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Looking for Mastercard casinos? The following list will help you find the most trustworthty casino sites of 2023 that accept this payment method. Our complete list packs the best Mastercard casinos, in which you can play fantastic games and claim bonuses with Mastercard deposits.

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Mastercard is one of the world’s most acclaimed payment network processors. As such, Mastercard casinos tend to be among the most popular in the iGaming world, given just how widespread the payment method itself is. Almost every single online casino accepts Mastercard payments unless we’re dealing with bitcoin casinos as a whole.

We’re going to take a closer look at the benefits of using Mastercard in the best online casinos in the world and learn why Mastercard casinos are among the best in the iGaming world. Let’s take a closer look at these online casinos, their benefits, and the widespread advantages of playing in casinos that accept Mastercard.

Advantages of Using Mastercard

It’s time to take a closer look at the benefits of Mastercard casinos to see just why so many people are keen to make the best of their time playing in them.

Better Limits

Mastercard is a world-renowned company that handles payments in many of the world’s biggest institutions, which also means that they work with large limits. In fact, playing in Mastercard casinos and choosing credit card payments often means that you’ll have access to the largest deposits in the iGaming world apart from the ones you’d get with bitcoins and other cryptos.

If you’re a high roller, you may want to use the limits of Mastercard casinos to your advantage or, at the very least, use bitcoins or cryptos to make the best of your iGaming experience.

Widespread Availability

Mastercard is a company that operates in almost every corner of the world. This also means that you should be able to make Mastercard deposits in any online casino of your choice, provided that the casino is legally available to be visited from the location in which you live.

Mastercard may not be an available payment method in certain online casinos with non-traditional payment methods available, but the widespread availability of Mastercard makes it possible for you to get your money in and out of online casinos with the ease of knowing that Mastercard makes it available for all to enjoy.

Reliable Payment Option

Mastercard casinos are also among the most reliable in the world when it comes to the stability as well as safety of the platform per se. With Mastercard having a reputation to live up to, you can rest assured that almost every Mastercard casino that you visit is one that is safe and reliable.

You should still take the licenses of the casinos into consideration, though. The widespread availability of Mastercard also means that shady online casinos may circumvent regulations to make it so they can accept payments using credit card payments while still scamming you out of your cash.

Straightforward Deposits and Withdrawals

We all know that bitcoin and certain e-wallet services make your money get to your accounts of choice much quicker than with traditional credit card payments or bank transfers, but there’s hardly going to be a more straightforward way to get your money into an online casino than using Mastercard as your payment method of choice.

With direct credit card transfers, all you’ll need to do is enter your credit card info once and you’ll have your money credited to your account in a heartbeat, depending on the rates of the online casino of your choice.

Safer than Any Other Method

Mastercard casinos allow you to make payments using your own credit card, which isn’t relying on cloud servers or anything alike to make it work. That means that the safety of Mastercard payments is just as effective as you are when keeping your credit card info safe.

All you need to do is make sure that the online casinos that you’re visiting are reliable and licensed, as this will ensure that your credit card info will remain safe and free of any trouble. You can then visit the casinos that you like the most and spend your cash in any way that you want.

Chargebacks are Much Easily Handled

Modern e-wallet services and even crypto wallets make it easy for you to make safe transfers, but even the best customer support of bitcoin services makes it quite difficult for you to have a safer option than a Mastercard deposit. The reason why is pretty simple: chargebacks are easily done with Mastercard in Mastercard casinos, so you can always get ahold of your money if something goes wrong.

Playing in legit online casinos goes a long way into avoiding any trouble while gambling online and not having to resort to chargebacks, but there are things that aren’t in the casino’s hands and Mastercard is a great way to avoid any issues.

Disadvantages of Using Mastercard

Even though Mastercard casinos are among the most reliable gambling institutions on the planet, there are still some disadvantages that come with the use of Mastercard when gambling online. From privacy issues that are not present with bitcoins to other factors that influence payments and fees, Mastercard casinos may not be the way to go for you if you’re looking for speed and anonymity.

Your Data is Far More Exposed

Your personal data is far more prone to be exposed when you give away the details of your credit card. With that said, Mastercard casinos are protected by a ton of safety protocols that make it quite easy for you to keep your data intact even when giving it away.

That doesn’t mean that your information isn’t exposed, though.

If you’re looking for online casinos that keep your data free of third parties, then we suggest you take a look at bitcoin casinos.

Not as Quick as Bitcoins

Safety is not the only issue that arises when playing in Mastercard casinos. There’s also the fact that online casinos that accept credit card payments are not as efficient when it comes to payment processing, but not because of the casino itself but rather because of the banks and entities that intervene in the transfer.

Credit card payments are subjected to third parties that make payments slower and not automated as it does happen with other services. As such, credit card payments are not as quick as bitcoin payments and will never be – at least not for the foreseeable future.

Just like we said in the first point, data is far more exposed when using a credit card than it is when you use other more cryptic methods. The need to link your card or even your bank account to a casino leaves your information exposed for the online casino to see, as well as for your ban entity to know just what you’re doing with your money.

Some people simply don’t trust online casinos to properly handle their personal information. Others may prefer to take a closer look at the best Mastercard casino and simply use other payment methods available in them.

If you don’t feel safe giving away too much of your info, then don’t link your bank account or credit card to the casinos under any circumstances.

Costs of Using Mastercard

The fees of using Mastercard when gambling online are tied to the fees of the bank in which your account is registered. As such, you can find Mastercard casinos that charge a grand total of 0% per transaction fee, while other casinos may charge larger amounts that can be found to be around 2%.

Anything higher than a 2% fee for a Mastercard withdrawal is a no-go for us. We suggest you look at other payment methods if you happen to find yourself in front of a larger fee.

How Fast Will You Receive Profits on your Mastercard Account?

Typically, Mastercard withdrawals take 3 to 7 business days in online casinos. Mastercard withdrawals are among the slowest ways in which you can withdraw your money, but the fact that you’ll have it directly deposited in your bank account (or paid to your credit card) is just one benefit that many players can’t help but love – including ourselves!

Great Alternatives for Mastercard

If you’re not too keen on using MasterCard credit cards or MasterCard debit cards to play in online casinos, then we’re going to tell you all about the best Mastercard alternatives for you to get your cash in and out of any site of your choice:


PayPal is not as widespread in the world of online casinos as other payment platforms, but one thing’s for sure: PayPal casinos tend to be among the most reputable in the industry given the fact that PayPal doesn’t like to associate itself with low reputation sites.

PayPal casinos typically offer quick transfers, but their main advantage is that PayPal will not likely side with the casino in case of a dispute that favors the player.


Skrill is a massive e-wallet service that accepts over 100 different payment methods for you to recharge your e-wallet with coins, which effectively turns any Skrill casino into a site that accepts hundreds of payment methods on its own.

Skrill provides you with low fees and fast transfers, which further aids the fact that it’s one of the best payment methods in the industry.


Neteller is one of the main payment methods used in the online casino industry. The company is widely known as an e-wallet service that is commonly used in the online casino world, as well as in the Forex industry, and even by traders.

Neteller casinos are plentiful. You’ll notice that almost every single one of the best online casinos listed on The Casino Wizard stands out for having Neteller as one of their main payment methods.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

The widespread use of cryptos in the world of online gambling is one that should never be taken for granted. The vast amount of people who opt to play with cryptos and claim the most lucrative bonuses in the industry is far too large to overlook.

As such, using cryptos is another great way to get your cash in and out of online casinos. Just choose the casinos that you trust the most, make sure that they’re properly licensed, and get started in the iGaming world. Cryptos and bitcoin casinos are trustworthy and among the best in the industry.


Mastercard casinos are aplenty, and the safety that comes with using Mastercard is one that no one should take for granted. Any issues will be properly handled and chargebacks will be done in a much easier fashion than what you’d do with any other casino payment method.

If you don’t mind trusting reputable online casinos with your credit card information, then we truly recommend you check out MasterCard casinos to get your cash in and out of them with the backing of a reliable, trustworthy, and worldwide company.

Remember that most online casinos also let you use MasterCard debit cards to make payments, so your options truly are aplenty to choose how you want to play online.

Last updated  June 1, 2023

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