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EgoCasino (No) Deposit Bonus

Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 40xb

If you’re one of those players who feel the need to constantly claim bonuses, then there’s hardly a better place for you to visit than the egoCasino.


This amazing site has made its way to become one of the best casinos, bonus-wise, on the planet. Not only will you find exclusive rewards wherever you turn your head, but you’ll also be able to claim them consistently thanks to their weekly lifespan.

It is clear that the egoCasino staff have opted to create a unique experience where players will always be able to obtain exclusive rewards as long as they remain loyal members of the egoCasino website.

Let’s take a quick look at the site’s bonuses and then dive deep into what you can expect to do with them, as well as what you can expect to do at the world-class egoCasino!

EgoCasino Casino Bonuses – Quick Overview

1. Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

As the first and most important bonus of the egoCasino, the egoCasino welcome bonus allows every player to claim incredible rewards from the minute they create their account. It’s very easy to get lost in the site’s fantastic selection of games when you can kickstart your world-class journey with a fantastic offer of up to €500 and 50 free spins

2. Weekly VIP Bonus – ACTIVE

Those who are willing to make large deposits on the egoCasino will be rewarded with an offer as lucrative as the welcome bonus, but they’ll obtain the same reward every week, which makes it an even more promising offer all around. Claim up to €700 in a 50% match deposit bonus whenever you want, once a week, with the Weekly VIP Bonus offer of the egoCasino.

3. Winged Free Spins – ACTIVE

This amazing themed promotion provides players with the chance to follow the journey of a mysterious raven, which leads you to claim a staggering 40 free spins every single day. Follow the path left in front of you by the raven and claim the amazing Winged Free Spins of the egoCasino every single day of the week!

4. Twilight Bonus – ACTIVE

Every day, during the twilight of the day, you will be able to claim up to €1,000 in free bonus cash, which means that you can obtain a massive sum of cash that is meant to be given away to the site’s most prominent VIP high rollers. This is another one of the best high-roller offers of the egoCasino, and one that could reward you greatly if you’re on the “spending” boat.

5. Morning Up Bonus – ACTIVE

If you’re not too keen on claiming a bonus during the twilight of the day, you can always wake up and claim another bonus that could reward you with up to €1,000 in free bonus money, plus 20 free spins, which you will be able to spend anywhere you want as long as its within the amazing egoCasino website.

The Morning Up bonus is another of the site’s high roller rewards and one that has proven its worth in the eyes of the most prominent gamblers of the casino.

6. Upgraded Weekend – ACTIVE

Weekends wouldn’t be the same unless you could claim some bonus cash to bolster your bonus balance – which is where the egoCasino Upgraded Weekend bonus comes in. With this fantastic promotion, you’ll be able to get your hands on up to €400 with a 50% match deposit bonus every weekend. It’s another one of the site’s high roller offers!

7. Weekly Cashback – ACTIVE

Have you been on an unlucky streak, or perhaps are you looking forward to getting some of your lost cash credited back into your account? If so, you’re in luck – the Weekly Cashback offer of the egoCasino ensures that every player gets back up to €1,000 of their lost cash into their accounts, every Sunday!

It’s a 15% cashback, though, which means that this is one of the best high-roller cashback bonuses out there.

EgoCasino General Bonus Activation

The majority of the bonuses that you’ll find at the egoCasino are meant to be activated via the site’s Live Chat. We want to point this out before diving deeper into explaining the site’s bonuses so you can be completely clear of what to expect at the egoCasino.

We honestly feel that this is one of the main issues with the egoCasino bonuses. They are not as straightforward to claim as the rest of the offers that we’ve come across. You just need to be aware that the site’s staff will need to activate your bonuses before you can make the best of them.

EgoCasino Casino Bonus Overview – What You Will Find

Now that you know what to expect from the fantastic egoCasino and the average number of promotions that the site has to offer, it’s time to take a closer look at them and explore why this online casino has grown to become such a popular place to claim bonuses on the planet.

With a decent selection of bonuses and week-long availability, it’s only natural that the egoCasino attracts as many players as it does. Let’s check out the average bonuses and why it’s one of the best high roller casinos on the planet!

High-Roller Bonuses of the Highest Sort

The egoCasino doesn’t joke around when it comes to offering players the chance to claim high-roller bonuses. Most of the rewards found on this casino are meant to be claimed by people who want to commit a huge chunk of cash to their accounts, and they will be duly rewarded by making such a commitment.

Of course, most of the bonuses can also be claimed by making smaller deposits, which doesn’t make the site an exclusive one to visit by those with a ton of cash to spend. However, the casino does offer high-rollers the chance to claim large bonuses all week, every week!

Free Spins Wherever Your Sight Goes

The egoCasino might be a fantastic site to visit if you’re a high-roller, but those players who are looking to claim amazing free spin bonuses will also love what the site has in store for them. There are two days a week in which you can claim free spin bonuses to bolster your account, so there’s always a chance for players to make the best of their time in the egoCasino and enjoy the best slots for free.

You can also use the bonus cash that you can constantly claim to obtain the best free spin rewards on the internet. Rewards seem endless at the egoCasino, and we know that you love what you hear so far. Trust us – it’s all as good as it seems!

Offers to Claim Every Week

The egoCasino is tailor-made to suit those who are looking to make the best of their weekly rewards. There are some players who aren’t too keen on claiming bonuses, and those are the players that we do not recommend to pay a visit to the egoCasino. This site offers too many world-class bonuses not to make the best of them.

Every day of the week is a bonus day at the egoCasino. Just be sure to keep your credit card at hand and make a deposit whenever you have the chance. The Casino is there for you to enjoy and the promotions won’t be going anywhere soon!

EgoCasino Casino Features And What To Do With Bonuses

Even though the egoCasino is sure to offer a ton of fantastic bonuses and rewards, you will not be as free to spend them anywhere you want as you are in other casinos. If you’re truly looking to claim the rewards that this online casino offers, then you should be aware that they’re mostly meant to be spent on the site’s best slots.

You will need to spend your real cash before you can spend the bonus money, and they all come with an x40 wagering requirement that must be met while playing online slots. It’s not a crazy high wagering requirement, but you do need to spend the money on the best online slots.

Make sure that you have some time to spare on your schedule, visit the egoCasino, and discover the best rewards that the site has to offer so you can claim its best rewards from the start.

General EgoCasino Bonus Terms And Conditions

The egoCasino bonus terms and conditions are easy to fulfill, but we’ve made a list of the site’s most important terms and conditions to help you get a better picture of what you must abide by when wagering on the amazing egoCasino.

Average Wagering Requirements

The egoCasino has set a standard wagering requirement for most of the bonuses on the site, which is just an x40 requirement for the bonus amount of cash that you receive. That bonus amount is meant to be wagered regardless of the type of bonuses that you claim. Deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses are subjected to the same wagering requirement on this casino!

Bonus Reusability

Most of the bonuses available on the egoCasino, apart from the site’s welcome bonus, are meant to be claimed more than once. The offers are part of a weekly promotion schedule in which players will be able to obtain the best rewards of the casino multiple times, but most are meant to be claimed only once a week.

You may also find amazing bonuses that you can claim more than once a week, but the majority of the offers of the egoCasino will be able to be claimed one day every week. Miss out on the day and you’ll miss out on the weekly reward.

Some of the offers can be claimed once every day as well!

Bonus Value Depending on Account Level

Some bonuses on the site, even though not all of them, will give you more cash than others depending on your VIP level on the egoCasino. For example, a bonus could match up to 15% of your deposit if you’re just starting out at the site, but if you’re a VIP member of high status, the same bonus could match up to 50% of your deposit.

This is a way to reward VIP players without leaving behind low-rollers and less-active members of the casino. You can always count on your egoCasino account to provide you with the best rewards on the site as long as you’re an active member of the casino.

Maximum Bonus Winnings

You can only earn up to €1,000 in free bonus cash with every deposit bonus on the site. The limits are imposed for every deposit bonus on the casino, so don’t be too disappointed if you’re looking to earn larger sums of cash but you don’t seem to be allowed to make withdrawals.

Any remaining sum of bonus cash in your account, other than the €1,000 that you can claim, will be removed upon a request withdrawal of your bonus funds towards your account.

Last updated  July 27, 2022

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