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If you’re eager to find the best casinos in The Netherlands so you can move to play fantastic casino games and chase the highest-paying jackpots, you’ve come to the right place. Use our list of the best Netherland casinos and recommended Netherland websites to find trustworthy online casinos in which you can spend your money and claim the best bonuses on the internet.

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Online Gambling in The Netherlands – An Overview of How it Works

The Netherlands is often seen in the eyes of the world as one of the most liberal and progressive countries on Earth. The legalization of marihuana, as well as the country’s liberal prostitution laws, have earned the nation and unprecedented reputation of leniency, which also makes the country a popular tourist destination for those who are looking to spice up their European travels.

However, the country’s government is much different when it comes to how gambling works in the country. There is a state monopoly established when it comes to land-based casinos that operate in The Netherlands, and online gambling is subjected to very strict rules that prohibit many players from enjoying some of the world’s best online casinos.

In any case, that doesn’t mean that online gambling is fully illegal in The Netherlands, nor does it mean that players can’t access sites even if the practice of wagering in online casinos is not as free as it is in other European countries.

It does mean, however, that the European Union has been critical of the way The Netherlands has chosen to approach online gambling and even gambling as a whole.

Sports Betting – The Never-Ending Practice

If there’s one thing that The Netherlands doesn’t seem to be illegalizing any time soon, that is sports betting. This is actually the one type of gambling practice that isn’t even subjected to a single monopoly in the country, as there are two major Dutch companies that operate sports gambling websites across the country and allow citizens, no matter their background, to wager in their favorite sports matches.

The one reason as to why sports betting is legal in the country isn’t only because of popularity reasons, it’s also because there’s no risk for unfair play when wagering in sports.

This is the main argument used to keep traditional casinos strictly prohibited and restricted across the country, but sports betting is subjected to different rules because the return rates are always clearly stated when placing a bet.

The Netherlands has also a major football fanbase that loves to place wagers in local as well as international games, so keeping them off from doing so wouldn’t be fair considering they’ve been going at it for decades. As such, sports betting is by far the most popular type of gambling that is done in The Netherlands, even though visiting foreign online casinos is now more popular than it has ever been.

Curacao Breaks the Mold

If you’ve been around the online casino scene for quite a while, you might be confused as to why the Curacao government is known as one of the world’s best gambling regulators and givers of online casino licenses, as the country is basically a Dutch territory in America. As true as that is, keep in mind that Curacao still operates independently and the government is fully autonomous.

The autonomy of Curacao has made the country take a different path from The Netherlands itself when it comes to online gambling. In fact, all Dutch territories that aren’t located in Europe have different regulations when it comes to online gambling.

Curacao has created and expanded the CIGA (otherwise known as the Curacao Internet Gambling Association) to regulate all forms of online gambling in the country, and the entity is also responsible for providing companies from all over the world with special licenses. Many of these licenses are recognized by major world governments and allow online casinos to operate within their countries’ jurisdiction.

As such, Curacao brings a change of pace to the table by offering a specialized association to regulate and legalize online gambling practices. Curacao is as far as you’ll get in terms of legal gambling in The Netherlands!

What Could Change in the Future?

There have been some regulations imposed as to which online casinos are able to operate in The Netherlands, and there was even a law that ensured that only casinos with a Dutch license would be able to offer their services within the country. However, given how difficult to regulate this is, there are still many online casinos without a Dutch license that allows players from the country to participate.

There doesn’t seem to be much that will be changing in the next year, but who knows? These political views are often due to change, and you can’t rule out the issuing of a new law that’s far more permissive of online gambling that the previous and current ones are.

Betting in Foreign Websites

The easiest way for Dutch players to wager online is to visit foreign casino websites that accept players from The Netherlands. These are not as difficult to find as you think, and many online casinos opt to allow players to wager in their virtual halls but warning that any trouble that they may get into is not to be blamed on the online casino itself.

The prominence of online casinos in The Netherlands is bound to keep growing in the next few years, and as long as it keeps being difficult to regulate online gamblers from participating in foreign websites, this won’t stop.

In fact, the government once tried to stop people from wagering online by prohibiting transactions between national banks and foreign casino operators and their accounts. This was never successful, as the banks refused to comply with such a request, and that’s why betting in foreign websites is as feasible as it gets in The Netherlands.

Online Casinos in The Netherlands and Their Most Popular Features

Even though there aren’t any legal online casinos in The Netherlands per se, you will find many online casinos that you can visit and wager as much as you like without having to worry about being prosecuted or chased by the law. As such, Dutch gamblers have been able to create market preferences by playing some of the world’s best games on the market.

You’ll find Dutch gamblers playing some of the best online casino games ever created, which you’ll find at the best online casinos in The Netherlands. Among the most popular games played by Dutch gamblers, you’ll find the following:


Online gamblers from The Netherlands can enjoy some of the best slot games ever made, and this is one of the most popular types of online casino games played in the country. In fact, the only type of online gambling practice that is more popular thank slots is betting in sportsbooks.

Players from The Netherlands can visit some of the world’s best online casinos and try out whichever slot game they like the most, including titles developed by industry giants like NetEnt or Microgaming!


Sportsbooks are by far the most popular entities in which gamblers from The Netherlands participate. The tradition of betting in football is one that has grown together with the Dutch gambling culture, and its roots are well connected to the heart of its society. Today, you can find some fantastic sportsbooks hosted by Dutch companies themselves as well as some hosted by foreign sites where many Dutch gamblers operate and play.

Participating in sportsbooks located abroad is not seen with good eyes by the government, but you may still do so and face no consequences given that the main rulings of the government are against casinos themselves and not against the players, much like it happens in other countries where online gambling is restricted, like Russia.

Table Games

Even though it’s difficult to come across quality table games developed for Dutch players, the market for table games is still a pretty big one in The Netherlands. Online casino table games are popular among Dutch gamblers, and you’ll find yourself playing in some of the world’s best tables if you visit an online casino that accepts players from The Netherlands and offers table games made by the industry’s leading developers.

Dutch gamblers are particularly fond of poker and blackjack games above all else. You can play these games at government-licensed land-based casinos or by visiting some of the most popular online casinos that have been made available to players from The Netherlands.

Live Dealer Casinos

The fact that land-based casinos are not as easily accessible as its online counterparts makes live dealer games very appealing to the Dutch market. Live dealer games provide a world class alternative that allows Dutch gamblers to feel like they’re at a land-based casino without actually having to leave their homes or visit any location to play them.

Best Online Casinos in The Netherlands + The Best Casino Bonuses!

Even though the topic of online casinos licensed by the Dutch government is a delicate one, we have compiled a list of three of the best online casinos that accept players from The Netherlands so you can get a better idea of where you can gamble if you’re Dutch.

Do keep in mind that you might struggle to find online casinos that offer bonuses directly to Dutch players, but the fact that many of them deal with euros allows you to bypass ISP restrictions with VPNs or IP masks. We don’t recommend or condemn in any way the use of VPNs, as this relies on the policies of each individual casino. Thankfully, we have a list of the best no deposit bonuses and overall casino bonuses that can be claimed from The Netherlands.

Here, we'll be presenting you with the best high roller casinos in The Netherlands, as well as bitcoin casinos and mobile casinos that are fully accessible from the country. Keep in mind, however, that real money casinos do have limitations in The Netherlands and not all online casinos in the world can be played here.

Last Edit: May 9, 2022