5 Best No Deposit Bonuses in Germany

Most European online casinos are currently offering players from all over the continent the option to get their online gambling life started with a no deposit bonus for all new users. German players can take advantage of these bonuses, as online casinos tend to have general rules that permit every German to qualify for the offers.


This article will guide you through the basics of no deposit bonuses, and it will also tell you which offers are the best no deposit bonuses in Germany in 2019. If you’re a German online casino fan and you’re looking to try your luck in a new casino, you’ll want to stay with us throughout this article to find out how to play slots for free.

In the table below you find our list of the casinos where you get the 5 best no deposit bonuses in Germany.

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888 Casino – €88 No Deposit Bonus

The 888 Casino is offering new users a chance to earn a free €88 no deposit bonus by simply registering into their services. You’re limited to use the free money in some of their games, and most are related to jackpots and slots. However, you have the chance to earn some of the huge jackpots offered by simply using the free cash that you’re given.

Thus, the money offered by 888 Casino could net you winnings that you’ve never even dreamed of in an online casino. It’s also very helpful that the 888 Casino is a reputable and well-known online casino (in fact, many consider it the best online casino on the planet), which means that you know you will get what the offer is said to give you.

The 888 Offer

To get the 888 Casino bonus, all you must do is register into their services. Enter all your personal information as the websites asks, and simply follow the steps until you’re a full member of the 888 community. Once this is done, all you need to do is ask for the website to give you the Free Play bonus.

You will need to comply with the website’s bonus requirements, however. The promotion is very flexible, but you need to ask for the cash during the first two days after your registration is done or else you won’t be entitled to receive any of the bonus.

You’ll also have to bet all of the money within two weeks after receiving it or the website will not allow you to cash out on any winnings. The restrictions in place are understandable, though – the offer is entirely free to take and you don’t need to make a deposit to use the cash.

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777Casino – 77 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Uncoincidentally, most online casinos that have numbers on their names use them as a form of advertising one of their bonus offers. Much like the 888 Casino, the 777Casino offers users the chance to play a selection of their slot games by simply creating an account on the website. You’ll get a total of 77 spins to play with, which is very good considering the potential amount of cash that you could make.

The 777Casino welcome bonus is also accompanied by the offer of a cash match offer, with which the casino bows to equal the money of your first deposit as free account balance.

The best thing about the 777Casino is not even its reputation, which is very high in casino industry standards. They offer one of the best selections of online slots games in the world, having some of the most played and favorite casino slots at their disposal.

The 77 Free Spin Bonus Offer

German players can rejoice by trying out the casino’s popular slot games with the 77 free spins that you’ll get when you sign up to the casino. The offer isn’t available at many locations around the globe, which gives exclusivity to the German gambling community to try it out when others can’t.

The 777 Casino tells you which games are included in the offer – you can then pick whichever slots you rather play and start spending those free spins. You’ll also get a free play bonus on each of your first five deposits, making it a grand total of €1500 free play cash.

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21 Casino – 21 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Players in Germany are eligible to receive 21 free spins in the 21 Casino thanks to the promotional offer that this prestigious website has available for new players. Whereas users from the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe are not able to receive the free spin bonus, German users can take full advantage of the offer just by registering on the site.

The 21 Casino is supplied by some of the most popular casino game developers on the planet, having NetEnt games spread all over their casino site. They’re regarded as one of the best online casinos and the 21 Casino welcome bonus honors the name of the site with a great number of spins available for users to enjoy.

The 21 Casino Bonus Offer

The welcome offer put in place by 21 Casino applies to every German player willing to start gambling in the site. As most offers, you’re restricted to one registration per household in order to prevent the same person from registering various times on the site. Likewise, the site makes perfectly clear that you can’t use VPN services to access the platform.

The wagering requirements are rather low, so users are almost sure to collect winning when they run out of free spins. You’ll need to wager 35 times the amount you win with the 21 free spins, and you’ll be entitled to a maximum withdrawal of €100.

If you earn more than that during your first few spins, you’ll forfeit the money when withdrawing the funds from your account. There’s no way to go over the €100 limit.

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Casino.com – 20 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

Casino.com hit the jackpot by securing one of the most sought-after domain names on the planet, and now users get the chance to share the wealth with 20 free spins that you get as soon as you register into their site. All you must do is provide the casino with information and don’t lie during the registration process and you’ll be entitled to receive 20 free spins as part of the Casino.com welcome bonus.

This website is known to be one of the most popular online casinos on the planet, being one of the pioneers on the modern online casino industry. The site has been around for over 10 years, and given the name of the domain, it receives a massive amount of visitors on a daily basis, and their player base grows exponentially each year.

Part of the reason as to why this happens is because of the Casino welcome bonus of 20 free spins. They encourage users to stay on the platform without having to spend a dime to get started, and many choose to keep using their services even after the bonus is over.

Casino.com Welcome Bonus

To get the welcome bonus, all you must do is enter the website and choose to create an account. Once your account has been created, you’ll find a small button on the site which tells you to claim the bonus. Do it and your account will be credited with all 20 free spins at once.

As an additional bonus, Casino.com is willing to give you additional free spins once you make your first deposit on the site. There are also other deposit bonuses in place which you might want to check out before the offers run out!

Remember that all offers can be revoked at any time by the casino. However, they usually warn their users with a decent time at hand before they do it.

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mBitCasino – 50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus

As one of the best online casinos in the world, the mBitCasino has proven its worth as a leading member of the bitcoin gambling industry. The site stands as one of the best sites to visit and spend your cryptocurrency to earn fantastic rewards. Not only that, but the site is also provided by top-quality game-makers, which makes it an ideal choice of casino to visit if you’re looking to claim the best rewards in the industry.

Its incredible no deposit bonus is given to players upon registration, which means that no deposit is required and that rewards are at the turn of the corner. Make the best of your adventure at mBitCasino and discover the world of reward that awaits those who dare to visit it.

The mBitCasino No Deposit Bonus

All you must do to get their free welcome bonus is register on their website, create a new account and message their support department. Keep in mind that they work business hours (mBitCasino doesn’t offer 24/7 support), but once they read your email, you’ll be granted your free  spins which can be used in a wide variety of games on the site)

mBitCasino has a lot of games, and most are made by some of the most prestigious casino game developers in the world. The casino has a high trust rating and their bonuses are very kind to their players.

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An Overview of No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are a special type of reward that casinos usually give out to new players. Thus, a no deposit bonus is a way to help people play with real money in a casino without having to spend a single of their own euros on the site.

However, some online casinos like to give no deposit bonuses to loyal players that haven’t made a deposit in a while, looking to keep them attracted to the site.

No deposit bonuses are usually found in the main website of an online casino, as they look to make a good first impression to new users that visit from all over the world. German players will usually find these bonuses highlighted and written in German, as the site aims to provide players with an air of familiarity when the first visit the site (particularly international websites).

These bonuses are exactly what their name suggests – a reward that you will obtain without having to deposit or spend a single euro in the casino service. Although this is mostly true, casinos do make sure you’re a real person by asking you for your personal information and a valid credit card.

The Way It Works – Explaining German No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses in Germany are usually given as free spins bonuses, but some players may also obtain free cash to play in any casino game of their choosing. The amount of cash varies depending on which casino they’re applying – some like to offer their players as little as €10, while other casinos could even get you €150 to start your account.

However, given our experience, we know that German bonuses are more inclined to the free spin sort. These bonuses come with much fewer restrictions than straight up cash deals – this isn’t only beneficial to the casino, but also to the German players themselves.

Bonuses that consist of direct cash offers are usually more restrictive the more money you get from them.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

As we said, there are many types of casino no deposit bonuses. We’ve made a short guide to each of them, and we’re also providing you with instructions to show you which of these bonuses are better and which of them are known to give users trouble.

Cash Bonus

Cash bonuses are probably the most common type of casino bonuses, as they were offered even before the existence of online casinos was in sight. Casinos have always been known to provide users with a small amount of money as a free gift so they can start betting on one of their games. Online casinos took this practice to heart, and often give you some small fee to begin your stay in their services.

We do not often encourage users to take cash no deposit bonuses because they’re known to be very hard to withdraw. Most casinos will force you to wager the gifted amount at least 50 times before you’re able to withdraw any earnings.

There are some exceptions to this rule, although there aren’t too many of them in Germany. Free spin bonuses should be your go-to no deposit reward that you can always trust.

Free play bonuses

Sometimes casinos like to give users the chance to play their games for free, with no strings attached, and no money to spend. However, these bonuses are very rare and are often given to loyal casino players. A free play bonus consists of a certain amount of time in which a player is able to try a certain game for as much as they want, and they get to keep the winnings as well.

Casinos often enforce a rule in which players have to wager at least 100 times the money obtained through one of these free play bonuses. For this reason, we tend to discourage players from taking them. Casinos are unlikely to give you a ton of money and let you keep it – be careful with free play rewards.

Free Spin Bonuses – Your Best Bet

The best type of no deposit bonus is the free spin bonus. With these, you’ll be able to spin the slots of certain games a few times and you’ll usually be able to keep the winnings with no strings attached. However, when there are wagering requirements in place, these are usually very low and can be matched by just playing a few times (unless you’re very unlucky).

Free spin bonuses are very popular in Germany. In fact, most German bonuses consist of free spins because players tend to prefer them over other types of bonuses. We do encourage you to thoroughly read the rules of each casino before applying for one of these bonuses, as some conditions have to be met before obtaining the rewards.

No Deposit Bonus Restrictions & Conditions

Each casino has different rules and conditions that apply to you whenever you’re going to cash out an online bonus. Thus, the conditions vary depending on the type of casino that you’re playing. Most free spin rewards will let you play a certain number of games, for example, and these games are chosen by the casino.

Most of the games that casinos let you play with free bonus no deposit money are games where the house is strongly in advantage. However, we’ve made a list of no deposit bonuses that are the best in Germany exactly because of the low advantage that the house has. Not every casino is like this, though, so be sure to use our list as a guide to finding the best no deposit bonuses.

Once you manage to meet the bonus conditions put in place by each casino, all you must do is access their cashier section and withdraw the money as you would if it was your own.

Do keep in mind that you might lose out on all your bonus earnings if you attempt a withdrawal before having met the bonus conditions. The casino will usually issue a warning before you do it, but not all of them are as fair, so you better watch your own back or risk losing all your bonus cash.

The Advantage of No Deposit Bonuses for Casinos

As you can see, no deposit bonuses sound very promising and they seem to be highly beneficial to players from all around the world. Thus, it’s only natural that the following question arises: How exactly do bonuses benefit casinos and why do they give them?

It’s simple. Happy players mean happy customers. The more time you spent playing their games (even with free money), the more likely you are to spend more money on their services. As such, casinos see no deposit bonuses as offers to keep new players in their site and also to reward loyal players with more game time without having them spend additional money.

The advantage for the users is clear: you can get as much money as possible without having to spend a single euro as long as your luck permits it. All you must do is comply with the casino’s rules, and the additional rewards will be yours in a matter of time.

Are No Deposit Bonuses in Germany as Good as Anywhere Else?

Some casinos have different offers put in place to please different types of players. However, the German player base is very demanding when it comes to no deposit bonuses, and Germans do not like being presented with low-quality rewards. In fact, some casinos have adapted their rewards to better fit their German communities.

As such, German bonuses are often seen as some of the best no deposit bonuses in the world. It’s important that you take this into consideration if you love those huge free money bonuses – they’re not as common in German (and Europe in general) because of the wide number of strict rules that come alongside them.

We do recommend playing mainly with free spin bonuses over anything else, as these are often the fairest when it comes to cashing out. The list we’ve made is comprised of the best no deposit bonuses in Germany, and it’s no coincidence that most of them are free spins. Choose other bonuses at your own risk and to your own liking.

Our Final Verdict on No Deposit Bonuses in Germany

The list of no deposit bonuses that we’ve made today is comprised of bonuses that will almost assuredly guarantee you additional cash to withdraw after you’ve spent them. The bonuses that we have shown are also given by some of the most trustworthy casino sites in the world, so you can play with as much confidence as you want without having to fear for any lost profits.

However, if you feel like you want to find other bonuses on your own, we do recommend our German readers to stick with regular free spin bonuses – other offers might not be suited to the German public or are simply not as good as the ones we’ve presented here.


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