Online gambling in Canada is not only a legal activity in the country, but it’s also one of the main Canadian forms of from-home entertainment. The country’s authorities have done nothing that suggests that online gambling in Canada is even close to being prohibited, and regulations permit players to make the best of their time and money however it is that they choose to do it.

As legal and free as it is to gamble online in Canada, though, it wouldn’t make sense for you to go around playing without properly knowing how to spend your money. As such, we’ve collected a list of 10 of the best deposit bonuses that you can claim in Canada and enjoy from any device that you own.

In this article, you’ll come across the best deposit bonuses for Canadian online casinos, Canadian free spin bonuses, and many more incredible rewards. None of these rewards are either hard to claim or expensive to unlock, but they adapt to your budget and reward you accordingly.

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Top 10 Casino Deposit Bonuses in Canada

Before we move on to tell you all about the best bonuses in Canada and how they work, as well as what you can expect to find in these casinos, we’ll start with what we promised to show you: the best bonuses in Canada themselves.

Regardless of which of these offers you decide to go for, keep one thing in mind: they’re all fair bonuses that work as promised. We’ll go into further details about what constitutes a quality bonus further down in this article, but first, check out the crème de la crème of Canada’s most sought-after online casinos:

Types of Canadian Deposit Bonuses

You may already have a solid idea of what you’ll find in the best Canadian casinos when it comes to offerings. However, we still think that you could do with a small tutoring lesson about the types of bonuses that you’ll find in Canadian casinos and what each type of bonus does.

The list of bonuses that we’ve compiled on this page might seem plentiful, but with a site as huge as the internet, it might be even better for you to get a good understanding of bonuses. That way, you’ll be sure that you’ll be claiming the best bonuses that exist for you.

Casino Welcome Bonus Canada

The first and most popular type of bonus that you’ll find in a Canadian casino is the welcome bonus. Welcome bonuses are the entry card to any casino that offers it; the promotion that says to the player what the casino is all about.

As such, welcome bonuses tend to be considered the most important bonuses in a casino – regardless of how lucrative it is.

These bonuses tell you what to expect from a casino, how fair the offers are, how the bonus money is used in the site, and the ups and downs of playing with cash that you don’t own.

Canadian Reload Bonuses

Canadian Casinos might be better known for the large array of welcome bonuses that you’ll find, and even though we haven’t really mentioned a lot of reload bonuses on our list, that doesn’t mean that you can’t expect to find some absolute gems while playing from Canada.

In fact, reload bonuses are as common in Canadian casinos as they are in the biggest sites in the world.

Reload bonuses in Casinos like the N1 Casino are sure going to fill your account with thousands of dollars’ worth of free cash multiple times every month.

Cashback Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are an online casino’s way of saying “thanks for being loyal” even though you’ve been on a bad run of results in recent times. These bonuses, often free of any wagering requirements, are meant to give you back a percentage of your lost cash for you to either withdraw it back to your bank account or use it in the casino to try out your luck once more.

Cashback bonuses are legal in Canada. You will come across many online casinos that offer the chance for you to receive up to 20% of your cashback, on average, and depending on how much cash you’ve sot in the last week or month.

Free Spin Bonuses in Canada

If you’re Canadian and you love online slots, chances are that you came here looking for the best free spin bonuses in Canada. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Free spin bonuses give you the chance to play online slots for free, which means that you won’t be risking any of your money in order to play and win real cash. Naturally, the value of free spins in Canada tends to be much less than a dollar, but with it being a free “less than a dollar” amount, you’ll be playing for fun and making a profit at the same time!

The Best Bonuses in The Casino Wizard – Available in Canada!

Should you still not be satiated with all of the bonuses that we’ve presented in this article, we still have some good news for you: most of the best bonuses available at The Casino Wizard can be claimed if you live in Canada. We often advertise these offers as euro bonuses, but most can be claimed with Canadian dollars as well.

As such, even if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, we have a wider array of incredible bonuses to claim in Canada. Make the best of them and enjoy your time in these casinos: they’re the cream of the crop in the industry.

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Are Casino Bonuses Legal in Canada?

Online gambling is fully legal in Canada, as well as all of its facets. You may use bonuses, claim rewards, participate in tournaments, sit at the poker tables, play against the house in live dealer casinos, and more. There are virtually no restrictions to what you can do in the world of Canadian online casinos, so you should not worry about breaking any rules or laws.

In any case, you must make sure that the bonuses that you claim are suited to the Canadian public. Some offers that may seem lucrative may only be available in the UK, Germany, or any other big gambling market in the world.

Make the Best Use of Your Casino Deposit Bonuses in Canada – Bonus Hunting Tips

Now that you know how bonuses work in Canada and what you can expect to find in the Canadian casino market, it’s time for you to understand how to make the best of the bonuses and hunt for the finest of rewards. As such, we’ve compiled a list of 5 incredible tips on how to increase your profits with bonuses in the best online casinos.

That’s on top of the best casino tips that we’ve given you in the past, so look at it as a compliment!

Follow Our Guide to the Best Table Games

We know that many players are only keen to try out table games and they don’t really care for slots. That’s fair – table games give you more control of the outcome of each round and, once you master them, the expected RTP of these games climbs to 99% or more.

However, jumping blindly into the world of table games could end up with you finding a title that isn’t good enough for you. You can always resort to our practical guide to the best casino table games, though, which will save you the time and trouble of looking for the best titles to play whilst ensuring optimal results. Talk about a win/win scenario for you!

Play Games with the Highest RTP Possible

The RTP, otherwise known as Return To Player rate, is the amount of your money that you can expect to get back after gambling in an online casino. More specifically, it’s a percentage that represents how much cash the casino expects to keep in a regular round based on the game’s odds.

The higher the RTP, the lower the house edge – that’s the general rule of thumb. As such, finding the best games based on RTP (especially if you intend to play slots) is the best way to go if you want to make sure that your money is being well spent.

Avoid Scratch Cards and Keno

Players tend to find excitement and thrill by playing the popular scratchcards or keno games. As fun as these games are, these are the two casino games that offer the worst return rates out of them all (together with Bingo and some of its less lucrative variants).

If you want to make the best of your bonus money and you want to make sure that you have at least some semblance of hope of fulfilling the wagering requirements, then you should avoid scratch cards and keno by all means.

Try Out Video Poker Machines

Fancy a game based on virtual rolls but you don’t want to be subjected to the stress and lack of control of online slots? If so, then we advise you to use your bonus cash (or the bonus cash generated with the free spins) to play video poker.

If you master the art of playing video poker and memorize its winning strategies, then you’ll be on your way to quickly fulfill the wagering requirements of any bonuses that you come across. Check out our guide on how to consistently win at Jacks or Better Video Poker to make sure that you don’t miss out on any rewards!

Play in Reputable Casinos Only – Authorized by Quality Gambling Authorities

Reputable bonuses and amazing rewards are aplenty, but some casinos are places that you may better off avoid – even if you’re being offered seemingly unmissable rewards in return for your allegiance.

To know which casinos are better left alone, we’ve made a list of the world’s most reputable gambling authorities that regulate online casinos.

If you come across an online casino that holds licenses given by our “Star” authorities, then you can rest assured that your money and personal data will be in good hands.

If you decide to play in casinos that aren’t supervised by these authorities, then you’ll be taking a huge risk. Why would you opt to take a risk when it all comes to the safety of your data? Stick to reputable casinos and avoid shady sites!

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General Casino Deposit Bonus Rules in Canada

Every bonus comes with its own set of rules that aim to keep the offer fair both for you and the casino. Casinos don’t want to lose money all the time, but legit iGaming establishments will want to give their players a chance to claim some bonus cash and turn it into real money that they can withdraw.

As such, there are some rules that tend to be present in all Canadian casino bonuses. There are 5 main rules in total, which are as follows:

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements are present in almost every single bonus that you’ll claim in Canada. Basically, they represent the total amount of your bonus that will need to be wagered a certain amount of times before you can cash out any winnings generated from the bonus itself.

Some bonuses come with wager-free rules, but they’re not commonly found on the internet. In fact, it’s quite the contrary – most of the bonuses that you’ll find in the best casinos tend to come with at least some sort of wagering requirement.

There’s nothing as refreshing as knowing how to quickly fulfill the wagering requirements of a casino bonus. Fair Canadian bonuses come with wagering requirements from 15 to 40 times the amount of your bonus cash.

Timeframes and Limits

Every casino bonus tends to come with at least some sort of timeframe or limit as to how long you can take to spend all of the bonus money. For example, some casinos may impose limits of 15 days, others give you a total of 30 days instead.

In most cases, you can expect to be given bonuses that can be spent over the course of a month. Anything more than that is very rare to find, but we do recommend you stay away from bonuses that need to have their requirements fulfilled in less than 10 days – those are very difficult to claim.

Maximum Wins

Some bonuses -particularly no deposit bonuses- come with a total amount of money that you can generate while playing with them. Any remaining cash will be removed from your account at the minute of withdrawal.

Worry not, though: the best Canadian deposit bonuses mentioned on this list come free of any winning limitations. That means that you’ll be able to generate as much cash as you can (or as much cash as luck permits) and withdraw it once you comply with the wagering requirements. It’s as simple as that!

Canadian Dollar Payouts

Every quality casino bonus available in Canada can be cashed out in Canadian dollars, or it can be cashed out in any currency that you want and instantly converted at the minute of the transfer. That’s because online casinos and banks in Canada blend in quite well. Since there aren’t any restrictions imposed upon online casinos, banks can process payments from your favorite sites.

We do recommend you to fill up your taxes as not to get in trouble, though. Canada is very lax when it comes to gambling earnings, but you still want to let the government know about them.

Bonus Availability

In order to ensure that your money is well spent and that bonuses of your choices will work in your country, always make sure that you select “Canada” as the main country of your favorite casino.

Failing to choose Canada will result in you being shown “international” bonuses, which means that your reward of choice may not be available for Canadian players. Casinos commonly offer different promotions to players from different countries in order to comply with local gambling regulations. Be sure not to set yourself for disappointment.

The Best Canadian Casino Deposit Bonuses Await – Which One Will You Claim First?

You’re now acquainted with some of the fanciest, most lucrative offers on the internet. You, as a Canadian or Canada resident, now have access to the best casino bonuses in the world. It’s now up to you to decide what you will do with that ocean of possibilities and choose where your adventure will start.

As things stand, the best casino bonuses are there for the taking. Choose whether you’d like to spend that bonus money on table games, rejoice yourself in the best slot games using lucrative free spin rewards, or try out your luck doing anything you want and getting your money back using cashback bonuses.

The adventure is all set to begin. Where will you begin your journey? Waste no more time and visit the best casinos now!


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