobile – How Does It Fare?

We’ll be completely honest with you, this is hardly a good casino to visit on mobile devices. Loading times are painful, the site isn’t optimized to work on mobile, and games don’t work quite as well as they should.

As much praise as we’ve given this casino on this review, we have to tell you to stay away from it if you intend to pay a visit on mobile.

It would be better if the site had an app that would allow for faster loading times, but there doesn’t seem to be one – at least not one in plain sight. Should this improve, then we’ll gladly change this part of the review.

In the meantime, you can check out our list of the best mobile casinos in the world if you’d like to learn of a new website that you could take on the go; wherever you go, wherever you are!

Tablet Gameplay, A New Captain Spins Experience

We were a bit harsh with this site’s mobile gameplay at first, but we stand by what we said. This casino runs extremely poorly on mobile phones and doesn’t even load a mobile version but rather works in a similar but extremely slower computer interface.

However, give this casino a try on a tablet if you have a chance – particularly an iPad or another tablet with a good CPU.

We know that most tablets don’t have SIM Card slots, which means that you’d still need to play at home or with a Wi-Fi connection, but if that’s your thing, the Captain Spins Casino won’t disappoint you.

Captain Spins Casino Software

Behind every great casino, there’s likely a large list of casino slot providers. The Captain Spins Casino is home to some of the most respected developers in the industry, which translates into the casino hosting some of the best games that we’ve ever played.

Let us take a closer look at the best Captain Spins casino software providers to help you get a general idea of what to expect at the site!

The Best Slot Providers in One Place

As far as online slots go, we can’t complain about provider quality. Among the creators that you’ll expect to find here, you’ll see:

  • Red Tiger
  • NetEnt
  • Microgaming
  • Blueprint Gaming
  • Big Time Gaming
  • NYX

And that’s just the slot providers of the casino. Check out the site’s live casino and discover the magic of other top-quality creators like Evolution Gaming!

Captain Spins Casino Payments and Withdrawals

One thing that you’ll never see us complain about when playing at the Captain Spins Casino is that this website is home to some of the best payment and withdrawal methods that we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying out. For us, logging into this casino was opening the door towards countless payment and withdrawal options that ranged from classic banking methods to complex e-wallet transfers.

Perhaps bitcoin payments are the only thing that’s missing from Captain Spins – everything else goes.

Everything Counts Except Cryptos

This fantastic online casino is home to dozens of payment methods, many of which are adaptable to your country of origin. We did notice that the site adapts your available currencies to the place that you’re logging in from, which is super helpful when picking a currency to use.

As if that wasn’t enough, the payment methods are also varied and they will appear on your screen depending on where you’re visiting the casino from.

You can visit the Captain Spins Casino and check out the site’s available options to try out almost literally any payment method except bitcoins and cryptos. Mainstream payment methods are widely available here!

Quick Withdrawals, Always on Time

We’ll be honest with you: one of the main reasons why we came to the Captain Spins Casino and decided to write this Captain Spins review was because we had heard wonders about the site’s payment and withdrawal times.

To be honest, we didn’t believe it at first. Credit card withdrawals within 48 hours? Quick bank transfers? Crazy fast e-wallet payments? It all sounded too good to be true.

We were pleasantly surprised that we hadn’t been deceived.

If you’re looking for a casino with quick payment methods and fast withdrawal times, you’re going to love what the Captain Spins Casino has to offer. As far as payment times go, this is one of the best in the industry. Pay it a visit and try it out!

Captain Spins Casino Customer Support

Not only did we have no issues with the Captain Spins customer support staff, but we also found the person with which we spoke to a very charming individual. This is the type of casino staff that we love to see, showing dedication and commitment whilst also treating visitors with a sense of care.

Email them or go to the site’s support if you will. The Captain Spins staff will answer any inquiries rather promptly.

Forgotten Your Password? No Need to Contact Support!

Check out the leftmost menu of the website and click on the “Forgotten Password” option to sort out any issues with your account without even having to talk to the site’s support! Seeing as how this is one of the main issues that presents itself to players, Captain Spins has an automatic system to deal with this issue to save you the time and trouble of having to speak to a real human being.

Wager at Captain Spins Casino and Win!

The Captain Spins Casino adventure is ready for you to embark on it. This fantastic site comes packed with a massive number of insane bonuses and daily rewards that are going to waste every day that you fail to claim them.

The Captain Spins Casino is an extremely popular and well-crafted site that will surely provide you with all the tools needed to have a lucrative and extremely reliable casino adventure. Where you choose to begin your journey is up to you, but rewards await at Captain Spins.

What are you waiting for, then? The site’s quality providers, its rather fantastic live dealer casino, and the Captain’s crazy speedy withdrawal times are there for the taking. Don’t wait any longer and register into one of the best casinos that we’ve visited in recent years!

Frequently asked questions

The Captain Spins Casino allows you to claim free spins on each of your first four deposits thanks to the site’s fantastic welcome bonus package. However, you may also claim additional bonus spins by participating in the site’s weekly bonuses, performing deposits on the casino, or even trading your loyalty points for extra rewards.

Captain Spins Casino bonuses are all dependent on you making deposits on the site. As such, all you need to do is make deposits on competent days by checking out the “Promotions” section of the casino. See which bonuses are active, plan ahead, make your deposit, and win! Most of the Captain Spins promotions are given on a daily basis, so you will have to claim your prizes by logging into the casino every day. If you miss out on a bonus on the promotions calendar, you will not be able to claim it the following day.

Captain Spins is a fully legit online casino with a fantastic €1,200 welcome bonus. The site is owned and operated by the White Hat Gaming LTD brand, a casino group that operates some of the biggest online casinos in the iGaming world. On top of that, the site is also licensed to operate legally under the British Gambling Commission, which makes it one of the most reliable online casinos in recent times.

Captain Spins accepts many of the internet’s most popular payment methods, including Sofort, Visa, MasterCard, bank transfers, and more. The only thing that you won’t find at the Captain Spins Casino is the chance to make bitcoin or crypto withdrawals. Are other popular payment methods are a go – including Skrill and Neteller!

The Captain Spins Casino has a loyalty program tailormade to be enjoyed by every loyal member of the casino. Regardless of whether you’re a high roller or a low roller, the Captain Spins Casino offers a fantastic loyalty program for you to claim the best prizes and rewards that the website has to offer!

The Captain Spins Casino loads well on mobile devices, provided that you open the mobile version of the site. We had some loading issues when we first tried out this casino and we noticed how it was loading rather slowly, but that was because the site had default loaded in the site’s desktop version. Make sure that you load the site on its mobile version and you’ll be good to go.

Yes, the Captain Spins Casino has a live dealer casino where you’ll be able to play dozens of fantastic live dealer games, provided mainly by the amazing Evolution Gaming staff. However, you need to keep in mind that this is not the main section of the casino, nor should you expect to find promotions and bonuses meant to be spent on the Captain Spins live casino. The site is home to the best table games and contest games that the live dealer industry has to offer, though. If you don’t mind playing with bonuses, then the Captain Spins live casino is the way to go.

The Captain Spins Promotions Calendar is an all-in-one promotion found at the Captain Spins website. This promotion allows you to claim one different bonus every day, depending on what the calendar shows. You will be able to claim a different bonus every week as well, as the calendar refreshes at the end of every week and provides new bonuses for the upcoming 7 days. The Promotions Calendar is a year-long promotion, where some surprise may await to those that stick around the site. Some amazing promos are sure to be unveiled during specific days of the calendar, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Captain Spins SuperPoints are the special points that you can earn to advance through the ranks of the Captain Spins loyalty program. These points can be earned in various ways, but the most notable and exclusive way to earn them is by playing new games on the casino. Every new game added to the Captain Spins website will have a x3 ratio on its loyalty point output for the span of one month. This applies to any new slot game found at the casino, no matter who the provider is.

The Captain Spins Casino divided the loyalty program into two parts. The first one is the standard loyalty program, in which every player can participate. This program allows players to claim bonus points and trade them for amazing prizes, or simply level up their account to earn better and better rewards as time goes by. There’s also an exclusive VIP section available on the casino. This section is meant to provide players with an invitation-only environment meant only for high rollers. Prizes are much more lucrative in this section of the site.

The Captain Spins Casino allows you to collect Loyalty Points in a variety of ways. Most notably, you can play any game at the casino and collect points to bolster your Captain Spins loyalty point balance and earn better rewards on the site. The Captain Spins Casino also allows you to play specific games, like new games added to the site, and claim extra bonus points when you play them. Certain casino actions also guarantee the reception of extra prizes, such as the Captain Spins first deposit, which gives you bonus points by performing the action – no matter how much money you deposit on the site!

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