7 of the Greatest Mr Green Casino Features That You WILL Love

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The Mr Green Casino gives you an air of elegance from the first moment that you visit the website. You will be greeted by Mr Green himself, a man of luxurious taste who will gladly show you around the digital corridors that comprise his amazing online casino. Such an elegant site is sure to have a selection of fantastic features, which means that you’re going to be expecting nothing but the best from the first second of your visit. It’s a fair assumption to make, and we’re glad to tell you that it’s right – Mr Green Casino comes with a whole lot of features that truly redefine the meaning of the words “a class apart”. Getting started in such a massive casino can feel like a bit of a strain on anyone’s mind, though. When presented with as many features as Mr Green offers, you’re going to have a difficult time making up your mind on where to begin. Not to worry – we’re here to help our readers! In this article, you’ll find 7 things that you’ll definitely love about the Mr Green casino.

Exclusive Games Featuring Mr Green Himself

We’ll never hate on an online casino that aims to introduce new games in collaboration with some of the industry’s greatest companies. Au contraire – we believe that sites that include exclusive titles make the experience of playing on their websites extremely enriching. Such is the case with the Mr Green Casino. This site has a handful of games that are exclusive to this site and found nowhere else on the internet. Most of these exclusive titles feature the Mr Green mascot himself!

Unique and Creative Promotions

Bonuses are always great to see, and so are online casino promos that give players something different to do on the site. Mr Green, however, takes this to a whole new level. This amazing website presents users with a ton of exclusive promos that range from daily rewards to millionaire cash drops and including other amazing features like daily free spins. The Mr Green welcome bonus contains one of our top 10 first deposit bonuses ever claimed, too. When it comes to presenting players with a reinvigorated casino experience, few sites come as close to perfection as does the Mr Green Casino. Many of the Mr Green promotions go hand-in-hand with what their game developers offer. In most cases, however, the bonuses offered at this casino are exclusive and cannot be found in other fantastic online casino sites.

A Large Selection of High-Paying Slots

The Mr Green Casino has a special section in which they advertise their large number of slots with great rewards. This shameless plug to their high-paying slot section is, in our opinion, very well justified. You will find a whole lot of fantastic games to enjoy and a ton of different rewards that can be won in this exclusive casino section. Mr-Green-Slot-640-400 Small prizes that range from €10,000 to €20,000 and higher rewards that could reach €10,000,000 and more; all of this awaits those who visit the slot section of the Mr Green Casino. Rewards are aplenty, and so is the number of games found on the site. Get ready to go on a roll! That’s not all, though – the Mr Green Casino also offers free spins for its slots with high payouts. That means that you can actually win one of these huge rewards without spending a single dime of your own money. Winning multiple millions for free? Sign us up!

The “For Me” Section

Although this might seem like a section that all online casinos should have, it’s actually pretty exclusive to the Mr Green Casino. The “For Me” section is a special category on the website’s menu that presents you with games according to what you’ve been playing on the site. We first tried out this feature back in its beta days, but it has now become much more accurate as the development of its programming has ended. It now serves its purpose quite perfectly, and you’ll be nothing but pleased to see this thing in action. You will be referred to other online casino games that you might love and would’ve otherwise not seen. Many games are easy to miss considering the large number of titles that you’ll find on the Mr Green gallery, so this section basically allows you to narrow down your search and only focus on games that you’ll most likely love. A simple but very effective feature.

Mr Green’s Reel Thrill

The Reel Thrill is our favorite Mr Green exclusive competition. Reel Thrill puts you head-to-head with other players in an extremely competitive environment. The winner of each small competition will be able to win a handful of free spins in one of their favorite casino games! Mr Green Reel Thrill Tournaments Basically, the Reel Thrill is a competition of mini-tournaments for which you can sign up. You can join up before they start or when they’re in progress (we do suggest you join before they start to maximize your chances of winning). There are dozens of games selected for the Reel Thrill competition. Choose whichever one you like the most and sign up for its mini-tournament – rewards await!

Fantastic Website Design with a Bunch of Categories

The design of an online casino website plays an important part in determining just how easy it is to browse it and how pleasing it is for the player to discover new games and categories. The overall level of design of the Mr Green Casino is user-friendly and highly pleasing aesthetically. The menu is provided on the upper part of the site, which gives you quick access to all of the features that the website has to offer without having to scroll down. You’ll also notice that the site loads very quickly, which adds to the overall quality of your experience.

Sports & Other Games

Traditional online casino games are very fun to play and present users with the unique chance of experiencing something that they’re familiar with. However, most popular online casinos are also including sportsbooks and live dealer sections to cater to the needs of all types of players. Live dealer games will transport you to the halls of a land-based casino without you having to leave the comfort of your home. Feel that you’re playing at a brick and mortar site whilst being on your comfiest of clothes! Play against real dealers with Mr Green’s live dealer section, which is mostly provided by Evo Gaming – one of the world’s best online casino developers. A sportsbook is also a must-have for many online gamblers. iGaming is perfectly complemented by sports betting, and you’ll find just that in the virtual halls of the Mr Green Casino.

Suit Up & Accompany Mr Green

All of this looks fantastically good, right? We know you’re now more eager than ever to get started, but we have one last thing that might be of help for you: a cool welcome bonus to kickstart your adventure at the Mr Green Casino with €100 and 200 free spins – completely for free! It’s always a good time for you to join the ranks of a new website, and the time can’t be better when it’s the Mr Green website. A plethora of features is accompanied by one of the friendliest groups of staff members that we’ve ever encountered, all of which are on a personal mission to help you maximize the quality of your experience at this online casino. We’ve spoken a lot about the importance of online casino staff in the past; Mr Green ticking this box is the icing on the cake. Put on your fanciest suit and visit the virtual halls of the casino. Rewards worthy of the riches of three lifetimes await you there!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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