Get ready to jump inside your spaceship and go on a journey towards the stars with the AstralBet Casino! This fantastic website has been one of our favorites for a long time, and we’re now pleased to tell you all about its new fantastic set of bonuses that seem to take space travel to a whole new level.

You’ll be going from the Moon to Mars in the span of a week with these all-exclusive AstralBet Casino bonuses. Each bonus can be claimed once a week, which means that you can restart your journey after a good Sunday’s rest.

If you’re getting lucky with these rewards, then you’ll want to stay at them the whole time. With AstralBet, you can!

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Hold on to your horses (or, should we say, spaceships?) and get ready to embark on a journey that will take you to a new world of rewards. Don’t be in such a rush, though. First, we’ll explain to you all about the AstralBet Casino and how these amazing rewards seem to work. Once you’re all set, fuel up those rockets and set a course to the stars and beyond!

What Bonuses are there at AstralBet?

The AstralBet Casino has a lot of bonuses available. These rewards range from basic deposit bonuses to exclusive weekly rewards. Regardless of which offers you’d rather claim, the casino is sure to offer players a chance to enjoy themselves at this fantastic website. You don’t need to compromise too much of your money, either.

You can claim the AstralBet weekly promotions with €150 for all three bonuses, which would grant your account a total of 80 free spins and a massive €75 in free bonus cash, on top of your deposit. Those rewards are fantastic and provide players with a scenario in which they get to choose how much money they make.

There are three bonuses that you can claim every single week at the AstralBet Casino:

  • The Martian Mondays Bonus, worth up to €150 with a 50% deposit bonus
  • The Orion’s Wednesday Bonus, which gives you 30 free spins on all deposits
  • The Planet Friday Fever, worth 50 free spins depending on your deposit

Now, how do you claim these fantastic bonuses? We’ll tell you how!

Martian Mondays

Mondays usually suck, but they aren’t as bad at the AstralBet Casino. This fantastic early-week bonus, called the “Martian Mondays”, comes with a massive boost of up to €150 in free cash. However, to receive the full amount, you would need to make a deposit worth €300.

Why? Because the promotion consists of a 50% match deposit bonus. Basically, you would need to deposit twice the maximum bonus amount in order to get the bonus in its entirety.

Worry not, though. Martian Monday are also made for players who want to make smaller deposits. You can claim this bonus with a deposit as small as €50 if you like, and you’d still get a massive €25 boost to begin that boring work week with a huge smile on your face. There’s no better incentive for an iGamer than free money, after all!

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Martian Mondays Terms and Conditions

The AstralBet Casino knows that you have a ton of things on your plate – especially when a new week begins. Therefore, the casino has aimed to keep this bonus’ terms and conditions as simple as possible. You won’t have to go over a complex set of rules before you claim this amazing promotion – all you need to do is read our quick breakdown and get down to business:

  • The promotion is only available to be claimed on Mondays.
  • You must log in to your AstralBet account and click on the “My Promotions” section. There, you will be taken to the screen with the Martian Mondays bonus, which you’ll have to select in order to claim the offer.
  • All of the bonus money that you get is subjected to an x35 wagering requirement. If you claim €25 in free bonus cash with this promotion, you’ll need to wager that money 35 times.
  • You can actually claim this bonus twice in a single day!

Orion’s Wednesdays

Even though the Orion’s Wednesday is arguably the least lucrative bonus on our list, it’s still one of our favorite bonuses at the AstralBet Casino. Sometimes there’s complexity hidden within simplicity, and the Orion’s Wednesday bonus is a clear representation of that. You can claim 30 free spins on all deposits that you make on Wednesdays for as long as this offer is available.

There’s a minimum amount of cash that you’ll need to have in order for your deposit to qualify. It’s lower than the other two bonuses on this least, so don’t worry. A small €20 deposit is enough to get your account reloaded with 30 free spins to be used in the best games that the AstralBet Casino has to offer.

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Orion’s Wednesday Terms and Conditions

The Orion’s Wednesday bonus is subjected to a few conditions that oversee this midweek lucrative reward. There’s no need to worry about difficult bonus terms and conditions, though – the AstralBet Casino has made sure that players an enjoy the best free spin rewards on the planet without worrying about unrealistic rules.

Here, we’ve summarized for you the most important bonus terms and conditions of the Orion’s Wednesdays offer:

  • You must claim the offer from the “My Promotions” section in the AstralBet Casino, with your account logged into the site.
  • You must wager the winning made by the free spins a total of 35 times before you can withdraw the money from the website.
  • The Orion’s Wednesday Bonus may not be claimed on your first deposit at the casino.

Planet Friday Fever

The Planet Friday Fever bonus is a type of opt-in promotion, which means you’ll have to manually select the option to participate if you wish for the rewards to be added to your account. For this promotion, you need to make a deposit worth at least €100 on Friday. Any deposit of at least €100 would do, and you’ll get 50 free spins to spend in your favorite online slot.

All of the free spins must be spent at Nirvana, one of the website’s finest online casino games. Hop into your digital rocket ship and explore Nirvana in hopes of getting the best rewards on the internet!

Keep in mind that if the Nirvana slot is not available in your country, you would have to play the Fruit Zen slot. It might even be a blessing in disguise, as this is one of the best online slots that the AstralBet Casino has in store for you!

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Planet Friday Fever Terms and Conditions

The Planet Friday Fever offer is ruled by a couple of terms and conditions that make it one of the fairest bonuses on the internet. Here are the most important ones that you need to look out for:

  • You need to have made another deposit at the casino before claiming this bonus. The Planet Friday Fever bonus may not be claimed with your first deposit on the website.
  • The free spins will be credited at the Nirvana slot, but you can use them at Fruit Zen if the game is not available in your country.
  • The free spins will generate some cash, which will be fully withdrawable. However, you need to comply with wagering requirements worth 35 times the amount of money that you make with the free spins. That means that, should you make a profit of €30 with the spins, you’d need to wager those €30 a total of 35 times.
  • You may not place bets larger than 20% of the amount of the value of your account whilst fulfilling the requirements for the offer.
  • The bonus will be given to your account automatically if you make a deposit on Friday. You don’t need to click any other buttons or follow through other processes.

Can You Really Claim These Bonuses Every Week?

Yes, all of the bonuses that we’ve mentioned in this article can be claimed every single week! You do need to use a good amount of money if you wish to claim those bonuses with consistency, but if you have the budget to do it, then your bankroll has a good chance to grow using free cash every single week.

Just be aware of the terms and conditions of each offer and you should have no issues whatsoever claiming the rewards that come attached to these bonuses.

Eager to Start at AstralBet? Claim €3,000 First!

We know that you must be in quite a hurry to claim these amazing rewards. We don’t blame you! This website packs some of the best bonuses on the planet, with a €3,000 welcome bonus awaiting all players who register a new account on the casino.

You can learn how to claim this amazing bonus by reading more about it here, at The Casino Wizard. You can claim a massive bonus and start your space adventure with a ton of cash to help you bet some money and win some for free. All you must do is follow the guidelines of the offer and you’ll be good to go.

If you’re still eager for more, then you can check out the other amazing bonuses that the AstralBet Casino has made available for you and every other player. There’s plenty more to see and enjoy at this majestic digital universe!

Take Your Rocketship and Head to the AstralBet Galaxy Now!

If you’ve come this far, all that’s left is for you to suit up and board the spaceship. You’re now more than ready to claim all of the bonuses and rewards that await those who are brave enough to embark on this almighty journey. Remember to start your adventure with free cash with the welcome bonus and then claim the three fantastic promotions that we reviewed in this article!

We don’t know for how long these promos will be available. Be sure to visit the site as soon as you read this piece to ensure that you won’t miss out on them!

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