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5 Best Sports Betting Websites on the Planet + Bonuses!

Sports betting is the biggest source of revenue for the iGaming industry. Online casinos that share success tend to have at least a somewhat decent sportsbook section, whilst some of the best online casinos in the world have some sportsbook sections that rival sites that are solely based on the world of sports betting. We have compiled a list of 5 fantastic online casinos that have our favorite sportsbooks. Among the casinos that you’ll encounter on this list, you’ll be able to play in some of the world’s most renowned names as well as in sites that might not be as good known as others, but sites that offer players the chance to discover why people love slots so much. These sites are ranked as some of the best in the world and it’s up to you to decide, given our explanation, which of them you’d rather spend your money on. Feel no pressure, though: all of the online casinos that we’re mentioning here are the crème de la crème. Whichever one you choose is going to be a fine one to spend your time and money at.

LeoVegas – Best Sportsbook Online Mobile Casino

LeoVegas Sport, the LeoVegas sports betting section, stands as one of our favorite ones to visit when we gamble our money online. LeoVegas is also a master of mobile gaming, providing players with a website interface that makes it easy to browse through the countless features that this online casino presents every player with. As you can imagine, the LeoVegas Casino is home to a fantastic promotion that allows players to get started with the sportsbook using the bonus cash that the site has to offer. The Winning Booster is one of the main reasons why we think that the LeoVegas sportsbook is such a good choice for all players to enjoy. That’s not all, though. This magnificent online casino is home to some of the best games in the industry. Once you’re done betting on sports, you can move onto the casino as a whole and try out the countless games that it has to offer. If you’re a fan of slots, you’ll be pleased to hear that LeoVegas is home to dozens of sports-themed slot games to keep that jockey vibe going wherever you go in this amazing online casino. “The King of Mobile Gaming” truly shows why it holds such a title. This casino will work on any device that you own as long as you have a mobile browser installed on it.

Play at LeoVegas Casino

Betsson Casino – Best Sportsbook Bonus

It’s impossible to make a list about the best sportsbooks in the world without mentioning the work of art that is the Betsson Casino sportsbook, one of our all-time favorite places in which we spend our money in sports. The site is home to a selection of fantastic casino games and it’s also widely known for having a legendary online casino, but the flagship casino of the Betsson Group outshines most other sites with one of the best sportsbooks on the planet. Constantly updated and packed with new features and dozens of games from all over the world, this online sportsbook is one of the most played across the planet. With clients all over South America, Western Europe, and Scandinavia, the Betsson Casino is one of the most influential places to bet on sports on the planet. Let’s face it: if you like sports betting, then you also like winning money. Once you’ve fully spent the fantastic bonuses that the Betsson Sportsbook has in store for you, it might be time for you to go and visit the site’s casino to discover the amazing selection of online slots that it has to offer. Don’t worry, though. Just because you’ve already claimed the Betsson Sportsbook welcome bonus doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to claim the traditional Betsson Casino welcome bonus. Use the money wisely and play the best games on the site with bonus cash – you might be able to walk away with a profit!

Play at Betsson

Lapalingo – Best Simple Sportsbook

The Lapalingo Casino is home to a massive selection of casino games, but the site also has a sportsbook that isn’t as widely available as its casino titles. However, the Lapalingo sportsbook has a very minimalistic feel to it that makes it one of our favorite ones to wager money on and one that we can freely recommend to beginners as we’re sure that they’ll love it. If you’re a newcomer and you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by the huge number of features that some online sportsbooks have, then you’ll want to check out Lapalingo. This online sportsbook’s interface is great and you can easily navigate through it on any device, but we do have to say that it’s mainly designed to work on desktops. It can get a tad lagged on mobile devices and it might not properly fit some device’s screens – especially if you’re playing on smaller phones. Regardless, the Lapalingo Casino is home to a great beginner-friendly sportsbook and a ton of amazing games that you can enjoy on the side. Getting introduced to the world of iGaming has never been easier! Just visit the Lapalingo website, discover the site’s sportsbook, win money, and then spend it at the best games that the casino has to offer. Slots galore and table games for days are waiting for you within the virtual halls of the majestic Lapalingo website.

Play at Lapalingo Casino

BetHard Casino – Best Sportsbook Canada

If you’ve been looking for the best casinos in Canada or the best mobile casinos in Canada, then chances are that you’ve come across the BetHard website at least once in the past. This amazing website is one of the best that you can visit in the northern part of America as it comes packed with dozens of games and an outstanding degree of mobile compatibility that makes it an ideal site to visit for all sorts of players. However, one part of this online casino that shines brighter than the rest is its amazing sportsbook section. The BetHard sportsbook is nothing short of world-class, even though it doesn’t offer as many sports as other online sportsbooks. What you’ll find here is a straightforward sportsbook that provides you with the chance to place bets on any of the world’s biggest sports and their main leagues. Don’t worry, though; the BetHard Casino also allows bets on eSports and sports that aren’t as mainstream as football and basketball. To top it all off, the BetHard sportsbook can also be enjoyed with the BetHard bonus given to you exclusively by the owners of the casino themselves. Where will you spend your bonus money and how big will your wins be?

Play at BetHard

Where to Start Your Journey? The Best Sports Betting Experience Awaits!

Now that you’ve made it this far into our list, we’re sure that you’re more than eager to visit the best sportsbooks on the planet and start placing bets on any sport that you like the most. However, it’s not that simple. You might struggle to find the most ideal casino upon which you can start your adventure. With these table of bonuses, though, we’re sure that you’ll make up your mind rather quickly. All of the bonuses that we’re going to show you are meant to be spent in the online casino section of each website, but you will be able to use the bonus money generated with these bets and spend it at the sportsbooks that you like the most. Some of these online casinos, like Betsson and LeoVegas, are home to exclusive promotions that you can directly spend on their respective sportsbook sections. It’s up to you to decide which ones you like the most, but we don’t want you missing out on the world-class casino games that these sites have packed for you!

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Last updated  January 18, 2023
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