Are there new games available at the PlayGrand Casino?

Yes, the PlayGrand Casino is on a mission to constantly add new games and offer them to players for free. The extent of their “new game” catalog is so large that they have a section of the landing page of the casino fully dedicated to offering new games to all players. You can always check out which titles they have available and play them to your heart’s content.

The PlayGrand Casino often makes new titles available to players a few weeks after they’ve been released. However, in some instances, you might notice that the PlayGrand Casino is hosting a game that cannot be found on any other website.

That happens because this site has a few alliances with some online casino developers, which allow them to release certain games as exclusive titles for a couple of weeks before they’re released to the general public.

In any case, new games are abundant at the PlayGrand Casino. Take full advantage of this and see if you can claim a free spin bonus to play any new game for free!

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