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Konung Casino (No) Deposit Bonus

Konung Casino
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 49xb T&C apply Play responsibly
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 49xb

Konung Casino Bonuses - The Best Rewards within Reach

The Konung Casino bonuses, much like the site itself, are themed as if they were part of a Viking story. Everything that you see on the site will make you feel that you’re worthy of claiming the most valuable of Viking assets in history, with a very clear path to follow if you wish to do so.


We’re going to be taking a closer look at all of the bonuses found at the Konung Casino, even though they aren’t as plentiful as they are in other sites. Here, rewards are given to players with a clear assurance that they’ll be able to fulfill the wagering requirements and walk away with a profit soon after.

Let’s take a closer look at all of the bonus rewards that await at the Konung Casino and give you the tools to embark on the most epic Viking journey of all time. Read the rules, claim your bonuses, and watch how the profits roll into your account whilst you play the best online slots on the site and collect bonus points to earn even better prizes in the long run!

Konung Casino Bonus – Quick Overview

1. Konung Casino Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

The Konung Casino welcome bonus will allow you to make three different deposits and get rewarded with each of them, both with bonus money and bonus free spins to spend in any way that you prefer.

2. Monday Bonus – ACTIVE

Every Monday, the Konung Casino gives you the chance to claim a reload bonus based on how much cash you’re willing to deposit on the casino

3. Friday Bonus – ACTIVE

Friday reloads are the best ongoing promotions at Konung. You will have the chance to claim a staggering €50 plus 50 free spins to spend in the best games of the casino!

4. Birthday Bonus – ACTIVE

Claim a bonus of up €500, with a 100% match deposit, but only once a year – during your birthday!

Konung Casino Bonuses Explained

As the main gambling hub for fans of online casinos and Vikings altogether, the Konung Casino offers everything you need to have a complete casino experience. Bonuses are quite simple, though, so don’t you worry.

Free money bonuses come with a set wagering requirement, whilst free spin bonuses need to be spent and then have their wagering requirements fulfilled.


All bonuses are based on spending your bonus cash on the casino’s games, and on making deposits on the casino. It’s really easy, if you think of it that way.

The Konung Casino offers various types of bonuses, but they’re all relatively straightforward offers to claim and rather simple promotions to understand. All you need to do is wager your cash in the site’s best online slots and you’ll be well on your way to claiming their prizes.

How to Spend Your Konung Casino Bonuses?

Most of the bonuses found at the Konung Casino are mostly meant to be spent at the site’s slots. That’s because the rest of the games found at the casino offer very little wagering contributions towards the fulfillment of your bonus wagering requirements.

In any case, one of the things that make us love the Konung Casino is precisely the fact that you get to play any game that you want on the site whilst still being able to fulfill the requirements. You won’t be stripped of your cash if you decide to play card games or roulette, for example!

General Konung Casino Terms and Conditions

As good as all of these bonuses look, we first have to take a closer look at the site’s bonus terms and conditions to make sure that everything is as fair as it comes at the Konung Casino. Remember that Konung Casino bonuses need to be wagered with your own cash, so we have to make sure that the requirements are fair to help you decide whether you should claim them.

Wagering requirements and restrictions are going to be the deciding factors on whether you should claim these bonuses or not. Let us take a closer look at them!

Wagering Requirements

Most of the bonuses found at the Konung Casino come with a simple wagering requirement that only needs you to spend them a total of 49 times. It’s an odd number, but the Konung Casino does it to keep it low and still provides you with a good amount of money to be earned at the site.

You also need to know that most of the bonuses found at the casino come with a staggering timeframe that keeps you focused on achieving the goals, but also makes it available for you to take your time to do it. You have a total of 2 weeks to withdraw the wagering requirements.

Bonus Restrictions at Konung

There are some additional restrictions that you need to keep in mind if you’re looking to make the best of your time at the casino with its amazing bonuses. Let us take a closer look at what to expect when claiming bonuses at Konung to help you get a better idea of what’s to come and what rules you must respect at the casino:

  • Most bonuses found at the site need you to deposit at least €10 to claim them
  • Cashbacks have a maximum win limit, but other bonuses do not
  • Players from the following countries are not eligible to receive any free spins from the casino: Romania, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Philippines, Czech Republic, Portugal, Slovakia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Middle East (Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq with its autonomous Kurdistan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen), Africa, Mongolia

Casino Bitcoin Bonuses Aplenty at Konung!

The Konung Casino has set up quite a Viking path for you to follow. We all know how the Vikings of old tended to be ruthless and merciless in their search for riches. At the Konung Casino, you get to relieve the steps of those old warriors and try your luck as you aim to make a world of profits yourself.

It won’t be easy, as many obstacles are waiting in your path. However, should you be brave enough to do it, a ton of incredible rewards will be there for the taking, and prizes will all but fall within your reach.

Pay a visit to the Konung Casino and check out all of the bonuses that it has in store for you. Remember that your participation qualifies you to receive some of the site’s CP, which will then allow you to claim even better bonuses with the Konung Loyalty Program. Rewards build up like a Norwegian snowball at the Konung Casino, so wait no longer and visit this world-class site now!

Last updated  September 1, 2022

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