What Online Casino Has the Best Payouts?

SlotsMillion, Spin Casino, and Jackpot City casino are three online casinos with fantastic payouts that you can visit and claim right now.

The best online casino payouts are often found in online casinos that offer great RTP on their games as well as a fair house edge that allows the player to win from time to time. Always keep in mind that even the best online casinos with the best payouts will always have the house edge on their favor. It is inevitable for that to happen, as it ensures the online casino to have long-term profits regardless of how much money they pay.

In any case, you should strive to find online casinos with a fair house edge, which is what ensures the quality of a good RTP (return to player) rate. You will notice how we always tell our readers to avoid online casinos that offer less than 90% RTP, as that often means that you’ll end up losing your money in the long term even if you manage a streak of lucky wins.

SlotsMillion, Spin Casino, and Jackpot City are online casinos that offer RTP rates of over 95%, with some games even offering as much as 98%.

Progressive Jackpots Versus RTP

As much as we love to see online slots that offer great payouts, you will notice how most of the progressive jackpot games on most online casinos (even in those that we have just mentioned) offer poor RTP rates, and the house edge seems to be high. That’s because these online slots aren’t made for short term profits, but rather for long term gains.

Progressive jackpot slots tend to offer return rates of 80% or less, but if you happen to hit the nail on its head and win one a jackpot, you might end up with much more than what you started with. You don’t necessarily have to win one of those ridiculously high jackpots either – some of these games offer smaller jackpots that guarantee profits and don’t require as much luck as winning a million-dollar jackpot does.

If you wish to find the best payouts in any online casino, we recommend you visit any of the table games that they offer on the sites. Most of these table games offer great return rates as long as you know how to play them, as poker and roulette are great sources of winnings for players that have a bit of know-how and skill.

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