A Fortune of €50,000 and a Package to Go to the Olympics Await at the BitStarz Casino

We’re always eager to show our readers new level-up rewards, and the BitStarz casino has currently one in store for everyone that we know you’ll love to see. This time, BitStarz gives you the chance to go to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics by simply playing in the best online casino games that they have in store for you. Yes, that's on top of the 5 BTC you can get for free on the casino! 


Collect points and level up your account as you progress through the levels of this fantastic adventure. The final prize is a trip to the Tokyo Olympics, and even though there can only be one winner, the total €50,000 reward will be split among all participants! You can even get additional prizes if you wish – all you must do is collect enough points to advance through the ranks of the promotion! Merchandise and money await those who are brave enough to embark on one of the most amazing casino adventures in recent years. Just keep in mind that the last level of the race, which is the 40th, will only grant the first person to reach it the final prize of a plane ticket plus return flights to the Tokyo Olympics. You’re still on time to play, so don’t waste it!

How Does the Promotion Work?

If you’ve never played a level promotion before, this works very similarly to how a leaderboard would work in any other online casino. The only difference is that these promos tend to be more like longer leaderboards, meaning that you will be able to get better rewards the more you progress, but it takes longer to make it through the levels than it does to move up a traditional leaderboard. The more levels you manage to advance, the better your rewards will be. As such, you might find that some of the prizes of this promotion are not as good at first, but as you level up, you will start getting some absolutely insane rewards. The total prize pool is €50,000, but you don’t even need to make it to the last level if you wish to earn some free cash. Just be constant and rewards will come! Naturally, the adventure is themed after Japan, where the Olympics will take place. You will find many aspects of Japanese pop culture spread through the map table, and you’ll be getting closer and closer to knowing Japanese culture the more levels you manage to advance. BitStarz tends to run promotions like this one quite often, and the main thing that varies tends to be the latest rewards. In this case, we really recommend you check it out – the Olympics are not as often as they might seem and getting the chance to claim a free stay on a luxury hotel as well as tickets to the event come only once in a lifetime.

Do You Need Tricks to Level Up Faster? We Got You!

We know that many players join the level-up adventure with the hope of finding new tips and tricks to level up faster and overcome other players – especially if you’re not starting the adventure alongside the rest. However, many times you will end up disappointed in this regard, as there are hardly any tips or tricks that you can find to level up faster. BitStarz isn’t like this, though. They like their players to be eager to read their blog, which is why they often give you new ways to level up quicker and they can all be found in the BitStarz blog. Simply visit the casino’s primary news source and you might come across some fantastic ways to earn better rewards. According to the BitStarz staff, you may also find ways to earn yourself a quicker path to the latest level by constantly visiting the map screen. You might come across ways to earn some additional experience, but you’ll only discover them if you decide to pay attention to the map!

The Prizes that Await Every Player

Truth be told, the many prizes that you might get along the way are not as lucrative as the final prize of going to the Olympics and getting the chance to enjoy a luxury hotel for free. However, that doesn’t mean that this promotion isn’t worth it if you’re reading this on a time where it isn’t possible to claim the first prize anymore. Along the way, you will also be able to claim hoodies and backpacks that are exclusively printed with the BitStarz Casino. Do keep in mind, though, that the supply of these items isn’t limited – you need to get down to business right now and start leveling up if you wish to get enough points as to collect these items before they run out. The rewards are as follows:

  • 10 BitStarz Hoodies, which you can obtain by getting to level 15
  • 10 BitStarz Backpacks, obtained by reaching level 25
  • A single trip to the Olympics, obtained by reaching level 40 (the last level of the promotion). You’ll get two plane tickets to the Olympics as well as the option to stay in a luxury hotel with a friend or partner, and the return flight back home!

A Worthy Offer for the Constant Player

If you want to claim the best online casino promotion in 2020, then this is one of the best offers that you’ll be able to find. We’re just crossing our fingers and praying for two things: the first one is for you to be one of the lucky winners (and, hopefully, the lucky winner of the trip to the Olympics) and the second one is for the Olympics not to get canceled. We're more than certain that you can be one of the lucky winners and, maybe, the winner that takes it all. The question is: are you constant enough to become the absolute winner of this fantastic bonus, or will you crumble under the pressure? Don't let the second statement be the one that defines you!

Do You Like What You Hear? Then Go on and Play!

We’ve told you everything you need to know about this fantastic promotion. Trust us when we say this, though: you need to join the action right now if you wish to earn the best prize that the promotion has to offer. There are too many players participating and hoping to get the best rewards that the BitStarz casino has to offer, and we’re sure you’ll want to claim the top prize like many of them do. The Japan Level Up Adventure is here to stay and provide you with a bunch of content for the foreseeable future. The Olympics are always a fantastic event that engulfs the whole world under the blanket of sports, so we can only hope one of our readers gets the chance to enjoy them in person. In any case, we know you’ll want to head straight to the action and have a go at earning the best rewards that this promotion has to offer. Visit BitStarz and win big right now!

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