A Huge €30K Promo at the Guts Casino - Grunch Christmas Chaos

Yes, you’ve read the title right. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. The Guts Casino has a massive Christmas promotion that is sure to bring up to €30,000 in rewards as one of the best festive promotions going around on the internet. Some online casinos are offering other great bonuses as well, but in terms of sheer monetary availability, you’ll struggle to find a promotion as lucrative as the Guts Festive Grunch Giveaway! guts casino christmas promotion

This fantastic offer is also packed with winner spots. Considering that players are allowed to participate in various sub-offers, you will have the chance to win more than once, giving other players the chance to win some rewards as well. Winnings are not only split among first-place finishers, though – some of the sub-promotions of this fantastic offer reward up to ten people at once! Why is the Guts Casino giving away so much money, you ask? Well, it’s not really their choice. The festive Grunch is rampaging the virtual town and bringing the Christmas Chaos to the table whilst giving away all of its stolen cash to players from all over the world – as long as they’re lucky enough to claim the bonuses, that is! Find out how you can be one of the lucky ones here!

How to Get into Guts' Grunch Christmas Chaos

The Festive Grunch promotion is actually divided into various sub-promotion, with each of them offering players the chance to win different prizes. There is a grand total of seven different mini-promotions, with each of them offering between €3,000 to €5,000. You can see each of these promotions as a tournament in which you’ll go head-to-head against other players, trying to get the best rewards out of the bunch. Most €5k tournaments give the first ranked player a total of €1,000, whilst the €3k tournaments are set to give players that make it to the first place a total of €600. The rest of the money is split between the rest of the competitors, with the minimum prize being given to those who make it to ranks 20th to 11th, with a total of €50 per spot. The total amount of money being given away is €30,000, but it is split between all participants to create a fair gambling environment for every player. It’s a great offer where hundreds of people could win, which makes it even better for those who aren’t keen on playing as high rollers!

How Each Tournament Works - The Grunch is On the Move

Seeing how each tournament has an individual table, you will need to collect different points in order to move up each table’s rankings. As such, each of the tournaments will allow you to collect points on certain games, so you can choose whichever tournament’s games you like the most in order to participate in that specific competition. It doesn’t only create a leveled playing field; it also makes it better for each player since they can choose whichever games they like the most. Your bets on each game will give you points, which will subsequently allow you to move up each table, and give you better chances of becoming each tournament’s champion. Sounds fun, right?!

Other Guts Casino Bonuses

Maybe going head-to-head against other players might be a little too stressful for you. We get it, the 30k giveaway does put everyone under a lot of pressure and constantly makes you gamble if you really want to claim all of the bonuses that the promotion is made of. Some people might want to try a slower pace, and the Guts Casino is still a great place to do it! The Guts Casino has a ton of amazing bonuses that you can enjoy without having to spend too much money to get them, but the best one that we can recommend to you is the astonishing Guts welcome bonus. This amazing offer nets you a total of 100 free spins on top of a 200% match deposit bonus – what could honestly be better than that as a gateway into a great casino? The Guts Casino also has a selection of seasonal bonuses that change from time to time. Right now, you might see the Grunch special as their main promotional offer, but they also have a €10,000 trip ready to be claimed by one lucky winner. Learn how to win a €10,000 vacation right here!

Guts Casino Overview

Games, bonuses, and the best online casino providers have gathered in one place thanks to the pulling power of the Guts Casino owners. If you care to find out everything you need to know about the Guts Casino, check out our Guts review and see what this fantastic site is about. Greatness waits for those who dare to claim it, so don’t wait any longer and visit one of the best online casinos around! The Guts Casino is the best online casino for noobs that you’ll find. They offer plenty of cool promotions that will get you started in the online casino industry, and they’re all as neatly explained as possible, which means that you won’t struggle to understand any bonus terms whatsoever. And, if you do, you can always count on your friends at The Casino Wizard to explain them to you! Guts-Casino-Overview-640-400 Overall, the Guts Casino is also a cool website to visit on your mobile phones and tablets. Some say that this is one of the best mobile casinos that you’ll find on the internet, while others prefer LeoVegas or the 888 Casino. However, this one certainly holds its own against the industry’s most-played websites, and it packs a ton of different games made by prestigious companies like NetEnt, Evo Gaming, and many other industry giants. Did you know? Guts is also sponsored by responsible gambling companies like Gambling Therapy, GamCare, and Be Gamble Aware!

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