Royal Panda Casino Bonuses


Looking to get treated like true royalty? If so, it’s time for you to pay a visit to the Royal Panda Casino and check out the large selection of bonuses that the site has in store for you. From basic rewards that barely scrape the €1000 surface to the finest of bonuses that go as high as €2,000,000 – the Royal Panda Casino is home to all of them.


We’ve been enjoying this online casino since it came out, and it’s safe to say that the site has evolved as much as its bonuses. Back when it first released, it had a very basic interface and it was lacking in top-quality promos. However, in the current day and age, this site has evolved to become one of the finest-looking casinos on the internet.

Check out the Royal Panda Casino bonuses and play the best casino games without spending a dime of your own money!

Royal Panda Casino Bonus Overview

1. Welcome Bonus - ACTIVE

Earn up to €750 with the Welcome Bonus package of the Royal Panda Casino and earn the best rewards available on the casino with free money.

2. 5% Cashback on Every Deposit - ACTIVE

Playing at the Royal Panda Casino may not provide you with massive bonuses all over the place. Now, the casino allows every player to earn LOW-WAGER bonuses on every deposit! A 5% match deposit bonus is always available with your deposits!


The Royal Panda Casino has a ton of bonuses, as well as a ton of places in which you get to spend them. From fine online casino games like traditional slots to some of the most intricate sports betting options on the internet, Royal Panda is home to all of them.

Naturally, when it comes to online casinos of this size, this website is home to promotions that allow you to claim free cash to be spent in all parts of the casino. That way, no player ever feels like they’re being left behind!

It is nonetheless clear that the casino focuses on giving players free bonus cash to be spent on the traditional casino of the website rather than in the sportsbook section of the site’s live casino.

As such, the Royal Panda Casino is one of the best websites to visit if you’re looking forward to claiming bonuses to play at a traditional online casino that offers something extra.

Are Royal Panda Bonuses Fair?

The Royal Panda Casino bonuses are completely fair. You get to spend the bonus cash in many of the site’s best games, and you don’t need to spend too much cash if you wish to get that money credited to your bank account. Instead, you only need to wager 35 times the amount of bonus money received and spend it in the casino before you get to cash out the bonus.

Once you’re done, you’ll be ready to get the bonus cash into your bank account. There’s no limit as to how much money you’ll get to win, which means that you could go as far as you want and cash out all of the money; provided that you’re lucky enough, of course.


The Royal Panda Casino stands the test of quality when it comes to online casino bonuses. We’ve often come across online casinos that offer a handful of quality promotions but leave a lot to be desired on other fronts. For example, it is common for online casinos to put together a very lucrative welcome bonus package but then the sites give you useless mid-week bonuses to keep you hooked to false hopes.

At Royal Panda, all bonuses are as fair as they are varied. There are bonuses to be spent in all of the best sections of the casino, with all of them having similar requirements and enough variations to keep you on the edge of your seat during your entire iGaming experience at the casino.

Quest Promos

We’ve always been huge fans of casino quest promotions, and the Royal Panda Casino is home to some of the absolute best of them. This website comes with “advance as you play” quests, hosted from time to time, which allow you to collect points as you play in the online casino and grow your level as you progress further on the site.

On many occasions, these quest promos will reward you with random bonuses that you can cash out if you are one of the lucky ones that makes it to the top. Sometimes, quest promos simply require you to play certain games and watch your level go up. Once that happens, you’ll be well on your way to claim the best bonuses on the casino.

Seasonal Promos

Seasonal promotions occur periodically at the Royal Panda website. Here, you will get to claim different promotions depending on the time of the year at which you’re playing. The site rewards players differently depending on the season, which enables gamblers to get a different feel of the casino depending on the time of the year at which you’re at.

Most of the time, the seasonal promotion rewards are tied to the same wagering requirements as the other offers on the casino. You get to choose how you spend the money – go out and enjoy your winter-through-summer adventure at the Royal Panda Casino!

Traditional Casino Bonuses

We’ve gone on and on about the exclusive bonuses of the Royal Panda Casino, but things go far beyond that. This online casino is also home to traditional casino bonuses that could see your account credited with as little as €20 or as much as €1000, depending on how much cash you wish to deposit.

The most basic of welcome bonuses is just the entryway to a plethora of world-class rewards waiting for you at the virtual halls of the Royal Panda Casino.


Also known as Loyal Panda, the Royal Panda loyalty program shows exactly why it’s a good idea to become a loyal member of this fantastic online casino. Wagering on all games of the casino will enable you to collect different amounts of Loyal Points, which you will then be able to trade for some of the best bonuses that the website has to offer.

Once you’ve collected enough points, you can visit the Loyal Panda shop to get access to some exclusive bonuses and even real-life items that can be bought with the credits earned with this casino promotion.

The shop of the Royal Panda Casino feels authentic and comes packed with a plethora of fantastic bonuses that make us love the casino and get attached to it even more than we did before discovering the program.

You can buy themed Royal Panda hoodies, donate to charity organizations with the bonus points, and you can even claim special free spin bonuses and even a large selection of exclusive spins of selected games if you’re keen to play one in specific. Options are aplenty and bonuses are world-class.