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Online Casinos Malta

Looking for the best Malta casinos but you can’t seem to find them? Don’t you worry – we’ve brought you this list of recommended Malta casinos in 2023 to help you choose casinos that come with incredible bonuses and with the chance for you to claim the best rewards that the internet has to offer in the country. Select your favorite welcome bonus and begin your journey with a bang!

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61 Betsson Casino Logo
100% up to €1,000 + 200 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €1 - €20 Wagering requirements: 35xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €1,000 + 200 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €1 - €20 Wagering requirements: 35xb
62 Betsafe Casino Logo
100% up to €200 + 100 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 40xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €200 + 100 Free Spins
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 40xb
63 Casino Logo
20% Cashback On Your Losses
Minimum deposit: 0.0006 BTC Wagering requirements: x3 T&C apply Play responsibly
20% Cashback On Your Losses
Minimum deposit: 0.0006 BTC Wagering requirements: x3
64 BetHard Casino Logo
100% up to €100 Free Bonus Money
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 20xb+d T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to €100 Free Bonus Money
Minimum deposit: €20 Wagering requirements: 20xb+d
65 Betfair Casino Logo
50 Free Spins No Deposit No Wagering
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: no wager T&C apply Play responsibly
50 Free Spins No Deposit No Wagering
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: no wager
66 888 Casino Logo
100% up to $200 in Free Bonus Cash
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 30xb T&C apply Play responsibly
100% up to $200 in Free Bonus Cash
Minimum deposit: €10 Wagering requirements: 30xb
67 7Bit Casino Logo
Up to $/€500 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.0005 BTC Wagering requirements: 40x T&C apply Play responsibly
Up to $/€500 (or 5 BTC) + 100 Spins
Minimum deposit: 0.0005 BTC Wagering requirements: 40x
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Online Casinos in Malta

We all know about the importance of the gambling license in Malta, but just how good are online casinos that operate in the country? Are there really real money casinos that operate in Malta, or do player from the country have to opt to play the best online casinos in the world if they wish to gamble? Well, when it comes to online gambling in Malta, things are as liberal as they have been for years.

Malta has never been known as a country where gamblers have had issues, and many of its local casinos are licensed by the local gambling authorities. In most cases, those local casinos rarely have any issues, and the country has started to be known as a hub for players that love to gamble from all parts of the world.

The island might be truly little, and with a population of less than half a million people, it’s only natural to imagine that the island’s economy wouldn’t be as big as it is in other countries. However, the legalization of gambling has allowed Malta to thrive and people from all over the world can enjoy the benefits of this by having a popular and renowned authority regulating the world’s biggest sites.

Do keep in mind, however, that the world’s best online casinos are not hosted in Malta. Most of them are licensed by the Malta gambling authorities, but they don’t really host any servers inside the country because of economic reasons. As such, it’s much more common to play in foreign online casinos licensed by Malta even if you live on the island itself.

Malta Online Casinos and Land-Based Casinos

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Malta is to practice gambling in many of its forms inside the country. You will find many online sites that offer their services for residents of Malta, while you will also find many tourists that simply go to Malta to enjoy the spectacular cultural sites alongside the best land-based casinos on Earth.

We have talked about, in other pages, about the importance of online gambling in some countries and why so many players would often prefer to visit websites rather than going to physical casinos. This is not the case with the Maltese state of things.

In fact, you have the chance to play online or in most land-based casinos with an equal result to be expect when it comes to your enjoyment. Games are aplenty in most online casinos in Malta, you’ll have access to the best online casino promotions, but you’ll also have the chance to visit land-based casinos and play awesome games there. You have the chance to choose what you want to do as a Maltese citizen!

Furthermore, the number of online casinos that people from Malta can access makes it unreasonable not to consider online gambling as a legitimate source of entertainment. People from the country can access every single online casino that has been licensed by the Maltese Gambling Authorities, as that means that the country’s government is given their indirect approval of the sites.

You can find the best online casino games and titles in the country. You can also find promotions and other sorts of amazing features, as online casinos are allowed to operate to the fullest of their extent in the country’s grounds.

Popular Gambling in Malta

Online gambling is a very popular activity in Malta, but not everyone does it at online casinos. There are many Maltese residents who would rather spend their time and money on some of the world’s best sportsbooks, as many residents of the country love to wager and bet on any sport that you can think of.

With that said, there are many types of games that are popular amongst the Maltese gamblers. You’ll find people who absolutely love slots, who constantly visit online and land-based casinos to try their luck at the most entertaining slot games that you’ll find in the country.

You will also find people who would rather sit at a table and play against others in gams like poker. Gamblers are aplenty in the country, and you’ll have the chance to try out the many services that the people from Malta enjoy whether you live in the country or just passing by.

Thankfully, seeings as many of the best NextGen casinos in Malta and the best NetEnt Malta casinos are everywhere to be found, which means that you'll find all of the most popular games in Malta in the best online casinos.

Gambling Licenses in Malta – The Malta Gambling Authority (MGA)

If you’ve been around the online casino scene for a while, you’ve probably noticed how many online casinos hold licenses, which supposedly ensure that the sites are legit and your money is safe when wagering it with them. If you’ve visited over 10 online casinos, probably at least 7 of them hold a Maltese gambling license if they are some of the world’s best online casinos.

The Maltese gambling licenses is currently being given away to online casinos that can prove to the authorities that they have what it takes to offer every player the chance to wager in a fair environment where the odds are fair even if the casino has an edge (which is inevitable in any modern online casino).

Even though some sites currently say that the Maltese gambling license has lost some prestige in recent years, that really couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Every single one of the best online casinos in Malta as well as any other online casino in the world holds one of these licenses, and you won’t find a single online casino that practices shady business with a Malta gambling license.

We do think, however, that some of the sites that apply go get the Malta gambling license are not amongst the best online casinos in the world. You’ll often see how some very shady casinos apply to get licenses from Malta, and they are, more often than not, rejected. You’d need to be very lucky to fool the gambling authorities of the country.

The Legacy of Online Gambling in Malta

We want to dedicate a special section of this page to talk about gambling in Malta and why it’s one of the pioneers of online gambling security as we know it. Even though the country isn’t known as one of the giants of online gambling in terms of its population, the authorities of the country are the first that implement any sort of regulation to online gambling in a world that wasn’t regulated before.

As such, many online casinos would just pop up and people wouldn’t know whether to trust them or now. Malta changed this by introducing a special commission that made sure to review the world’s largest online casinos and ask them for requirements if they wished to be licensed by the Maltese authorities.

The regulations that were first employed by the Maltese government have truly allowed the online gambling scene to flourish under a world of virtue and honesty that was unexpected at first. It was hard to tell just how legit an online casino was, because even the scummiest of sites would look like a legitimate website because of their design.

Nowadays, thanks to the pioneering that Malta did, there are many other entities around the world that are responsible for licensing the world’s best online casinos. In fact, the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom started their operations after the Maltese government started regulating online casinos sites.

Features and Best Online Casinos in Malta

Whenever you decide that you want to gamble online in Malta, you’ll probably be asking yourself what you can expect from the best online casinos Malta players can play at. As such, we’ve made a list of the key features that you can expect to find in the best online casinos in Malta. We do want to let you know, however, that not every single one of these casinos offers the same features. Some of them stand out as the best NetEnt Casinos in Malta, whilst others strive to be the finest of Microgaming Casinos in the country.

Furthermore, you’ll also find some online casinos with specialized sportsbooks and live dealer sections, while others are organized in a more generic way. In any case, you can expect to find the best online casino features in Malta.

Casino Games in Malta

If variety is what you’re after, then rejoice. The number of games that you’ll find in most of these sites is unrivaled by none others, and they can all be played in mobile devices if you wish. Many of the world’s finest game developers don’t operate in Malta, but they do allow their games to be played in the country. In fact, many developers specifically make games that can be played in online casinos with Maltese gambling licenses!

Online casino games are very popular in the country, especially when it comes to slots. As such, the best slots of the internet can be found in any online casino that you can visit from Malta.

Casino Bonuses Malta

Just like online casino games, you’ll also be able to find the best online casino bonuses in Malta if you know where to look for them. All of the online casinos that we’ve listed in this article are thought to offer the best online casino bonuses that you’ll find, with many of them having the chance for you to claim free spins, match deposit bonuses, as well as many other of the internet’s finest offers like no deposit bonuses. Visit all of these online casinos and find out why everyone loves the rewards that they give to players!

Malta Online Casino Safety

If there’s one thing we can’t really complain about, that is how safe it is to gamble in any online casino that holds a license in Malta. The best online casinos in Malta that are licensed by the MGA are known to be some of the safest sites in the world, as well as places where you can gamble without having to fear for the safety or integrity of your personal data.

The commission of the country emphasizes on evaluating online casinos with top-quality user protection services, so you can rest assured that no one will be looking to steal your information from any of these sites. We have also prioritized looking for online casinos in Malta that also hold licenses in other online casinos.

As such, you’ll also notice how some of these sites have licenses from the Gambling Commission of the United Kingdom, one of the world’s best online gambling associations.

In our experience, it’s more than enough when a casino holds a Maltese gambling license, as the site is already secure enough to gamble there. However, the UK license also holds a bit more prestige even if it’s not as old as its Maltese counterpart, so it’s always good to have an online casinos with both licenses at the same time.

Best Online Casinos Malta

There are many online casinos that have a shot at being called the best online casinos in Malta. However, searching for the best online casino to suit your needs as a player in Malta might not be the easiest or fun of tasks. We know that many of you would rather jump in and play in the best online casino Malta has to offer, so we’re going to save you the trouble of searching.

32Red is thought to be one of the best online gambling sites in the country, and you’ve probably already heard of this website. This online casino has everything it needs to be called one of the finest on Earth. It’s also one of the best-known online casinos that you’ll find, as it has advertisements plastered all over the internet as well as in many sports teams.

There are also some other top-quality websites that you can access if 32Red isn’t your thing. Let’s take a better look at them, here!

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