A Rizk Casino Exclusive – Captain Rizk Megaways Review

The Rizk Casino has one feature that makes us love it more than many of the world’s best online casinos, and it isn’t anything crazy like a solid set of bonuses (even though it does have it). The Rizk Casino has a theme that makes us reminiscent of the good old days of comic books in the 90s, as the concept aims to take you back into a simpler time with Captain Rizk as the main hero of this story. It is exactly because of Captain Rizk that this online casino feels much like a superhero comic book story. He is the mascot of the casino and one that you will see quite often while playing there. You'll even see him when it's time to claim the Rizk Casino welcome bonus! We’re not the only ones that love it, and we’re sure you won’t be the only one either. The mascot has made its way into the world of online slots thanks to a Rizk Casino partnership with the fantastic staff of Red Tiger Gaming. The company, widely known as one of the world’s best slot developers, has created a game that has been exclusively shipped to the Rizk Casino. Captain Rizk Megaways is as fun and unique as it is profitable and varied, and we had a blast playing it. Being a Rizk Casino exclusive, we want you to know more about it as well as bonuses that will help you play the game for free!

What is Captain Rizk Megaways – The Basics of the Game

If you’ve never played a Megaways game before, you’re missing out on some of the biggest fun you can have while playing casino games online. Megaways titles aim to replicate the feeling you used to get when you played those old puzzle videogames like Tetris, where blocks or symbols were replaced by other ones as you achieved successful combinations. Captain Rizk Megaways takes this to the next level, as it combines the classic Megaways concept with everyone’s favorite online casino mascot. Some Megaways games opt for an intricate format, but the Rizk Casino Megaways has a different concept – it keeps things simple with a simple 6-reel setup, which facilitates players an ease-of-understanding of the game and keeps stuff easy for beginners to get a quick grasp of the features. The game comes with mystery symbols, cascading reels, and over 100,000 winning ways. You can claim some of the most lucrative rewards on the Rizk Casino by playing this Megaways game!

The Game’s Design – An Attractive Design or One to Let Pass?

The game’s artistic feel is on point to what you can expect to find in the Rizk Casino. It truly helps you get a strong feel of what the Rizk Casino is all about thanks to a unique aesthetic design that takes you deep into the world of Captain Rizk. The reels spin very smoothly, too. They come with the classic animation that makes them go up, as if they were building up momentum, to then move down and spin before they come to a not-so-sudden stop. All of the game’s artwork is on point as well. You’ll notice how the letter and symbols look extremely well-drawn and it is clear that the Red Tiger Gaming staff put a lot of effort into the creation of this title. Combine all of these aesthetic features with some of the finest Megaways rewards on the internet and you get a game to behold. Check out the rest of this guide to see what else you can find on this title.

Reels All Day and Night

The cascading reels feature is, by far, the one feature that keeps this game unique and the one that makes us love Megaways games so much. It allows each winning combination to modify the way that the board looks without you having to spin the reels again. For example, whenever you get a winning combo, the symbols that formed it will explode and you will be able to collect the spoils of victory. New symbols will drop without you spinning the wheel again, which gives room for new bonuses to be created within the same play. The cascading reels feature allows symbol wins to connect with one another, which means that you could end up winning a lot of money within a single spin. Captain Rizk Megaways allows you to get up to 10,000 times the amount of your bet on a single spin, which means that a €2 spin could yield a €20,000 reward with the right number of cascading reels!

Mystery Rizk and Free Spins

The game also comes with the Mystery Rizk feature, which converts a single symbol into an adjacent one (but this is done at random). You can get extremely lucky and have a symbol convert into something completely different, allowing you to collect a massive amount of cash with an otherwise unlucky spin. The Mystery Rizk feature is an exclusive feature from the Captain Rizk Megaways game, and it’s another one that keeps this 6-reel title entertaining despite the selection of Megaways games that have a large number of reels at your disposal. In any case, the Mystery Rizk feature can be triggered in combination with the free spin feature, and you can even get the Mystery Rizk feature to activate whilst using free spins that you’ve won in-game. The number of rewards of this game can escalate extremely quickly, which is why its volatility and RTP are just perfect.

The In-Game Wheel of Rizk

The free spins of the Captain Rizk Megaways game can be activated when using the Wheel of Rizk. This legendary wheel is the same one that you can find on the Rizk Casino itself, but in this game, it doesn’t provide you with weekly bonuses. Instead, spinning the wheel rewards you with a random number of free spins that you get to activate within the game itself. This feature is extremely cool because it makes it feel like the game is truly connected with the Rizk Casino, as the wheel is one of the main features of the site as a whole. If you’re lucky enough to have the wheel land on the red, you will move onto the next wheel “level”. At this game, the Wheel of Rizk has various levels, and the higher you go, the more free spins you can get. According to the game’s features, you can get up to 40 free spins while spinning it. You need a ton of luck and the success to reach the third level in the Wheel but, should you do it, you’ll gain access to some of the most lucrative rewards that the game has to offer.

Winning Ways Galore with Captain Rizk

This game comes packed with a grand total of 117,649 winning ways, which is usually around the number that you can expect to find in most Megaways titles. What makes it different from the rest is the unique concept of incorporating Captain Rizk himself to the game, as you’ll notice when you play. Not only does the game offer exclusive symbols, but Captain Rizk also pops up on every successful spin to remind you of the quality rewards that you’re unlocking. In any case, the Winning Ways of this Megaways title allows you to truly fish for a ton of rewards even when there are only 6 reels available in the game. Red Tiger Gaming has made the Captain Rizk Megaways title one to truly enjoy if you’re always keen to claim free rewards (the game comes packed with ways of getting those!).

Play Captain Rizk Megaways for Free with this Massive Rizk Casino Bonus

The Rizk Casino comes packed with an exclusive welcome bonus that will help you enjoy many of the site’s games for free, including the amazing Captain Rizk Megaways slot. If you’re keen on playing this online slot for free, check out the Rizk Casino welcome bonus and discover the world of reward that awaits! Oddly enough, the free spins cannot be spent on the site’s exclusive games. However, you can use the free bonus cash (up to €200 in free bonus money!) to play your favorite superhero’s game. Claim the bonus and discover how it feels to play and win cash without spending a dime of your own money!

Visit Rizk Casino and Play – It’s Only Available There!

There’s only one place on the internet where you’ll be able to play this wonderful game, and that is the Rizk Casino. Visit the site right now and sign up for its services. Be sure to claim the welcome bonus, spend your bonus free spins, and enjoy the fantastic Captain Rizk Megaways slot to make sure that you’re not missing out on one of the best exclusive games that we’ve ever played. If we liked it, we’re sure that you’ll love it. It appeals to beginners and experts alike!

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