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Polish Online Casinos – How They Work

Online gambling in Poland is, by almost all accounts, restricted. This is due to a history of corruption in betting that the country has had to put through and successfully left behind, but it has left some scars in the country’s policies that have made almost all forms of online gambling illegal to be played in any part of the Polish territory.

However, there are still many players that go “against the rules” and access online casinos in Poland while using VPNs or other services to change or mask their IP addresses.

However, if you want to keep things as legal as can be, you can rest assured that online gambling in Poland is not legal. In fact, Polish online casinos are not popular because they would have to restrict too many services to operate in the country.

It wasn’t always like this, though. In fact, in the first decade of the current century, Poland was one of the countries in which online gambling was the most popular. Players from all over the country would log in to their computers and spend hours wagering cash online, without having to fear to break the law or to have any issues with authorities.

This changed when an illegal gambling scheme was uncovered by the Polish authorities involving several politicians of the country near the end of 2009. Since then, online gambling has been widely questioned in the country, as it was found out that many online casinos were rigging their games to steal money from players.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Poland?

The short answer to this question would be a resounding “yes”, but things are more complicated than that. The online gambling scheme that was exposed showed how politicians were being bribed to look to the other side when certain online sites performed shady activities with their users, making them lose a lot of cash in the meantime.

This made that games with probabilities became taboo in the country, with Polish gamblers fearing for the safety of their money when visiting any online casino. Land-based casinos, on the other hand, still remain as legal in the country and any Polish resident is freely able to visit them and wager as they want, since these sites weren’t involved in the scheme.

In any case, games that had chances and house edge were eventually going to be wiped out from Poland because of these laws and restrictions.

The inevitable happened back in 2012, when the government passed a law illegalizing all forms of online gambling in the country. However, sportsbooks were still allowed to freely operate and weren’t subjected to any restrictions.

This caused, however, that most online casinos decided to part ways with Poland even when they offered sportsbooks, and many independent sportsbooks arose as a consequence of that. Other companies that mainly worked with bets started becoming bigger by the day, with sites like Bet 365 still having a huge influence on the residents of the country.

Restrictions and Bans

All forms of online games where you could bet on a chance of anything happening were banned, and no one from Poland is legally allowed to play them. However, there are some players that take the risk and use VPNs to play on the margin of the law, which is something that we’ve always campaigned against here at The Casino Wizard.

The best table games in Poland, the best online slots in Poland, and all of the best casino games in Poland in general, were banned from the country. No one is allowed to play them to avoid any issue like the one that happened in 2009 to occur again.

This also made the inclusion of online casino bonuses in Poland a much more difficult process. People from the country are now subjected to different types of promotions, like regular money bonuses received by sportsbooks that still operate there.

Polish online casinos have seen a huge decline in the 2010s, even though some people say that things may change again soon. In any case, the future is still unclear on what’s to come for Polish online gamblers. Until then, they might have to keep themselves entertained with the awesome online sportsbooks that still operate in the country!

Sportsbooks in Poland

Fear not, Polish friends – you still have plenty of places in which you can bet in your country. If you dare to visit an online casino with a VPN, well, then you have even MORE places where you can bet in the country. However, do keep in mind that this is usually not permitted and you can get in trouble with the authorities for doing so if you happen to be caught.

In any case, those who would rather stay on the right side of the law can also rejoice in the fact that many online sportsbooks still operate in the country, which makes them the best Polish online casinos.

As we’ve said, there’s just no way in which you can gamble your cash in traditional online casinos, but sportsbook casinos are still amongst the most popular sites visited by adults in Poland today.

Of course, football is very popular in Poland, which also makes the option to bet in games a much better thing to do for most inhabitants of the country.

The best sportsbooks in Poland are, nonetheless, the best Polish online casinos that you can find. Not all is lost when it comes to online gambling in the country, so rejoice and enjoy the best sports bets that you can find on the internet!

What to Expect from Polish Online Casinos

As you can imagine, it seems are pretty dim now when it comes to online gambling in Poland. There are not too many things to do, but at least the sites that you’ll find are currently offering many cool benefits to Polish gamblers.

The only reason why online sportsbooks weren’t banned in the country is because they were deemed as not being able to be rigged, since there isn’t a direct influence between the website and any team in the world. As such, you’ll still be able to bet on your favorite team from the English Premier League, for example.

In any case, you can expect to play in some of the world’s best sportsbooks, who do offer their services to online gamblers in Poland.

Even though the best online casinos are gone from the country, you can still find Polish online casinos that have kept their sportsbooks sections intact and they have, in fact, made them better them to make them feel like the flagships of the sites.

There are still awesome features to be found in Polish online casinos, so don’t be discouraged from what we’ve said so far! We have collected a list of the best bitcoin casinos in the country, as well as the best high roller casinos for Polish players that wish to spend a decent sum of cash.

Polish Casino Bonuses – The Best Casino Bonuses in Poland

The best Polish online casino bonuses are strictly related to extra cash or bonus bets in most sportsbooks. The industry has truly adapted to work far better than before in terms of sports bonuses and bets, and all players from Poland are free to enjoy the benefits and rewards that most online casinos tend to offer to them.

For example, you can expect to find some amazing welcome bonuses at the hands of the best sportsbooks in the country. Sportsbooks offer some of the best Polish welcome bonuses for casinos that operate directly with sports gambling, and you can use the money to further your earnings in the first few days of your bets.

Do keep in mind, however, that these promotions are all subjected to the same terms as most promotions in other online casinos.

For example, you can expect to have to wager your bonus welcome money a few times before you can withdraw it. If you’re willing to take the risk and do it, then you might end up with a ton of cash that you didn’t even deposit yourself, but it was rather given away as free bonus money!

Other offers, such as free spins, are usually not seen in any Polish casino because of the ban of slots and other similar games. You can expect to find free bonus money bonuses above anything else, which are actually pretty cool and rather easy to use and cash out. You could also claim any of these bonuses and then withdraw the cash and wager it in a land-based casino, if you’re after some traditional casino games that can’t be found in the world of the Internet.

Mobile Gambling in Poland

One of the best things about the fact that sportsbooks are permitted in the country is that you may also visit the best sportsbooks from the comfort of your own home using your phone. Wagering in sports tends to be quite much more straightforward that traditional gambling, which means that it’s far more accessible to do from a cellphone or tablet.

As such, the best sportsbooks in Poland also tend to have the option for you to visit them using any mobile devices that might be around your home, making them some of the best mobile casinos for Polish players.

You can also take gambling with you wherever you go thanks to this huge benefit, which means that you can bet on your teams live regardless of you being home or not! Enjoy the best Polish sports betting websites wherever you are.

Keep in mind that not every single website has mobile support, nor does they always have apps. However, the majority of online casinos in Poland can be accessed by your mobile browser with no problem whatsoever. You can simply visit the site and log in to your account there, and it should work quite well.

If you choose to visit and play in one of the world’s best sportsbooks, then you can rest assured that you’ll probably have the option to download an app as well. There are sometimes benefits that come with downloading an app, apart from the traditionally quicker loading times. Some sites reward downloaders with better money bonuses or other amazing extra cash or free play promotions.

FAQ about Polish Casinos

What’s Next? The Future of Polish Online Casinos

Even though it’s all doom and gloom for Polish online gamblers with the current state of the market, you can look up and see a brighter future just across the corner. Ever since online casinos were banned, there have been a series of negotiations with many websites that have applied to be allowed to access the Polish gambling market.

Given that the main issue was going on with local gambling sites, there are still chances that external websites might be allowed to operate in Poland once again.

In fact, some of them are able to be found here! You can also take the quick route and wager in sites that offer bitcoins as a form of payment, which is one of the go-to ways many people use to avoid having to explain where their money comes from if they just want to wager online.

In any case, if negotiations keep going the same way as they have since the beginning of the 2010s shortly after the ban, chances are that the best Polish online casinos will be back on the market in the next decade. The European Union is also involved in the case, as the ban of Polish online casinos has also affected other countries in this regard, given that foreign websites took a hit after the ban.

Keep your head up and, in the meantime, just be sure to visit the best sportsbooks in the country – you’re in for a world of entertainment if you do! You may also come across some unrestricted Polish bonuses, including free spins and no deposit bonuses.

Last updated  September 13, 2022

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