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If you're looking for MuchBetter casinos, then the following list will help you find the most trustworthty casino sites of 2024 that accept this payment method. Check out the best MuchBetter that The Casino Wizard team has reviewed - serve on a platter, jsut for you!

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MuchBetter casinos provide you with quick payments and deposits thanks to the speed at which the app works, which is why these are some of our favorite casinos to visit when we’re looking to quickly get our cash in our hands.

All of the casinos that we’ve listed here are some of the best MuchBetter casinos that you can visit this year and beyond. Check them out and see what’s so good about these incredible, quick-payment sites!

Advantages of Using MuchBetter

MuchBetter casinos offer you the chance to use a quick e-wallet service, but with so many e-wallets out there, is a MuchBetter casino a better option than a PayPal casino? We’re going to look at the most important features that come with using MuchBetter and analyze why we think that these casinos are some of the best that you can visit this year.

A Great and Safe Alternative to Other Payment Methods

MuchBetter is a “much better” choice than other payment methods – especially if you’re keen on not giving away much of your personal information to a gambling site. In a MuchBetter casino, all you need to do is log into your MuchBetter account (which is where your personal info will be stored) and decide how much cash you want to deposit.

Withdrawals are made in the same easy fashion. Just log into MuchBetter and select how much cash you want to withdraw on the casino page.

Quick Transfers

Playing in MuchBetter casinos allows you to get your cash out of your casino account much faster than with other payment methods. Granted, online casinos still put a small period of time as a lifeline to check on your profits, but once your withdrawals get approved, your cash will be in your account in a matter of seconds.

Accepted in World-Class Casinos

MuchBetter casinos are not as widely popular as Skrill or Neteller casinos, but the popularity of the app is continuing to grow by the day. You can count on these casinos to provide you with some of the quickest withdrawal times in the iGaming world, so make sure you make the best of them and get your cash quickly no matter where you live!

No Account Maintenance Fees

Using a MuchBetter account is great in more ways than one, and not all of them are related to the online casino itself. MuchBetter allows you to keep your account filled with cash for as long as you like without having to worry about additional fees, as the app charges you nothing for keeping your account running. No maintenance fees, which makes MuchBetter a better option than a credit card.

Disadvantages of Using MuchBetter

We know that, so far, MuchBetter sounds really good. We won’t lie to you: it is. However, the app is far from perfect and there are reasons why MuchBetter is not as widely used as PayPal, Skrill, or even Neteller. The two biggest MuchBetter casino disadvantages are:

Wire Transfers Minimums are Too High

One of the main disadvantages of MuchBetter casinos is that you will need to make a minimum withdrawal of €250 if you want to make a Wire Transfer. That’s not the only issue either; wiring money using MuchBetter also means that you’ll have to pay a minimum fee of €50 + 2% of your transaction, which makes it one of the highest fees in the industry.

Not Available in All Countries

Contrary to Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal (the latter to a higher extent), MuchBetter is not widely available around the globe. There are a ton of country limitations that you’ll have to face when gambling using the app, which can make it difficult for you to operate with MuchBetter in some of the world’s best online casinos.

Costs of Using MuchBetter

One of the main disadvantages of MuchBetter Casinos is that they aren’t too clear when it comes to how much they charge per transaction. As per our own experience, we’ve noticed that most transactions charge around 0.99% to 1.20%. Keep in mind that fees tend to be charged when you make a withdrawal, as deposit fees aren’t too much of an issue with MuchBetter.

There’s a problem, though. If you want to make a Wire Transfer, you would need to pay a staggering 2% + €50. So, you may want to avoid those if using MuchBetter.

How Fast Will You Receive Profits on your MuchBetter Account?

Speed is not an issue when playing in a MuchBetter casino. The speed of the transfer is fully dependent on the speed with which the casino staff transfers the money to your account after your transfer has been approved. As such, you should be able to get your hands on your money quite quickly and hassle-free when using MuchBetter!

Great Alternatives for MuchBetter

If you think that MuchBetter is not the best choice for you to play online, then fear not: there are many other reliable, safe, and quick ways to get your cash credited to your casino account. These are the main methods that we recommend our readers to check out:


PayPal casinos will always be among the best sites on the planet. You can access any PayPal casino and you can almost rest assured that safety will be given, as PayPal’s reputation is on the line and the company will hardly like to be associated with an unreliable or otherwise unlicensed online casino.

Many MuchBetter casinos also offer PayPal as a payment method, so compare which one suits your needs better before deciding what method to use.

Skrill & Neteller

Skrill and Neteller are two of the world’s largest e-wallet services, closely following PayPal in terms of worldwide relevance, but even more important than PayPal in the iGaming world. Virtually every online casino accepts both Skrill and Neteller, but the main disadvantage of these platforms is that deposits made with either e-wallet will hardly come with any bonuses added on top of the transfer fee.

Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are the quickest ways to get your money out of an online casino and into your crypto wallet. All you need to do is find one of the best cryptocurrency casinos and your cash will be in safe hands!


MuchBetter casinos are extremely safe and most of the sites that accept MuchBetter payments are properly licensed, come with a ton of fantastic games, and with the chance for you to make a killing in rewards thanks to some of the best bonuses on the planet.

Seeing as how MuchBetter transfers work, some online casinos may allow you to claim bonuses when using this payment method. However, you may need to keep your eyes peeled to find the best MuchBetter casinos out there. You can also use our list of picks, found on this page, to play in the best MuchBetter casino that you can find!

Last updated  August 25, 2023

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