21 Casino Loyal Royalty Program - Rewards Worthy of a King

Loyalty programs are becoming ever more common in the world of online gambling. They allow players who stick to the same online casino to feel rewarded. However, not every online casino has a loyalty program, and even those that do vary in terms of the program’s quality. Some loyalty programs leave a lot to be desired. That’s why we knew we had to show you the 21 Casino Loyal Royalty program as soon as we learned of its existence. The 21 Casino is not only one of the best online casinos out there (ranked in our selection of top 10 best online casinos in 2019), but it also knows how to keep players happy. 

There are many lucrative rewards that can be claimed using the loyalty points given to you by the 21 Casino Loyal Royalty, but you might want to learn a bit more about them before getting down to business.

What is the 21 Casino Loyal Royalty?

Loyal Royalty is the name that the 21 Casino has chosen to give to its loyalty program. If you ask us, that’s a name that should be used to represent a fantastic reward scheme and, thankfully, it does. The 21 Casino loyalty program works as many other online casino loyalty programs do – by offering you points as you wager through the games that the casino has to offer. What makes this program so unique, though? Well, for one, the number of points that you get per game is actually really fair. Some online casinos give you ridiculous point rates which take ages to rack up, and once you finally manage to hit 1000 points, you’ll only be able to claim €1 or so in rewards. It makes loyalty programs underwhelming, and even though it’s free money at the end of the day, users are understandably disappointed. The 21 Casino Loyal Royalty truly treats you like a king, offering you good value for your points when you exchange them for real money. The wagering requirements of the bonus money aren’t too ridiculous either, which adds up to the overall value of this fantastic promotion. The 21 Casino also makes sure that you can claim a ton of money at once, and the highest reward that you can claim in a single day is worth €50 – that’s if you manage to collect 10,000 points, though! Let’s go into a bit more detail about this.

Collecting Points and Earning the Best Bonuses – A Guide to Loyal Royalty

You will get different amounts of points depending on the amount of money that you wager, but each individual type of game also influences how many points you get with the Loyal Royalty program. Slots, like in many online casinos, are the games that give you the most points. However, you can also play card games and even other popular casino games if you’re looking to get loyalty points. The list of games that you can play to earn them and the value of points per each €10 bet is as follows:

  • Slots – 2 points per €10 wagered
  • Lottery Games - 2 points per €10 wagered
  • Video Card Games - 1 point per €10 wagered
  • Bingo - 1 point per €10 wagered
  • Traditional Card Games - 0.5 points per €10 wagered
  • Wheel-Based Games - 0.25 points per €10 wagered

Another cool aspect of this promotion that you may love is that there aren’t any tiered lists where you need to accumulate points if you wish to get the best rewards. All you have to do is play regularly on the casino and you will be duly rewarded for your time and efforts. There are no preferences towards high rollers or low rollers – it’s up to you to decide how many points you get.

Using 21 Casino Bonuses to Earn Loyalty Points

Even though you can’t claim two bonuses at once, it is permitted for you to claim the 21 Casino welcome bonus and use the bonus money or the money earned with the welcome bonus to collect points, which you can then use to claim even more bonuses. The setup is there for you to earn dozens of rewards if you play your cards right!  

Registering into the 21 Casino will give you a match deposit bonus of up to €300 in a 121% deposit promotion, as well as 21 free spins to enjoy in the best online casino games. Use these free spins and money wisely – you might be able to collect a decent amount of points before the promotion is over! Chaining promotions with one another is really easy when playing at the 21 Casino, and the fact that the site itself offers a constant flurry of promotions makes the 21 Casino one of the best websites in terms of loyalty programs and bonus quality. Unless otherwise stated, you may use every bonus available at the 21 Casino to collect loyalty points and rewards from the site.

Bonus Terms and Conditions

So far, the offer sounds pretty good. However, we’ve arrived at the “bonus terms” section, where you’ll learn if this loyalty program is what you’re looking for or not. We think that the rules imposed by the 21 Casino are really fair and make it easy for players to enjoy the best of this welcome bonus, so we encourage you to give these terms a read before you get started.

Restricted Countries

First things first – you might want to check out whether your country is available to claim offers at the 21 Casino or not. The following list of countries are not eligible to claim the welcome bonus nor any other deposit bonus that the site has to offer: Armenia, Poland, Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Croatia, Ukraine, India, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Georgia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bosnia And Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia.

Cash-Out Rules

The 21 Casino gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to cash out rules, which means that you might end up making quite a decent profit thanks to the reliability of this offer. Getting to the point where you make a lot of money with the loyalty points can be tricky and you’ll need to wager a lot to collect enough points, but once you’ve done that, earning money is like a breeze in the park. Here are some of the loyalty bonus guidelines:

  • There is no limit regarding the amount of money that you can earn with bonus points after you’ve completed the wagering requirements
  • You cannot request a withdrawal of your funds before the wagering requirements are met
  • You need to cash out all of the money within 30 days of receiving it, otherwise it’ll be revoked
  • The 21 Casino bonus rules apply to this offer as well as its individual rules
  • The 21 Casino general terms and conditions are also linked to this offer

Wagering Requirements

A refreshing aspect of the 21 Casino Royal Loyalty is that the wagering requirements at which the points are subjected aren’t really difficult to fulfill. All you must do is wager the bonus money that you receive a total of 35 times and you will be able to withdraw all of the earnings from your account using any of the site’s available payment methods. An important aspect of this offer is that you really aren’t main to claim any bonus cash from the site UNTIL all wagering requirements are fulfilled. This is the single most important rule that you’ll find on the site, as failing to comply with it will result in the full removal of all funds from your account.

Wagering Limits

There’s also a limit to how much money you can bet while fulfilling the wagering requirements of the loyalty bonus money. You can wager as much as you like while collecting the points, but once the points are claimed and converted into cash in your account, you will need to wager a maximum of €5 per bet on any valid game. You can wager less if you want, but going over this limit will result in the full removal of the bonus from your account. Be very careful when wagering, as contacting the casino’s staff won’t help you recover the money if you happen to make a wager higher than the limit. The casino states that any money earned with wagers over €5 will be confiscated. In a similar manner, you need to stick to the withdrawal limits if you want to keep the bonus money until the offer is fully over.

Is the Loyal Royalty the Best Casino Loyalty Program?

The Loyal Royalty program brought to us by the 21 Casino sits among the best online casino loyalty programs that you’ll find in today’s gambling world. The number of rewards that you can claim with this offer, as well as the lucrativeness of each of them, makes this online casino program worthy of your time. It’s also really easy to collect the points, and with low wagering requirements, you’ll surely walk away with a decent amount of money when you’re done wagering!

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