$100 No Deposit Bonus Codes for 2022 (Top 5)

Find the Best $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes

Some of the best casinos in the world provide players with bonus codes to claim non-sticky rewards. However, few are as lucrative as the best $100 no deposit bonus codes that the iGamers so dearly sought for. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at the best no deposit bonus codes in the world to claim free cash and play for free in online casinos.

Keep in mind that many of the bonuses found on this piece will provide you with a bit less than $100, but we’re still listing them because casinos let you win $100 (or more) spending the bonus money in their casino sections. You get to choose how to play with each bonus – make the best of your time and money!

Pick a One of Our Top $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes

We’ve decided to select our favorite $100 no deposit bonus codes so you can pick a game to play and enjoy. There’s a massive selection of casino slot games at your disposal – it’s up to you to decide how much money you want to pay after claiming these bonuses, but if no deposit offers are what you’re looking for, then you’ll love what these casinos have in store for you.

5. 888 Casino $88 Free No Deposit

Bonus Code: Not Needed!

The 888 Casino $88 bonus, or its equivalent in any other currency, is one of the best offers on this list and the most lucrative no deposit bonus that we have ever reviewed on this website. You’ll have the chance to claim $88 for free and spend it on the casino any way that you want on the site.

This online casino is one of the best that you can visit if you’re a fan of complete experiences, too. So, the $88 free no deposit is a great way to get started in an online casino that comes with live dealer games, a sportsbook, and other fantastic rewards. There’s also a high-roller welcome bonus that you can claim if you want extra cash!

888 casino no deposit

4. One Casino $10 No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Code: Not Needed!

The One Casino is an incredible website with a promising $10 no deposit bonus that every player could claim upon registration. The site packs an incredible reward worth more money on your first deposit, but getting started with $10 is the best way to go.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are also very low wagering requirements for this bonus cash. You should be able to get $10 for free and spend it to earn $100 no deposit bonus codes needed! The rewards are there for the taking, so be sure and claim them while you can.

one casino no deposit

3. Lord Lucky $5 Free

Bonus Code: Not Needed!

Lord Lucky may not be the most global casino on this list; however, if you’re available to visit it, then we encourage you to go and try. This site packs an incredible welcome bonus that’s just the cream on top of a very delicious [reward-filled] cake, which starts with a $5 bonus that you’re sure to love.

This is not a casino that we recommend to everyone, but fans of online slots are sure to love it. The site comes packed with a massive selection of games to enjoy, but it lacks many of the features that we would recommend in a top casino. Still, give it a chance if you want free cash!

lord lucky no deposit

2. Lapalingo $5 No Deposit Bonus

Bonus Code: Not Needed!

Lapalingo may not provide you with a staggering offer worth thousands in free rewards, but this simple $5 bonus is more than enough to get you started on a quest that could end up with you making $100 in no deposit rewards. There aren’t many limitations to what you can do with this offer, so spending it wisely on the site’s high RTP games will be the way to go.

This amazing casino comes with a sportsbook and a selection of world-class games that you can choose from – including table games and a live dealer section packed with fantastic titles. Start your journey with $5 free and earn amazing prizes at Lapalingo!

lapalingo no deposit

1. mBitCasino 50 No Deposit Free Spins

Bonus Code: Not Needed!

The mBitCasino is an incredible casino to visit if you’re a fan of bitcoin gaming. This site doesn’t operate with any FIAT currency, so you will have to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Lite, or any other of the site’s accepted currencies to play.

That also means, however, that you’ll have the chance to spend these free spins and claim up to $100 no deposit in rewards thanks to this amazing bonus. Spend the spins, play slots, and win – your rewards are there for the taking at mBit.

mbit casino no deposit free spins

Are These Bonus Codes Worth $100 No Deposit?

Yes, you can claim $100 (or more) with these no deposit bonus codes. Even though some of these bonuses don’t directly award you with $100 in free cash, you will be able to earn the money by playing in the casino with the bonus cash that you earn.

In fact, you’ll rarely come across a bonus that provides you with $100 no deposit bonus money. Most of the $100 no deposit bonus codes found in online casinos are not legit. You will be able to claim deposit bonus cash instead, which you can use to play many games and subsequently get the cash that you desire.

What are Free $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes?

Free $100 no deposit bonus codes are bonus codes that reward players with free bonus money to play in online casinos. Players will usually need to spend the money in specific casino games, as instructed in the bonus rules, or in one of many games that casinos allow for players to spend their money at.

Most of the bonuses that actually give you at least $100 in free cash tend to require a deposit for you to get them. However, some casinos may actually offer you the bonus money for free. We tend to trust casinos that offer a little less than $100 as no deposit bonus codes simply because their terms and conditions are often fairer for the player.

How to Claim $100 Free No Deposit with Bonus Codes in Any Casino

It’s very easy to claim $100 no deposit bonus codes or any other no deposit bonus found on this list. All bonuses tend to follow the same list of rules, but it’s also good for you to read the individual bonus rules of each reward. If you’re picking one of the bonuses on this list, you may also check out our review of each bonus if you want to learn more about it.

In any case, the list of steps that you need to follow is short, and it goes as follows:

  1. Create an account on any casino that you wish to claim bonuses on
  2. During the registration process, check out whether the casino asks to enter any codes
  3. If not, proceed with the process and verify your account via email
  4. Once verified, visit the cashier
  5. Check where the option to enter bonus codes is
  6. Enter the code and play!

If, by any chance, you don’t receive the bonus after entering the bonus and following the aforementioned steps, be sure to contact the casino customer support. They may be able to manually activate it for you.

Should You Trust $100 No Deposit Bonuses in 2022?

Many online casinos are offering amazing promotions to new players, but should you trust just about any casino that offers $100 for free? The clear answer to this question is no. To add to that, there are some things that you should consider before even thinking about making a deposit:

  • It’s important to check the casino's reliability before claiming any offer. Unreliable casinos should be left alone
  • Some of these bonuses are to be trusted and can be withdrawn, but they may be locked behind some rather restrictive wagering requirements. Take this into consideration when playing
  • It may be a better choice to claim a deposit bonus rather than a no deposit bonus. They offer much more money with fairer wagering requirements

$100 No Deposit Bonus Codes Wagering Requirements

Are you a fan of online casino no deposit bonus codes? There’s one thing that you should always take into consideration: the wagering requirements of these offers. We’re going to raise a few points that we think you should consider when claiming these bonuses related to their wagering requirements:

  • Wagering requirements of free bonuses tend to be much higher than those of deposit bonuses. Expect to find 50x requirements when claiming $100 no deposit bonus codes
  • The reason why we’ve also opted to provide you with more conservative offers is that their wagering requirements are much lower. Look at the One Casino bonus, for example

Why Claim $100 Free Money No Deposit in Online Casinos

The world of online casinos is packed with amazing prizes, but that doesn’t mean that you should claim the first one that you come across. There are many reasons why these prizes are better off being claimed than being left unclaimed, though. We firmly believe that there are two main reasons why no deposit bonuses are must-claim rewards.

Play the Best Games for Free

You will be able to use $100 no deposit bonus codes, or any other bonus or free spin bonus, to play the best online casino games for free. Even if you don’t get the chance to play high RTP slots, online casinos make it possible for players to enjoy casino games without spending any money.

You should always consider playing with free bonuses if you intend to earn real cash in any online casino, or if you simply want to try out casino games without spending any money playing them. Trial mode is only fun to a certain extent; these bonuses allow you to earn real money, even if it’s bonus money, without spending any of your own cash.

Try Out the Casino

There are multiple ways to test an online casino with no deposit bonus money, without the player having to risk any of their own. These are some of the things we do with bonus cash when registering in a casino that we haven't tried before:

  • Casino games allow you to try out how the casino works without spending any money. You will be able to visit different casino sections and put the casino to the test before deciding how you want to spend your cash on the site
  • It’s important to see how the casino deals with payments, and $100 no deposit bonuses allow you to do just that
  • Players will be able to test how the process of customer support works on the site. If anything comes up or happens with the bonus, contacting customer support will let players know how casinos deal with complaints – and that’s without having to spend any money to do so

How to Know Which No Deposit Bonus Codes $100 to Claim

We’ve presented you with 5 reliable no deposit bonus codes to claim $100 for free, but there are other bonuses out there; we don’t want you wasting your time or money in unfair casinos.

Please keep in mind that there are many lucrative offers in the world of online casinos. Rewards in the iGaming world can seem extremely lucrative at first glance but end up being unreliable offers when you look at their fine print.

There are two main ways to avoid getting scammed or disappointed with a no deposit bonus. Both are equally as important, albeit the first one is more tedious than the second one.

Check for Any Caveats

Offers may look like the next big thing, but there’s something that you should always keep in mind: online casinos are rarely going to give you free cash without expecting anything in return. That’s why we’re going to show you some ways on how to detect unwanted caveats in online casino bonuses:

  • Look for the timeframes of the bonus. Some bonuses may come with fair wagering requirements but insanely low timeframes which make it impossible to fulfill the terms in time
  • See where you can spend the bonus money. Casinos could prevent you from playing any worthwhile game, which renders a bonus useless
  • Check whether the bonus requires the player to make an eventual deposit. Some casinos could give you no deposit cash but make you deposit money before you withdraw it

Avoid Unreliable Casinos

The best way to claim reliable bonuses is to avoid unreliable casinos. These are some of our tips on how to do just that.

  • Check casino licenses to identify unsafe websites. If you compare the licensing number of the casino with the one reflected on the profile of the company on the website of the licensing entity, they both should match
  • Some shady websites are “clones” of legit sites that are simply registered elsewhere to scam players. For example, copies of the William Hill casino are quite common to see with different domain extensions. Pay attention to this or you could fall victim to scams

Player Feedback Matters – Read What Others Say

Take into consideration what other players say about an offer or a specific casino before you register on it. This is especially true for casinos that offer too much to their players, as it's possible for the casino to take unfair measures to avoid player payments.

The best way to know whether a bonus is legit is by checking out social media forums. We recommend reading Reddit comments about a bonus or casino to be sure whether the site is worth paying a visit to or not.

Read Expert Reviews

Plenty of people, just like The Casino Wizard staff, are reviewing bonuses and online casinos to save players the trouble of getting into unnecessary trouble when claiming rewards. Take advantage of this by reading reviews and understanding which casinos are good by seeing what experts are saying about it.

Player feedback is just one of the ways to confirm how good a casino is – you may want to see what experts say to avoid the bias of some people who may have had an unfortunate albeit unlucky experience.

Does It Sound Too Good to Be True?

Many offers sound extremely good to be true. We’ll be honest with you: if an offer is like that, then you may be better off avoiding it. Casinos that give away hundreds -or even thousands- in free bonus cash, often make it almost impossible for players to cash out the money.

Unfair wagering requirements are just the start – you may be asked for outrageous stuff if you’re not playing in a legit casino.

Where to Spend $100 No Deposit Bonus Codes

Once you find yourself with a significant amount of bonus cash in your hands, you’ll be wondering what’s the best way to spend it. There isn’t one correct way, but there are many pieces of advice that we can give you in order to maximize the amount of money that you earn.

If you’re given the chance to spend the money wherever you like, then there are a few suggestions that we’d like to make for you. Remember, the rules of each casino are different; you may have to spend the money in a specific way if the casino doesn’t allow you to make a choice.

  • Look for the casino games that have the highest RTP rates and spend your money on them. If you’re not good at online casino table games, be sure to select slots with a low house edge
  • Avoid spending your money in jackpot slots. Although winning a jackpot would be life-changing, the chances of doing so are very slim with a standard welcome bonus. Besides, casinos often forbid players from playing jackpot slots with bonus cash
  • Avoid online casino skill-based games if you’re not skilled at them. Blackjack could be an incredible game to play with bonus money, but you need to be acquainted with basic blackjack strategy in order to succeed

Get Your Bonus Code for $100 No Deposit

Now that you know why some $100 no deposit bonus codes are better off being left untouched, the universe of casino rewards at your disposal is there for the taking. You know which bonuses are not meant to be claimed and you know which are. Now, the most important thing to do is what remains: choose a casino in which to spend your money and get down to business.

Choose your favorite bonus, strap on to your seatbelts, and get ready to claim some of the best promotions in the iGaming world. Where you go is your choice – just be sure to make the best of your time in the casino that you choose!

Last updated  October 13, 2022
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