Madame Chance Casino Bonuses


The Madame Chance Casino might not be one of the highest-rated online casinos in The Casino Wizard, but the site rewards players with thousands of euros upon making their first few deposits after registration. If you’re on the hunt for the best free spin bonuses or match deposit bonuses on Earth, you might’ve stumbled upon a good place to begin.

madame welcome bonus

With more than 300 online casino games, a live casino, and dozens of places where you can spend your bonus money, there’s not a single chance on Earth that you’ll end up getting bored at the virtual halls of this fantastic casino.

However, as lucrative as these amazing bonuses sound, you still need to know that some of the offers that you’ll get here are subjected to some hefty rules.

We want to explore these rules and tell you all about the Madame Chance offers so you can get a better idea of what you’ll find here. Disappointments are not what we want you to experience when it comes to such massive casino bonuses.


1. Welcome Bonus – ACTIVE

The Madame Chance welcome bonus gives you a staggering €2,400 in free cash to spend on your favorite games of the site! All you need to do is make a deposit of €600 and you’ll be good to go.

2. Free Spins Friday – ACTIVE

Every Friday, you can make deposits at the Madame Chance casino and get ready to receive even more free spins to go alongside your money. More money, more spins, more game time – and way more fun!

3. Early Bird - ACTIVE

 A promotion meant to provide morning gamblers with an injection of free spins to enjoy online slots before heading off to work. One deposit is all it takes!

4. Happy Hour – ACTIVE

Every Thursday and Friday, you can make a deposit and contact the casino’s customer support to get your hands on a bonus that is tailor-made to suit your needs.

5. Tuesday Topup – ACTIVE

Tuesdays come with a 120% match deposit bonus to claim upon making one deposit on this fantastic online casino.


Madame Chance bonuses are, on their overwhelming majority, match deposit bonuses of one sort or another. You will get rewards based on how much cash you’re willing to commit to the casino, which means that your rewards are tied to the money on your account.

The thing about Madame Chance bonuses is that they’re often matching much more money than bonuses found in other casinos. That’s why they have stricter rules, but you should be able to get much more cash than average when claiming bonuses on this fantastic website.

For example, you’ll notice how there are many bonuses here that match up to 400% of your deposit. That means that a regular deposit of €20 would yield a grand €100 instead. No casino is logically going to give away so much cash for free, so that’s why sites like Madame Chance impose rules that make you wager the cash multiple times before withdrawing it.

You will end up spending most of the bonus cash in the site’s top online slots, but the bonus cash may also be spent in other parts of the website as long as they contribute toward the fulfillment of the wagering requirements.

Sites with bonuses like this one might require you to get the best of your time if you wish to withdraw the money eventually. You can check out our guide on how to fulfill wagering requirements quickly if you want to save yourself the time and trouble of doing so.


The one question that always pops up when we discuss the Madame Chance bonuses is whether the casino’s offers are easily fulfillable or if it’s even possible to get your hands on the bonus money. We think the bonus terms and conditions could be fairer, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to obtain any of the cash.

The rules that you need to comply with making some of the bonuses less appealing than others, but we won’t lie to you: it is possible to obtain the rewards if you’re committed -and lucky- enough.

As far as we’re concerned, though, there are many bonuses that are far easier to obtain than the Madame Chance offers – even when considering how lucrative they are. We will get into further details on our terms and conditions section and we’ll discuss the bonus rules of the wagering requirements so you can get an idea of what we mean by this.

In any case, the bonus rules of the Madame Chance casino are part of the reason why the site is not one of the highest-rated websites on The Casino Wizard. We want our readers to have the most fulfilled of experiences when visiting their favorite online casinos, and we know that hefty bonus rules can often prove detrimental when a player is trying to enjoy their time at any given site.


There are many rules that make these bonuses a tad hard to claim, but we’re going to focus on the most important ones of the bunch to help you get a much better idea of what the offers are about and why we think that the Madame Chance Casino bonuses are still worth claiming.

Keep in mind that we’re not going to focus on many rules that are common in most casinos, but you can still check them out on the Madame Chance website itself if you want to get a more general idea of all rules.

Wagering Requirements

Most of the bonus offers on the casino are subject to similar wagering requirements, so we’re going to focus on the match deposit bonuses that form the welcome bonus package to help you get an idea of what we think of these rules.

At first glance, you’d think that the bonus cash that you’re receiving is given under very fair terms. They say that the wagering requirements are x20, which seem ridiculously low for such lucrative offers. However, you must keep in mind that these include the bonus cash and the deposit.

For example, if you happened to make a deposit of €20, you’ll get €100 in total, and you’d need to wager €2,000 to get your hands on the bonus money. It’s tough, and we believe that there are better bonuses that you can claim if you want to get your hands on some free cash.


The Madame Chance Casino has a traditional VIP program where you will be able to collect points as you play in the casino and then trade them for cool rewards at some point after you’ve collected enough of them.

Do keep in mind that the points are difficult to collect, but they form part of a loyalty scheme that keeps players hooked to the site and they do allow you to get some sick rewards after you’ve managed to collect a decent amount of them.

There are some days at the site where some games give you double the number of points that you would normally collect. Those special days are the ones to play certain slots and selected casino games where you can collect twice the number of points and grow your legends quicker than other players!

In general, don’t expect the Madame Chance casino to provide you with the best loyalty offers or the most prestigious VIP rewards in the iGaming world. You can expect, however, a very decent number of games where you’ll enjoy offers of the highest kind.