10 Recommended Slot Sites in Canada to Visit in 2021

Online slots are some of the most popular gambling games that you can play in Canada. They provide players with hours of entertainment and, most importantly, they are as legal as they have ever been. There are no regulations in Canada that make online gambling illegal, which means that you can hop into any of your favorite casinos and play the best games out there. Videoslots-Home-640-324 However, there are some sites that you may better off avoid if you’re going to be playing online in good old Canada; whether that is because of a lack of Canadian-oriented bonuses, or because some sites are not operating under an entirely legal scheme within the country.

We’ll start off by telling you which are the best slot sites in Canada, but then we’ll tell you more about the rules and regulations that make it legal to gamble in Canada. Is online gambling legal in Canada? What are the best Canadian Casinos? The answers to these questions, and more, await within this article. Don’t you dare miss out on them!

Best Slot Sites in Canada

A promise is a promise, and we have decided to begin this article by telling you all bout the best slot sites in Canada. We want you to be fully ready to make the best of your gambling experience in the country, which means that you should be completely aware of which are the best Canadian casinos in which to play the best online slots - including Jonny Jackpot, a top-quality slot casino. Bear in mind that every single one of the slot sites that we’ll be presenting in this list stands among the best sites that the industry has to offer.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to play the best games based on RTP or fun branded slots that catch your attention – the best slots sites in Canada are the places to visit for either task. As things stand, Canada is one of the best countries in which you can gamble online. That means that there are hundreds of casinos to choose from, but these 10 stand out as the absolute best that you can visit as a Canadian gambler:

1 mBitcasino
Up to 5 BTC + 300 FS T&C apply PLAY
2 Videoslots Casino
100% up to €200 T&C apply PLAY
3 BitStarz Casino
5 BTC / €500 + 180 FS T&C apply PLAY
4 Wildz Casino
100% up to €500 + 200 FS T&C apply PLAY

Gambling in Slot Sites in Canada – The Gray Area of Gambling

If you’ve ever set yourself the goal of gambling in Canada, then you’ve probably asked Google the question of whether it is legal to gamble in Canada or not. The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a solid yes, but… Gambling in Canada is legal in the sense that players are allowed to do what they want with their money.

You won’t be penalized for gambling online nor will you incur any illegal doings. However, companies (most notably online casinos) need to be aware that operating in Canada means that they must be operating within Canadian territory. The casino might be hosted somewhere else in the world, but it must have offices or an operation HQ in the country.

Does that mean that all online casinos comply with these rules? No, but that’s not really a problem because you, as a gambler, can’t get in trouble for playing in international casinos. That’s why many of the world’s best online casinos don’t really have an HQ in Canada but still allow Canadian players to visit them and join.

Is it Legal to Play in the Best Slot Sites in Canada?

The best slot sites in Canada stand out for being top-quality online casinos that operate worldwide. That means that you will be able to visit the best online casinos and have the experience of a lifetime while playing in Canada. The best thing you can do, as a Canadian gambler, is to set yourself the goal to visit sites that are hosted in the country, but don’t you worry: even if you fall in love with an international casino, you will be able to legally play in it.

Becoming an online gambling enthusiast is not an issue at all in Canada – and even less so if you’re a fan of the best online slots that the industry has to offer.

International Casinos in Canada – Legal for the Players

The international gambling community is massive. There are hundreds of casinos to choose from, thousands of games to play, and incredible bonuses to claim regardless of where you play. The best casinos in the world are often hosted in Malta or Curacao, two gambling paradises were hosting a casino is as easy as it can get.

As a Canadian gambler, you will have access to a repertoire of top-quality casinos that stand not only as the best slot sites in Canada, but also as the best slot sites in the world. Quality options are given when playing in the best Canadian casinos!

Can You Get in Trouble by Playing in the Best Slot Sites in Canada?

No, you can’t. Gambling in Canada is legal, which means that you don’t need to worry about any wrongdoings while playing online. Be sure to enjoy your time at the best online casinos and claim whichever bonus you like the most – that’s all it takes to play in a Canadian online casino.

The Best Canadian Casinos – What Makes them Great

You know that we have picked the best Canadian Casinos that you can visit in 2021. We haven't just focused on the online slots that they have at your disposal to pick them, though - we have made a list of incredible online casinos that overall stand out as some of the best in the industry, which means that you won’t struggle to find quality bonuses, incredible games, and a selection of slots to enjoy in any of these casinos.

Not only that, but all of these casinos have their SSL encryption certificates up to date; their bonuses are among the best out there; the games to be found stand among the finest in the industry. No matter what you want to do with your money, you will be more than happy to visit these fantastic online casinos as long as you’re living in Canada.

We have made a point to find top-quality online casinos that stand out in each of the categories that we love to see the most in the best sites in the world. Our favorite Canadian casinos to play slots are home to each of the following features:

Amazing Bonuses

To us, an online casino is what its bonuses make it to be. You cannot visit an online casino without a single bonus in store, as you will be instantly repelled by the site’s lack of promotions. Claiming free money, free spins, or simply having the ability to enjoy a free round (or two!) in your favorite games is a must to top off a fantastic casino experience.

All of the casinos that we have listed in this article are home to incredible bonuses that allow you to play the best slots for free. The best slot sites in Canada must allow you to try out the most relevant games without you spending a dime, but with the added hope of you earning a decent amount of cash to go alongside your playing time.

Regardless of what you want to do in an online casino, having access to quality casino bonuses is a must. We know you think like us in this regard, which is why we know you’ll love the best slot sites in Canada!

Local Currency Support

Another massive feature, and one that we know many Canadian players desperately look for, is the support for Canadian dollars as an available payment method in your casino of choice. It doesn’t matter if you want to play at a local casino or at an international one – what truly matters is that the casino has access to Canadian dollars for you to receive payments in your local currency.

We do not like sites that offer payments in other currencies because you will be subjected to unfair exchange rates that will ultimately cost you more money than what you should be aiming to spend. In any case, all of the sites that we have listed in this article are either supporting Canadian dollars as a payment method or they offer fantastic alternative options, such as the use of incredible e-wallet services that provide you with quality exchange prices or even bitcoins.

Regardless of which option you choose, these casinos are among the best in the world.

Game Availability

Have you ever tried to visit an online casino and notice how some games are said to be blocked in certain regions? This is something that often happens because online casino providers do not have authorization to distribute their titles all over the world, which causes a huge issue that could result in players not being able to enjoy the best games in their country of origin.

Thankfully, if you’re playing from Canada, you won’t have this issue whatsoever. On the contrary – most of the game developers are authorized to distribute their games in Canada (or, more so, they aren’t prohibited from doing so). All of the best slots in the world can be played if you live in Canada, as long as you stick to playing in one of the best Canadian slot sites to visit in the 2020s and beyond. Skill-based slots, progressive jackpot games, and classic virtual slots are all there to be found in the best Canadian casinos.

Play at the Best Slot Sites in Canada Now!

Having access to a repertoire of world-class casinos is the first step that you’ll need to take in order to claim the best rewards in the industry. Playing the best casino games is one thing, but doing so in an online casino that legitimately seems to care for the well-being of a player is what truly makes the experience one of the best on the planet.


You now know where to play online slots in Canada. You know about the best rewards, the best games, and the best promotions. What are you still doing here, then? Go and play at the world’s best online casinos and discover the experience that will shape the path you’ll follow in your iGaming journey!

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