No Deposit Casinos USA

As much of a complicated subject as it is to gamble in the United States, there’s still no better way for gamblers in the country to get initiated than with quality no deposit bonuses. We know you want to find the best no deposit casinos to play in America, so we’ve listed them here for you!

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What are No Deposit Casinos in the US?

No deposit casinos are online casinos that offer the chance for players to get free money (in one way or another) for participating in their services without requiring a deposit previously. 

The two most common types of no deposit bonuses are the well-known free money bonuses and the free spin bonuses, but there are other types of bonuses that are a tad more complicated. Even though they don’t need an immediate deposit to be activated, they do require players to have made a deposit at some point during their online casino stay.

It’s also common for people to refer to casinos that don’t indulge in real-money betting as “no deposit casinos”. This is not the concept that we’ll be exploring today, as we’ll be rather focusing on online casinos in the US that give you the chance to spend free money or get free rewards on each site but under the real-money betting model.

We’ll just give you a quick overview of how these free casinos work, and then we’ll proceed to explain everything you need to know about no deposit bonuses and why they’re so sought-after by online casino fans.

Play for Free Casinos

There are many fantastic casinos that offer some of the world’s best online casino games that also allow players to try out every single game for free, without having to make a previous deposit in order to play. Online casinos that do this often call it “trial mode”, but not all of the best online casinos in the world allow users to try out games for free. 

LeoVegas is a notable example of a quality online casinos that doesn’t offer trial mode or any other sort of free-play mode.

This is all dependent on the policies of each site, though, as you will also come across other online casinos that do offer these features in most of their games (except in live dealer casino titles).

Also, there are many online casinos in the world that permit players to play for free, but they don’t involve any sort of real-money bets. Instead, these online casinos work with ads to fuel their income, but they don’t allow any player to make bets with real money. 

These online casinos are very popular in mobile devices, and they serve as a great way for you to get initiated into the online gambling scene and accustomed to its ups and downs without risking any money.

No Deposit Bonus Casinos

Casinos that give away no deposit bonuses are the ones that we’re talking about when we refer to a no deposit casino. These online casinos have ways to reward players for simply performing certain actions on each site, which end up benefitting the casino in one way or another. The casino never loses, as a rule of thumb, so it’s important that you begin your no deposit journey with this in mind.

You will be required to perform a certain action within an online casino if you are to get its no deposit bonus or its free cash rewards. For example, a no deposit casino might ask you to fill out a form where your phone number is present in exchange for free spins or free cash to be spent on the site. 

That way, the casino rewards you but also gets to keep a very important piece of personal information that they can then use to send you bonuses or promotions (something that WILL happen on at least 90% of cases).

Online casinos also protect themselves from losing too much money with free spin bonuses or free money bonuses by locking them behind wagering requirements, which need to be fulfilled before you can claim the money as your own. 

These wagering requirements tend to be stricter in no deposit bonuses than they are in deposit bonuses, as the deposit bonus per se already signifies a financial commitment to the casino.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses in the US

There are many types of no deposit bonuses that online casinos can give to their players, and some no deposit bonuses might be given to you after having made an initial deposit on the site. We know, this sounds a bit counterintuitive, but we’ll explain it to you promptly. 

You will find many types of bonuses when you initiate yourself in the world of online gambling, but some of these bonuses tend to be loved by players from all over the world, so online casinos have opted to offer them specifically in an attempt to attract players into their respective sites. For example, no deposit free spins and free cash have become a niche bonus in the online casino industry.

First, we’ll explore the two most common types of no deposit bonuses and then we’ll move on to other no deposit bonuses that require you to have made a deposit previously on the casino, but not directly to claim the bonus. Keep in mind that all of the US Casinos that we’ve listed here offer at least one of these bonuses, or they may offer them all – it’s up to you to check them all out!

Free Spin Bonuses

By far the most common type of no deposit bonus, free spin bonuses allow every player to enjoy their time in an online casino and play slots for free, without having to risk any of their money or even select how much each of their bets is worth. 

More often than not, online casinos that give away free spins as part of no deposit bonuses tend to assign them a value in advance – each free spin is worth a predetermined amount of money chosen by the casino. This allows the player to spend their time on the site without having to assign any value to their spins, and it helps you get a better idea of how a game works.

Most types of free spin bonuses tend to be given in one of two ways: you either get a small amount of free spins instantly credited to your account, or you get a large amount of free spins but they’re given in different days (bonuses spread over a period of time are very common in online casinos and even more so when it comes to no deposit bonuses).

In most cases, free spins will grant you the option to earn bonus money that can then be spent in other areas of the online casino. The free spins are limited to be spent on slots, for obvious reasons, but some online casinos allow you to take the profit made with the free spin money and use it in other games – including poker, blackjack, and even roulette!

Free Money Bonuses

Free money bonuses are the second most common type of no deposit bonus on Earth, just behind free spin bonuses. Free money bonuses allow you to take some free cash and spend it on certain sections of an online casino. Most of the time, the money will be limited to be spent in certain games, although some casinos tend to allow players to spend it more freely. It all depends on each casino’s policies.

Free money bonuses are not as common as free spin bonuses because they do say how much cash you’re directly getting, which often means that the casino needs to give you more to make the offer attractive. For example, it’s not the same for a US player to read they’ll be getting 50 free spins that it is to read they’ll be getting $5 (if each free spin is worth $0.10, that’s what you’ll be getting anyway).

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses do require you to have made a previous deposit on the site, but the deposit itself doesn’t activate them – they get activated after you’ve lost money on the site. These often give you back some of your lost cash free of any wagering requirements, but you only obtain them after having lost substantial sums of cash, which is the main disadvantage. 

Tournament Winnings

Tournament winnings are also no deposit bonuses, as you get them after earning them in an online tournament made by the casino. These can be free spins, free money, or even certain coupons that only work on the site.

Online Gambling in the US – Is It Legal to Play Online Casinos in the US?

Technically speaking, online gambling (and gambling in general, too) is very restricted in America. There are federal laws that go against the prospect of online gambling and prohibit states from freely allowing players to bet money in online sites. This isn’t even directly referring to online casinos – sportsbooks are very limited in general, and it makes it difficult to find the best US online casinos. 

Gambling Federal Law in the US

The federal law in the United States gives freedom to each state to define what constitutes gambling and what doesn’t, but there aren’t many US states in which gambling online is fully legal. In any case, the federal law imposes many restrictions upon online gambling, and players need to take care if they don’t want to get in trouble.

Withdrawing money and declaring where it comes from is the main issue when gambling in the US, and that’s why so many people would rather spend their cash in online casinos using cryptocurrency. 

States and Their Definition of Gambling 

Each state has a different definition of what constitutes gambling in America, as the federal law permits each state to play around with the term. There are things that are outright banned, but many states have sportsbooks where people can wager freely on their favorite teams.

However, there are three states in the USA where people can very freely gamble with their money in online US casinos, much like they do in other parts of the world where restrictions are not so limiting.

Best States to Gamble Online Legally in the US

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware are the states in which you can most freely gamble online in the US, although Nevada has also made some progress in recent years. The main issue is that online gambling does go against federal law, which slows down efforts for states to legalize the practice in any shape or form. 

Best US Online Casinos

Even though determining which are the best online casinos in the US can be quite subjective, your best option will always be an online casino that openly advertises that it permits players from America to join its ranks. Many online casinos listed on The Casino Wizard might not explicitly permit players in the US but may allow them under VPN usage, but we’re excluding these from the list. 

Sites like the 888 Casino, 32 Red, or even mBitcasino (for BTC players) are fantastic places in which American gamblers can enjoy fantastic selections of online casino games. 

If you’re looking for less-strict economic restrictions, you might want to give bitcoin casinos a try. These completely remove the extra step of having to go through a bank in order to transfer cash to your account, which makes it easier for you to gamble in the US.

As such, we strongly recommend our readers from the US to try out the best bitcoin casinos that we have listed here. There’s no better way for you to earn money online and avoid issues with banks than using bitcoins, given that cryptos themselves are quite untraceable in that sense (it’s difficult to tell where they come from).

In any case, any of the casinos listed here will serve the purpose of giving our American readers the best no deposit bonuses they can claim. Waste no time and try any of them out!