What Makes a Good Mobile Casino? – UK Mobile Gambling Guide

The best mobile casinos in the world all share a similar set of features that make them distinct from the rest. As such, the best mobile casinos can be quite similar in certain aspects, but each offer unique features that make them stand out and often make some gamblers prefer certain casinos over others, even when all of them are of the highest level of quality. 

The features that define an online mobile casino and how good they are, as well as the features that most gamblers in the UK tend to look forward to seeing in an online mobile casino, are often related to the high-quality level of performance of each individual casino. QOL features are also of utmost importance to gamblers. These features are, in no particular order, as follows:

Mobile Casino Performance

The way an online casino perform on your phone is probably the most important aspect of a mobile casino. Given that some tablets and smartphones aren’t capable of running many processes that require a lot of performance at the same time, and some devices aren’t even capable of properly running one, it’s important for online casinos to offer games that can be run by any device.

Mobile performance doesn’t necessarily mean that the online casino comes with an app that enhances the performance of a device. In fact, in most cases, casino apps are simply gateways to the online casino website itself but with a different design, that better serves the purpose of suiting a mobile screen. 

In most cases, it’s the design of the website itself (as well as its coding) what determines how a site works on mobile devices. Websites with proper HTML5 coding are usually the casinos that’ll work better in mobile devices.

Mobile Game Variety

You might log into an online casino on your PC and find yourself presented with a massive variety of casino games, but whenever you go to the same website on your phone, you might come across the same gallery of games but many of them won’t be accessible. That’s because online casino games are mainly made to be played on a computer when they’re first developed.

However, the best online casinos in the UK allow players to access most of their games from their phones. You will find that many online casinos have made the ultimate compromise to allow players to visit most of their games using mobile devices because the modern casino market is growing so quickly that hundreds of mobile players are joining their ranks on a daily basis.

Back when live dealer casinos came out, it was difficult to play one of them on your mobile devices. However, as things have progressed, you’ll now find yourself with the option to play the best casino live dealer games from your mobile device with no problem whatsoever.

Casino App

The fact of whether an online casino has an app could be important for some players, but like we said, not every online casino needs an app to run smoothly. Some online casinos allow players to simply enter the website using any mobile browser and it will run as smoothly as other casinos would if they had an app. 

What’s truly important is the quality of the coding and, as we said, the HTML5. This is what makes or breaks an online mobile casino. Apps are a plus (many of the casinos on this page have apps), but they’re nor a requirement if you are to enjoy the best of your online casino. 

Mobile Casino Bonuses

The bonuses that you’ll find on a mobile casino tend to be the same that you find on the desktop version of the site, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about looking at them on mobile. Be sure to check out the bonus section of the site to make sure that the bonuses can be used to play in the mobile version of games (it’s important that free spins activate on mobile games).

Most of the bonuses that we’ve listed here are all fully playable in mobile casinos, so you’ll be able to enjoy your rewards regardless of the device from which you’re playing. 

Mobile Casino Games UK

Now that you know the basics of a quality UK mobile casino, let’s give you an overview about all of the types of games that you can expect to find in one of these sites. Every single one the casinos listed on this page will allow you to play at least three of these games, and they should run pretty smoothly regardless of the mobile device of your choosing.


Online slots are by far the main reason as to why so many people love online casinos. Thankfully, most online slots developed today are made with the intention for them to be played in mobile devices. Some companies, such as Thunderkick, develop games that are pretty resource-heavy, so you might need a powerful mobile device if you intend to play their games using it.

However, most of the companies that make games take this into consideration and make their online slots compatible with almost every signal device in the world. Proper coding goes a long way, as we’ve stated in this description before, but the way in which a game is developed also contributes positively (or negatively) towards the performance of games in mobile devices.

Table Games

Table games weren’t originally developed to be played in mobile devices back when mobile gambling was starting to gain prominence. At first, you would find online slots as the main source of entertainment. However, as phones and tablets started becoming better and better, table games were also developed to be played in any of these devices.

Currently, you’ll find poker, blackjack, roulette, and many other variations of these games in the best mobile casinos the United Kingdom has to offer. Yes, they’re all fully licensed by the UKGC!

Jackpot Games

Jackpot games tend to fall into the “slots” category, but they’re better for some because you get to experience the magic of earning a ton of money with a single spin. However, we’re categorizing them apart from traditional slots because jackpot games are often barred from being played with bonus money. In any case, any casino that gives you the chance to play slots in their mobile version is very likely to allow you to play jackpot games as well.

Live Casino Games

Live Casino Games were the last types of games to join the ranks of mobile casinos. They require a very solid internet connection that wasn’t too viable before 4G, and they’re also pretty much as resource-heavy as they get. Live casino games often have bonuses as well, which should be able to be played in most mobile versions of the games with no problem whatsoever.

In any case, the best online casinos in the UK allow players to spend their time and money on the live dealer parts of the sites.


Sportsbooks might not be available in every UK casino, but those who have a sportsbook will allow you to access it on any mobile device. In fact, many casinos have exclusive apps for their sportsbook sections in which you can place any bets that you like using real money. Sportsbooks are very popular in the United Kingdom – especially with the prominence of betting on football.

Bingo & Scratch Cards

Bingo and scratch cards can be played in most online casinos, but we do have to warn you – they’re often much smoother to be played on desktops. You can still enjoy yourself at any bingo or scratchcards game on mobile, but most of them are far more enjoyable if you play on a personal computer.

Exclusive Games

Apart from all of the games that we’ve mentioned, most online casinos that have access to exclusive games tend to allow players to play on their mobile versions. Exclusive games are an incentive for players to visit an online casino, and if the player is visiting from a mobile device, the casino will want the person to enjoy its games as well!

Mobile Casino Bonuses UK

The best mobile casinos in the United Kingdom will surprise you with a fantastic set of rewards. All of the bonuses that we’ve listed on this page rank amongst the best in the world and every single one of them has been proved to be legit by the UKGC. As good as that is, though, there are some of these bonuses that stand out from the rest.

Regardless of which online casino offers each bonus, you know that you can count on your money to be granted when the wagering requirements are fulfilled. Just be sure to follow the rules to the letter and you’ll end up with money in your account. Fulfill the requirements using your mobile device and enjoy the benefits of fully mobile-compatible casinos!

What are the Best Mobile Casino Bonuses?

There are hundreds of online casinos offering amazing bonuses for players, but which ones are the best casino bonuses in the UK that can be played in mobile devices? We have many bonuses that you can claim from your phone or tablet in the UK listed here in The Casino Wizard, but we want you to get a sneak peek of what’s there to be found, so we’ve made this small list for you:

  • Betsafe Match Deposit Bonus – With a welcome bonus of up to £50 in free cash plus 20 free spins, the Betsafe casino bodes to support its reputation as one of the most consumer-friendly casinos in the world. The site is filled with fantastic offers that are sure to make even the most demanding of players happy.

    The casino is currently available to be played in countless countries from all over the world, but players from the UK can benefit from its offers and play with the bonus money on any mobile device of their choosing – as long as it has a mobile browser and access to the internet!
  • Rizk Casino Match Deposit Bonus – The Rizk Casino is a great online site with one of the coolest website designs that we’ve seen in our time as casino reviewers. Rizk gives every new player the chance to claim up to £200 in free bonus cash upon making their first deposit, plus a fantastic set of 50 free spins to be spent in the world’s best online slots.

    Rizk is a great casino, and you’ll surely won’t get bored of playing in it with its massive selection of games and bonuses. Rewards galore await those who dare visit it!
  • William Hill Casino Match Deposit Bonus – Are you looking to play in one of the best online casinos in the UK, known by many as a household name in the UK gambling industry? Then check out William Hill.

    You’ll get a fantastic £50 deposit bonus plus 20 free spins to spend on the site on your first deposit, and you’ll also be able to play in one of the biggest online casinos in the world. William Hill has been around for well over 50 years (it predates online casinos by a long stretch) and it’s currently the best-known gambling entity in the United Kingdom.
  • And Many More – If you think these three bonuses are great and can’t wait to claim them, we have better news for you! There’s a selection of the best casino bonuses UK has to offer right here on our website. Browse through it and find your favorite online casinos and be sure to claim those bonuses as soon as you register.