7 Ways to Improve Baseball Betting Odds

7 Ways to Improve Baseball Betting Odds

Baseball betting has become one of the best practices in the world for sports fans. Each play in the game counts much more than in many other sports. Every move that the pitcher makes, everything that happens in the bullpen, each out; everything plays quite a huge role in the world of baseball betting and you can take advantage of it – if you have the know-how, of course. We’ve managed to compile a list of 7 useful tips that will go a long way into determining whether you win or lose money while betting on baseball. If you thoroughly understand the tips we’re listing below, then you will maximize your chances of winning – provided that your strategies work, of course.

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Underdog Betting in Baseball is Better Than in Other Sports

Many people like to bet on the underdogs, but chances are that you’ll end up losing money on most occasions. However, when it comes to baseball bets, the underdogs tend to have better chances of winning – especially if the manager knows that he’s doing. Those bettors who enjoy underdog betting might be happy knowing that they often pay much more often in baseball than in any other sport. That doesn’t mean that you should stick with only playing with the underdogs, though. Diversity is crucial if you want to make a long-term profit while betting on baseball. However, you can afford to bet on the underdog much more often than in sports such as soccer or even basketball. Always analyze lineups and current form before doing it, though. It’s pointless to bet on an underdog that has been on terrible form through the season; that is unless you want to place a cheeky bet and see how it goes, though. That’s the magic of baseball betting!

Place Bets According to Your Bankroll

Managing your bankroll is going to be important regardless of what you’re playing online. However, when it comes to baseball bets and sports betting in general, managing your bankroll can be the most crucial aspect of the game – even more so than placing the right bets or using functional betting systems. The best way to manage your bankroll is to set a limit for yourself as to how much money you’re going to use per bet. For example, let’s say that you’re going to place a bet on a team winning. If you’re playing with a balance of €100, you might want to limit your bet to up to €5. It’s often not smart to place bets that are worth more than 5% of your bankroll. Doing so can lead to large sums of money being lost in a small amount of time. However, should you stick to placing bets equal or lower to 5% of your balance, you should be able to keep a good grasp of your money even if you go on large unlucky streaks. If you happen to hit a good win with a large payout, chances are that you’ll still end up making a sum of cash that is at least worth a third of your balance and, with some luck, even more. It all comes down to luck and knowledge of the game, but a well-managed bankroll could make a world of difference. Money-Safe-Card-Laptop-Hands-840-480

Don’t Underestimate the Role of an Umpire

You might not know this if you’re just beginning, but an umpire can play a crucial role when placing bets in a game of baseball. Some umpires are far more prone to errors than others, while some are more permissive in certain plays than their peers are on average. That means that taking a close look at who is chosen to be the umpire of a game can play a key role in the outcome of certain bets. Just be sure to stick to using smart betting systems for baseball games and try to determine how likely an umpire is to call certain plays. Why? Because this all affects teams and how they perform. One of the most common practices that baseball bettors employ is to see how many games have a certain team won with any given umpire. Take a look at the stats of Bruce Dreckman, for example, and see which teams tend to win more often with him as an umpire. That doesn’t mean that the umpire himself favors the teams, but it’s a clear indicator that the way the umpire officiates the game might give a team a small advantage depending on the way in which they play.

Bet on Teams That Constantly Play Each Other

As is the case in most sports that follow the franchise system or the American sports system, there are teams that tend to play each other much more often during the season. This is something that doesn’t only happen in baseball, but also in other sports such as hockey in the NHL. When teams constantly play each other, they start adapting to each other’s flaws and strengths. This leads to the bettor being able to analyze how the games go and have a better understanding of odds before the games begin. People who constantly analyze and place bets on these types of matches, which are often called “divisional dog matches”, tend to have positive outcomes in their bets. People who stick with other types of bets are often presented with much worse results. The ROI (return of investment) tends to be much higher when placing bets on divisional dogs. Pay attention to team performances and see who tends to win against whom.

Employ Betting Systems and Adapt Your Strategy Accordingly

Even though most people would avoid volume bets in most sports, baseball actually provides good reasons for bettors to use them. Volume bets can prove to be quite effective if you’re going to bet money on baseball – especially if your betting system adapts to these types of bets. It all comes down to whether they serve a good purpose or not. Just remember that adapting a betting strategy means that you’ll have to adapt your bets to that strategy and try to make things work as well as possible. It just makes no sense to adopt a strategy and not employ betting systems that fit it. If you’re going to stick to betting on winners or losers, don’t change your strategy midway. There are complex betting methods out there that you can employ once you’ve gotten the hang of it. You can also create your own methods if you feel confident enough to do it! You can use the same betting systems that we've written on our roulette guide, for example, if you want to maximize the odds of your baseball betting strategy.

Focus on the Bullpen – Prioritize the Pitchers

Focusing on which players are starting the game is always a smart thing to do – particularly if you intend to place bets on the outcome of the first few innings only. However, if you want to bet on the outcome of a game, you’ll want to focus on which players are on the pitch as well as which players are on the bullpen. In baseball, the bench options of a team can play a crucial role in the outcome of a game. The main types of players that play an important role in a game of baseball are the pitchers in the bullpen. Every baseball fan knows just how important it is for a team to have quality pitchers, but openers are just as important as those who are meant to close the game. That’s why understanding the importance of baseball players in the bullpen and knowing just how good (and valuable) they are for a team can often help you determine the outcome of a game. Know your players, know the lineups, understand their importance. That’s the way for you to make a profit with your baseball bets.

Good Teams that Struggle Can Yield Good Profits

Most betting companies tend to give better payouts to good teams that seem to be struggling – especially if they’re on a small losing streak. Bookies need to encourage players to place bets on teams. If you’ve seen a team that is often kicking butts in the league but it’s been on a small losing streak, chances are that they will pay good odds if they win. If that happens to be the case at whichever sportsbook you’re betting, you’ll want to take a risk and place a bet on that team winning. You must do this after analyzing why they’ve been losing, of course. If the losing team has been missing a couple of crucial players that seem to be about to make a comeback, then placing a bet on them to win is an even better option. However, if their key players are still injured or they simply seem to still lack what it takes to overturn their luck, wait a bit until you place the bet. Or wait until the game starts and place live bets if things seem to be going right for them!

The Best Baseball Betting Websites

Finding the perfect baseball upon which you can place your baseball bets is a challenge. There are many online sportsbooks that claim to be the best, but some simply lack the number of features that we like to see in world-class websites. There’s no point for players to settle, given how many fantastic online sportsbooks there are for you to enjoy. We know that you’ve probably heard about some of the big sites on the planet, such as the 888 Casino. However, we’ve hand-picked two of the best online sportsbooks that we’ve come across to help you get the best out of your online sports betting experience. Both of these sites are complete gambling websites that come with world-class sportsbooks as well as some of the best online casino games on the planet. This includes, of course, amazing bonuses and rewards that you can claim to play in these sites for free, but generating real money in the meantime. Check out the best online sportsbook to bet on baseball and any other sport that you like!


The Betsson Group has been one of the biggest names in the online casino industry for many years. Currently, they are the main place in which you can play online casino slots and games in many of the world’s biggest gambling markets. As much as Betsson has focused their efforts in becoming the biggest name in online casinos, they haven't’ left sportsbooks behind. The Betsson sportsbook stands as one of the best online sportsbooks in the world, where you’ll be able to place bets in baseball, basketball, soccer, American football, and many other disciplines that also include eSports. The Betsson website offers users the chance to claim exclusive bonuses upon registering on its services, which enable players to enjoy exclusive rewards in the best sportsbook on the internet. You can use the money to play online casino games, generate a large profit and a ton of winnings, and then head straight to the Betsson sportsbook to wager on your favorite sports.


The Lapalingo Casino might not be as much of a big name in the industry as sites like Betsson, but it still remains as one of the largest online sportsbooks on the planet thanks to how complete the website seems to be. Here, in The Casino Wizard, we thoroughly enjoy playing at Lapalingo and we believe this site to be one of the best websites to bet on baseball on the planet. Much like the Betsson casino, Lapalingo rewards you with free cash upon registration, which you can use to play slots and then take the money with you and spend it on one of the finest sportsbooks on the internet. If you’re looking for a place to bet on sports and then have some fun at a world-class iGaming setting, the Lapalingo website is one of those digital establishments that adapts to your needs.

Score a Home-Run in Rewards Now!

Now that you know the basics of online baseball bats, it’s time for you to discover the magic of some of the world’s best online casinos and see how things go for you with these amazing tips. Don’t let go of the world of rewards that currently awaits those who enjoy betting on baseball. We’ve already given you the tips and the sites where you can use them. It’s not up to you to set your own bankroll and get started playing in the world’s best sportsbooks!

Last updated  May 24, 2022
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