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egoCasino Review

As one of the best and most promising up-and-coming websites that are hosted on the island of Curacao, the egoCasino has quickly left its mark in the online casino industry by offering some of the most quality games in the iGaming world to every new player that creates an account on the site.

egoCasino home

We have seen this site surge in recent months, and we’ve noticed that more and more people are registering into egoCasino to try the site out. We want you to know what the site is all about before you do it, though. That’s why we’ve created a full egoCasino guide, which will serve to inform you of everything ego-related!

Our Experience at egoCasino

Right from the minute that we created our account, we knew that the site was going to be easy to use but we were also certain that they were more bureaucratic than other sites in which we have played. They demand you to speak to the staff more often than not – particularly when you want to claim one of their world-class bonuses. No complaints here, though. WE know that they need to ensure the safety of every player and they need to be sure that they aren’t giving any money away to people that are using multiple accounts.

After being asked for some personal information, perhaps more than what we usually like to give, we got to experience the site and its massive selection of slots. Even though this amazing online casino is home to some of the best games on the planet, it is the site’s selection of slots that truly caught our attention. It is to be expected, though, as the egoCasino is provided by none other than NetEnt, Microgaming, Play N Go, and Red Tiger Gaming, four of the most popular providers in the industry.

Other sections of the site also populated with some of the best games created by Evolution Gaming, which provides players an alternative way of playing that will keep them busy for the better part of the year. 

The egoCasino Telegram Channel

As one of the most unique and fantastic features of the egoCasino, you can check out the fantastic Telegram Channel created by the casino staff. There, you will get the latest news, bonuses, information related to the site, and anything that you need to know about the egoCasino, as well as getting in touch with other players and learn more about your iGaming peers.

Loading Issues at the Site’s Landing Page

One of the few things that we didn’t like about our egoCasino experience was that the site’s landing page often had some issues when loading, which caused the site to not show us the games that we were looking for. This might have something to do with the fact that we tried out the casino using Chrome. You might want to give the site a go using other browsers. Another thing that we noticed was that the issues didn’t seem to be present in the mobile version of the casino. The issue seems to happen in the desktop version of the site, so you can rest assured that none of these issues should happen if you’re playing from your phone.

egoCasino Casino Games

The egoCasino is home to all sorts of casino games. However, the site is mainly focused on the best online slots. If you love to spin the reels and watch those rewards pile up, the egoCasino is the place to visit!

egoCasino games

Classic Casino Games – Slot, Table, and Casual

Check out the egoCasino “Casino Games” section if you’re looking to try out digital table games in which you can win amazing rewards from the start of your journey. Most of the games that you’ll find here are titles that you can play with bonus cash, but you will also thoroughly enjoy them if you try them out with your own money. The best online slots in the industry are here to be played – don’t miss out on them!

egoCasino slots

Virtual Sports at egoCasino

If you’re into sports betting and you’ve never tried out Virtual Sports before, then you’re in for an amazing surprise. The egoCasino is home to a massive selection of virtual sports games where you’ll be able to enjoy real-time betting in virtual sports, which means that you’ll be able to place some sportsbook-like wagers at any time of the day. Of course, Virtua Sports aren’t exclusive to the egoCasino. However, we do feel like it’s one of the best sites on the internet in which you can play these games!

egoCasino virtual sports

TV Games – An Exclusive egoCasino Section!

One of the best parts of the egoCasino is that it has a special section where you can find TV Games, which are either games based on TV shows or games that seem to be what you would often watch on TV. This adds a new layer of depth to the site, with a different game filter that cannot be found in some of the world’s best casinos and it’s one of those that you didn’t know you wanted until you got it. We really dig this feature and we think that the TV Games are some of the most entertaining on the site. They aren’t as lucrative as other slots, but the casino does provide you with the choice to go for whatever it is that you enjoy the most.

The egoCasino Live Dealer Experience

The egoCasino might be one of the most complete live dealer casinos that we have ever had the chance of trying out. The casino is provided by four different developers: NetEnt, Pragmatic Play, eZugi, and the world-class Evolution Gaming, the latter of which we know as the best developer of live dealer games on the planet. With a selection of titles that would make even the biggest of online casino owners envious of not having, the egoCasino truly shows its worth and makes you wonder why you haven't tried out this casino before.

egoCasino live casino

You will be able to enjoy a selection of amazing blackjack tables, discover the magic of playing live dealer roulette, and even sit with the biggest high rollers on the planet at baccarat tables that stand among the best in the world. There are many things to do in the egoCasino, and we can assure you that visiting the site’s live dealer casino is a must if you’re looking to play the best games on the planet without leaving the comfort of your home. 

egoCasino Casino Bonuses

If you’re looking for an online casino that truly knows how to reward players in the best way possible, you’ll love what you’ll find in the amazing egoCasino. The site is home to some of the best bonuses on the planet, with promotions that could pack your account with thousands of euros worth of rewards if you’re lucky enough with the money that you obtain. The site’s bonuses are some of the best in the iGaming world. You can claim free spins, free bonus cash, and even participate in exclusive games to get your hands on exclusive rewards!

egoCasino bonuses

A Massive Welcome Bonus to Kickstart Your Journey

There’s no better way for a casino to show appreciation to a new player than to give him a massive boost to their casino balance. The egoCasino is home to a welcome bonus where you’ll be able to claim up to €500 in free bonus cash, plus 50 free spins to inject your account with some free playtime that comes with the chance to earn real money as you go. This is just the first bonus of the casino, though – there are many other world-class bonuses awaiting. These include special rewards that are available all week-round. Be sure to constantly check the “Promotions” section of the casino to ensure the best of experiences possible.

Weekly Deposit Bonuses – Rewards for All

We know that the egoCasino welcome bonus is fantastic and you’ll love to claim it as soon as you register on the site. It’s a smart call, actually, as the bonus can only be claimed once. However, that doesn’t mean that there is only one deposit bonus that you can claim. The site is home to fantastic bonuses that allow you to multiply the amount of your deposit on a weekly basis.

Cashbacks and Free Spins

If you’re looking to claim free spins and cashback bonuses, then you’ll love some of the world-class promotions that you’ll have at the egoCasino. The site is home to special cashback bonuses, tied to the amount of cash that you’ve spent on the casino, with which you’ll be able to get some of your lost cash and use it on the casino. You can also find some weekly offers that will fill your account with free spins depending on how much cash you deposit on the egoCasino. You will have access to extremely lucrative rewards, provided that you’re willing to spend the cash to get it!

egoCasino Tournaments

You’ll notice that, at the leftmost part of the site, where you see the menu that packs all of the site’s games in one place, there’s also an option for you to see which tournaments are ongoing. In most cases, the egoCasino tournaments are promotions hosted by game developers, which you will be able to play either on the egoCasino or in other sites that host games from the same developers. Regardless of what you choose to do, be it play on this site or on another website, the egoCasino tournament games will also allow you to collect points for the site’s loyalty program.

egoCasino tournaments 

How do Payments Work? - egoCasino Payment Methods

The egoCasino has made it very easy for players to make deposits in the casino, but withdrawals seem to be equally as efficient when playing on this site. There are no issues with payments at the egoCasino and most of them should be processed instantly, with withdrawals taking 3 days at most (in most cases – holidays are an exception). As things stand, the casino also accepts payments in bitcoin and lithium, which means that you can get your money into your account even quicker than in other sites. You may also use both of these methods to withdraw money almost instantly, too, an option that many modern sites are lacking.

Reliable Bitcoin Payments

If you’re looking for an online casino that accepts bitcoin payments, then you’ve found your match. We know that many bitcoin casinos that ONLY accept bitcoin payments are not reliable, which is why we think that sites like this one are your best options. The egoCasino makes it easy for you to trust them by also accepting payments in the world’s most reliable credit cards.

egoCasino Loyalty Program – Rewards for the Dedicated Player

Even though the egoCasino might lack some polishing, the site’s fantastic loyalty program is one of its main selling points and one of the main reasons why we can recommend this website to most of the players that read our site – especially if you’re a high roller, as you will see the full benefits of this fantastic casino offer. With the egoCasino loyalty program, you will be able to collect rewards as you progress through the site’s ranks and as you play the best games of the casino. eCoins earned will allow you to level up as you collect them whilst also giving you the chance to trade them for a massive reward comprised of all of these coins.

egoCasino loyalty rewards and vip program

egoCasino Payout Speed – Get your Money

The egoCasino is not one of those sites that take particularly long to get your money into your bank account. However, it’s also not the quickest when it comes to payments and transfers, so we advise you to take it into consideration when making a transfer. Thankfully, this world-class casino comes packed with some of the best payment methods in the industry, so there are options for you to choose from if you’re looking to transfer your cash as quickly as possible.

e-Wallet Payouts are the Way to Go

The egoCasino makes it easy for you to choose the fastest payment methods by providing you with world-class e-wallet services in Skrill and Neteller. Either of these methods will ensure that you’ll get your cash as quickly as possible, which means that you won’t have to wait around to use your hard-earned cash as soon as you get it, if that’s what you desire. That’s not all, though. At the egoCasino, you will also have the chance to claim your cash in bitcoins and other sorts of cryptos, which means that you can get your cash out of the site without having any banking entity interfere with the money.

egoCasino Customer Service

We have no complaints about the egoCasino customer service. We gave the live chat a try so we could see how things work with our own eyes, and we have to say that we were far from disappointed. Quick response times and friendly staff make the egoCasino customer service one that even the biggest casinos would envy.

Bonuses Should be Easier to Claim

One thing that we feel would improve the online casino experience would be to have the bonuses be easier to claim. There are some fantastic offers at the egoCasino, but many of them can prove to be quite difficult to get your hands on – particularly the welcome bonus. It would be far more convenient if you didn’t have to speak to the casino staff in order to activate the best egoCasino bonuses. That is the one thing that we feel to be lacking in an otherwise amazing site that comes packed with world-class bonuses to enjoy.

An Experience of a Lifetime that Could Have Better Bonus Terms

If there’s one thing that we could say about the way the egoCasino handles bonus payments, that is the fact that there are some annoying limitations attached to otherwise fantastic bonuses. If these limitations weren’t there, people would still have a fair gambling environment in which to play and the casino wouldn’t be compromising its economic integrity by being more lenient to the players.

For example, the site’s bonuses come with a limit of €50 to be earned with no deposit bonuses, which is not a common sight in the world’s best online casinos. That is, perhaps, one of the reasons why the egoCasino still has some way to go if the site is to be seen as one of the best casinos in the world.

egoCasino – Our Conclusion

The egoCasino has proven, time and time again, to be one of the best up-and-coming casinos of its crop of iGaming sites. It might not have the crazy reputation of sites like Betsson or Wildz, but the site is quickly becoming one of the most reliable casinos of recent times – even with its simple Curacao gaming license. If you’re looking for a safe online casino that is not widely known, as well as a site that provides players with the best promotions and bonuses on the planet, you might want to check out the fantastic egoCasino. We’re sure that you won’t regret doing it.

egoCasino Pros

  • Amazing bonus variety
  • One of the best high roller casinos
  • Sections for all players to enjoy
  • Responsive website on mobile and desktop



egoCasino Cons

  • Bonuses aren't easy to claim



Casino Review by Klaas


Klaas is one of the founders of the Casino Wizard and has been part of the TCW team since the start. Klaas is, together with Matt, the main man in command at TCW. He loves to play at casinos and has visited Las Vegas many times. On every trip he tries to find a casino where he can play roulette, blackjack or slot games. At he's responsible for the long-term strategy, and dealing with the casinos. He is extremely resourceful for knowing how things operate on all sides of the gaming industry. He's also a skilled writer, and is also an expert author on (online) marketing blogs like and


The egoCasino brings a plethora of the world's most reliable payment methods to the table, as well as some of the most varied options that you'll find in the online casino industry. You will be able to play with your own money using bank transfers or card payments, as you can do in any other online casino, or you will be able to sue payment methods that go from Skrill Rapid Transfer to the world's most popular cryptocurrencies. Ethereum and Bitcoin are widely accepted in the egoCasino!

The egoCasino is a legit online casino with a gambling license given to them by the Government of Curacao, one of the most reliable online casino regulators on the planet. As things stand, the egoCasino is home to dozens of casino games created by the best developers in the industry, which makes it a very legit site where you'll be able to freely spend your cash without worrying about any safety issues. In fact, given that the casino has a Curacao gambling license, it's one of the best online casinos in which you can play with bitcoins or any other sort of cryptocurrency. The casino accepts bitcoin payments as well as Ethereum transfers and many other sorts of legitimate payment methods using e-wallets and bitcoin wallets.

The so-called TV Games at the egoCasino are the special slot games that are either sponsored by a TV show that resemble a TV show. In most online casinos, there is no distinction made between these games and the rest, but it is good to know that the egoCasino has them separated because they know how some players absolutely love to try these games out more than the rest. As such, TV games will provide you with enough adventure and thrill to keep yourself hooked to the site. Most of these games can be played with free bonus cash and free spins, too.

The egoCasino welcome bonus, a fantastic offer that could see your account credited with up to €500 in bonus cash, is to be claimed by simply making one deposit on the egoCasino. There is not much science to the offer other than visiting the "Promotions" section of the site and checking out its benefits. Before making your first deposit, though, you need to contact the egoCasino live chat. They will activate the bonus in your account and tell you the steps that you need to follow in order to make the offer available in your profile. You also need to know that the egoCasino welcome bonus comes with a few bonus rules that you need to be aware of before making your deposit, so we encourage you to read our welcome bonus article to help you have a strong grasp of the offer before you claim it.

The egoCasino is a fantastic place to claim the best casino bonuses available in the iGaming industry. As such, the site makes it easy for players of all sorts to claim the best bonuses on the casino, including the best free spin bonuses available at ego. All you need to do is visit the egoCasino "Promotions" section and see which offers are in store for you, or you can alternatively check the egoCasino bonus page that we have here at The Casino Wizard. Regardless of what you choose to do at the egoCasino, one thing's for sure: there are free spin bonuses available to be claimed every week, on top of the amazing free spins that you'll get upon making your first deposit. If you're after the best free spin rewards, then you've come to one of the best casinos in which you can claim them.

Yes. The egoCasino live section is provided by the world-class live casino game developer, Evolution Gaming, in conjunction with other titles created by the eZugi iGaming company, another newcomer to the world of live casino games that has proven to produce some of the best live dealer games apart from the popular Evo Gaming and NetEnt creators. There aren't any live casino bonuses to be claimed at the egoCasino, though. The site is home to a fantastic selection of the best roulette games, amazing blackjack titles, and some of the most popular baccarat tables in the world. You can choose whichever type of game you like the most and get down to business – the egoCasino live section is not one to disappoint.

Yes. As it is a tradition in the world's best NetEnt Casinos, the egoCasino works perfectly on all mobile devices, provided that the mobile device in question comes with a built-in mobile browser or with the ability for you to download one. In any case, most of the games on the site, as well as the egoCasino bonuses and promotions, are as functional on a mobile device as they are on a desktop. Just visit the site from any mobile device that you own and you will notice how fantastically well it works! Keep in mind that certain games, such as the casino's Virtual Sports and the Live Casino of the egoCasino website, are not good games to play on mobile if you don't have a good reception or if you're not connected to a Wi-Fi network. If you're looking to play classic table games or the best online slots on the planet, then the mobile experience of the egoCasino is not one to disappoint.

Virtual Sports are a different type of online sports betting that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years – particularly in 2020, when real sports came to a halt. Virtual Sports are live game simulations that generate a random result every time that they get played, which permits every gambler to enjoy a unique experience every time that they decide to bet on a game. Virtual Sports will always show you a different match, with a different outcome, and provide you with 24/7 chances of betting on your favorite sports.

NetEnt and SoftSwiss are two of the main game developers of the egoCasino, which hosts a selection of some of the most popular slots on the planet to provide players with the best gameplay out of any online casino in the world. You will be able to find some of the most lucrative and entertaining online slots that we have ever come across, including industry classics like Wolf Gold, Starburst, Book of Dead, and more. Fans of online slots will rejoice to look at the egoCasino game gallery, which packs as big a punch as it packs the best rewards on the internet.

Yes! And it has some of the best loyalty point systems in the online casino industry. At the egoCasino, you will be able to collect many points by simply wagering some cash in the site, and advance through the ranks of the casino to collect unique rewards that will bolster the total balance of your profile with bonus cash, free spins, and additional deposit bonuses. Earn eCoins to collect points and then trade them for rewards or keep them ready and wait for a better reward to be unlocked – the egoCasino gives you the chance to do whatever you want with your bonus money!


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3 Lucrative Slots to Play with EgoCasino Free Spin Bonuses

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Here’s How to Get 40 Free Spins Every Day at the EgoCasino

Here’s How to Get 40 Free Spins Every Day at the EgoCasino

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