How to Find the Best Mobile Casinos in Canada – Canadian Mobile Casinos

One thing that can’t be questioned about mobile gambling in Canada is that the practice is growing more and more each day. This is not only due to the popularity of gambling increasing in the country, but also because online casinos are taking a keen interest in developing better mobile gambling technologies and making sites more compatible with all sorts of devices.

As such, it has become a priority for many Canadian gamblers to take their gambling with them and play in some of the world’s best online casinos using their phones or tablets. Here, you’ll find some of the main features that an online casino should have if you’re looking for the best mobile casinos in the world.

Game Variety and Compatibility

It’s very important for an online casino to have a great variety of games available if you intend to stay on the site for quite some time. It makes no sense for you to look for a small online casino if you want to play there in the long run, as that would simply mean you’re going to get bored of its limited selection of games and features sooner rather than later. 

The modern state of mobile casinos allows for people to enjoy all of their favorite games on most sites, but it’s important to note that some games simply aren’t made to be played without a mouse and can feel extremely clunky when using a touchscreen. 

In any case, the best mobile casinos in Canada should have a decent enough selection of games that are mobile compatible for you to enjoy your stay – however long it may be. Check out any of the casinos we’ve listed here and try out hundreds of games from that small device that you carry in your hands!

Casino Bonuses in Canada – Mobile Casino Bonuses

Canadian mobile casinos have some of the best online casino bonuses that we’ve encountered so far. With users being able to try out new games with free money and free spins, it’s only logical that so many people opt to play with bonus money over their own.

However, not every single casino in Canada provides users with the chance to play with bonus money. You’d be thankful to know, however, that every single online casino that we’ve listed on this site gives you rewards in different instances. Each of these casinos rewards you with welcome bonuses that could see your original deposit doubled!

Overall Casino Mobile Performance 

The performance of a mobile casino is very important for Canadian mobile gamblers. Issues with performance tend to be more prominent in older devices, as mobile-data issues tend to be far less of a problem in Canada than they are in other parts of the world. 

Mobile reception in Canada is way above the world’s average, so players can freely enjoy some of the best casino games and even data-heavy titles such as live dealer games using their phones in the country.

You do need to visit online casinos that don’t consume as many resources from your device, though, unless you have a top-of-the-line phone or tablet that is capable of running modern games.

Best Mobile Casino App in Canada

The best mobile casinos in Canada don’t have an app that you can download it play them. Instead, many of these websites come with the option for you to load the games directly from your mobile browser and play the games directly from the site. 

Instant play casinos on mobile seem to be the way of the future, and you can see this even in mobile casinos that come with an app – oftentimes, the app simply redirects you to the casino without you having to open the mobile browser itself!

What to Play? Mobile Casino Games in Canada

Mobile casino games in Canada make it extremely easy for players to get lost in the moment while looking for a game to play, as the game galleries of every online casino on this page are big enough for you to browse them for days at a time. In any case, there are some casino games that simply can’t be played on mobile.

Most of the time, you should notice that most of the games available in an online casino can be played in its mobile version as long as you have a device with a powerful enough GPU to run them.


Canadian slots and lovers of free spins can happily rejoice in the fact that these games tend to be the ones that run smoothest in mobile casinos. They require little mobile data to function and even devices that are older than 2 years should have no sort of issue running the games whatsoever. 

Most types of slots should be able to be played in mobile devices, be it in mobile casino apps or by visiting the mobile casino of your choice from your mobile browser. Playing is easy, and winning rewards is easier than ever. 

Table Games

Table games weren’t being developed for mobile gaming in the past, which caused a lot of issues with compatibility, as the games simply didn’t move well at all if you didn’t use a mouse to select certain features. However, as the gambling industry has grown and shifted towards a mobile approach, most online casinos are now offering table games that can be played in their mobile versions too. 

Keep in mind that table games require more processing than regular slots, particularly those that come with better graphics. Modern table games need you to have modern tablets and phones to play them.

Live Dealer Games

Mobile casinos in Canada tend to offer the best live dealer games to their players, most of which are developed and provided by Evo Gaming. Titles made by this company tend to work reasonably well in most mobile devices, but as we always tell to our players: be sure to have a good mobile connectivity if you want to keep up with the pace of the game.

Remember that live dealer games work as live streams, and you may have issues with the games if your connection is unstable. 

Online Gambling in Canada – Is It Legal to Gamble in Canada?

Canada is one of the countries where online gambling freedom is almost entirely on the hands of each citizen. It’s up to you, as a Canadian, whether you’d like to spend your time and money in an online casino and for how long, as the government doesn’t impose heavy restrictions on individuals in the country.

Do keep in mind, however, that gambling is regulated and you should only visit online casinos that allow Canadians to play legally in them. Check out bonus offers and conditions to make sure Canada is within the list of countries eligible to claim promotions and play on each site – especially if you’re not going to play in one of the casinos that we’ve listed here!