2021's Best High Stakes Online Casinos Without (Virtually No) Betting Limit

High-stakes betting is the main way for an online casino to generate money, but it’s also the way in which the majority of gamblers make a killing in winnings (when they’re lucky enough to overcome the odds!). As such, finding the perfect high-stakes casino is the first step that you’ll need to take in your journey towards riches and a mountain of entertainment. As things stand, though, the best high stakes casinos can be difficult to find. Many online casinos would rather not disclose the betting limits of each of their games until you’ve registered, precisely because they want to hook you into the site even if the games that they offer are not what you’re looking for. We, however, don’t want you to be running around the world of online casinos like an aimless gambler that doesn’t know what to do. That’s why we’ve made a list of the best high-stakes casinos with no betting limit – or, at least, a betting limit that won’t get in your way unless your planning to spend thousands of dollars in a single hand of blackjack. We will also take a closer look at high-stakes gambling and the importance of betting limits in online casinos, so stay with us and discover all you need to know to play in the best online casinos!

High-Stakes Gambling and Its Importance in Modern Casinos

High-stakes gambling is important to online casinos as much as it is important to high rollers. There are people who simply love to place large bets, and online casinos love it when people do it – even if they lose money from time to time when the gamblers get lucky enough to overcome the odds. However, uncontrolled high stakes gambling can be very troublesome for the player as well as for the casino. Online casinos that don’t impose any sort of limits could be subjected to be targeted by people looking to launder money, and moving so much cash at once can also be counterproductive for the casino staff. In any case, high-stakes gambling comprises various sorts of bets that you can place in an online casino. Any bet that surpasses €50 could be considered a high-stakes bet, depending on the type of gambler that you are. Some people would rather go for larger bets, though, and they would rather spend their cash in live casino tables that allow players to truly spend massive sums of money with each hand that passes. We’ll be taking a look at all sorts of bets, starting with the betting limits that usually get imposed by the world’s best online casinos.

Betting Limits Explained

Every online casino has one or two types of betting limits that serve to control players and keep the betting standards high within the casino’s premises. In most cases, the betting limits imposed by the casinos are pertinent to each type of game, which means that moving on to another game usually does the trick for a player who isn’t satisfied with the betting limits of what he’s playing. That’s not always the case, though. Many online casinos have evolved their betting limits and made them casino-wide influential. There are three types of betting limits that you can expect to find in the best online casinos in the world.

Monthly and Weekly Betting Limits

Monthly betting limits are the most common types of betting limits out there. They are usually tied to the Responsible Gambling features of an online casino and they serve to keep players from spending too much money in a casino. In fact, in most cases, it is the player themselves who sets up their monthly betting limit in an attempt to control their own spending. Some online casinos also forcefully impose these, though. You shouldn’t be surprised if you’re playing in a new online casino that limits your spending. These types of limits might reset every week, but the most common type of control that online casinos exercise is when they control your monthly spending altogether. You might be limited to spend up to €1,000 per month if you’re playing in a low-stakes casino. We’ve read cases of players who had casinos impose €100 limits onto their accounts, though!

Game Betting Limits

A lesser common type of casino betting limit is the so-called game betting limits, which are games that allow players to spend a determined amount of money. These limits are also imposed by the casino and not by the game itself, which means that you might come across the same game with higher limits in other online casinos. Game Betting limits are not as common as monthly limits and even less common than betting limits per hand, which are the most common ones in the online casino industry. Let’s take a closer look at those now.

Betting Limits Per Hand or Spin

The most common type of betting limits in the industry is the ones that limit the amount of money that you can spend per hand. For example, you might be limited to place a bet of €20 in a game of blackjack – particularly if you’re playing in a low-stakes table. It is very common for online casinos to place at least one type of hand restriction to prevent players from doubling their bets until they make a profit, for example. The best high stakes online casinos with no betting limit tend to allow players to spend a ton of money in each of the hands that they place bets on, whenever they’re playing online table games. The most common way to find the best high stakes tables is by simply going to the table game section of a casino, or the live casino of your favorite betting website, and looking for the tables that are listed as “high roller”. Online casinos often tell you which tables have each type of limit, which helps you make a better decision before you spend your money.

High-Limit Bets – Are they Worth It and do They Offer Better Odds?

One of the most common questions that we see beginners throwing around is whether high-stakes gambling ends up being worth it in the end and whether they get better odds with each high-stakes bet that they place. If you’re wondering whether online casinos favor players that spend more money, the answer is yes – but it doesn’t happen through game odds. The game odds are the same for everyone. High-stakes gamblers get better benefits for their online casino activity, though. This is because online casinos tend to favor players that spend more money by giving them larger bonuses with which they can play for free, or bonus cash that they can unlock if they spend more money than the average player in the world’s best online casinos. When it comes to individual benefits by playing any specific type of game, those don’t exist. Online casinos just make it easy for players to spend more money if they are already spending money, but they want all of their players to feel the same when playing any specific game.

Most Common High-Stakes Games

Even though virtually any type of betting game could be considered a high-stakes game if the betting limits are high enough, there are certain types of games that have become much more common “high roller magnets”, which means that they’re the places where high-stakes gambling is more commonly performed. We’ll be overviewing the most common high-stakes game-types in the world, but keep in mind that high-stakes casinos, listed below, allow players to place large bets in almost every type of game that they’re playing. You always need to read the rules of each game before playing it to ensure that the titles of your preference allow players to properly spend their money in any way that they want, which will save you the time and trouble of opening a game that doesn’t suit your needs.


Online slots tend to allow all sorts of players to enjoy a spin of the wheel. You will often come across virtual slot machines that have limits that range from just €0.50 per spin to a staggering €100 per spin. We have seen some slot games, though, that have ridiculous limits of upwards of €300 per spin, which makes it a completely insane way to play online slots. The best high stakes online casinos with no betting limit tend to have many of these high-stakes slot machines available to everyone willing to commit their money to them. Classic slot games like Starburst have become very popular titles in which people spend a lot of money, but some of the lesser-known games that have RTP rates of 98% are also very popular among high-stakes gamblers across the world.


Roulette betting limits are quite peculiar. Of course, people want to spend large sums of money on their favorite games, but it’s also important to note that limits need to be set because people could always bet on the red or black and double the amount of money that they bet until they recoup their losses after every time the ball lands on the color in which they didn’t meet, much like the Martingale method suggests. That still doesn’t prevent players from spending extremely large sums of money in the game even when not using any of the systems, though. High-stakes roulette tables in the best live dealer casinos in the world can be extremely profitable and you can see how people spend extremely large sums of cash playing these types of games.


Online blackjack is another type of casino game that seems to have attracted some of the most prominent high rollers on the planet. It’s a game that simply makes it too easy for players to overspend on a single hand and, if you’re prominent with blackjack, then you probably know that you can reduce the house edge to as little as 0.5%, which makes it a high-rollers top choice for a game in which to spend large sums of money. Online blackjack is a fantastic game in which to commit large sums of money. If you visit the best live dealer casinos in the world, you will also encounter the chance to play in live dealer high-stakes tables, with bets of more than €100 being the minimum allowed.

Poker Tables (PVP)

Poker is the best game to play if you’re looking to beat other players in hand-to-hand bets, and it’s also one of the types of online casino games that moves the largest sums of money out there. You can sit at a high-stakes poker table and compete with players that willingly spend thousands of dollars on a single hand if that’s what you’re going for. You should always look for poker tables that have variable betting limitations, though. You will come across online casinos that permit players to place high bets, but it’s always likely that the same casinos also have a section for players looking to spend less – even if you’re at one of the best high stakes online casinos. You can find some poker tables with minimum bets of €100 per hand, whilst some have minimum bets of €1,000 per hand!

Our Full List of the Best High-Stakes Online Casinos

You should always keep in mind that online casinos also impose limits on the maximum amount of money that you can claim on a single bet, though! Even if you’ve placed a large bet on a single game, if the game pays out a maximum amount of €10,000 per bet, that means that you could be missing out on a potentially large profit because of some weird limitations. None of the casinos listed below have any of these illogical rules, so don’t you worry. All you really need to do is search for your favorite casino games in each of the sites listed below and you’ll be well on your way to getting the best rewards out there. As if that wasn’t enough, you can rest assured that all of these online casinos come packed with the best casino bonuses out there. You might want to get your hands on one of these bad boys before continuing your journey towards greatness in the best high roller casinos in the world, that serve as the best high stakes casinos with no betting limit!

1 Jackpot City Casino
4x 100% up to €400 T&C apply PLAY
2 Genesis Casino
100% up to €1000 + 300 FS T&C apply PLAY
3 Rizk Casino
100% up to €100 + 50 Spins T&C apply PLAY
4 Lucky Dino Casino
100% up to €400 + 100 FS T&C apply PLAY
5 21 Casino
21 Free Bonus Spins T&C apply PLAY
6 EnzoCasino
150% up to €1500 T&C apply PLAY

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