• What Online Casino Game is Easiest to Win?

    To properly answer this question, let us first clear up that there isn’t a single online casino game in which winning is made easy for the player. Remember that every online casino has the ultimate goal of making a profit, so games tend to favor the casino and they are all difficult for you to win.

    However, there are games that have generally odds that are far more favorable than others. These games with great odds tend to be the ones in which winning is easier. The answer to this question is not straightforward nonetheless, because it fully depends on who you ask.

    Some people might tell you that the easiest games where you can win money are poker games. If you have a knack for professional poker plays, then you might be better off avoiding the chances of winning in slots and head straight to any online poker table to try and make a profit there.

    Naturally, poker tables and games where you go head-to-head against other players tend to be the ones where people walk away with the largest profits, but bear in mind that they require talent and a good amount of know-how.

    Easiest Online Casino Games Against Other Players

    If you have a talent for counting cards with your mind or you simply have the ability to know when it’s a good time to make a move in poker or blackjack, you might want to give these games a try. Table games that include cards and put you against other players are a great way to go if you’re a talented gambler with the skills to best your rivals.

    Texas Hold’Em Poker and traditional Blackjack are the two best table games that are easy to win if you know the basics of each game. Even though you don’t play against other players directly in blackjack, the cards that they get do influence directly the outcome of the game. Don’t sit at a blackjack table in a casino (be it land-based or online) unless you know what you’re doing!

    If you’re talented at poker, however, playing against other players in an online casino table is by far one of the easiest ways to make money in an online casino. Just sit on a table and play against others – your natural talent might overcome the negative odds or the streak fo bad luck that you might face from time to time.

    Table games also give you the versatility to choose how much money you want to spend on a bet, which often results in how much money you will get in return. You can evaluate your odds and see whether you’d like to raise a bet or not, which makes it far easier for you to control how much money you win or lose in one of these games.

    Easiest Casino Games Against the House

    Winning against the house in an online casino might as well be one of the most difficult tasks that an online gambler can put themselves up to. The house will always have the edge in any game that you play against it, but don’t be discouraged – some online casino games have better odds than others, so you can stick to playing them instead of those that might offer better rewards with lower RTP rates.

    For example, slots in general tend to have a lot of variety when it comes to their odds. Some online slots can be very easy to win at, while others give you very poor return rates. That’s why it’s very important to read about each game that you play before you play it, so you can get a better idea of how much cash you can wager on it.

    Try to pick slots that have at least a 95% RTP rate, that way you’ll be able to make a profit more often than not. Games with odds lower than 95% might be better off avoided, as your chances of winning become smaller and smaller as time goes by.

    There is no easy game in which you can win money against the house, but playing videopoker and the best slot machines can net you a decent profit if you know your way around the machines. Study them closely and see which games are better and you’ll most likely end up with a profit once you stand up from in front of your screen!

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    What are RNGs & why do they matter?

    RNGs are Random Number Generators. And they matter greatly when it comes to online casino games. They’re the technology a casino site uses to ensure the results of its games are fair every time. If a casino doesn’t use RNGs to power its games it might be rigging the results to prevent players from winning.

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    How are live dealer games different?

    Live dealer games offer online players a taste of an authentic real time gambling experience. You’ll need to have a camera on your device, an audio card, and a strong internet connection in order to take part in live dealer games. They work by live streaming the action as it unfolds direct to your computer, mobile, or tablet. Everything you see happening on the screen is occurring in real time plus you can even converse with the dealer and other players.

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    Are there limits on wagering amounts?

    Yes. You’ll find minimum and maximum bet limits at every online casino in 2018. Although the value of these can vary from game to game. The reason casinos impose an upper level wagering limit is to protect themselves from losses. After all, if you have a player betting big on the most profitable casino games and winning each time they can soon rack up a huge bankroll. So by imposing a maximum bet a casino can limit the amount they stand to lose.

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    What is the most profitable casino game?

    The most profitable casino games are those that offer players the best odds and can be perfected by skill or strategy. For that reason roulette is typically considered among the most profitable to play as just betting on a single outcome has 50/50 odds of being right. Plus if you play European roulette which only features a single 0 on the wheel the house edge is lowered further. Other profitable casino games are blackjack and poker. Both of these commonplace card games are easy to master and can offer big financial rewards to the most skilled players. You can also increase your chances of coming out on top in poker by seeking out fish (lesser experienced players typically just in it for fun) who usually bet on every round no matter how terrible their hand is. While playing blackjack, utilizing a card counting strategy (a big no no at land based casinos) can significantly increase your chance of winning. Providing you count correctly of course.

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    What is a payout percentage?

    A payout percentage is the rate a casino pays out winnings versus the amount of real cash deposits being made by players. It’s your indication of how likely you are to win if you play at the casino. A good win rate is considered to be 95% or above. This is positive for online casino players when you consider the average win rate at a land-based casino is around 70%. All licensed casinos are required to routinely publish their payout percentages in order to keep their license.

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    How do progressive jackpots work?

    Progressive jackpots offer players the chance to win one enormous real money prize pot. Normally in the million pound mark but always in the region of hundreds of thousands of dollars. If your goal is to collect a life-changing sum of money while playing casino games online, progressive jackpots are your best bet. A tiny percentage of each player’s wager contributes to feeding the jackpot total until it finally pays out to one lucky player.

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