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Caxino Casino (No) Deposit Bonus

Caxino Casino
Minimum deposit: €1 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €1 Wagering requirements: 35xb

The Caxino Casino has a clear goal that you will be able to detect from the start: bonuses, promotions, and tournaments are all made in a way that it makes it easy for all players to claim them. They have very clear instructions that you can follow, which will prevent you from missing out on rewards as long as you read the rules thoroughly.


The casino only has one clear way of obtaining traditional bonuses, but with one of the best loyalty programs that we have ever seen and the fact that this site is directly related to Wildz via the Rootz Group, the Caxino Casino is one of the best sites to claim bonuses on the planet.

A Quick Overview Of Caxino Bonuses

1. Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

The Caxino welcome bonus stands as one of the best bonus offers that we’ve encountered in our time as reviewers. It allows you to claim a staggering number of free spins alongside bonus money that you will be able to spend on the casino. However, what makes this offer a special one is that you can deposit as little as €1 and you would still be eligible to receive all of the free spins that this offer can give away.

2. Developer Tournaments – ACTIVE

The best developer tournaments are available at the Caxino Casino. With the Rootz Group (the site’s host) being connected to many of the world’s most important developers, the Caxino Casino has managed to host major events created by companies like Play N Go and NetEnt. We expect this site to host even more events in the near future, so register now and be sure not to miss out on them!

3. Seasonal Events – INACTIVE

It is clear that the Caxino website has made a point to host special events whenever a major world holiday comes close to happening. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and many events that mark the passing of the year will be available to be celebrated big-time at the Caxino website. Be on the lookout to receive world-class bonuses as the year goes by – disappointment is not to be expected at the Caxino website!

An In-depth Look At The Caxino Casino Bonuses

Now that you have a general idea of what this casino is all about, it’s time for us to take a closer look at all the bonuses and promotions that we just mentioned so you can have a stronger grasp of each of them, which will allow you to decide which one to claim first.

We just want you to know that, in most cases, there’s usually a tournament going on at the casino. However, there are times that there won’t be anything around to enjoy. You can rest assured that the site’s welcome bonus will always be there, though, which serves as a source of income for every newcomer that dares join the ranks of this world-class online casino.

Seasonal Events for All to Love

This amazing online casino often hosts events during the most important seasons of the year. Christmas events, holiday celebrations, and special mid-year tournaments can be expected when playing within the virtual halls of the world-class Caxino website. This fantastic online casino has proven to be home to promotions and tournaments that keep players rewarded with bonus cash and free spins as time goes by.

One of our favorite-ever Caxino promotions has been the Halloween Tournament, which had a massive prize pool of €10,000 to be split amongst all players on the casino. Participation in holiday tournaments tends to be quite easy, too! Just be sure to read the rules and you’ll be good to go – they differ for every tournament.

A Welcome Bonus Like No Other – 100 Free Spins for €1!

As much as we would like to tell you that this online casino’s tournaments are the best part of your Caxino experience, it wouldn’t be true. With one of the best welcome bonuses that we have ever encountered, the Caxino welcome bonus takes the cake.

This amazing offer provides you with up to €200 in a 100% match deposit reward, but that’s not all. The bonus also gives you 100 free spins, which you can claim by making a deposit of just €1. That’s right! This offer has the lowest minimum deposit that we have ever seen, which means that you’re basically getting 100 free spins for free – you don’t need to pay anything above €1 to receive them!

Constant Tournaments to Participate On

This amazing online casino also allows players to register on various tournaments that allow them to go head to head against other members of the casino. Come out on top and you will be able to get some of the most amazing rewards on the internet!

Tournaments at the Caxino website tend to provide players with the chance to claim free spins, free money with no wagering requirements, and rewards that will allow you to play for free at the casino or withdraw the money to your bank account or e-wallet.

Promotions Galore Await – Consistency Rewarded

If you think what we just told you is more than good enough, then you’re in for a treat. The fantastic Caxino Casino also comes packed with additional bonuses and promotions that you will be able to find across the span of the year. There might be special events that happen at certain times of the year or random reward that you will get depending on your performance at the casino.

As far as rewards go, the Caxino website has become a specialist in a very short amount of time. Now, it’s up to you to make the best of these bonuses and enjoy them to the fullest of their potential.

Rootz Group Bonuses – What You Need To Know

We need you to keep in mind that the Caxino Casino belongs to the same group that runs the extremely successful Wildz Casino. The reason we bring this up is that you might not be eligible to claim certain bonuses in the Wildz Casino if you have already claimed them in the Caxino Casino, and vice versa.

Go for the Caxino welcome bonus, make the best of your time at this world-class website, and then move onto the Wildz Casino if that’s what you wish. We strongly suggest you not to miss out on the fantastic rewards that come with registering at the Caxino Casino and exploiting its amazing welcome rewards.

The Caxino Spinbox – Rewards For The Savvy Gambler

Another fantastic way to obtain bonuses and rewards at the Caxino website, which might be overlooked by some people at first, is the amazing Spinbox feature that doesn’t necessarily count as one of the website’s bonuses. In fact, the Spinbox of the Caxino Casino is part of the site’s loyalty program, with which you’ll be able to receive free spins for the best games on the site.

Basically, you will get random amounts of free spins every time that you level up in the casino. You can level up and increase the progress on the level bar by placing bets of €0.20 or more on your favorite online slots.

If you happen to level up more than three times on a single day, the casino will throw in an additional 3 free spins that you can use in your favorite games – no questions asked! It’s really that simple at the Caxino Casino.

What To Do With Your Caxino Bonuses?

We know that receiving such massive sums of cash and free spins can be overwhelming, but the truth is that the steps you need to follow in the Caxino Casino are very easy to follow. There are two main things that you will want to do with your bonuses if you want to make the best use of them, which are as follows:

Play in Games that Give You the Most Points in Tournaments

If you’re looking to participate in one of the site’s tournaments or holiday events, then you’ll want to play games that offer high contribution rates for the leaderboards. The best way to maximize the use of your cash (be it bonus cash or your own cash) when looking to play in a tournament is by playing the tournament’s most relevant games.

Just be sure to read the rules of each tournament to ensure that the money that you’re spending is going to the right place. That’s all you need to know!

Play Slots with High RTP – There are Plenty of Them!

Now, if you just want to use your free spins in games that give the best payouts, then you’ll want to check out the titles with the best RTP on the site. There’s no better way to get the best out of your free spins than spending them in titles that pay good cash for each spin.

Even if you don’t manage to overcome the house edge during your first few spins, you’ll still be getting a decent amount of cash using the game time that you haven’t really paid for.

If you’ve gotten the spins with the welcome bonus, then they are tied to be used in certain games. However, free spins that you can spend in other parts of the casino are also commonly found on the Caxino website.

General Terms And Conditions

The Caxino Casino has some terms and conditions that you might want to be fully aware of before starting your amazing adventure on the site. They’re nothing out of the ordinary, but we’d still like to point out the most important ones for you. Read these points and you should be more than ready to claim the site’s bonuses and level up to receive your world-class Spinbox rewards!

Country Limitations

Be on the lookout for any country restrictions that might affect your experience at the Caxino website. Some countries are not eligible to participate in the site’s premises or some countries might be able to participate but they might not have access to all payment methods of the casino.

Always read and be informed about the country in which you reside to make sure that you’ll end up having a satisfying experience at the Caxino Casino.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirements for the bonuses that you get at this casino are some of the fairest on the internet. All you need is to wager the cash 35 times, for most bonuses, and you need to do it on the site’s slots. However, you may also use the bonus cash that you get here to play table games, but your cash will be subjected to a wagering requirement of 70 times the amount of money instead.

Free Spin Delivery Times

The free spins that you will get in this casino are not given to you in a single batch, unless you get them from the Spinbox feature. The welcome bonus free spins will be able to be obtained rather easily, but you need to collect them in small batches of 10 per day.

Be sure to spend them as soon as you receive them, too, or they might get removed from your account after the next batch is granted.

The Ultimate Bonuses For A New Casino – Don’t Miss Out!

As you can see, even with the Caxino Casino being such a new site, this amazing iGaming site is home to some of the best rewards that we have ever come across. Promotions that span from the most basic of bonuses to world-class rewards that you can claim from the get-go are all here to be found.

In fact, this is an online casino that we would recommend even if it only had its fantastic welcome bonus to claim. The welcome bonus is so good that it’s worth registering on the site. The fact that you can claim 100 free spins from the get-go makes the Caxino Casino one of our favorite websites – even with its short longevity.

Be sure to register, claim the Caxino welcome bonus, and then prepare yourself for the universe of additional rewards that await those who dare create an account here. The Spinbox and the site’s seasonal bonuses and timed events are not to be missed!

Last updated  September 13, 2022

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