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Konung Casino Review

Writing our Konung Casino review took us across one of the best bitcoin casinos that we’ve ever had the pleasure of trying out, even though this website comes with a rather awkward and not easily browsable design.


The Konung Casino game sections may not be as well organized as they are in other casinos, but this website comes packed with all games that you need to play on an iGaming website.

With a bunch of payment methods available for you to enjoy and a selection of games in which to spend your bitcoins, the Konung Casino comes packed with all of the features that you should expect to see in the best online casinos in the world.

Stay with us and learn more about this fantastic site with our Konung Casino review to discover why it quickly made its way to our list of top casinos – even with its rather awkward yet fast-loading interface!

Our Experience at Konung Casino – What We Loved

There is a lot to love at the Konung Casino, and a lot to talk about and argue when it comes to defining why this online casino stands out from the rest.

We’re going to tell you all about our experience at the site so you can get a better idea of what we loved. To start it off, let us take a closer look at the two standout features of the Konung Casino that made it a far much better site than other online casinos:

Easy BTC Deposits

If you’ve played in bitcoin casinos before, then you probably know that making deposits in these casinos is not something that takes more than a couple of minutes. However, quick bitcoin deposits take a whole new meaning when visiting the Konung Casino, as it’s much quicker -and easier- to make BTC deposits on this site than we’ve ever seen.


BTC deposits and withdrawals are done in an instant and, should you struggle with any part of the process, then you can rest assured that the site’s complete BTC deposit and withdrawal guide will clear any doubts that may be clouding your brain. It’s as easy as it sounds, and as advantageous as it seems.

Easy to Browse with Potential to Improve

The Konung Casino interface loads as quickly as the fastest online casinos on the internet, even though we feel that the site’s main interface has a bit of room for improvement. The bottommost part of the site is plagued with a lot of questions that aim to make the casino more appealing to the general public, but they make the site a tad overloaded with more content than it should have.

In any case, the Konung Casino stands out for being one of the absolute best online casinos that we’ve ever seen. It’s a website that will surely improve as time goes by, and an online casino with the potential to be one of the best that you’ve ever visited – even in its current state!

Konung Casino Games – Your Favorite Games at Hand

The Konung Casino game gallery comes packed with plenty of fantastic slots that you can try and play from any device, including a large selection of slots that outshine every other section of this casino’s game gallery. In fact, Konung offers such a massive selection of slots that you’ll get to see them categorized across the internet’s most popular slot categories to make your favorite slots even easier to find.


Look for online slots with high payouts, opt to play Megaways if you’re into multiple payout games, or check out the site’s fantastic selection of jackpot slots if you’re looking to earn millions of euros on a single spin. Test your luck and see what awaits at Konung – you won’t regret it!


The Konung Casino classic slot selection comes packed with hundreds of games to try out, so you can rest assured that getting bored is far from a possibility at this casino if you’re a fan of slot games. Naturally, most of the games found at Konung are bitcoin-friendly slots and jackpot games with lower-than-usual payouts, but they’re all really fun to play nonetheless.


Classic slots and high-paying games are also found at Konung, so don’t worry if you’re keen to play popular slots with massive jackpots: they’re here as well.

We like the fact that Konung offers quite a different selection when compared to what we’re used to seeing in most modern online casinos, and we take that as a massive plus in our quest to find entertainment in the online casino world.


The popularity of Megaways slots is not a secret to anyone. The large number of Megaways games that you get to play at modern online casinos has reached Konung, where you’ll get to play some of the best Megaways games that have been released to date.


Click on the “Megaways” category and get ready to come across some of the best Megaways slots of all time, such as:

  • Big Cat King Megaways
  • Buffalo Rising Megaways
  • Eye of Horus Megaways
  • Shamrock Holmes Megaways
  • … and over 15 other world-class Megaways slots to try out!

If you love multiple winning ways and you hate games with repeating outcomes, give the Konung Casino Megaways section a try and check out one of the largest variety of world-class slots on the internet!


Now, as far as jackpot slots go, the Konung Casino is not going to disappoint you. This site’s jackpot game selection comes packed with some of the highest-paying progressive jackpot games in the online casino industry. This includes Mega Moolah, of course, and other games with multi-million jackpots worth trying your luck on.


Most of the jackpot games found here have total prizes worth up to €10,000 on most occasions, though. Mega Moolah is the flagship jackpot game that you’ll play here, but we encourage you to try your luck at others and see how far Lady Luck is willing to let you go!

Card Games – Table Games

Open the “Table Games” section of the Konung Casino and get greeted by all of the best table games that the casino has in store for you. Konung doesn’t really give a live dealer section, but the casino does have some fantastic live games that you can try out if you open this category.


The Table Games section encompasses everything that the site has to offer in terms of card and roulette games.

Seeing as how this site doesn’t have a live casino per se, don’t expect to find any contest games on this category page. Everything else does look pretty good, though.

Konung Live Casino

Konung focuses on bitcoin gambling above anything else, so you can’t expect to find many of the best live casino games on the site. It has a decent selection of casino live dealer games, but you won’t encounter some of our favorite games on the site.


In fact, you’ll notice that Konung doesn’t even have a Live Casino tab. You’ll find live casino games under the “Table Games” tab, which truly goes to show that Konung Casino doesn’t prioritize their live games as part of their offer.

You will be able to play blackjack, roulette, and other table games, but don’t expect to find too many live dealer classics at the Konung Casino – certainly not many contest games, if any at all! That’s not the site’s forte, though, so we recommend you move along if you’ve come to play Evolution Gaming masterpieces. 

Konung Casino Bonuses – BTC Promos Galore

At first glance, the Konung Casino bonus section may not seem like the most feature-packed part of the website. However, take a closer look at the Konung bonuses and discover why they’re a crucial part of your Konung experience: from a world-class welcome bonus to weekly prizes to bolster your account balance, chances to win big are aplenty at this fantastic website.


Let’s take a closer look at the main types of promotions that you can expect to find here, so you can see which of them suit your needs the most:

Welcome Bonus

As the Konung Casino flagship offer, you’ll be able to claim up to €500 and 115 free spins to be spent in the best sections of the website. This is one of the most lucrative bonus packages out there, so be sure to take full advantage of it and reap the rewards of this world-class welcome bonus.

Just remember: you need to claim each deposit bonus individually and fulfill each bonus’ wagering requirements before you can go and claim the next reward on the site. Failure to do so may result in the full removal of all bonus funds!

Weekly Prizes

Depending on the day of the week on which you visit the casino, new promotions will show at the site’s bonus section. Regularly check for new bonuses and make sure to claim your weekly reloads and free spins if you’re planning to make deposits multiple times per week, as the site truly allows for constant players to get well rewarded.

We particularly encourage you to visit the site on Friday. The rewards that you can claim by the end of the week are among the best we’ve ever seen an online casino give away.

Birthday Promos at Konung!

Is it the time of your birthday? Check out the Konung Casino birthday bonus and get one of the best rewards that the casino has in store for you: a massive bonus that you can only claim once a year!

This bonus may seem really good, and trust us: it is. However, the Konung Casino asks for verification of your personal info, so they will know if you’re lying about your birthday just to get the bonus. We strongly suggest you against doing it – especially if you want to avoid getting in trouble and eventually claim this bonus on the casino.

The Konung Casino BTC Experience

There’s just something really special about gambling with bitcoin at the Konung Casino. The site doesn’t only offer multiple ways in which you can get your BTC injected straight into your casino account, but you’ll also have the chance to try out the site’s BTC guide if you happen to be struggling.


As if that wasn’t enough, all casino games available on the casino are able to have their profits withdrawn in BTC, if you so wish. Oh, and you can also gamble your regular currency and withdraw the profits made at the current BTC exchange rate. Does it really get any better than that?

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Gambling Explained

Bitcoin gambling may seem simple to you if you’ve been around the online casino scene for a while, but some people may struggle to grasp the concept, or how to get started in the iGaming BTC world.

At the Konung Casino, you don’t have to fear. The site has actually incorporated a complete BTC gambling guide into the casino, which will allow you to claim the best casino bonuses and the best rewards even if you haven't touched a BTC casino account before. It’s one of the best parts of the website, undoubtedly.

BTC Bonus Rewards

To top off your BTC gambling experience at the Konung Casino, the site also has set up a bunch of specialized casino bonuses that provide users with bitcoin rewards. The site is made to function as a hybrid gambling website that takes payments in both BTC and standard currency, but it’s better to take advantage of its BTC gambling features while you have the chance.

Contact customer support before claiming a bonus if it doesn’t explicitly state whether you can claim it in BTC to make sure that you’ll be pleased with your rewards, but you can count on most bonuses being available in cryptos.

All Payment Methods Explained at Konung

Are you looking to wager with BTC? Are you perhaps more interested in the standard casino aspect of the Konung Casino? If there’s one thing that we learned while writing our Konung Casino review, that is that this online casino’s way of explaining payment methods to its users has to be the best that we’ve ever seen.

If you don’t understand anything about payments while gambling at the Konung Casino, make sure to ping the casino staff using the live chat function of the casino. They’ll happily help you solve any inquiries that you may have.

Konung Casino Loyalty Program

The Konung Casino’s Viking theme makes its way towards the site’s VIP program (it’s not meant for low-rollers) and provides users with a Viking adventure path that will guide you through the world of rewards that Konung has to offer.


The point collection ratio at the Konung Casino could be a tad fairer, but you’ll collect 1 CP per each €70 that you wager on slots.

Bear in mind that those €70 include the money that you’re winning and re-betting at the casino, though, so it’s not like you have to spend €70 per CP. That’s a rookie mistake that we don’t want you to make, and it’s a common misconception that we’ve seen plenty of times online.

Reward Map with Different Prizes

The Konung Casino reward map comes with various different prizes, and it’s divided into various islands that you’ll virtually pay a visit to as you explore the forsaken lands during your travels. Spend time and money at Konung Casino and forge a legend for yourself with the site’s rewards map!

Konung Casino Comp Point Guide

Konung Casino comp points may not be as easy to collect as they are on other websites, but there’s something that we truly love about them: you don’t really need a lot to earn the best rewards that the website has to offer.

On top of that, most of the Konung Casino Comp Point rewards make it extremely easy for you to cash out winnings thanks to the fact that they have much lower wagering requirements than some other promotions on the site.

Sure, comp point rewards include restrictions on how much cash you can win with them, but chances are that you’ll reach them with their very fair wagering requirements!

  • Level 1:   25 CP
    50 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 50 EUR) - WX 25x
  • Level 2:   50 CP
    75 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 75 EUR) - WX 25x
  • Level 3:   125 CP
    100 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 100 EUR) - WX 25x
  • Level 4:   250 CP
    100 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 150 EUR) + 50 EUR - WX 3x
  • Level 5:   1000 CP
    100 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 175 EUR) + 75 EUR - WX 3x
  • Level 6:   2000 CP
    100 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 250 EUR) + 100 EUR - WX 3x
  • Level 7:   5000 CP
    150 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 300 EUR) + 150 EUR - WX 3x
  • Level 8:   7500 CP
    200 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 400 EUR) + 200 EUR - WX 3x
  • Level 9:   10000 CP
    250 Free spins on BGaming (Max win 500 EUR) + 250 EUR - WX 3x
  • Level 10:   25000 CP
    Secret Prize with x1 Wagering Requirements!

Konung Casino for Mobile – How Does It Fare?

As far as the Konung mobile platform goes, we have to say that the site didn’t leave much to be desired on top of what it already has. Quick loading times seem like a guarantee no matter the device that you own, and the interface is as good as it gets.

We do recommend you to create your Konung account using a computer, as it will make the registration process much easier for you. However, we equally recommend you trying out this site’s mobile version if you’re a fan of mobile gaming – you won’t be disappointed at all.

Konung Casino Software

It may not seem like it at first glance, but the Konung Casino actually has a ton of providers supplying the casino with their games. Most of the names that you’ll find on the casino developer lists aren’t among the most renowned in the world, but Konung does host games from some of our favorite providers. Among the creators that you’ll find on the site, we have:

  • eZugi
  • Microgaming
  • NetEnt
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Play N’ Go

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Dive deeper down into the Konung website and find games by many smaller developers that are equally fun, if not more, in some cases!

Konung Casino Payments and Withdrawals

Payments and withdrawals at Konung are not an issue, as many payment methods from all over the world are vastly supported here.

From classic payment methods like bank transfers and credit card payments to modern alternatives like prepaid cards and bitcoin, this casino has all the options needed to make your deposits and withdrawal take nothing more than 5 minutes.

Remember that e-wallet payments and bitcoin withdrawals tend to take less time than anything else on the casino, as they are processed almost instantly. Use them if you’re keen to get your hands on your cash sooner rather than later.

What is Cash to Code?

Cash to Code is a special payment option that we’ve only seen at the Konung Casino. All you need to do is head to one of the global Cash to Code branches, if one’s nearby, and show them the barcode that is generated on the Konung site. This will allow you to recharge your account without having to make payments or withdrawals with credit cards or bank transfers. 

Konung Casino Customer Support

Even though the Konung Casino customer support options are indeed limited, we never had any issues with the casino, nor did we have problems contacting the staff via the site’s chat.

You can’t count on a phone number to rely on if any other issues present themselves, but considering how an issue occurs very rarely on the Konung Casino, we don’t feel like that’s needed. It would be nice, but the site’s live customer support chat often does the trick and keeps you on track.

Wager with Bitcoin at Konung Casino and Win!

Bitcoin gambling, dozens of games, and massive jackpots are all there for the taking at the Konung Casino. This site may not be home to the most lucrative promotions or games that you’ve ever played, but those of you looking to claim classic casino bonuses and play the best casino games are sure not to be disappointed when visiting Konung.

We’d like to wrap up this Konung Casino review by telling you that the site has managed to slot in right with the rest of our favorite bitcoin casinos. If you’re eager to spend your BTC now, then you’re going to love what the Konung Casino has in store for you.

Don’t forget to claim the Konung welcome bonus and set yourself on the way to glory with a head start above the rest of the players!

Konung Casino Pros

  • Accepts bitcoin and other cryptos
  • Large number of games
  • Great game RTP rates
  • Lucrative deals

Konung Casino Cons

  • Relatively slow mobile interface

Casino Review by Klaas


Klaas is one of the founders of the Casino Wizard and has been part of the TCW team since the start. Klaas is, together with Matt, the main man in command at TCW. He loves to play at casinos and has visited Las Vegas many times. On every trip he tries to find a casino where he can play roulette, blackjack or slot games. At TheCasinoWizard.com he's responsible for the long-term strategy, and dealing with the casinos. He is extremely resourceful for knowing how things operate on all sides of the gaming industry. He's also a skilled writer, and is also an expert author on (online) marketing blogs like SearchEngineLand.com and Frankwatching.com.


You can get free spins at the Konung Casino by simply making your first deposit on the site. You will have the chance to claim up to 115 free spins thanks to the Konung Casino welcome package. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, though. You can also check out the other Konung Casino bonuses and obtain even more rewards at this fantastic online casino. It’s all within reach!

Konung Casino bonuses are easy to claim. Head over to the casino’s “Promotions” section and select the bonus that you want to activate. There, you can read the rules of each bonus and the instructions as to how you can activate it. Once you’re done, make your deposit. That’ll let you claim the bonus that you want. Read the bonus rules of each promo and make sure that your deposit qualifies you to receive the offer!

The Konung Casino is a legit online casino, fully licensed and with games that operates with a license given by the Curacao Government. Owned by Dama N.V., a major casino operator that runs many casinos across Earth, the site has its parent company’s reputation to precede it. Even though the casino only has a single license, it’s a reliable casino license that lets you know you can rest assured and entrust your personal information to the group that own the site.

Konung Casino accepts most of the traditional online casino payment methods, as well as bitcoin. You can transfer your money in and out of the casino using e-wallets, bank transfers, or credit cards, as well as bitcoin wallet transfers. Do keep in mind that bitcoin is the only accepted cryptocurrency at the Konung Casino. Other cryptos are not accepted and cannot be wagered on the site.

The Konung Casino offers a good loyalty program based on a Viking adventure map, where you’ll have to progress through the islands as you level up your account. You’ll obtain better prizes and better rewards as you spend more and more time on the casino.

The Konung Casino is mobile compatible. It’s a very good online casino with relatively quick loading times. Since this online casino mainly focuses on providing users with slot games, then you can rest assured that you’ll be able to play most of the casino games without having to wait for any annoying loading times or even having to deal with lag or other connection-related issues. Most casino games are also mobile-compatible.

There is a live casino at the Konung Casino, but there isn’t a live casino section on the site. You will need to select the “Table Games” option if you want the site to display all of the available live dealer games that you can play at Konung. Keep in mind that this casino’s live section is not a priority for the owners. There aren’t even live casino promotions that you can claim, whilst the other sections of the casino do have available bonuses to be spent in any way that you want.

The Konung Casino accepts bitcoin payments. On top of that, the casino offers a complete bitcoin gambling guide where you’ll be able to learn all there is to be learned about bitcoin gambling, how to deposit bitcoin in a casino, how to withdraw bitcoin from a casino, and more. Use the guide to do learn how to deposit bitcoin and how to play with BTC in an online casino, in case you haven’t done it before.

The Konung Casino birthday bonus is a special bonus that you can claim exclusively on your birthday. The offer allows you to claim a staggering €500, but you can only do it once a year. The date in which you set your birthday to be at the Konung Casino will be the date where you’ll be able to claim this bonus. Be sure to enter the right birth date when registering at the casino, as you will be asked to verify your personal information before you can withdraw the money from your casino winnings.

Cash to Code is a special payment system that allows you to go to a local associate of the Cash to Code business and get a code that you can trade for bonus cash at the Konung Casino. It’s not a Konung exclusive, as the company works for many online businesses across the world, but it’s an easy way to make deposits at Konung without having to register credit cards or debit cards.

Konung offers a good selection of casino jackpot slots, but we recommend you visit a casino that specializes in slots, such as Videoslots or Captain Spins, if you want to truly take full advantage of online slot games with massive jackpots.

The Konung Casino has a full guide where you can see how to make deposits and withdrawals on the casino. You only need a BTC wallet and enough bitcoin to make the deposit. The rest of the process can be done via the site’s cashier!


Your Age is Worth Money with the Konung Casino Birthday Bonus

Your Age is Worth Money with the Konung Casino Birthday Bonus

Get rewarded with up to €500 on your birthday and start playing the best casino games with free bonus cash. Grow old but win more at Konung!

  • Casino Type Bitcoin, Crypto, High Roller, Instant Play, Live Dealer, Mobile, Real Money
  • Manual Flushing


  • Casino Software Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, NetEnt, Next Gen Games, Play'n Go, Pragmatic Play, Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Currencies


  • Accepts Bitcoin:


  • Languages

    English, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swedish

  • Licences


  • Owner

    DAMA N.V.

  • Established


  • Deposit methods

    Bank Wire Transfer, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Paysafe Card, Visa, Sofortuberweisung, Skrill, Zimpler, Rapid Transfer, EcoPayz, Neosurf, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin

  • Withdrawal methods

    Bank Wire Transfer, Maestro, MasterCard, Neteller, Visa, Skrill, Rapid Transfer, Virtual Card, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin

  • Minimum deposit


  • Maximum Withdrawal


  • Withdrawal limit

    €2,500 per week, €10,000 per month

  • Withdrawal times E-wallets

    24 hours

  • Withdrawal times Credit Cards

    3-5 Days

  • Withdrawal times Cheques

    Not Offered

  • Withdrawal times Bank Transfers

    Not Offered

  • Live Chat


  • Support email

    [email protected]

  • Published

    June 28, 2021

  • Last Edit

    May 17, 2022